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01:29<linbot>New news from community: Restore not identical <>
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01:43<r15>Hello #linode
01:46<r15>may i ask about "Write Guides for Linode" on this channel?
01:48<r15>how useful might be a guide over LVM or drbd? can someone from the team message me please?
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02:20<Kiwi_>How many IPv4 can I add on each linode?
02:22<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
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03:29<Eroxs>I have questions
03:30<Eroxs>I your cloud server , if i delet one server , and creat again , ip will be change?
03:31<Eroxs>Your invoice is end of month ? As i go
03:32<Peng>The 1st of the month. If you spend a lot of money, you might get invoiced more often, but you can discuss that with support.
03:34<Eroxs>( spend a lot of money ) how much
03:34<Eroxs>More than 100 or 200 or 300
03:35<Peng>I'm not sure. It depends. A new account spending $300 would probably get invoiced mid-month, yes.
03:37<Eroxs>Ok man
03:37<Eroxs>How much your traffic per gig
03:38<Peng>What do you mean?
03:38<Eroxs>For use extra traffic
03:39<grawity>I'm not sure you can buy extra traffic at all
03:39<Peng>You get charged for overages, though.
03:39<Peng>It's at the bottom of the pricing page. If I remember correctly, it's $0.02 GB (outbound).
03:40<grawity>I mean, you could probably buy a 2nd VPS, leave it off but it still adds to the traffic limit
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03:41<Peng>Yup. It's cheaper, too.
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04:20<linbot>New news from community: SSH and ftp stop working after reinstall LAMP server <>
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04:21<nate>Why can't AWS be more nifty like linode, their new dashboard is an absolute disaster as is the simplest of things like trying to reset server access
04:40<linbot>New news from community: Unable to use MPM worker/event in Ubuntu 16 <>
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04:52<Rigal>SSH and ftp stop working after reinstall LAMP server
04:52<Rigal>I have also try to log in using list console but not able to login. Would you please suggest how to fix this issue. Its very urgent.
04:53<Rigal>getting "Connection refused" error when i try to connect using terminal
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05:00<Rigal_>Hello There
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05:05<akerl>You get connection refused when connecting to LISH?
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05:17<ziad>hi all
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05:34<dennis_>i restored linode backup service to an existing linode. status : completed. i choose to boot using the restored disk and the server booted.
05:35<dennis_>the problem is : i disabled ssh login on backup source. i am using public-private key to login.
05:36<dennis_>now i cannot login into the restored linux console. would you please help me? thank you
05:43<dennis_>nevermind. i found the solution. thanks
05:43<khaberz>Welcome :D
05:43<dennis_>caused by : ECDSA host key has changed and you have requested strict checking.
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06:23<hep_me>can someone tell me hy this website is not working. ??
06:24<grawity>you didn't allow connections to port 80 on the server's firewall
06:24<hep_me>how do i change it?
06:25<grawity>what firewall tools do you have installed on the server?
06:25<hep_me>i didnt configure this server
06:25<grawity>(usually either ufw or firewalld, but run `sudo iptables-save` and that might give a hint)
06:26<grawity>then call the person who did configure this server, if they're still responsible for it
06:26<hep_me>anything else i should tell them?
06:26<grawity>just to allow tcp port 80 (http) and 443 (https)
06:27<hep_me>And it must be something with the server it cant be something with the domain or domain set up?
06:28<grawity>the DNS configuration looks okay
06:28<grawity>(unless you mistyped the IP address and accidentally pointed it to someone else's linode?)
06:28<hep_me>copy and paste :)
06:29<hep_me>i got 3 A Records
06:29<hep_me>1. www
06:29<hep_me>2. Blank
06:29<hep_me>3. *
06:29<hep_me>thats right ? i looked it up from a linode guide
06:30<grawity>the only one that matters is the one that you're trying to visit
06:30<grawity>so for it's "<blank> A"
06:30<grawity>for it's "www A"
06:30<grawity>for everything else it's *, though I wouldn't really add * unless I actually needed it for something
06:31<hep_me>ok than i delete it. just followed the guide
06:31<Peng>Delete what?
06:31<Peng>What guide?
06:31<hep_me>the *
06:32<grawity>so the domain config is fine, but the server itself replies to all connection attempts with ICMP "No route to host" errors
06:32<grawity>(except for SSH, which it accepts)
06:33<grawity>so I'm 99.9% sure it's the server's firewall
06:34<hep_me>and when i tell him what you said he will probly able to solve it?
06:34<hep_me>or do you have more details
06:34<grawity>no, that's it
06:34<hep_me>Thank you very much
06:34<grawity>"allow tcp ports 80 (http) and 443 (https) in the firewall"
06:37<hep_me>hopefully they can fix it
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07:18<akerl>Hmmm... seems like the API docs on are un-scrollable on mobile devices
07:48*dzho tosses a URL over to something shared with mobile to help prompt a check when next on a mobile device
07:51<linbot>New news from community: My application was working fine but suddenly it saying connection refused <>
07:53<dwfreed>akerl: api docs scroll fine here
07:53<dwfreed>pixel 2 xl, latest chrome
07:54<dwfreed>chrome is not a huge fan of it being a single page for the entire api docs, though
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08:34<akerl>Crashes iOS chrome for me, iOS safari just won’t scroll :(
08:39<Abi12>it's not like it's a wdsl file
08:39<Abi12>yeah, loaded just fine for me in firefox.. it took a few seconds :p
08:40<dwfreed>akerl: is the page responsive other than the scrolling aspect?
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08:45<akerl>During that I’m attempting to drag up/down on the main body of the content
08:46<akerl>Clicking the sidebar links “works” in that they show they’ve been clicked / expand sub menus, but they don’t move me on the page, nor does the sidebar support scrolling
08:48<dwfreed>I think that's just because chrome is still processing the whole page
08:48<dwfreed>the crash is probably because iOS decided it wasn't going to give Chrome any more memory
08:52<Peng>!wx ksfb
08:52<linbot>Peng: [metar] OBS at KSFB: 75.2F/24C, visibility 10 miles, wind 6.90 mph, chill 77.57F (altimeter: 30.02) [KSFB 031245Z 19006KT 10SM FEW012 SCT023 OVC100 24/22 A3002 RMK AO2 T02390222]
09:00<Zr40>!wx ehsb
09:00<linbot>Zr40: [metar] EHSB: not data available, valid code?
09:00<Zr40>!wx ehgr
09:00<linbot>Zr40: [metar] OBS at EHGR: 48.2F/09C, visibility 9999 miles, wind 10.36 mph, chill 43.68F (altimeter: 29.943402762) [EHGR 031255Z AUTO 29009KT 250V340 9999 -RA FEW029 SCT037 BKN045 09/05 Q1014 RERA ]
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10:46<akerl>I feel like it used to be possible to use stackscripts with Linode Images
10:46<akerl>Did that change, or am I misremembering?
10:47<dzho>a little late to the party, but Fennec F-droid loaded it ok
10:47<dzho>fwiw, ymmv, hand, hth
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11:27<armiller>akerl: I'm pretty sure that was never possible. Sad because it would be really awesome if you could do it :(
11:29<@scrane>Hey there akerl I've done some digging just to make sure, and armiller is correct: StackScripts only work with the Linode-provided images.
11:30<akerl>:( can that be added as an FR? It seems pretty straightforward to let the “images” field specify private images, and it makes it pretty hard to work with images using standard Linode tools
11:31<akerl>It seems like one of the primary use cases for an Image would be: 1) make a gold master image, 2) deploy new systems from the image, configured with instance-specific settings via stackscript, 3) ???, 4) profit
11:33<@scrane>I can definitely add that as a feature request. I'll send that along right now!
11:36<@scrane>Feature request submitted!
11:42<akerl><3 thanks
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12:32<linbot>New news from community: How to get a list of webpages from my website? <>
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13:39<powerserve>is linode support available?
13:39<LouWestin>That depends on what support you need.
13:40<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
13:40<powerserve>thanks. been years since I used IRC
13:40<LouWestin>It’s like riding a bike.
13:41<powerserve>not even sure what I need so I guess I better call them. thanks again.
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14:06<Peng>!wx ksfb
14:06<linbot>Peng: [metar] OBS at KSFB: 87.8F/31C, visibility 10 miles, wind 12.66 mph, chill 92.99F (altimeter: 29.97) [KSFB 031753Z 24011KT 10SM SCT042 BKN070 31/20 A2997 RMK AO2 SLP146 T03060200 ]
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14:32<linbot>New news from community: WordPress how to change upload size restriction for themes? (Ubuntu) <>
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15:45<nb>Has anyone tried Fedora 30 on linode yet?
15:45<nb>I installed it and ran dnf update but for some reason rebooting isn't picking up the new kernel
15:45<nb>5.0.9 is in the linode f30 image, and 5.0.10 is the latest when you run dnf update
15:45<nb>I did check to make sure I was using Grub2 in my configuration profile in linode manger
15:54<@blaboon>nb: you're still in 5.0.9 after rebooting?
15:55<@blaboon>h/o lemme see if i can reproduce
16:00<@blaboon>hmm yea, looks like the grub config isn't getting updated after running a system update
16:01<@blaboon>`grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg` should do the trick
16:01<nb>that's strange, it works with my f30 at DO and my f30 at prgmr
16:02*nb wonders if there is something different about the linode image
16:02<@blaboon>f30 uses the new BLS-style grub config by default, but we disable that in our image because our grub isn't (currently) compatible with it
16:02<millisa>reference for /\
16:02<@blaboon>i'm guessing that they're new grub logic doesn't properly handle the case where you have BLS disabled
16:03<nb>aha, so that is why I was having problems when I tested upgrading from 29 to 30
16:03<nb>blaboon, is there an ETA to having your grub updated?
16:03<@blaboon>we're working on that at the moment, but we're not quite ready yet
16:04<@blaboon>don't have an ETA unfortunately, but should hopefully be soon (maybe within the next week or so)
16:04<nb>hmm. I almost wonder if it would be better if you just said you don't support Fedora 30 yet
16:05<@blaboon>to be honest, i didn't think turning off BLS was going to be this much of a problem
16:05*nb thinks it makes it looks like it's Fedora that is broken when it is really Linode's image that won't update
16:05<@blaboon>almost makes one wonder why they bothered making it an option
16:06<nb>I agree
16:06*nb wonders what Fedora package that is that I should file a bug about
16:07<@blaboon>either way, it is definitely something that has our attention and we're working on getting things fixed up on our side
16:07<nb>blaboon, My suggestion would be pull your F30 image until that gets fixed
16:07<nb>but that's just my opinion
16:11<@blaboon>personally, i don't think this is a huge enough issue to warrant that, but we may consider it depending on how soon we can get a fix out
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16:12<nb>well, it seems like even if you fix your grub to support bls, the people who have already used that image will still have it broken where future kernel updates don't get applied
16:12<nb>since that's done by Fedora's kernel rpms
16:14*nb will try to see if I can get in touch with Fedora's grub people
16:14<nb>to see if we can get whatever bug is causing that not to happen fixed
16:14<millisa>Grub People is the name of my band
16:14<@blaboon>true. we'll likely end up sending out some comms to customers who have already deployed the image with the necessary commands to switch their grub to BLS-style once we're ready
16:15<@blaboon>should just be a matter of changing the setting in /etc/default/grub and then regenerating the config
16:16<nb>blaboon, aha, I think you might just need grubby-deprecated package to get it to work
16:16<nb>to get non-BLS to work in Fedora
16:16<@blaboon>oh really?
16:16*nb will test
16:16<@blaboon>well that's good to know
16:22<nb>blaboon, yes, if you add grubby-deprecated to your image, it will update the kernels successfully
16:22<nb>I rebuilt a fresh F30 linode, dnf install grubby-deprecated, then dnf update, then rebooted and got the 5.0.10
16:22<@blaboon>yup, just confirmed that myself as well
16:22<@blaboon>!point nb
16:23<linbot>blaboon: Point given to nb. (1)
16:23<nb>blaboon, any chance that could be added to your build? or would that take a while as well?
16:23<@blaboon>i'm working on that as we speak :)
16:23<nb>blaboon, Cool!
16:25<@mcintosh>!point blaboon
16:25<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to blaboon. (2)
16:25<@mcintosh>!point nb
16:25<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to nb. (2)
16:25<@mcintosh>!point mcintosh
16:25<linbot>mcintosh: 1,000,000 points for mcintosh!!!
16:25<@mcintosh>...just because i'm cute
16:28<nb>blaboon, Please let me know when it is fixed and I can test it. Thanks!
16:28<@blaboon>should be ready within the hour. i'll let you know
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16:53<Dan>Hello. Any problems with the Singapore server? I have 2 servers running there, both are not available.
16:53<millisa>You'd be the first to mention it in here
16:54<linbot>Peng: [mtr-atlanta] 7.|-- 2400:8901:1011::2 0.0% 3 249.4 251.6 249.4 255.9 3.7 -- 8.|-- 0.0% 3 249.1 249.0 249.0 249.1 0.0 -- see for full mtr
16:54<Peng>That worked.
16:55<Peng>Dan: What are your servers? What error are you getting?
16:57<Dan>Hmm. I just can't reach them. From home or phone internet.
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17:15<@mtjones>Dan: We're investigating our network in Singapore right now.
17:15<griff>Hi I have a question on my server is loading really slow and in htop mysql is taking a lot of memory running /usr/sbin/mysqld --daemonize what looks like over and over
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17:17<Dan>Ok. I shut down my server both of them. But they were reachable through
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17:19<Maaz>My website is down, is it possible for you to check and resolve?
17:19<LouWestin>@Dan: maybe a firewall rule?
17:19<millisa>Did you login to the manager and see if it has a ticket open? Can you login via ssh? How about lish?
17:20<Maaz>My server team is not available at the moment, and they have all the details
17:20<Maaz>I can share the website URL now
17:20<millisa>I'm not sure any of us could do anything, but sure, go ahead
17:21<Maaz>It would be great of you, if you can help me
17:21<millisa>The IP appears to be up. You'll need to login and investigate from the shell
17:22<Maaz>Is that the only solution I should look at
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17:22<Dan>@LouWestin Yeah, naah. It was working for month. I haven't change anything.
17:22<millisa>er, well, it was pinging a moment ago
17:22<LouWestin>Dan: Ok.
17:22<Maaz>I guess
17:22<Maaz>the site is back now
17:23<Dan>@mellisa Ticket open? What does it mean? I can't connect per lish as well.
17:23<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity Issues - Singapore <>
17:23<@mtjones>Maaz: It looks like your site's hosted in our Singapore datacenter. We're looking into connectivity problems there that could be causing your site not to load.
17:23<millisa>Maaz: your system looks like it is in singapore to me
17:24<Dan>Cool. Thanks @Linode Team
17:24<Maaz>but am able to browse my site, its working
17:26<Gues_____>the same here
17:26<Gues_____>connectivity problem in SG
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17:29<@blaboon>nb: fixed fedora 30 image is now in place if you wanna check it out
17:30<Maaz>Millisa - are you there?
17:30<Maaz>Again it looks like connectivity problem
17:30<Maaz>Can you look into it please
17:30<millisa>They posted about it in that link above - you'll want to watch that for updates
17:31<griff>my server is running incredibly slow and i have no idea why , another clone i have of that server is much faster
17:33<Abi12>Open up a ticket with support griff
17:34<Abi12>It's always good to check with support about possibly hardware issues.
17:34<griff>Yea i did it's so very strange
17:34<@mtjones>griff: If you let me know the ticket number I can take a look.
17:34<nb>blaboon, great, am getting ready to head home but will try it in a hour or so
17:34<nb>blaboon, thanks for the quick fix
17:35<griff>sure it's 11859461
17:35<@blaboon>only caveat - the new kernel is part of the updated image, so we might have to wait for the next kernel update to find out if it truly works
17:36<@blaboon>i'm suspecting it will though
17:37<@mtjones>griff: Thanks! Taking a look now.
17:38<nb>blaboon, I'm installing the 5.0.11 from updates-testing
17:38<Dan>Back to normal. Everything is running again. Thanks.
17:40<nb>blaboon, It works, great, thank you!
17:41<@blaboon>nb: of course! and thanks for the assistance!point nb
17:41<@blaboon>!point nb
17:41<linbot>blaboon: Point given to nb. (3)
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