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14:07<linbot>New news from community: delete this post <>
14:29<nuevu_>Something happening network-wise in Dallas? Large increase in ping times to most of the other DCs.
14:30<nuevu_>Guess it's already settling back down.
14:31<@bbigger>nuevu_ not seeing reports of issues in Dallas, keeping an eye out for more
14:37<nuevu_>It's possible it's host-specific (I'm only logging from one host), but it seems to be elevated again.
14:39<nuevu_>For what it's worth, that's smoothed a lot (average over 5 minutes). It's a lot spikier than that in actuality. Not severely impacting me right now, but thought I'd ask since it set off my alerting.
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14:54<@bbigger>nuevu gotcha — would be happy to check for host issues if you could open up a Support ticket and drop the ticket number in here
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15:52<tcurtis>What's the hostname of the Lish server in Toronto?
15:56<tcurtis>ah... *1.
15:56<tcurtis>nuevu, thanks.
15:56<nuevu>Yeah, sneaky
15:58<nuevu>tcurtis: Might also be of interest, SSH fingerprints for the Lish gateway:
15:58<tcurtis>perfect. Thanks.
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16:05<tcurtis>nuevu, is it open to the customers? Can't seem to authenticate
16:06<nuevu>tcurtis: Was last time I tried. You're attempting to log in with your Linode account info, not a machine login, right?
16:07<nuevu>One moment and I'll try to connect.
16:07<nuevu>It's working for me. I have SSH keys set up for it in the Manager, in case that matters in your testing.
16:10<tcurtis>Weird. I got into Newark fine.
16:10<tcurtis>Toronto doesn't seem to like my credentials.
16:11<tcurtis>... and now toronto1 is unreachable.
16:11<nuevu>I might have had trouble connecting immediately after setting up my first node there. Might try to poke an op or open a ticket.
16:12<tcurtis>Or I could just be lazy and create my node somewhere else and transfer it.
16:12<tcurtis>nuevu, thanks again for your help
16:13<nuevu>Sure thing.
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17:46<hays>anyone here played with OATH2? curious if there are easy ways to set up the authentication server
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19:12<vishal_>My php.ini configurations are not working on Nginx php7.2
19:12<millisa>Why not?
19:13<vishal_>Updated php.ini for time limit and variables, but it is not reflecting in the /
19:15<millisa>nginx usually does its php through php-fpm. Did you change the values in the php-fpm pool config you are using?
19:15<millisa>The php.ini change would work, though, assuming you aren't overriding it in the pool. (Did you reload/restart php-fpm after making the change?)
19:16<vishal_>Yes I restarted, but I need to check the php-fpm pool.
19:17<millisa>a value set in the fpm pool config would take precedence over the php.ini config
19:17<millisa>(at least for things that go through the pool, like nginx)
19:19<vishal_>Thanks, I am checking the pool.d directory
19:25<@mtjones>!poinr millisa
19:25<@mtjones>!point millisa
19:25<linbot>mtjones: Point given to millisa. (82)
19:25<vishal_>In pool.d, www.conf is there and all lines in this file is preceded by ';' so I think it can't override?
19:26<millisa>those are commented lines.
19:26<millisa>you may not be using the/a pool defined in that file. is it the only one there?
19:27<millisa>If you want to see your running config, 'php-fpm -tt' should test and show it
19:29<millisa>if you only have a [global] and [www] section, then www is your only pool. it's not uncommon to have other pools defined
19:30<vishal_>Yes it is the only file there
19:31<vishal_>php-fpm -tt - it is showing command not found.
19:32<millisa>ubuntu might have a version. php-fpm<hit tab a couple times and it should show you things that can autocomplete>
19:33<millisa>php7.0-fpm or php-fpm7etc something like that?
19:33<vishal_>Ubuntu is 18.10, php is 7.2 FPM/FastCGI
19:34<millisa>php7.2-fpm -tt ?
19:34<vishal_>Same command not found
19:37<millisa>how did you install php 7.2?
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19:41<vishal_>using these apt install php php-pear 32 sudo apt install php-fpm php-mysql
19:41<millisa>ok, nothing special about that. one sec and I'll spin up an 18.10 instance to see if I'm missing anything
19:42<millisa>php-fpm7.2 -tt
19:42<vishal_>and sudo apt install php-curl php-gd php-intl php-mbstring php-soap php-xml php-xmlrpc php-zip
19:44<millisa>if you look down at the bottom of that www.conf file - there are some examples of how to set a php_admin_value. a php_value works similarly.
19:45<vishal_>This worked php-fpm7.2 -tt
19:46<millisa>that should show you the [global] section and the [www] pool section (and if you had other pools, they'd show in their own [www] section.
19:46<millisa>if you really only have a www section, then edit that www.conf file and put your settings you want to change in there.
19:47<millisa>so, for instance, if you wanted to change the 'max_execution_time'. you'd put something like this at the bottom of the www pool config: php_admin_value[max_execution_time] = 180
19:47<millisa>restart the php-fpm service and you should see the value change
19:48<vishal_>This came with the php-fpm7.2 tt -
19:49<millisa>that looks like the default
19:49<millisa>when you add the php_admin_value to the www.conf, you should see it show up in the php-fpm7.2 -tt
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19:55<vishal_>Yes, it is there
19:56<millisa>ok ,then, restart or reload your php-fpm service. something like: systemctl reload php72.-fpm.service
19:56<millisa>er. systemctl reload php7.2-fpm.service
19:59<vishal_>Done. Thank you so much, you are a life saver.
20:00<millisa>you see the change in your phpinfo now?
20:00<millisa>if you want to override other php.ini settings, just add more of those php_admin_value sections (or php_value if you want the app to be able to override it further)
20:01<vishal_>I want to ask one thing, we changed max execution time and max input time to 180, how the max var input got 5000 from 1000?
20:02<millisa>You are referring to the max_input_vars value?
20:03<millisa>You want it to be 5000?
20:04<millisa>(the default 1000 is already pretty high. are you really inputting 1000+ vars?)
20:05<vishal_>It got 5000 from 1000 after putting max execution time and max input time to 180, although I wanted it to be 5000, I have edited the php.ini file earlier.
20:05<vishal_>Ooh, the WordPress theme is telling to do it, so I did.
20:05<millisa>things you change in the php.ini would still impact what shows in the php-fpm config
20:06<millisa>you just have to restart/reload the php-fpm service to get it to take effect. A setting in the php-fpm pool would take precedence.
20:06<vishal_>Should I rollback to 1000?
20:07<millisa>If you have something that claims it wants it higher, I'd assume they ran into a situation where 1000 isn't enough.
20:09<vishal_>It is BeTheme on WordPress, I am using Nginx first time. And I don't know much of Computer science, Thank you for patiently helping me.
20:09<millisa>sure thing
20:23<millisa>unrelated, semi interesting. that test instance I just spun up and 2 other instances I spun up this week, in dfw/newark; all have been amd epyc procs
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21:07<vishal_>How many instance you run like this? I once forgot to delete the instance in AWS and then they billed me after a month.
21:09<millisa>me personally?
21:11<millisa>Linodes bill by the hour that they are provisioned. If you leave one in your account, even turned off, you get billed for it
21:12<millisa>A test 1gb linode used under an hour costs an hour's worth of billing. They round it up to a penny.
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21:38<vishal_>Yes, Aws also bills by hour, but I forgot to delete for a month.
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23:42<Gurpartap>Is there any known network outage for some servers in Dallas?
23:43<Gurpartap>One of my machine went unreachable from both public and private IPs about 30-35 mins ago.
23:43<millisa>You must be one of my server neighbors.
23:43<millisa>There's at least one host having something up. Same timeframe as you
23:43<Gurpartap>Entered via Lish successfully. Skipped through htop to assess anomalies. Looked OK. So issued a reboot command. Now: "Linode failed to boot for unknown reason"
23:44<millisa>I was able to get on lish on mine, it can't ping its gateway. It reboots fine, but it has no lish logview messages
23:44<millisa>Gurpartap: are you on host h1162-rin1 ?
23:45<Gurpartap>millisa: Yes
23:45<millisa>Howdy, neighbor!
23:46<zifnab>its a christmas miracle!
23:46<Gurpartap>Stop mining on my lawn
23:46<zifnab>you should try to trade contact info via cpu sidechannels
23:46<millisa>They just sent me a ticket update about 60s ago asking me to reboot the linode from the manager, saying they fixed it.
23:46<millisa>My node just came up after that reboot
23:46<Gurpartap>They issued a boot command 60s ago for mine.
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23:52<Gurpartap>Looking good. But ugh. Some signups fell through this crack.
23:53*Gurpartap implements: if strings.Contains(err.Error(), "connect: no route to host") { /* handle gracefully */ }
23:54<Gurpartap>Nice to meet you millisa. Gotta go.
23:54<millisa>Later, neighbor
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