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03:01<Cromulent>this is probably a stupid question but is it possible to get a certificate authority cert issued which is signed by one of the major CAs but which allows you to generate Extended Validation certs but only for domains you own?
03:02<Cromulent>basically then I would be able to self issue certs for specific domains
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03:09<dwfreed>Cromulent: I'm not aware of any CA that allows that, though it is technically feasible (but I don't know how well the technical implementation is enforced)
03:09<dwfreed>it is possible to create a CA that can only issue certs for certain names
03:10<dwfreed>at least as far as X.509 is concerned; no idea how SSL libraries do with verifying that the cert is allowed to have been signed by the restricted CA
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03:41<jaskal>this looks promising:
03:41<jaskal>any ETA on when we might see this available?
03:43<@jcardillo>jaskal: regarding object storage? if so, we don't have an ETA, but i can tell you it's in the works :)
03:44<Cromulent>dwfreed: thanks - I'll have to look into that a bit further
03:44<jaskal>yes, object storage. Thanks jcardillo, I currently run my own MinIO server on Linode but would rather use a managed service. I did try DO's offering last year and found it to be... choppy at best.
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05:38<Zr40>jcardillo: hi. I just wanted to let you know that it would appear that the migration to the Xeon Gold host has indeed returned performance back to what it was before (although it hasn't seen the daily peak yet)
05:45<akerl>Anybody from Linode around and willing to private message about something I just ran into?
05:46<@jcardillo>Zr40: thanks for letting me know! if there are still specific performance issues your running into, we'd be happy to take a look if you reply on that ticket (if you didn't already do so).
05:46<@jcardillo>akerl: what's up?
06:23<rsdehart>akerl: read that ages later and was like wait what- then looked at the name and thought nevermind
06:27<rsdehart>how's things
06:28<akerl>Alright. Found myself back on IRC because WireGuard is old-fashioned and their community lives over on freenode :D
06:32<rsdehart>I see
06:33<rsdehart>welcome back, then :)
06:36<akerl>Thanks. Glad to see there’s still some folks I recognize
06:37<rsdehart>Glad to see I'm recognized, in honesty
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08:26<Christian>i Have a problem in my data base
08:26<Christian>The size of BLOB/TEXT data inserted in one transaction is greater than 10% of redo log size. Increase the redo log size using innodb_log_file_size.]
08:26<Christian>how can I fix it?
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08:40<@rdaniels>Hello! o/
08:40<balaram>i want pay Nanode 1GB
08:40<balaram>one month plane
08:40<balaram>i will send netteller
08:41<balaram>give netteller id
08:41<balaram>how many mt4 i use this plan
08:41<grawity>Linode only supports credit-card purchases (and paypal, but you still need a credit card)
08:41<@rdaniels>Balram: That's great! We'd love to have you. Currently, we don't accept Neteller. We do accept PayPal.
08:42<@rdaniels>What gravity said! :)
08:42<balaram>paypal creditcard not available now
08:42<balaram>any solution to me
08:43<@rdaniels>A credit card is required to signup. However, we do accept prepaid cards as well.
08:43<balaram>ok thank you
08:43<@rdaniels>No problem!
08:44<balaram>so not possible to me
08:44<@rdaniels>:( We do apologize. We are constantly looking to add and improve our services. So, we may be addig different payment types in the future. But I don't have an ETA for you.
08:45<@bbigger>balaram: here's info on our accepted payment methods:
08:47<balaram>thank you dear
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09:53<linbot>New news from community: How many backups do I get with Linode Backup Service? <>
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13:04<linbot>New news from community: Problem with after installing and deleting mongodb. <>
13:14<linbot>New news from community: Problem with many services after installing and deleting mongodb. <>
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14:07<MarkShuttleworth>Many of you have noticed that Freenode has been a frequent target of spambots, trolls, and scammers since its very inception. Our team of staffers and even Mark Shuttleworth himself have worked dilligently to ensure Freenode remains a safe, supportive platform where the FOSS commununity can thrive. The costs of network monitoring and the lawsuits mounted by Larry Ellison and Oracle have presented challenges to
14:07<MarkShuttleworth>Freenode's very survival.
14:07<MarkShuttleworth>Mark Shuttleworth and Freenode staff have now unveiled the Make Freenode Great Again plan! Partnering with Huawei, we are in the process of installing an intelligent firewall that will defend against any DDOS or massive spambot operation using Huawei's predictive computing technology, the same software used to track and control China's Uighur Muslim minority.
14:07<MarkShuttleworth>Trolls will be recognized based on these predictive patterns and automatically blocked. This system, however, will be costly, and we need your help paying for licensing and installation.
14:07<MarkShuttleworth>If every active member on Freenode were to pledge just $0.50 USD, we could pay for this system and our hosting fees for an entire year. Remember that the defense of FOSS is possible thanks to your efforts.
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14:54<linbot>New news from community: SSH Error logging in <>
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16:20<Peri>Do you have MySQL in your servers, because I want to host a Python website with you
16:21<Peri>Do you have MySQL data base in your servers, because I want to host a Python website with you
16:22<Cromulent>Peri: you can install MySQL if you want
16:22<Cromulent>but why not use PostgreSQL instead?
16:22<@mwildman>Peri: You can deploy a One-Click App with MySQL preinstalled. For instance, the LAMP App
16:24<Abi12>oh shoot. Is this the new kubernetes thing?
16:24<Peri>do you let customers who bought shared hosting for install MySQL database there, and do you have daily backup for websites hosted under both shared and dedicated hosting plans?
16:28<@mwildman>Abi12: Nope, it's separate from Kubernetes!
16:31<@rdaniels>Peri: The LAMP app will have MYSQL preinstalled for you! You will also have full access to your Linode, should you want a more hands on experience later on down the road.
16:32<@rdaniels>We also offer our Backups Service that can be used by both our shared and Dedicated CPU plans.
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20:55<linbot>New news from community: How can I access the etc, var and www directories? <>
22:50<Abi12>noo.. I need more storage but there's no block storage in atl :(
22:50<Abi12>is purchasing block storage in another location fine? I'd assume there'd be added latency.
22:56<linbot>New news from community: I can not update with apt-get update appears: and it stops there <>
23:10<@jcardillo>Abi12: you wouldn't be able to connect a block storage volume from another location to your ATL linode.
23:11<@jcardillo>you could migrate your linode to a different data center, but i'm assuming you've chosen atl for a reason. so you may not be interested in doing that.
23:12<Abi12>yeah, all our clients are in atl.
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