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04:47<gparent>someone has the fix for jessie packages handy?
04:47<gparent>since updates was retired
04:47<Peng>Just comment out -updates
04:47<Peng>in /etc/apt/sources.list
04:47<gparent>what if backports are in use? can that bring additional problems?
04:47<gparent>we're trying to install git, it won't go
04:47<gparent>im thinking it's related
04:47<Peng>Probably? I don't remember what to do about backports, sorry.
04:59<gparent>it's ok
05:00<gparent>I'll find the resources again at some point
05:13<gparent>Peng: the fix is there's no fix.
05:13<gparent>backports was retired almost a year ago
05:14<gparent>you either ignore the signatures or don't use it
05:14<Peng>Yikes D:
05:14<gparent>that's fine, it's not meant to be a replacement for upgrading your distro
05:15<Peng>And backports without a year of (security) updates are problematic
05:15<gparent>that part is yikes because admins wont necessarily heed the advice of upgrading their distro, yes
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07:56<nemos>part #linode
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07:57<rsdehart>they got it eventually
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10:00<linbot>New news from community: PHP to USD <>
10:19<nate>TIL there's a currency named PHP lol
10:19<Abi12>lol'd really?
10:19<Abi12>I thought that was a prank.
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10:29<Dan>hey lads, i'm having dramas logging on to my account
10:33<Abi12>what's going on?
10:34<Dan>i can reset my pass (and logon) from my device, but when i attempt to login from my laptop, i get an invalid pass
10:36<Abi12>Your linode account? Make sure you don't have no-script or any of those types of add-ons. Also try logging in on both the managers and see what happens.
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10:39<Dan>no dice
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10:54<Kiet>How I can use VPS at Linode ?
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11:10<linbot>New news from community: Migrating to Linode from a Shared Hosting Provider <>
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11:21-!-ChanServ changed the topic of #linode to: Linode Community Discussion | | GPU is coming... - | Toronto Data Center Now Available -
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11:53<Guest1520>Indian data center available now?
11:54<tharkun>Any ops free for pm?
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12:06<tharkun>Any op available just ping me I had an isue and although I replied to the posted ticket I need some aditional information. Well only if you happen to be available at the moment.
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12:57<millisa>hm. I don't appear to have gotten any of my invoice mails. They appear to have happened and been paid at the usual times.
13:00<millisa>I appear to not remember that I put a rule in to sort invoice mails.
13:04<nuevu>I've never done that >.>
13:05<millisa>I have an excuse. I just opened a 2 starburst candy and they were both lemon. I was distraught.
13:09<nuevu>That's a reasonable excuse.
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13:31<@mcintosh>tharkun: i'm around if you still need clarification
13:31<linbot>New news from community: raspberri-pi,bluetooth <>
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14:26<Paul>What is this room?
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14:34<phill>Hi I want to know if its possible to active a vps with cpanel/whm
14:34<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
14:35<Zr40>could someone please look at ticket 11841908? The linode doesn't boot anymore after shutting down
14:36<Zr40>"Couldn't allocate CPU(s). Please contact support"
14:37<phill>what is the cost of managed plan?
14:38<millisa>phill: it is on the page at
14:38<millisa>You don't have to get managed to get cpanel; you can bring your own license from somewhere like
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14:40<millisa> is even cheaper
14:42<Zr40>mcintosh: sorry for poking like this, but could you look at ticket 11841908?
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14:55<kronos003>I have an upcoming project where that I need a vps where I can take snaphots of the VM and roll back as needed. Or better yet, save images of the storage device which will be encrypted. Does linode have anything like that?
15:00<@jhaas>Sort of. There's manual snapshots with Backups (only works unencrypted ext), byte-level Images (limited to 2GB), or you could copy a full disk over SSH via Rescue Mode (requires downtime)
15:01<@jhaas>Technically Cloning is also an option, but probably not for this scenario
15:03<kronos003>copying the full disk sounds like an option ( even if a bit painful to copy what could likely become 50GB). can I upload a drive image the same way I downloaded it? ( never used rescue mode)
15:04<kronos003>what I need is periodic backups that when uploaded are fully ready to go no questions asked
15:04<kronos003>that link you sent is asking for an admin password
15:05<@jhaas>That is. Definitely the wrong link.
15:07<@jhaas>Mmm could maybe use Block Storage volumes? You can boot from them.
15:08<millisa>and you can shuffle them around from one linode to another.
15:08<kronos003>what tools are available on that rescue disk? can I use something like systemrescuecd instead?
15:08<millisa>you could even build your own magic rescue/imaging volume to boot from to do the maintenance work with
15:09<@jhaas>Rescue Mode boots a minimal Finnix ISO, but it has internet so you can install whatever you want
15:09<@jhaas>It's not very easily automatable though
15:09<kronos003>I've heard of finnix but never used it
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15:13<kronos003>I'll have to look around and see what it would take to automate something like this
15:13<@jhaas>The barrier to automation with Rescue Mode is that (very reasonably) it doesn't have SSH open by default.
15:14<kronos003>I know btrfs supports filesystem snapshotting. I wonder if that would be adaquate
15:14<millisa>(if you want to consider zfs)
15:14<kronos003>Downtime could be an issue, and I would like to avoid that if possible
15:15<@jhaas>btrfs/zfs snapshots sound like a great solution to me (though I've not personally used them on a Linode)
15:16<kronos003>from my research on ZFS it might be a fair bit of overkill and would require a fair amount of resources that will be needed elsewhere
15:17<@jhaas>FWIW zfs was super simple to set up on my home NAS (RAIDZ2 over 6 drives) but I haven't played around with snapshots much
15:18<@jhaas>If btrfs is more your speed you do you
15:18<kronos003>I want to find something that I can pull a live snapshot and store it for later. then when catastrophe hits, just upload the backup and press play
15:19<kronos003>I dont want to have to mess with config files, or do any FS level dark magic. just upload and done
15:20<kronos003>This will be a production server where downtime = dollars
15:24<tharkun>kronos003: Real dark magic, have a standing replication on a different data center and in case of disaster, switch ip's and you are all set.
15:25<tharkun>There is some routing propagation but to the best of my understanding it should be neglible. ( Someone correct me if I'm wrong.)
15:27<kronos003>I'd need to educate myself a bit better to impliment something like that, and then convince the customer to spend on the needed infrastructure.
15:29<armiller>I'm pretty sure you can only switch IPs in the same datacenter and it requires a reboot
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15:41<linbot>New news from community: I have a free upgrade, will my disks automatically be resized? <>
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16:01<nate>chat_: Did you confirm it actually is linode? Look up the IP info
16:01<nate>Just because someone says something doesn't mean it is, the IP whois or possibly even rDNS (if they didn't change it) will show the effective ownership info (ie; whether it's linode or not).
16:04<chat_>RIght. Every time I search for it shows OVH who did not reply. The other derivatives show a host in Italy and one in Germany. When other hosts search they give me different IP addresses and I just keep getting forwarded to other hosts.
16:04<kronos003>doing my homework on the btrfs snapshot option, doesnt look like the dbs will be in a clean state if I make a snapshot while the vm is running. Maybe a linode clone might be better?
16:14<millisa>chat_: all of those appear to be on an ovh ip
16:16<akerl>Did you try backtracing the IP with a VB script?
16:17<millisa>You dun goofed up!
16:19<chat_>Thank you mellisa. No, I have not used a VB script. I will look up how to do that. I suspect there is some sort of mask or bouncer in place that is above my technical capacity as a simple whois is giving different IP addresses based on different IP location requests.
16:20<millisa>chat_: (he was not serious)
16:20<chat_>oh okay
16:22<chat_>This archive website definitely seems like I need to enlist cyberpolice or some sort of Internet expert at the least.
16:26<chat_>I guess my plan will be to contact ovh again. Thanks again for everyone's time.
16:27<millisa>There doesn't seem to be anything related to linode with it.
16:29<chat_>I appreciate your confirmation.
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16:29<LouWestin>Cyber Police sounds like a position at Facebook
16:30<millisa>WOOPWOOP. Pull Over LouWestin, you've exceeded your bandwidth.
16:30<LouWestin>Lol or you've posted something that goes against our TOS.
16:30<millisa>Meow what we're going to need you to do, is reply to this ticket, right meow.
16:32<LouWestin>lol, your account has been suspended indefinitely
16:33<nobaudy>do I get to carry a bullet in my shirt pocket if I'm cyberpolice?
16:34<LouWestin>You get to wear a polo shirt with an embroidered badge. ;-)
16:46<@jhaas>kronos003: I'm pretty sure the only safe ways to backup a DB and not catch it in the middle of a transaction are (A) dump it (B) stop the DB then file backup or (C) online replication
16:48<@jhaas>Our guides on cloning and images mention you can run them online, but YMMV. That being said, dump and then rely on a regular backup method is what I assume most people do
16:49*jhaas hasn't had occasion to automate DB backups
16:49<millisa>i like 'holland'
16:49<millisa>at least for postgres and mysql
16:50<@jhaas>Looks nice; I assume most wrappers are just interfaces on top of mysqldump
16:50<millisa>yep. that and pgdump.
16:53<@jhaas>Woops, did I just assume the DB's backend? #backendequality
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18:10<millisa>yes. lol.
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18:59<Abi12>jhaas: I laughed.
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20:30<idiframk>Sorry, I need to cancel your service, what should I do?
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