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10:35<stravostino>hi, sorry if that's been posted already, but is there any network emergency in the London datacenter ATM?
10:35<stravostino>we're having weird connectivity issues and alerts
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10:36<Peng>You're the first to mention it here.
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10:36<stravostino>a couple servers stopped being reachable via UDP/TCP even though ICMP goes through, another server I've manually rebooted is online on the dashboard but unreachable on either the public or private IP
10:37<stravostino>definitely something's off
10:37<Peng>Can you get in with lish?
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10:38<@bbigger>stravostino: we've received several reports from London and are looking into connectivity issues right now
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10:39<stravostino>lish shows it's online, even though I can't get a login prompt. I can ping it now, it definitely was unreachable until a few seconds ago
10:39<stravostino>cheers bbigger
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10:45<hades_>Hi all, does anybody know where to get information about how to fix a node that cannot be booted, or put into recovery mode?
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10:46<@bbigger>stravostino: if you haven't already, please also open a Support ticket on this issue — it'll help with our investigation and response
10:46<stravostino>I did, for one Linode only, even though there's multiple ones affected in our account
10:46<hades_>...sorry scratch that...just had support call me: Hi, It looks like there is an issue right now in our London data center that may be preventing some Linodes from booting.
10:46<hades_>Our admins are currently investigating and we will get back to you as soon as possible with further information.
10:47<hades_>Looks like the datacenter has issues and or an outage for the rack I'm on :(, happened in last 25 minutes.
10:47<stravostino>yes, we've started seeing some UDP timeouts since 14:19 UTC
10:48<hades_>thanks for the response, feeling slightly better its not our end.
10:49<hades_>Confirmed outage @ 14:17 UCT / 15:17 BST. Thanks
10:49<@bbigger>hades_: we'll be sure to update you with any developments from our investigation
10:50<hades_>thanks @bbigger
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11:02<stravostino>looks better now, site's back up, though one server did need a manual reboot
11:04<linbot>New news from status: Block Storage Performance Issues - London <>
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11:30<Kris>Hi, any idea whats the cost of LINODE MANAGED?
11:30<millisa>it's there on the page
11:30<Kris>am not seeing any price details on this apge
11:30<Kris>ah okay
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11:58<linbot>New news from community: How long should it take to launch a new linode? <>
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14:50<captlid>are we allowed to use a linode vps server for outgoing email? use case is customer membership confirmations and password reset requests
14:51<millisa>as long as you stay in the spam/aup type rules
14:51<millisa>they even talk about doing email here -
14:52<millisa>(your use case is something I've used linode for the last 10 years even)
14:52<captlid>so as long as i set the dns and mx records up correctly and comply with the can-spam act and aup rules gmail [most of our customers will probably use them] will accept emails from a linode box?
14:53<captlid>@melissa cool
14:53<millisa>I think most folks would encourage you to use an external entity for mail stuff though. managing your own outbound mail can be a pain
14:53<captlid>i was looking into sendgrid or mailgun, but not sure
14:54<millisa>both can be ok. the bounce management and reporting are things they do well. suppression lists too
14:54<captlid>i have ran smtp servers before, are they just hard to setup on linux? hmail on windows worked wonderfully for years
14:55<millisa>nah, not hard to setup. hard to deal with remote mail administrators if you do have something happen (someone exploits a mail sending page, your customer decides that a list they bought off craigslist is obviously full of people that want their mail)
14:56<Peng>and you never know if Google or Microsoft will hate your IP for no reason
14:56<millisa>it's not specific to linode - but with inexpensive vps providers you could also feasibly end up on an IP . . .what peng said
14:57<captlid>well thats not cool
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15:00<captlid>@millisa how much emails does your server process per day? and which email server should i use exim, postfix, zimbra or something else?
15:03<millisa>not sure that I know off the top of my head. any that do more than a couple thousand a day I usually push out to one of those 3rd party processors
15:04<millisa>as for which to use - the one that makes you most comfy is usually the right answer. I like postfix because I find the config file and logs easier to read
15:08<captlid>cool thanks for taking the time answering my questions
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15:44<Burke>Can someone point me to where I can find security certifications for the Fremont data center? It is not one of the data centers listed on the Security page.
15:45<Peng>fwiw, it's Hurricane Electric Fremont 2. They might be on
15:45<Peng>You can also file a support ticket with Linode and ask
15:47<Burke>Thank you!
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16:59<linbot>New news from community: How can I back up an unsupported disk format <>
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17:01<montigny34>anybody here good with jquery delegation?
17:01<montigny34>im unable to grab the correct values for my two variables due to delegation errors
17:01<montigny34>but im very bad at it
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17:52<LouWestin>He didn’t explain what variables he was trying to grab.
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