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01:22<Peng>Where did jessie-updates go? Was it merged into the jessie repository? What's the right step for people using jessie? Comment out jessie-updates? Switch to
01:22<Peng>Excluding "upgrade to stretch". ;)
01:24<chesty>idk but I can guess only the current stable has an updates repo, oldstable is in bug fix only mode isn't it?
01:24<chesty>or rather security bug fix only mode
01:24<Peng>Something like that.
01:25<Peng>They recently nuked jessie-updates from the mirrors, so people get errors from apt-get update. I'm just not sure what to tell people to do (other than upgrade to stretch)
01:39<gparent>make sure they have
01:41<gparent>deb jessie/updates main
01:43<gparent>but I'm okay if instead you tell them "you know, I really have no idea, maybe you should upgrade to stretch". for the better good.
01:50<gparent>to really answer your question, when the point update for jessie was released, packages from jessie-updates were merged into the stable repositories. And now the team no longer produces updates, except for security, which are distributed through the one I mentioned.
01:50<gparent>when the last point update*
01:54<Peng>So if you have "jessie" enabled, you'll get the last "jessie-updates" packages?
01:54<gparent>jessie-updates is important packages considered for a stable point release, for released earlier
01:54<gparent>but released*
01:54<gparent>this no longer happens
01:55<gparent>so you need jessie from any mirror + jessie/updates from
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02:51<kwayne>Someone on ?
02:51<kwayne>Need some help
02:51<wraeth>!to kwayne ask
02:51<linbot>kwayne: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
02:51<kwayne>I am interested to hire someone to help me deply a website
02:53<wraeth>Can't guarantee that anyone will do that for you, but some information on the sorts of things involved might help them decide.
02:53<kwayne>It a online shop, ngix/laravel
02:54<kwayne>And a bitcoin node
03:02<linbot>kwayne: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.
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04:15<linbot>New news from community: My linode is suddenly using 100% cpu for klogd <>
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05:30<kumar>i wanted to know about migration process from one Data center to another
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05:31<Peng>What about it?
05:32<Guest288>How can i get that done?
05:32<Guest288>also, is it possible to keep the IP same?
05:32<dwfreed>open a ticket
05:32<dwfreed>and no, your IP address will change
05:33<Guest288>so the pointing has to change... all the A entries have to then be manually be pointed to the new server once the migration is done. Right?
05:36<Guest288>Thanks guys
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08:26<linbot>New news from community: Questions regarding hostname, hosts file and FQDN <>
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08:58<tanja84dk>I'm getting a error when I try to apt update on my debian server
08:58<tanja84dk>Failed to fetch Unable to find expected entry 'main/source/Sources' in Release file
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09:07<Peng>Jessie is old so Debian removed jessie-updates from the mirrors.
09:07<Peng>You can comment it out. And upgrade to Stretch.
09:07<Peng>(Don't comment out the security repository!)
09:08<tanja84dk>no its the src packages there are missing the deb files are there
09:09<tanja84dk>in the linode mirror
09:10<tanja84dk>Peng: and Jessie is not that old its suported until June 30, 2020
09:12<tanja84dk>true its in LTS but still the src packages for the updates should be there
09:14<tanja84dk>But I am also looking into upgrading it after I'm done recovering the server from yesterday
09:19<tanja84dk>actually looking into how to move docker containers to be able to reinstall the server
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10:56<linbot>New news from community: Managed databases? <>
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11:41<Jessica_Ayala> I am looking for a hosting solution and it must be able to have ports 8123 or 8124 as options for a custom plugin. Is that possible?
11:42<csnxs>linode does not block any ports
11:42<csnxs>so yes
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12:06<warewolf>*linode* does not block posts, but some of the *datacenters* Linode is at blocks ports.
12:07<tanja84dk>millisa: Btw after I have reinstalled the server the other day and configured nginx on new then I have found out a way to get letsencrypt to work. So I'm staying with Letsencrypt
12:08<Peng>warewolf: Not currently, AFAIK.
12:09<gparent>I think that was just a few IRC ports on old fremont
12:09<gparent>or was it Atlanta
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12:12<@bbigger>Yea just to be clear, we don't block ports, and our upstream providers shouldn't block any ports either. If you suspect otherwise, let us know and we'll investigate.
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13:55<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance - Frankfurt <>
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14:05<dwfreed>probably a change in the RSS for that
14:05<dwfreed>no idea why, though
14:06<dwfreed>warewolf: Linode no longer uses datacenter-provided transit in Atlanta (haven't for quite a while now)
14:07<warewolf>oh, nice
14:07<warewolf>I guess that's a benefit of getting large enough? man, it's been a while.
14:08<dwfreed>they have their own fibers to at least 2 IXPs for each datacenter
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14:15<ZeeshanMudassir> which datacenter should i choose
14:16<@bbigger>ZeeshanMudassir: probably the fastest one, check here
14:21<ZeeshanMudassir>bbigger: this is fastest but i cannot find it in my panel can you help me please
14:23<dwfreed>as noted in the hostname
14:24<@bbigger>ZeeshanMudassir: click the "Europe" tab in the Region section
14:25<ZeeshanMudassir>in Europe tab there are just UK and DE
14:25<ZeeshanMudassir>no central europ
14:25<@bbigger>DE = central europe
14:25<ZeeshanMudassir>oh okay thanks
14:25<@bbigger>sure thing!
14:26<ZeeshanMudassir>what is linode lable and add tag
14:27<@bbigger>label is the name of the Linode as it shows up in your Dashboard, and tags can be used to organize services
14:27<ZeeshanMudassir>my website name is i have plan to make hosting website will sale to customers
14:27<@bbigger>both can be adjusted later
14:27<ZeeshanMudassir>should i choose centose for web hosting business ?
14:31<ZeeshanMudassir>what is private ip in addon section
14:31<ZeeshanMudassir>should i check or leave uncheck
14:32<@bbigger>the distribution you choose is up to you, I'd recommend doing some research to inform your decision
14:36<@bbigger>Private IPs are used for communicating over the private network in a data center, and are required for certain applications like NodeBalancers. I'd likewise recommending researching what they are to inform your decision on whether you want to have one configured for your Linode. You could also add or remove it later.
14:36<ZeeshanMudassir>can i change my OS as well later ?
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14:39<@bbigger>yes but that would require rebuilding, and you'll lose all of your data if you don't take steps to save them off of your Linode
14:42<ZeeshanMudassir>i am very confuse about choosing os
14:43<ZeeshanMudassir>bbigger: just give me your suggestion i will have web server and will install LightSpeed for fastest website
14:43<ZeeshanMudassir>i will use WordPress on this server and sale to clients with cpanel/whm
14:47<@bbigger>I haven't tried configuring that myself. CentOS 7 would probably suit you, but I'd strongly recommend doing some research to make sure.
14:51<ZeeshanMudassir>lets play with Centos lol
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14:53<ZeeshanMudassir>bbigger: i have created
14:53<ZeeshanMudassir>and start it
14:54<ZeeshanMudassir>how can i login ?
14:55<ZeeshanMudassir>do we have any tutorial for installing lightSpeed server ?
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15:07<@bbigger>ZeeshanMudassir: not that I can find, but it looks like there's a cPanel WHM plugin
15:08<ZeeshanMudassir>bbigger: any cheap cpanel license provider that you know ?
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15:11<@bbigger>this one's pretty cheap :)
15:12<csnxs>[handholding intensifies]
15:12<csnxs>!point bbigger
15:12<linbot>csnxs: Point given to bbigger. (9)
15:16<ZeeshanMudassir>bbigger: check this site please
15:16<ZeeshanMudassir>its more cheap than
15:17<@bbigger>ZeeshanMudassir: the choice is yours
15:17<ZeeshanMudassir>Thanks for your help
15:18<ZeeshanMudassir>i will keep bother you lol
15:18<@bbigger>sure thing! hope everything goes well :)
15:18<millisa>(I've used for a couple years, they seem fine)
15:18<ZeeshanMudassir>bbigger: what if i change this host its reverse DNS to my own domain like or my server name like
15:20<ZeeshanMudassir>millisa: thanks for your message
15:20<Peng>You can do that. Reverse DNS doesn't affect much.
15:23<ZeeshanMudassir>you mean i can do whatever i want when someone resolve ip it will show this host which i set whatever its fake domain name ? like my own name ZeeshanMudassir.tld etc ?
15:27<Peng>No. To set it, the name has to have an A or AAAA record with your IP.
15:27<@scrane>Peng is correct. You can only change the RDNS to a domain that has an A or an AAAA record pointing to your Linode's IP address.
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15:42<ZeeshanMudassir>i have 1 ip so how can i set
15:42<Peng>You should have two servers.
15:44<ZeeshanMudassir>what should i do now
15:44<ZeeshanMudassir>i don't have two servers and i don't want to buy two servers at same time
15:45<ZeeshanMudassir>how can i create my costume whitlable nameservers
15:52<ZeeshanMudassir>Peng: millisa bbigger
15:55<Peng>Linode offers secondary DNS service, but it's not white label.
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16:02<robert>How does one get cpanel on Linode server?
16:02<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
16:17<cruxeternus>Cpanel seems to be kind of popular...
16:18<millisa>i dont like it. but i hate it less than plesk...
16:20<csnxs>all i need is ssh
16:21<robert>I also need SSH
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16:21<robert>But sometimes, am lazy!
16:22<robert>And also sometimes you want someone less experienced to help around
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17:09<ZeeshanMudassir>i want to create my nameserver
17:10<ZeeshanMudassir>cpanel asking for ip for that
17:10<tanja84dk>if I post one of the subdomains there is hosted on my server. Would I then be able to get someone to test if its accessable from outside. Just to make sure conf and firewall is correct
17:12<tanja84dk> and it should automaticly redirect to https
17:12<millisa> looks like it does
17:12<kenyon>yep, <head><title>301 Moved Permanently</title></head>
17:13<tanja84dk>thanks alot for the test then its finally starting to work prober
17:14<ZeeshanMudassir>cpanel asking for ip for that
17:14<ZeeshanMudassir>i want to create my nameservers
17:15<kenyon>ZeeshanMudassir: why do you want to create nameservers?
17:16<ZeeshanMudassir>to give my customer
17:16<ZeeshanMudassir>so that they can point their domains to us
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19:30<raymond>hello all.
19:31<raymond>I am having issues connecting to a mysql server that I installed on my linode from workbench from any machine. Error is 10060
19:32<millisa>are you tunneling over ssh to get to it?
19:33<raymond>I am using standard TCP/IP
19:34<millisa>that walks through connecting workbench over an ssh tunnel to a mysql server on your linode.
19:35<raymond>thank you. I will go follow your bread crumbs now.
19:35<raymond>fingers crossed
19:57<raymond>success. Thanks again
20:00<linbot>New news from community: How do I use my own downain name for ssh? <>
20:07<tanja84dk>millisa: just to be curius what workbench program would you use to mariadb
20:08<millisa>I don't...
20:08<millisa>command line mysql is good enough for me
20:09<tanja84dk>ahh okay
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20:14<tanja84dk>actually thinking of switching back to mysql again because noticed things there didnt work anymore because have allways used mysql workbench but now it cant see the tables in the databases prob because its mariadb
20:15<millisa>workbench should work with mariadb
20:16<tanja84dk>all the databasses says table could not be fetched
20:16<tanja84dk>and I am logged in as root
20:17<millisa>slow connection?
20:19<tanja84dk>no and it does also say it on newly created databases there dont use more then 1 mb
20:19<millisa>or possibly something up with the tables themselves? look in your mariadb.log - it likely gives a hint (some folks can hit that if they didn't do the 'mysql_ugprade' after changing mysql versions)
20:19<tanja84dk>millisa: I thought it wasnt needed because I imported the databases
20:20<tanja84dk>and thee server was installed from fresh
20:20<millisa>did you restore the mysql db? or just user dbs?
20:21<tanja84dk>millisa: do you remember the other day where I asked about dd ing a image to a new server
20:21<millisa>I remember there was another day.
20:21<tanja84dk>I spun up a linode to restore the disk image to, and then I mysqldumped the databases
20:22<tanja84dk>and then imported the sql dumps on the newly installed server
20:23<millisa>assuming you have a backup since, you should be able to run 'mysql_upgrade' and it'll tell you if it changes stuff or not
20:23<millisa>if it doesn't have to do anything it'll just show a bunch of 'OK' lines
20:24<tanja84dk>2 sec will try
20:24<tanja84dk>This installation of MySQL is already upgraded to 10.1.38-MariaDB, use --force if you still need to run mysql_upgrade
20:26<tanja84dk>so yeah the server is upgraded
20:26<tanja84dk>it did not show any okay lines btw
20:27<millisa>I'm not sure I wouldn't use the --force switch just to be sure.
20:27<millisa>the new ones supposedly drop a file in the mysql data dir to keep it from re-running which is probably what made it give you the message
20:28<tanja84dk>so just to be sure you would try to force it?
20:28<millisa>if I had known good backups.
20:28<millisa>(I just did it a couple times on a db I was working on today. using --force does make it go through the phases and show a bunch of 'OK')
20:29<tanja84dk>the server is only two days old and I have still the image and the mysqldumps i restored
20:29<millisa>i'd still look in the mysql log to see if it's spitting out anything when you try to get that table listing
20:29<tanja84dk>everything was ok
20:30<tanja84dk>2 sec gonna check
20:31<tanja84dk>that does not look good
20:32<tanja84dk>2 sec gonna pastebin to show you
20:33<millisa>slow connect, missing upgrade, and data problems are the only things I know off the top of my head that can screw up the table listings
20:33<tanja84dk> alot of this
20:33<tanja84dk>even that mysql_upgrade said everything was okay
20:34<tanja84dk>Those errors is right after I logged in with mysql workbench ( the newest )
20:36<millisa>and that mysql_upgrade you ran showed an 'OK' next to 'mysql.event' in phase1?
20:37<tanja84dk>OK next to everything
20:38<millisa>restart mysql and check again?
20:38<tanja84dk>actually the weird thing is actually even that it said everything was OK then it has done something because now I'm able to browse databases
20:39<tanja84dk>so it has done something
20:42<tanja84dk>But export and import is still giving warning because of the mysqldump version is not the same version as the server
20:42<millisa>you still see the mysql.event error in the logs after restarting mysql and re-connecting with workbench?
20:50<tanja84dk>mb I know many of the issues about things there dont work. MySQL Workbench is only made up to MySQL Version 8 ( The one I just downloaded from ). But no I dont see anymore errors ATM but still alot of errors about version and some functions there dont work
20:50<millisa>i'm considering it a win
20:51<tanja84dk>yeah same here but still going to look for another workbench there is using a newer mysqldump etc
20:52<tanja84dk>because it wans about that alot when I try to import or export
20:52<millisa>navicat is popular with some of the devs I do stuff with
20:54<tanja84dk>thanks for that sugestion I will take a look what that cost in licens
20:57<tanja84dk>wow that licens are expencive 120 USD just to be able to manage mysql/maria-db as a private person
20:57<millisa>sounds like what I remember. and why I still like command line
20:59<tanja84dk>yeah but the weird part and the reason that I use a workbench is because I have issues everytime I need to import a sqldump where the database dosnt exist, because it does not create the database first it just fails
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21:01<tanja84dk>and the databases were so big that even over phpmyadmin then nginx timed out
21:02<tanja84dk>even at a 40 mb database
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21:04<millisa>mysqldump -B dbname --add-drop-database > yourdumpfile.sql.
21:05<millisa>that should create a dump with the create database line along with a drop database line if it exists.
21:07<tanja84dk>thanks that I totally forgot because I were so stressed because I just ran the standard mysqldump to take the backup
21:10<tanja84dk>perhabs I should start a extra linode up again just to take a new dump with those flags to make sure everything is okay
21:10<millisa>it shouldn't make a difference if you already got them restored
21:12<tanja84dk>I have restored the important one
21:16<tanja84dk>millisa: btw I have found a free GUI/kind of workbench there works good enogh for me now there dont throw out errors about version
21:17<tanja84dk>this one millisa found it from the mariadb website
21:18<millisa>has ssh tunnel support, so that's good
21:21<tanja84dk>its not so great looking as mysql worksbench or navicat but for the price its more then greeat for me
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21:31<tanja84dk>and thanks alot for the help millisa
21:41<linbot>New news from community: Does linode offer true private networking? <>
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22:42<millisa>greetings, again
22:42<asim>i would like to know
22:43<asim>how many websites
22:43<asim>can i host
22:43<millisa>as many as you'd like?
22:43<asim>in standard plan of 4 gb
22:44<millisa>No one here is going to be able to answer that question. Only you would know the resource needs of your sites.
22:44<asim>i understand
22:45<millisa>It could be 1, could be 1000.
22:45<asim>and how many visitors in a month
22:46<millisa>how much bandwidth constitutes a 'visit' would also be something only you would know.
22:47<millisa>The bandwidth and transfer numbers for each instance size are on the pricing page.
22:48<asim>will the bandwith allocate
22:48<asim>itself based on the vistors
22:48<asim>i have 5 websites
22:49<asim>2 websites have high trraffic
22:49<asim>than the other 3
22:50<asim>what happens
22:50<millisa>I'm not sure I understand what you are asking.
22:50<millisa>If you put all 5 on the same linode, the bandwidth limits would be what's listed on the pricing page for that linode.
22:51<asim>got u
22:51<millisa>sure thing
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