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01:56<Zr40>hm. Our application seems to perform worse after emergency migration from h169-fra1 to h204-fra1
02:00<Zr40>the average response time has increased by about 25% and CPU usage according to the linode manager graphs has increased by about 50% compared to the same time one week ago
02:01<Zr40>this is with a Dedicated 32GB instance
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03:03<@jcardillo>Zr40: do you have a ticket # you can provide me with so we can look into this for you?
03:05<Zr40>jcardillo: 11822810 is for the emergency maintenance. Should I create one for this as well?
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03:26<@jcardillo>Zr40: /mouse enable
03:26<@jcardillo>oops lol
03:28<@jcardillo>Zr40: could you update ticket # 11822810 with what you're seeing?
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03:38<Zr40>jcardillo: sure, ticket updated
03:43<@jcardillo>Zr40: thanks. taking a look now. i'll update you via the ticket.
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08:57<Cromulent>I've found a domain name I want but I can't decide what TLD to use - unfortunately the .com is gone but I could go for .org .net .network or .social but I can't decide which one is best
08:57<Cromulent>.network is the cheapest
09:00<wraeth>I'd personally recommend .thebesttldthateverwas, but failing that then whatever you prefer I guess.
09:02<Cromulent>the other task I have to do is transfer all of my domains
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09:30<DrJ>I personally shy away from a domain if the .com isn't available
09:30<DrJ>even if I want another tld to be the primary
09:32<Cromulent>ah well I went with .network in the end
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10:19<iminathi>good day everyone. please I want to know if the standard plan Linode 4GB for $20/month is a fully managed
10:19<Abi12>no it's not.
10:19<Abi12>managed costs extra.
10:20<nate>iminathi: None of them are, you have to pay extra for manages, $100 per linode you want managed. There are also professional services which are quote based on what you need done
10:20<Abi12>oops I forgot how to work linbot..
10:20<iminathi>okay thank you
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10:31<nobaudy>that would be quite the deal, managed for $20. until linode went out of business trying to support it.
10:36<wraeth>Abi12: Prefix is ! IIRC.
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10:40<rsdehart>DrJ: to digress, fun fact: is available
10:40<rsdehart>on the subject of available .coms
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10:49<raymond>anybody here worked with code igniter before?
10:49<raymond>I'm having issues loading things properly
10:59<nate>loading in what way?
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11:11<raymond>my menu and top bar dont show up on my newly created pages
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14:37<BOLT_Media>Hey anyone real people here?? I need some help really bad
14:37<BOLT_Media>I need the command string to turn off local mail and turn on remote; I am having issues with my site sending emails from itself, to any @domain name users
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14:45<BOLT_Media>Anyone here??
14:47<dwfreed>I would recommend using a third party API for sending mail, rather than having your site send mail directly
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14:48<BOLT_Media>Hey sorry what you did you
14:48<BOLT_Media>I closed as you typed that
14:48<dwfreed>I would recommend using a third party API for sending mail, rather than having your site send mail directly
15:00<BOLT_Media>its for internal messaging all users;
15:00<BOLT_Media>the client wanted it this way
15:00<BOLT_Media>there is only 100 active members so its not a huge list they send to
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16:57<rc9>Does anyone know ... can I attach the same block storage to multiple Linodes?
17:00<linbot>New news from community: What is a CDN? <> || What is a CDN? <>
17:02<@mwildman>A Block Storage Volume can only be attached to a single Linode at a time - though you can switch it to a different Linode if you ever need to
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18:34<tomami[m]>Hey, what's up. I don't usually talk here, I just read but hi.
18:39<asim>whab u mean?
18:39<asim>u don talk here
18:40<asim>i wanted to know
18:40<asim>do u guys have 6 month hosting plan
18:42<millisa>linodes are billed hourly; you can certainly keep it for 6 months
18:42<tomami[m]>I'm not linode I've been a customer for over a year.
18:43<asim>i spoke with
18:43<millisa>You did? Here I thought I wasn't here all day
18:44<asim>its couple weeks back
18:44<millisa>oh, well, that is plausible
18:44<asim>so how much ll it cost
18:46<millisa>for a linode? the pricing is at
18:46<millisa>one of those numbers multiplied by 6
18:46<asim>does it ask
18:47<asim>when i sighn up
18:47<asim>momthly yearly
18:47<asim>or hourly basis
18:47<millisa>ask about what you want to buy? no. that comes later. it will ask you for your payment info and I think it still has you put some amount into the account to startup
18:48<millisa>you spin up your linodes after you finish the signup/registration process. They talk about it in the getting started guide
18:49<millisa>This talks about how their billing works:
18:52<asim>lotto read
18:53<asim>how else can i get in touch with u again?
18:54<millisa>I usually hang out in here with 300 of my closest friends.
18:55<asim>ohhh great
18:56<asim>so my developer can reach you here for any technical help
18:56<millisa>Maybe? Someone's often in here that can answer specific questions about linodes.
18:57<asim>my domain and ssl is with godaddy
18:57<asim>i hope its easy to host my site here
18:57<asim>or sites
18:58<asim>Someone's often in here that can answer specific questions about linodes. o
18:58<millisa>Depends what you know. Linodes are mostly unmanaged. You do all the setup/config.
18:58<millisa>If that's something you are comfortable with, then it can be easy.
18:58<millisa>If it's not something you are familiar with, the learning curve can be steep but the documentation is pretty good.
18:58<rsdehart>it turns out domains are pretty easy to point wherever you need them to go
18:58<asim>my developerc needs to do that
18:59<rsdehart>hopefully your developer will know how to do everything you need
18:59<asim>im not sure he knows
18:59<rsdehart>but like millisa said the documentation is pretty good
18:59<asim>hopefully he knows
19:00<asim>thanks to you both
19:01<rsdehart>good luck!
19:01<asim>bye for now
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22:30<zifnab>worst bot ever.
22:31<linbot>It vends! a can of Coca-Cola, filled with Pepsi
22:32<zifnab>of course.
22:32<zifnab>i need advice
22:33<zifnab>i am moving, and i would like a new bed
22:33<zifnab>do i want one that disappears into a wall, so i can also u se the room for vive/
22:36<millisa>murphy bed deaths per year appears to be down.
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