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03:15<johnny>hello Does linode have windows vps? It is not mentioned
03:21<Peng>Yes and no. You can manually install it, but Linode doesn't provide official support for Windows.
03:21<johnny>thank you Peng
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04:17<grawity>hmm, whoever manages the Lish SSH gateways, 1) half the gateways refuse connections over IPv6 and 2) lish-toronto doesn't exist in DNS and the "gateway fingerprints" webpage calls it "lish-tokyo2"
04:18<Peng>Yeah, the IPv6 breaks a lot.
04:19<Peng>My theory is that they reboot one of the gateways and it's one of those annoying "daemon fails to bind to tentative IPv6 address" race conditions.
04:19<grawity>also I'm sure this is the 2nd time this year I'm updating the fingerprints in my known_hosts
04:19<Peng>But I don't think anyone's ever told me. :D
04:19<Peng>I think they changed some of the fingerprints and then reverted it.
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07:53<Dante>Anybody here?
07:55<rsdehart>Dante: only me and over 300 of my closest friends
07:56<rsdehart>care to ask your question?
07:56<rsdehart>inb4 page closed
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08:30<Dante>How can reach dev relation team or marketing team of Linode?
08:30<rsdehart>welcome back, Dante
08:31<Dante>any email address?
08:31<Dante>Their only two option sales & support
08:31<Dante>which one i should use?
08:32<LouWestin>I'd say email support for general inquires
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12:33<millisa>!point rsdehart
12:33<linbot>millisa: Point given to rsdehart. (4)
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18:01<love>nice meeting you guys here
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18:27<agris>Hello, Is there any known outages for Linode's telephone network, or their Scalable Block Storage SANs?
18:27<agris>I keep getting block device timeouts on my Linode, and I can't call in. ringback cuts in and out and then i get a voice sayinng 'sorry, but your call can not be completed'.
18:28<agris>I can call any other number just fine
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18:55<synapt>status.* would probably cover it if there were, you might want to try filing a ticket in the actual support system though if anything
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