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00:03<Abi12>just run that from a root shell, then you won't need a password
00:03<ZeeshanMudassir>i am doing it via root
00:03<ZeeshanMudassir>but still asking password
00:04<Abi12>and you still get access denied?
00:04<gparent>don't use the argument that asks for one
00:04<ZeeshanMudassir>and when i provide password of root it said access denid
00:04<ZeeshanMudassir>mysql -u root dadatbase < file.sql
00:04<ZeeshanMudassir>is it ?
00:05<Abi12>just try logging into the database first with mysql -u root
00:05<Abi12>is this a default mariadb installation?
00:05<ZeeshanMudassir>no i just setup my vps and i am very stupid in it lol
00:05<ZeeshanMudassir>i have installed cpanel/whm just
00:06<ZeeshanMudassir>and its installed mysql with it
00:06<ZeeshanMudassir>do i have to installed mariadb as well /
00:06<Abi12>just ignore what I said. Let's not get into it..
00:07<Abi12>Did you already configure cpanel?
00:07<ZeeshanMudassir>its working fine
00:07<Abi12>Did it ask you to see a root password?
00:07<ZeeshanMudassir>i just want to import my whmcs database
00:07<ZeeshanMudassir>this is my backup file
00:07<ZeeshanMudassir>-- Generated by WHMCS\Database\Dumper\Database -- -- Database: hostersp_portal -- ------------------------------------------------------ -- Server version 10.2.23-MariaDB
00:08<ZeeshanMudassir>i think i need mariadb in my vps to otherwise i cannot import this file
00:08<Abi12>just think of them as the same thing
00:09<Abi12>so. You've logged into your linode. You've ran 'su' to get into a root shell
00:09<ZeeshanMudassir>when i try to import via phpmyadmin its give me error
00:09<Abi12>and you ran 'mysql -u root -p', it gives you access denied?
00:09<ZeeshanMudassir>this is okay
00:09<Abi12>So you can login to your server using `mysql -u root -p`?
00:09<Abi12>database server*
00:10<ZeeshanMudassir>i just tried
00:10<ZeeshanMudassir>no i cant
00:10<ZeeshanMudassir>its ask for password
00:10<Abi12>press enter
00:10<ZeeshanMudassir>and when i provide password of my root its said access denide
00:10<Abi12>are you sure you're running it as root and not a normal user?
00:11<ZeeshanMudassir>can i send you private message Abi12
00:11<Abi12>why? Just talk here.
00:11<ZeeshanMudassir>want to past
00:11<ZeeshanMudassir>[root@li1827-81 public_html]# mysql -root -p Enter password: ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO) [root@li1827-81 public_html]#
00:13<Abi12>I'm not sure what that'll break though. If you've setup cpanel with your root user, then you may need to change your password in those config files as well.
00:14<Abi12>Usually if the installation doesn't prompt you to set up a root password, then you should be able to login without entering a password as the system root user.
00:16<ZeeshanMudassir>i have login via putty
00:17<ZeeshanMudassir>with my root username and passowrd
00:17<ZeeshanMudassir>update user set Password=PASSWORD('newpassword') where user='root'; ERROR 1054 (42S22): Unknown column 'Password' in 'field list'
00:20<Abi12>try 'update user set authentication_string=password('1111') where user='root';'
00:21<ZeeshanMudassir>i have updated my password via whm
00:21<ZeeshanMudassir>whm > change mysql root password and i have set new one
00:21<ZeeshanMudassir>now when i try to restore this database its give me error
00:21<ZeeshanMudassir>ERROR 1049 (42000) at line 18: Unknown database 'hostersp_portal'
00:23<Abi12>create the database.
00:23<Abi12>and then run 'source /path/to/sqldump' in the mysql cli
00:23<Abi12>oops make sure to 'use databasename' before that.
00:25<ZeeshanMudassir>i just nano mysqlfile and change line 18 use argument with database name and it works
00:26<ZeeshanMudassir>i am very thankful for you Abi12 you helped a lot
00:26<Abi12>nah it was all you buddy.
00:26<Abi12>good work.
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01:29<ZeeshanMudassir>Abi12: there bro >
01:29<ZeeshanMudassir>i want to backup my whmcs database but its said zip extension disabled
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02:11<Woet>ZeeshanMudassir: are you sure you should be running a hosting company?
02:12<ZeeshanMudassir>why ? Woet
02:12<ZeeshanMudassir>i mean why are you asking ?
02:12<Woet>ZeeshanMudassir: because you're struggling with something as basic as MySQL backups.
02:13<ZeeshanMudassir>Yes .. actually this is my 1st time to using unmannaged
02:13<ZeeshanMudassir>but i am enjoying learning new things
02:13<ZeeshanMudassir>previously for backup or restore i always use phpmyadmin but it was not working in this case due to incompatible version of mysql server
02:14<ZeeshanMudassir>anyhow i have done it with help of you guys and i am very happy for that :)
02:14<ZeeshanMudassir>Woet: if you don't mind may i ask you about soluvm >
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02:15<ZeeshanMudassir>in my understanding soluvm is an application which allow me to make more vps in my vps for sale
02:15<ZeeshanMudassir>am i right Woet ?
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02:15<Woet>ZeeshanMudassir: please stop selling hosting services until you have a grasp on managing servers.
02:16<ZeeshanMudassir>don't worry i have mannaged server on other datacenters and my clients are happy
02:16<ZeeshanMudassir>i am learning things on my this vps and when i will be confident than i will buy dedicated or upgrade my vps to next level
02:17<ZeeshanMudassir>and will move my clients or start sale on it
02:17<ZeeshanMudassir>Woet: can you answer my question please about soluvm is my understanding right or i am misunderstood about it
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02:19<Woet>Solus Virtual Manager (SolusVM) is a powerful GUI based VPS management system with full OpenVZ, Linux KVM, Xen Paravirtualization and Xen HVM support. SolusVM allows you and your clients to manage a VPS cluster with security & ease.
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02:20<wraeth>If you intend to use it as the backbone for servicing your clients, you're probably better off reading the documentation yourself than asking a stranger on the internet if it's "right for you".
02:22<ZeeshanMudassir>i am reading but still didn't understand its for managing my existing vps like i have linode 8GB or it will allow me to create more vps in my linode 8GB
02:22<ZeeshanMudassir>just clear my this confusion and i will be thankful to you
02:22*Woet stares
02:22<Woet>poor customers
02:23<wraeth>Woet: But they get inception levels of VPS, that's good right?
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02:24<ZeeshanMudassir>wraeth: can you answer my question please
02:24<gparent>as long as the VPS doesn't die during a dream, otherwise it's gone permanently.
02:26<wraeth>ZeeshanMudassir: Probably. But, instead of doing that, I'm going to recommend you just continue reading things, or maybe even trying them out yourself.
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02:26<ZeeshanMudassir>Just answer this question so that i can buy its license and start testing things
02:27<ZeeshanMudassir>i have setup cpanel/whm ./ whmcs / wordpress / whmcs bridge and all working fine
02:27<ZeeshanMudassir>i have enabled backup service on my vps and took backup as well after complete all these setup
02:28<ZeeshanMudassir>we didn't made this chat channel for sitting only lol
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02:29<wraeth>ZeeshanMudassir: I'm not going to recommend whether a thing is or is not right for you, that's for you to decide.
02:30<ZeeshanMudassir>i know
02:30<ZeeshanMudassir>i am just asking about soluvm .... do you know about it ?
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03:03<eedri>can anyone tell me if linode provides bare metal hosts as a service?
03:05<jcardillo>eedri: we do not :)
03:06<encode>not many cloud providers offer bare metal
03:07<encode>and those that do, tend to assume you're doing something special and charge accordingly
03:12<eedri>there are some...
03:12<eedri>well, we need them to spin up nested virt and test virtualization
03:12<eedri>so we can't use VMs/Containers...
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03:33<_2>i want creat win10 VPS
03:34<_2>but i do not kown how
03:34<_2>who can help me?
03:51<linbot>New news from community: Epson Printer In Error State <>
03:52<jcardillo>_2: the images Linode provides are here: while this doesn't include win10 you could set this up yourself. we don't provide prebuilt windows images or licenses for use on our platform, but you could review the following community supplied guide which gives an overview of the steps involved in setting up windows on Linode:
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03:58<Steve>anybody is here ??
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06:58<WebsiteXchange>Hello, am I able to get some technical support from linode here?
07:00<chesty>you can get support from the community here, but if you need support from linode for account issues or whatnot you need to put in a ticket
07:02<WebsiteXchange>Ok, thanks.
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07:41<linbot>New news from community: Are there any instructions to Setup a VPN between Linodes across data Centres? <>
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09:54<Guest538>hello, is there any way to register without provide my credit card info
09:55<Guest538>I really do not want to provide it😶️
09:55<@jackley>Guest538: not currently, no. A credit card or debit card is required to complete signup.
09:55<@jackley>Guest538: once you've completed signup, you can pay via PayPal, if that's preferred.
09:56<Guest538>jackley: thank you, but as I see, credit card infomation is so sensitive ..
09:59<Guest538>jackley: As this is not for my personal usage, the account owner may change on time, I need to be careful with it 😲️
10:21<@scrane>Guest538 If it helps, credit card information on the account is tokenized so a full credit card number is not stored in our system.
10:26<Guest538>scrane: I want to set up a personal account the same time, Is it possible to use an credit card for two account?
10:27<Guest538>is it possible to completely remove the credit card infofrom an account?
10:29<Guest538>in the case that the account got to be managed by another person
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10:30<@scrane>You can update the credit card information which will change the number on the account, but there must always be a valid card number on the account. If you change the card number the old card's information wouldn't be visible to users on the account.
10:31<Guest538>Thank you! I got it
10:33<Guest538>and, by the way, I'm here in China, what if the ip you assigned got to be blocked, how can I check
10:34<Guest538>and is it free and convenient to change the ip
10:36<@scrane>Do you mean if your Linode's IP address is blocked in China?
10:36<Guest538>yes, it may happen as I know
10:37<Guest538>I have not bought a vps before, but from the information I got, it could happen
10:40<@scrane>It generally can. For instances of China's firewall blocking the Linode's IP, we don't swap the IP address out. It is possible for you to create a new Linode and swap the IP address between two Linodes by following these steps, though:
10:42<@scrane>We've noticed the blocks mainly impact VPN and proxy users, though, and our recommendation is to investigate different proxy and VPN options.
10:43<@scrane>Or at least different options if there is a GFW block. We do provide an out-of-band method of connecting to Linodes to make configuration changes on the Linode if you can't access the Linode directly.
10:46<Guest538>I may need to setup an openvpn tunnel, will that be stable enough as you got from the customers' responses
10:50<@scrane>I know there are some individuals who have had success with that or Shadowsocks or Streisand.
10:51<Guest538>I prefer openvpn, but to say the protocol characteristic is too outstanding, I'm not sure for the stability
10:53<Guest538>and for the ip swap, as I read, I will need to create new linode, is this a free operation?
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10:54<@scrane>You would be billed for the time the second Linode is on the account. If you just have a 1GB Linode, that's $0.0075/hr
10:57<Guest538>is that means, it take an hour's billing if I create a new vm, swap the ip, destroy the one
11:01<Guest538>thank you!
11:05<Guest538>may I have a discount, is there official way to get the info for discount
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11:14<@scrane>if you have a promo code, you can enter that when you sign up to get credit added to the account. If you don't have a promo code to use already, you can use LINODE10 to get $10 crediit.
11:15<Guest538>thank you, If I input a promo code, but it does not work, will I have the chance to correct it?
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11:19<@jmetz>you can open a support ticket and let us know that you were unable to add your promo code. our Support team can get that added for.
11:22<Guest538>thank you very much!
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11:31<Guest538>Is it possible to preserve the image after you destroy the vm with low cost
11:32<@marques>Guest538: If you use a Block Storage volume, you can boot to that.. delete the linode, and boot to the volume again in the future with a new linode
11:33<@marques>Guest538: you can also boot from an image, but there are restrictions on their size and count ..
11:34<@marques>the relevant block storage doc:
11:35<Guest538>marques: thank you! rich documention, I need to explore the site 😀️
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12:50<ben>Does the linode server permite wildcard SSL
12:50<millisa>you configure the server
12:51<ben>And what about , does it allows to create a subdomain based on the php request
12:51<millisa>you configure the server, so sure
12:52<ben>and how many hours is the support available
12:53<millisa>Have you looked at at all?
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13:05<csnxs>does the linode provide fellatio services
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13:11<@mcintosh>!boo csnxs
13:11<linbot>mcintosh: Point taken from csnxs! (17)
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15:30<foo>Hello, I am using the Linode web API to instantiate a VM and I have a list of stack scripts I want to execute sequentially. However, in the documentation, the API expects one stackscript_id and not a list of ids. I am aware that I can create one stack script that links to all my other scripts but I was wondering if there is a more elegant way of doing it ?
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16:28<@scrane>Hey there foo!
16:28<@scrane>So one way you can do it, which is the one you discovered is just to <ssinclude> the individual StackScript IDs
16:29<@scrane>Another way you can do it, however, is to turn your individual StackScripts into functions in a single StackScript library and call those individually.
16:30<@scrane>So as an example, foo, I have this library created:
16:30<@scrane>It creates individual functions that I can call in any other stackscript, and those functions just run the commands.
16:31<@scrane>I then call those functions in my script here:
16:32<@scrane>It decreases your total number of StackScripts.
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16:49<foo>Thank you @scrane for the suggestions
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16:52<@scrane>No problem! Glad I could help.
16:53<@bbigger>!point scrane
16:53<linbot>bbigger: Point given to scrane. (19)
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21:33<encode>how do i view the zone file for a domain using the new linode manager? the option seems to be greyed out
21:38<@mcintosh>can't currently
21:45<encode>ok. can i switch back to using the old linode manager?
22:09<tux0r>go to the URL
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22:20<@mcintosh>!poin tux0r
22:28<@mcintosh>!point tux0r
22:28<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to tux0r. (1)
22:28<nyancat>When I read “poin” I childishly thought of one of those door stoppers that made the noise when you flicked it
22:28<nyancat>You know what I mean
22:31<tux0r>Yep... know exactly what you mean. :D
22:33<tux0r>(and thank you mcintosh!)
22:33<encode>cool, thanks guys
23:25-!-tux0r [] has quit [Quit: Have a GREAT "day|night" !]
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