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00:07<Guest1081>anybody here?
00:07<millisa>just me and 300 of my closest friends
00:08<Guest1081>:) newby here
00:08<Guest1081>not even sure I am in the right place
00:08<millisa>Depends what you are looking for
00:08<Guest1081>I am struggling with an Ubuntu server installation on a Linode
00:09<millisa>Sounds like the right place so far; what's going on with it?
00:09<Guest1081>I have an old Linode instance with Ubuntu 16.04 and setting up a new one on a "better" Linode instance with Ubuntu 18.04
00:10<Guest1081>by old Linode I mean KVM
00:10<Guest1081>ok.. I was wrong, both KVM anyway
00:11<Guest1081>what I am struggling with is that php and mysql on the Ubuntu 18.04 server are quite slow
00:11<millisa>how are you measuring it?
00:12<Guest1081>I did some benchmark and php and mysql time to perform the benchmark is double
00:12<millisa>(last I checked, ubuntu 16.04 was defaulting to php7.0, 18.04 would be 7.2 . .so they should be reasonably similar)
00:12<Guest1081>right now I am using this:
00:14<Guest1081>yesterday I was setting up a wordpress based website and after a while it was impossible to use, in the admin backend over 15sec. to load a list with 250 woocommerce products
00:15<millisa>were you watching something like top/htop while doing this to see what it was waiting on?
00:15<Guest1081>the same list loads in less than 2sec. on both my local laptop and on a server I run here at the office (which appears to have the same configuration as the Linode in question)
00:16<Guest1081>the 3 servers (linode1 linode2 and office) side by side as I benchmarked the three
00:17<Guest1081>on the new linode seems like both CPU and memory usage is always much higher
00:17<Guest1081>major offender is mysql
00:17<Guest1081>but the benchmark results show that also PHP is not performing at its best
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00:19<Guest1081>quote "16.04 was defaulting to php7.0, 18.04 would be 7.2" > correct
00:20<Guest1081>mysql 5.7.25-0
00:20<Guest1081>on each machine
00:21<kite>Hello, I would like to know if Linode is going to implement some kind of service for Kubernetes, like Azure or Digital Ocean. I know that now we can use Rancher but we have to create nodes for that, in the other providers the management of Kuberenets is free.
00:23<millisa>Guest1081: this is what I see running that benchmark php you linked on a nanode:
00:25<Guest1081>@millisa thank you, give me a sec. I am going to upload mines
00:26<millisa>(not an ubuntu box, didn't have one handy)
00:28<Guest1081>this is in the office box:
00:29<Guest1081>this the Linode I am trying to setup :
00:29<Guest1081>this the "old" Linode :
00:30<Guest1081>in the benchmarks numbers are small.. when tested on actual websites (wordpress multilingual + woocommerce) the time differences become huge
00:31<millisa>interestingly, my test appears to beat all three of those?
00:32<Guest1081>seems like so
00:40<@jcardillo>kite: we are in the process of developing the linode kubernetes engine. our estimated release date is Q3 2019.
00:42<kite>jcardillo: thank you!
00:44<millisa>Guest1081: it might be something with that specific linode maybe? I just spun up a new nanode with ubuntu 18.04 and a quick lamp stack:
00:45<dwfreed>Abi12: you could put a linode in another datacenter, connect block storage to that, and then serve that block storage via something like NFS to the ATL linode; I would highly recommend a high-performance VPN (ipsec or possibly wireguard) for the interconnection
00:47<dwfreed>very quick-running benchmarks like that are not going to make it easy to detect issues with contention using the usual monitoring tools; you'll want to make the benchmark run for a long period of time (on the order of minutes) to be able to accurately check for contention issues
00:48<millisa>(was about to insert something about the benchmark possibly having nothing to do with why you see woocommerce being slow)
00:49<Guest1081>a possibility.. I am at a bit of a loss
00:50<Guest1081>before looking into the server I dumped the website DB and the used that on my local dev. machine and on the office server and both installation are quite fast and raise no performance concerns
00:50<dwfreed>millisa: I mean, there's that too, it depends on what the benchmark is actually doing
00:51<millisa>math mostly
00:51<Guest1081>the same DB (and website files of course) on the "new" Ubuntu 18.04 I setup are unusable
00:52<Guest1081>from there I started to think it has to do with the server config.
00:54<dwfreed>I would use siege to quantify the performance of old and new, and look at htop on the new one while siege is running
00:54<millisa>well, I followed using the 'tasksel' method and took it just through the apache configuration section for that last test
00:54<millisa>there wasn't a whole lot of config from the default
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01:01<Guest1081>@dwfreed, thank you for the advice, I am looking into it
01:02<Guest1081>@millisa: I went through that article while setting up the server
01:02<Guest1081>I didn't really change much from defaults
01:02<millisa>Have you configured a caching plugin (something like w3tc) on the new setup?
01:03<millisa> (has a few notes about excepting out some of the pages)
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01:05<Guest1081>not yet, we use wp-rocket, but wordpress backend won't be cached
01:06<millisa>and nothing interesting logged while it was spinning loading those 200 some odd items?
01:07<Guest1081>nothing, no errors or else I could see
01:08<Guest1081>same website and db moved to another machine: normal performance
01:09<millisa>You could enable the slow query log in mysql and see what it picks up when you are loading that page.
01:10<millisa>start by setting it to a 2 second threshold
01:12<Guest1081>I looked into it but I couldn't see much .. I'll check it again
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01:32<Guest1084>How are you?
01:32<millisa>Tired. About to call it a night.
01:33<Guest1084>The same here.
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10:20<bettercallmax>Hows it going just teaching myself IRC
10:20<bettercallmax>i know im like 100 years late to the game
10:21<bettercallmax>whois bettercallmax
10:21<@bbigger>nice, I'm 99 years late
10:21<@bbigger> /whois bettercallmax
10:22<cruxeternus>Amateurs... /wii bettercallmax is better!
10:22<bettercallmax>haha IRC probably came out before I was born
10:22<bettercallmax>I still have zero clue
10:22<bettercallmax>So im on what channel
10:23<@bbigger>this is the channel for Linode, a cloud hosting provider
10:23<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
10:24<bettercallmax>ah very cool
10:25<@bbigger>most of the discussion here consists of questions or reports of issues about our services
10:25<bettercallmax>gotcha makes sense. Just reading about Linnode
10:26<@bbigger>it's a pretty good place to get answers about general questions on cloud hosting, since a lot of the ppl here have tons of experience and occasionally can provide helpful advice
10:27<bettercallmax>Awesome. I'm trying to branch into cloud hosting with Linux. Done alot of Azure with Windows Server. But im still grey in the server area
10:27<bettercallmax>with Linux
10:29<@bbigger>nice — signing up and getting started is pretty simple, and a great way to learn more about Linux. You can always get $10 of credit at signup with the promo code LINODE10
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10:53<bubuyaya>Am new in here
10:53<bubuyaya>Am having issue and support is yste to respond
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10:54<bubuyaya>Currently all websites hosted on my Linode suddenly stopped working
10:54<@bbigger>welcome — feel free to drop a ticket number in here and I can look into it for you
10:54<bubuyaya>I get this errror after long trying to load
10:55<bubuyaya> took too long to respond.
10:55<bubuyaya>Experienced same 2-days ago BUT it later started working again Till few minutes ago
10:56<Abi12>can you ping your server?
10:56<Abi12>can you telenet into the server on port 80/443 from a remote client?
10:56<Abi12>Is the web server service running..?
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10:59<bubuyaya>I can't even SSH into it as my PUTTY client is just displaying blank instead f the usual username and Password it usually ask me
10:59<Abi12>Have you tried using the glist console in the linode manager?
11:00<bubuyaya>Yes everything is running as it's been Online since
11:00<bubuyaya>Am unable to use Glish ever since installing CSF as it keeps outputing codes which should have been sent to logs.
11:00<Abi12>but.. have you tried logging into the machine using glish? Then you can check whether the ssh daemon is running.
11:01<bubuyaya>It's been that way since lasy year BUT i didn't mind since i had Putty
11:01<Abi12>oh. yes. I've seen the same issue with ufw logs.
11:02<@bbigger>that gives you an easy way to gain root access to any of your Linodes if you can't access via SSH
11:04<bubuyaya>Have never used Glish before BUT just did
11:04<bubuyaya>and it seems to be responding though My Root Password is suddenly not recognized again
11:04<Abi12>reset it :p
11:05<bubuyaya>same happened 2-days ago which forced me into changing it
11:05<Abi12>oh. You'd have to take the server down.
11:05<bubuyaya>sorry what you mean I have to take the server down
11:05<bubuyaya>I know I have to shut it down to reset the password
11:06<bubuyaya>BUT why is my password wrong again . Same thing happened 2-days ago
11:17<bubuyaya>Okay. Just remembered I had issues with my keyboard which caused the @ sign to return " when pressed hence I would say no issue with Password YET though I can't confirm that now as am unable to access PUTTY or Glish
11:18<bubuyaya>Am Finally able to access my Linode via Glish
11:18<bubuyaya>But websites still offline. let me try restarting services
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11:20<bubuyaya>Thanks @Abi12 for suggesting to me Glish. Don't know if it's due to Latency issues or whatever is stopping Websites from working. Also Putty which relies on Server IP is not working
11:21<bubuyaya>also WebMin is not working also. Other than Glish, no other way to access my Linode.
11:32<bubuyaya>Latest Update
11:33<bubuyaya>Some websites works when I use CURL via GLISH
11:41<bubuyaya>Almost 2-Hours, no response from support. Issue happened 2-days ago, I reported BUT they said it was from my end even though I believed otherwise.
11:41<bubuyaya>Now it's happening again
11:44<nate>Well if you can access via LiSH and you haven't gotten an email from support about any sort of IP blocks then it's most likely local yes, check firewall, check stats/resources to see if things are crashing, still running, etc
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12:12<Abi12>So. Something weird is happening.. it says I have an outstanding balance?
12:13<Abi12>Wouldn't it normally just charge my card at the end of the month?
12:13<Zr40>it does typically show that for one hour before actually charging your card
12:13<Abi12>It says 'Make payment to avoid service interruptions'.
12:14<Abi12>So.. I should just ignore it and it'll charge my card automatically?
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12:15<Zr40>did you get an email about it?
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12:18<Abi12>hmm I did not.
12:18<Zr40>check the invoices
12:19<nate>Abi12: I think if you go over a certain amount ($60?) in a month it bills for that amount. You can get the limit raised with a ticket if memory serves
12:19<Abi12>hmm yes. I'm at 51 right now.
12:19<Abi12>All the invoices up till today have been paid.
12:20<Abi12>and an invoice was issued.
12:20<Abi12>So I guess I should just manually pay the bill for now, and hope that it does it automatically next month?
12:20<Zr40>yeah, if your payment card is still valid you don't need to do anything
12:21<Abi12>whelp. time to call hr.
12:21<Abi12>thanks guys.
12:22<Zr40>if it hasn't been one hour yet since the invoice, you could just wait a bit :)
12:23*Zr40 typically gets 8 invoices per month, and that's after having the initial limit raised
12:25<Abi12>yeah. I guess I'll wait an hour before trying anything. How much can the limit be raised to?
12:26<Zr40>I've been told it depends on one's payment history with Linode
12:27<Abi12>sounds about right. You don't want someone getting a 960 usd linode and not paying the balance at the end of a cycle.
12:27<Zr40>or three of those
12:38<linbot>New news from community: Lish connects to the wrong server--stuck screen session? <>
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16:33<montigny34>any idea why my cron seems to not be reading the php correctly anymore?
16:34<dwfreed>probably because you're trying to execute the php as shell
16:34<nuevu>Is the file still correct? Does it pass a php -l (lint) check?
16:35<dwfreed>if you're trying to execute the script directly, it needs a shebang line
16:35<dwfreed>otherwise you have to execute php and pass the path to the script as the first parameter
16:35<montigny34>yes it does pass
16:36<nuevu>I think dwfreed has nailed this one, montigny34.
16:36<montigny34>#!/bin/bash ?
16:36<dwfreed>because it isn't shell
16:36<montigny34>i believe that does make sense dwfreed
16:37<nuevu>You probably want this (or very similar): #!/usr/bin/env php
16:40<montigny34>that worked
16:40<montigny34>thank you!\
16:41<montigny34>!point dwfreed
16:41<linbot>montigny34: Point given to dwfreed. (75) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 17)
16:44<montigny34>should iadd these to all .php files running as a cron??
16:44<nuevu>If you're trying to call them the same way, yes. But if you call PHP instead and pass the script as an argument, you don't need it.
16:49<montigny34>tgheyre all being called by cromtab -e
16:49<montigny34>so i added it to each file...thank you a lot
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18:31<montigny34>it'supposed to return only one line the one matching user id 237791
18:32<montigny34>I'm not too sure why it's looping through them all instead of only doing it for the one entry?
18:40<Abi12>montigny34: if($user_id = 237791 )
18:41<Abi12>try '=='
18:41<montigny34>omg you r a genius
18:41<montigny34>such a simple mistake\
18:41<montigny34>thank you!!!!
18:41<Abi12>and I'm not sure what you're doing by why not just modify your sql query?
18:41<montigny34>!point Abi12
18:41<linbot>montigny34: Point given to abi12. (2)
18:41<Abi12>'WHERE user_id = X'
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21:58<Guest1167>Hello guys, I've had trouble trying to sign up for an account, what can I do to know the reason my account is being cancelled?
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