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00:50<Guest1571>How many take time to support ticket reply ?
00:51<@jcardillo>Guest1571: If you provide your ticket # we can take a look.
00:53<Guest1571>I have generate support ticket 16 hours ago.
00:53<Guest1571>but not any answer
00:53<@jcardillo>Can you provide the ticket #, please?
00:54<Guest1571> [11841056] Migrate server
00:55<@jcardillo>Thanks. I'll respond shortly :)
00:55<Guest1571>But how many times take to reply for your policy ?
00:56<@jcardillo>Our response times vary based on how many tickets are open at any given time.
01:11<Guest1571>Because before that ticket reply in one hour two hour but now after 16 hours not any update or reply.
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07:24<linbot>New news from community: account problem <>
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11:29<Bignoob>Can someone help me to connect my godaddy domain with a linode centos 7 server?
11:37<Bignoob>Do i have to do only one A record? No Cname or any other?
11:37<Bignoob>Thanks by the way for the link
11:37<DrJ>that depends on what you are doing
11:37<DrJ>if you are going to have email addresses at that domain you'll want MX records for example
11:38<Bignoob>no i dont want an email
11:38<Bignoob>just the website
11:38<Bignoob>i did change nameserver on GoDaddy and now one A record
11:39<DrJ>then yea, A record is probably enough
11:39<DrJ>since you get IPv6 with linode I would recommend AAAA as well
11:39<DrJ>and I also recommend you don't use godaddy
11:39<Bignoob>which one would you use?
11:39<DrJ>I use namecheap
11:40<Bignoob>And the aaaa record whould be like this?: www. Ipadresse
11:41<DrJ>in linode dns you don't put in the period
11:41<DrJ>just www
11:41<DrJ>you'll probably want at least two of each btw
11:42<DrJ>A/AAAA for www and A/AAAA for domain.tld
11:43<DrJ>when you create the domain in linode dns it will actually ask you if you want to create typical records for a select linode on your account
11:43<DrJ>I recommend just doing that
11:43<DrJ>it will create all the records you need instantly
11:43<Bignoob>if my domain would be it would be www
11:43<DrJ>plus a few you don't need but you can just delete those or leave them
11:43<Bignoob>it didnt ask me this is why i have this issue
11:44<DrJ>www IPADDRESS
11:44<DrJ>so hostname field would be www
11:44<DrJ>IP address would be the IP of your linode
11:44<DrJ>also, keep in mind that if you change the nameservers at godaddy that can take time to propagate
11:45<DrJ>so this is not going to work instantly
11:45<Bignoob>I think this is my last question
11:45<DrJ>in addition, changes made to linode dns can take anywhere from 1-30 minutes to go live.. and then TTL can make it even longer for some people
11:46<Bignoob>when i add the a record and than i want to make an aaaa record i cant choose which record i want to make. Is this normal?
11:47<DrJ>go to your linode, remote access and you'll see what IPv6 is routed to your linode
11:47<DrJ>it will be in the public IPs
11:51<Bignoob>i got two ipv6
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11:57<Bignoob>I got now two A/AAAA Record : www IPADSRESSE That should work right?
11:58<Soderling89>Is this support chat?
11:58<DrJ>Bignoob: you probably should do some research on DNS
11:59<DrJ>Soderling89: we can help with some things in here
11:59<DrJ>just ask your question
11:59<Bignoob>Thank you !
11:59<Bignoob>i think / hope it will work i a few hours :D
11:59<DrJ>if you tell me your domain I can check
12:02<Soderling89>Ok. Thanks I install in ubuntu a wordpress server. But i cant import the content of the themes. I think that the server have a limit o problems witch the php configuration?
12:04<DrJ>nameservers look good... looks like still waiting on linode to update
12:05<Bignoob>If it does not work can i contact you by email or something? im really helpless at the moment XD
12:06<DrJ>no, just come back here
12:06<Bignoob>how long will you be here?
12:06<DrJ>someone is always here
12:07<DrJ>your question is so basic anyone here can probably help
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12:11<Bignoob>This is the reason why i called my self bignoob. This way i could make my self clear how new i am to this :)
12:15<DrJ>oh, I understand. All of us had to learn at some point. I just think you should read into DNS because for the most part it is pretty easy to grasp. If all you do is what we tell you then you'll probably learn nothing
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12:43<Bogdan>Hey guys. I'm currently having my sites at Mediatemple and I want to move them on a faster hosting. I saw Linode but I don't understand why there's such a big difference between MediaTemple and Linode in terms of pricing. What's the catch?
12:43<millisa>I don't think there is a catch?
12:44<millisa>They are unmanaged VPS that you setup and run.
12:44<Bogdan>Ah. So the difference is that they're unmanaged.
12:44<Bogdan>Got it now
12:44<millisa>From the OS perspective, sure. They still maintain/monitor/manage the underlying hardware.
12:45<millisa>mediatemple's cheap vps are 'self-managed'
12:45<millisa>and appear to cost more
12:47<Bogdan>But in terms of software, on Linode, would I have to do the updates myself or would they be done automatically? I'm referring here to PHP versions, CentOS versions, Plesk etc
12:47<millisa>You would do them.
12:47<millisa>You'd compare them to the vps self managed mediatemple product -
12:50<AlexMax>*spit take*
12:53<AlexMax>they want _how much_ a month for the equivalent of a 2GB linode?
12:53<millisa>looked like roughly 3x the cost of most of the equivalent levels.
12:54<millisa>they had some yearly/multi-year discounts, but it still doesn't come that close to the pricing here
12:54<millisa>even if we wanted to believe the service level was equivalent...
12:55<AlexMax>I find it difficult to picture what kind of SLA or performance difference could justify a 3x price difference
12:55<millisa>premium hold music
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12:59<Bogdan>Thank you for the info. It was helpful.
13:00<AlexMax>in my experience, linode is incredible value for dollar. Other VPS services I've tried in or below this price point either have potato hardware or missing features, and anything above I couldn't tell the difference...unless it was way above and I was paying for a guaranteed pinned CPU or atom dedicated server or something.
13:02<AlexMax>potato hardware, missing features, or way more prevalence of noisy neighbors
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14:45<Cromulent>welp looks like I'll have to finally pay VAT on my Linodes
14:45<Cromulent>I've been expecting this for some time
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16:38<linbot>New news from community: How do I make sure I'm using the latest version of PHP on Centos 7? <>
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18:23<Helpme>Hello can someone help me with my website to get it running?
18:24<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
18:24<Helpme>Thank you already
18:24<Helpme>do i need a reverse DNS to get my website to Work?
18:25<millisa>But it's not a bad thing to do
18:25<Helpme>well than i have no clue why its not working
18:26<millisa>what have you done, what guide did you follow, what do your logs say?
18:26<Helpme>I set up a domain on godaddy and the nameserver are all up to 5
18:26<Helpme>i followed this guide
18:26<Helpme>sorry wrong url
18:27<Helpme>this is the website i want to set up
18:28<millisa>I see an A record for www, but not one for non-www
18:28<Helpme>I have those two A Records:
18:28<Helpme>* IPADDRESS
18:29<Helpme>www IPADRESS
18:29<millisa>Make one where the hostname field is blank.
18:29<millisa>Then you need to actually setup a webserver on your linode.
18:30<millisa>There are many guides on setting up webservers here:
18:30<millisa>chances are good you want either a LAMP or LEMP stack
18:30<millisa>(assuming you want mysql and php)
18:31<Helpme>so i bought this Produkt on this website
18:32<Helpme>They said i need only a centos 7 server they set it up and i connect my domain and DONE!
18:32<Helpme>now i try to add my domain...
18:33<Helpme>Once i ADD the A Recod without www it might work?
18:33<millisa>I doubt it
18:33<millisa>You need to setup a web server to do web server things.
18:34<Helpme>did you go on this link? they say they give me a full website. I buy a lot from them and usually everything is good
18:35<millisa>Did I go on what link?
18:36<millisa> What am I supposed to see there?
18:39<Helpme>How far i understand it is that they sell me a full website...
18:39<millisa>There's so little info there, I don't really know what they sell...
18:39<Helpme>is there anything else i can do to get this domain to work?
18:40<millisa>You'd have to ask them what you have to do. I don't see any documentation on their side. Linode's docs on setting up web servers was already linked.
18:41<millisa>Generally, you'd follow a web server setup guide similar to one on according to the requirements you need.
18:56<Helpme>I think i found the issue
18:56<Helpme>ssh -t
18:56<millisa>that would be how you connect with lish
18:57<Helpme> shouldnt it be
18:57<Helpme>if my website ist
18:57<millisa>that's just the name of your linode. doesn't have anything to do with the site
18:58<Helpme>allright i will keep looking ...
18:58<millisa>Looking? Did you setup a web server?
18:59<millisa>There are guides for both LAMP and LEMP for centos7; follow one
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22:18<nate>Jesus christ, went to do an request w/ dns_nsupdate against my own nameserver and afk'd for a bit, just sat back down to find it apparently took about an hour and error'd out anyways without any real detail as to why
22:18<nate>Well this should be a fun one to debug :|
22:25<gparent_>probably just as fun as dnssec troubles im having
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22:25<gparent>thanksfully nobody cares about dnssec except my archlinux box, apparently.
22:25<gparent>kinda limits the damage
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22:27<Yoel>Buenas noches
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22:30<nate>gparent: I think that's unfortunately what this is since dns_nsupdate does them via dnssec keys lol
22:31<gparent>im not sure what happened, but I restarted my archlinux box to kick in some kernel changes and all of my internal names stopped resolving.
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