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00:33<chesty>I personally would be fine with someone dying violently in a potential home assuming the threat was gone. I really really really wouldn't want to see any evidence of the death, though, I would have to know with 100% surety there was no blood stains for example. To me there's no difference between believing in ghosts and believing in unicorns. There
00:33<chesty>'s no evidence either exists, which doesn't mean they definitely don't exist but I'm also not going to believe they do exist without evidence.
00:35<Peng>I'm sure the people who can't afford to fix the roof *definitely* hired a top end hazmat cleaning crew
00:35<Peng>Nothing to worry about
00:37<chesty>in which case if I wanted the place I would hire one
00:37<Peng>Good point
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02:14<drdnght>im trying to decide between ecatel and linode. can i ddos from linode servers too?
02:14<drdnght>ecatel says u can :D
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02:15<drdnght>i can pay in btc
02:15<drdnght>prefer monero tho
02:20<zifnab>Probably not.
02:21<zifnab>I'd suggest not doing asshole things on the internet
02:21<drdnght>i didnt choose to be born into a capitalist mode of production
02:21<drdnght>plus someone is willing to pay 4 it
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03:02<Shentino>Honestly, if there's hazmat involved then the county should be getting a decontamination warrant and using that to barge in and clean the place up by force.
03:02<Shentino>And then they should file a lien on the property for the cleanup bill.
03:02<Shentino>With the authority to force a sale AND collect a deficiency judgement if payments are not made
03:03<Shentino>But only because hazmat is a threat to public health.
03:07<Peng>You trust your county to do that?
03:14<Shentino>I trust the county more than the homeowner
03:14<Shentino>Cuz if you own property and you have a hazmat issue and you haven't already even told the county about it?
03:15<Shentino>clean it up first, at all costs. you can always plead poverty after
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09:56<aldy>do you have a promotion for new user?
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12:33<aaaa>does linode have any advantage over digitalocean now?
12:35<millisa>backups are still better
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13:00<ZeeshanMudassir>if i buy vps from linodes, i know its unmannaged but will i get little help from you giuys about setup web hosting etc.
13:01<ZeeshanMudassir>i will install and configure whm/cpnal and will try to have alpha and master reseller setup
13:02<millisa>Folks here can be pretty helpful if you ask specific questions. But there's no guarantee of it. That's what the managed/professional services products are for
13:04<ZeeshanMudassir>if i buy now when i will get my username/password
13:04<ZeeshanMudassir>i mean my vps so that i can start working on it
13:04<millisa>you pick your account during signup
13:05<ZeeshanMudassir>what are charges for managed ?
13:07<ZeeshanMudassir>i am on page but cant see any prices etc.
13:07<millisa>read the whole page then
13:10<ZeeshanMudassir>can i pay with paypal ?
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13:20<ZeeshanMudassir>there is a promotion code for signup can you provide me please
13:20<millisa>there's usually one on the getting started guide
13:20<ZeeshanMudassir>last night mcintosh was saying about it i forget it
13:21<ZeeshanMudassir>can you check for me please ?
13:22<millisa>check if there's a code on the getting started page?
13:22<ZeeshanMudassir>give me page link please
13:22<millisa>goto, look under resources and find it.
13:22<linbot>New news from community: Account Under Review? <>
13:23<ZeeshanMudassir>there is a code
13:32<ZeeshanMudassir>if i want to buy cpanel/whm license what will be cost for it ?
13:33<ZeeshanMudassir>i have complete my setup
13:35<ZeeshanMudassir>but my account is not active yet
13:40<millisa>answer is still the same as yesterday when you asked
13:41<ZeeshanMudassir>i forget it
13:41<ZeeshanMudassir>can you tell me please
13:43<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
13:47<ZeeshanMudassir>my account is not active yet
13:47<ZeeshanMudassir>when it will be
13:48<millisa>it can take a few minutes; if it gets flagged for extra review, a bit longer. watch your email - if they need more info, they'll request it there.
13:50<ZeeshanMudassir>no email yet and no active yet :(
13:51<@pwoods>ZeeshanMudassir: If you haven't received further instructions, or need any additional assistance, feel free to reach out to our Support Team at and we'll be happy to help!
13:51<ZeeshanMudassir>i have sent email at
13:51<ZeeshanMudassir>i actually its late for me and i want to install things and get sleep
13:52<ZeeshanMudassir>that's why i am in rush
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13:56<luckc>hello, i've recently found and signed up with linode because i've seen it provides ram intensive instances
13:57<luckc>i was wondering if i create one of these instances and then just use it for a few hours i only pay for the hours i have used right?
13:57<millisa>you pay for it while it is provisioned. not just running.
13:57<luckc>yeah of course+
13:58<luckc>yeah i've seen that page, i wanted to get confirmation by someone else too :)
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14:35<ZeeshanMudassir>i have created account and waiting for activiation
14:40<ZeeshanMudassir>pwoods: millisa
14:43<@pwoods>ZeeshanMudassir: I believe I just updated your ticket. You should have an update in your inbox.
14:43<ZeeshanMudassir>i am getting canceld
14:43<ZeeshanMudassir>i don't know why i have provide all accurate details
14:44<ZeeshanMudassir>and i am not any kind of vpn
14:44<ZeeshanMudassir>i mean i am not using any vpn
14:44<ZeeshanMudassir>if you want i can provide phone number for further verification and bank details as well
14:44<ZeeshanMudassir>OTP etc via phone or direct call
15:02<ZeeshanMudassir>leave it i have asked to my brother to sing up for me
15:02<@pwoods>ZeeshanMudassir: You can try signing up again, closely following the suggestions in the email.
15:02<ZeeshanMudassir>maybe i am writing wrong spell or anything
15:02<ZeeshanMudassir>so i have asked my brother to sing up for me
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15:52<tanja84dk>I'm sorry to ask because I made a mistake how do I import a disk image to a new vm? the reason is that I forgot to take a sql dump before I reinstalled the old server. But I do have a image of the server
15:53<tanja84dk>so the only thing I need that is to be able to recover the mysql database
15:59<tanja84dk>thanks millisa I will take a look there
16:00<millisa>that's for 'images'. if you mean a backup -
16:00<@pwoods>tanja84dk: if you have space on the Linode, you can create a disk from an image in Manager. Once you mount that, moving files should be easy.
16:00<tanja84dk>That is a local image there is taken with dd
16:01<tanja84dk>pwoods: but would it be posible to recover mysql that way? right now I have the image mounted on my largest vps to get the fasted speed to transfer files back over scp
16:02<@pwoods>In Cloud: Linode Dashboard -> Settings -> Advanced Configurations -> Disks: Add a Disk
16:04<@pwoods>tanja84dk: scp works, too. If you add it to the Linode as another disk, the transfer speed would be better, but without knowing the amount of data that has to be transferred, it might just be negligable in terms of time saved
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16:06<tanja84dk>pwoods: I think you miss understand me. The image is taken the old way and stored on a vps ( img file ) and the issue is that I forgot to take a mysql dump before I reinstalled the disk
16:07<tanja84dk>there is not taken any image within the linode cloud interface
16:07<millisa>like an image taken with 'dd'?
16:08<tanja84dk>millisa: yes its a pure dd image
16:08<tanja84dk>the old way over ssh
16:08<millisa>you can mount that if there's a mysql backup inside it
16:09<tanja84dk>there is no mysql backup on that unfortunally there is only the old running mysql server because it were running on that server
16:10<tanja84dk>thats why the only plan I know of that is some how getting that image restored to a unfortunally new vps to be able to log in to run the mysql dump
16:11<millisa>do you know if the tables were myisam or innodb?
16:11<tanja84dk>Actually not sure tbh. Its mostly wordpress based
16:12<tanja84dk>and a nextcloud
16:13<millisa>clean, shutdown myisam db's can often move from one mysql dir to another that isn't running, and come up ok. safest is probably your plan to dd back to a temp vps and do your mysqldumps
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16:15<tanja84dk>millisa: just noticed because looked in the mysql files it's mostly InnoDB
16:16<tanja84dk>and luckly the backup was taken after a clean shutdown from within the recover boot so nothing worked on the disk
16:18<tanja84dk>so the way to restore to a new is that then the dd like when I took the backup just the other way
16:18<millisa>pretty much.
16:18<tanja84dk>how do I then create the empty disk to dd to?
16:22<tanja84dk>crap I'm actually not sure it will work just remembered that I deleted the old profile for that server so its gonna be fun if it want to boot
16:27<tanja84dk>huh just in the start of creating the new linode to recover to and noticed that there were a recover imagee from the server. Does Linode automaticly create a restore image if someone wants to reinstall
16:29<tanja84dk>do you know about that pwoods
17:07<tanja84dk>wish me luck millisa the restore image there were in the linode dashboard did not work so now Im restoring with dd over ssh
17:07<@pwoods>tanja84dk: Linode creates an image of each Linode that's deleted, stored for a certain length of time, to be used for cases like this.
17:08<@pwoods>If it's available, you should see it in your Images tab on Cloud Manager, tanja84dk
17:09<tanja84dk>ahh then I see why it didnt work in this situation, because I tried first to distro upgrade the server after I took the dd image and that fucked everything up because the sever were so old ( two LTS versions behind )
17:10<tanja84dk>but thanks pwoods then I know that to another time
17:15<@pwoods>tanja84dk: you're welcome. If there's anything else you have questions about, feel free to ask away in here.
17:49<tanja84dk>pwoods: I have a question more I'm restoring a image from one 50 GB host to another but why is dd saying (53 GB) copied
17:55<@pwoods>tanja84dk: I haven't personally created images using dd, but this post explains that what you're seeing may be related to metadata:
17:57<tanja84dk>well the source was same size and it did not report it ran out of space. I just thought it were weird that it said it copied 53 GB where both the old and new vps were 50 GB's
17:57<dwfreed>dd's output is in SI units
17:58<dwfreed>Linode's storage allocations are in IEC (aka base 2) units
17:58<dwfreed>50 GiB is roughly 53 GB
17:58<tanja84dk>and the restore with dd went totally fine so I'm in the middle of dump the databases to import on the new installed server
17:58<tanja84dk>thanks for the clarification dwfreed
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18:14<@pwoods>!point dwfreed
18:14<linbot>pwoods: Point given to dwfreed. (74) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 17)
18:37<@mcintosh>> Biggest fan: mcintosh
18:37<@mcintosh>true story
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19:03<romaan7>my first experience with irc
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19:43<gparent>probably their last
21:04<linbot>New news from community: Why are Linode nameservers necessary? Google domain email forwarding breaks when using Linode nameservers <>
21:13<gparent>lies and slander
21:28<FluffyFoxeh>Necessary? Who says it's necessary?
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22:04<linbot>New news from community: AES-NI Support in Linode Kernel? <>
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