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00:48<gparent>agree to disagree
00:50<zhaoguanglei>我的QQ是80505500 谁能加下我
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01:58<Woet>for sure
01:59<gparent>I mean that's your opinion man
03:30<chesty>oh, they have gone.
03:30<chesty>probably a scammer anyway
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10:59<Erox>Your invoice is end if month ? I use server and pay my invoice in end if month?
11:00<Peng>The first of the month
11:01<Erox>Mean , if i start 5 may , i can use 300$ and pay invoice 1july?
11:01<Peng>You'd be invoiced sooner if you spend that much money
11:02<Erox>How many example
11:03<Peng>I'm not certain
11:05<Peng>What do you mean?
11:06<Erox>How many dollars can I use from any account? ( until receive invoic)
11:07<Peng>It depends, and I don't know.
11:07<Peng>Why do you ask?
11:07<Peng>You can use a lot. Getting invoiced more often is harmless.
11:08<Erox>I want to see how much we have time to work
11:08<Erox>And pay
11:08<Peng>I don't understand
11:09<Erox>Look , when my account verified , i can creat server?
11:09<Erox>Without any payment for start?
11:09<Erox>You said we must pay invoice next month
11:10<Peng>That's when you're regularly invoiced.
11:10<Peng>I think you have to pay $5 when signing up, which is credited towards future services.
11:10<Peng>I haven't signed up recently, so I'm not certain how everything works.
11:11<millisa>(that mentions typical reasons you'd get billed before the first)
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11:14<Peng>Another satisfied(?) customer(?)
11:14*Peng rings the bell
11:14<millisa>Remember that time Linode was cheated out of ($50 - initial credit)?
11:15<LouWestin>Linode bills by the hour, which runs up to $5 USD a month. But people still complain about costs...
11:16<LouWestin>Utility late fees and cellphone data overages run more than that.
11:17*Peng shudders
11:18<LouWestin>How long ago was that?
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11:52<Abi12>That guy seems sketchy.
12:00<linbot>New news from community: Updates on latest 64-bit kernel? <>
12:03<LouWestin>I remember the uptime bug with that kernel.
12:22<gparent>high uptime bugs me, does that count?
12:23<gparent>system of course. I love high service uptime.
12:24<Zr40>yeah, I don't like running ancient kernels (-:
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13:02<gparent>Diety applied kernel upgrades, and saw that it was Good.
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15:30<montigny34>mysqld: Can not perform keyring migration : Invalid --keyring-migration-source option.
15:30<montigny34>server upgraded from 8.0.15 to 8.0.16
15:31<montigny34>mysqld server **
15:33<@mtjones>It sounds like you have an encrypted table in your database. You can start MySQL without the keyring file if needed, but won't be albe to access the encrypted table until it's set up again.
15:34<montigny34>not too sure whats encrypted, but how would i fix the issue to de crypt it or see the table or data
15:34<montigny34>cannot login via phpmyadmin either
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16:58<synapt>Fuck sakes my linode is back to taking like 4 minute delays on IPv6 requests even though the route exists still since the last time I fixed it. I can't win with this god damned thing lol
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16:59<dwfreed>'ip -6 addr show up' 'ip -6 route show' 'ip -6 neigh show' 'ip6tables-save'
17:00<nate>dwfreed: First hting I looked for this time, `default via fe80::1 dev eth0` is in there. I haven't even restarted this linode since then, iptables is good too. Unless it's just let's encrypt. Oddly mtr's are apparently fine, no delay on that...
17:00<dwfreed>show the output
17:00<dwfreed>the whole output
17:02<nate> same as the last time (minus the default route is there this time). Let me try an IPv6 request against something else
17:04<dwfreed>what about the other commands I gave
17:05<nate>One sec, everything else is working fine, so looks like it's not a local issue. It's either or LE
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17:15<nate>Yeah it's oddly just acme being weird, which sucks, maybe it's some kind of delay function w/ dns_nsupdate, making it suck for a large SAN request though
17:16<dwfreed>I use dehydrated
17:17<nate>Does it support dynamic DNS stuff for wildcards?
17:17<nate>That's the main reason I've been using acme since it was suggested, cause of all the DNS plugin things
17:18<nate>In this case I'm just trying to update a local nameserver though, first time running this one
17:19<dwfreed>dehydrated and dehydrated-hook-ddns-tsig
17:21<dwfreed>you can save a lot of churn in DNS updates by having it deploy all the challenges for a single certificate in one update call
17:22<nate>Yeah I'm not sure how acme does it, I turned on debug and it seems to be making a metric boatload of odd cURL requests. I'll take a look into that one here if this thing ever completes...
17:23<dwfreed>dehydrated is also shell, and very easy to follow; the ddns-tsig hook is python, and not bad either
17:23<dwfreed>both are packaged in debian, though I recommend using backports for it
17:23<dwfreed>the ddns-tsig hook appears to only be in backports
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17:34<nate>Ah this is CentOS so I'll have to see if it's something I can just throw in directly like acme
17:36<dwfreed>shouldn't be hard
17:37<dwfreed>dehydrated's only dependencies are curl and openssl
17:38<dwfreed>if you use the ddns-tsig hook available, you'll just need python2 and dnspython
17:41<nate>Jesus that literally took from 20:26:32 to 21:34:21 just to finally FINALLY try and update the one DNS record and fail w/ a refusal oddly :|
17:41*nate should just write a script that will edit the local zone file and rndc as needed
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20:34<montigny34>what regex would find the second occurence of an interger within a string?
20:34<montigny34>im having issues figuring it out
20:35<montigny34>trying to remove everythinf before the second number in the string essentially **
20:36<dwfreed>I had 99 problems, and then I used regex; now I have 100 problems
20:42<linbot>New news from community: Installing PHP 7 and MySQL 5.7 on Ubuntu 14.04 <>
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20:45<Unit193>Please don't.
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21:56<codeistalk>Hi, my website hosted on linode is down
21:57<nate>Did you log in to your linode manager to see if the linode is also? Did you try to SSH in to resolve it yourself? If you have managed/professional services attached to your account you might want to try a ticket for more direct support if it's something on-system (and falls under your support service with linode)
21:58<codeistalk>It seems I added cloudflair
21:58<codeistalk>and it went down, so the website
21:58<codeistalk>I removed cloudflair and now it seems working fine
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22:01<LouWestin>That was easy
22:01<nate>I do my best
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23:37<nate>I wish I could figure out why is dramatically slow apparently on any cURL invoke during dns_nsupdate stuff, it's like a puzzle I can't stop working on
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23:56<inwhan>Hello anyone from Linode support online?
23:56<linbot>inwhan: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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