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00:01<linbot>New news from community: How do I add my domain from a shared hosting account <>
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01:51<linbot>New news from community: How do i change the region of node? <>
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03:41<frodeborli>Hi guys. Have Linode ever considered making Ubuntu minimal installations available?
03:42<frodeborli>Also: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is placed under "older images" - but it is the current long-term-support edition available.
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04:17<Zr40>frodeborli: it doesn't appear there for me
04:30<frodeborli>Zr40: I don't know if you and I are presented with a different view. I'm using the new cloud manager. Clicking Create Linode brings up a list of distributions, and I have to click "Show Older Images". Ubuntu 18.04 is the 8th distribution under "Show Older Images".
04:30<frodeborli>Zr40: But more important; I would really appreciate a minimal ubuntu installation. The 18.04 minimal installation is 65 MB.
04:31<frodeborli>Starting with a full installation makes it difficult to create custom images.
04:36<Zr40>ah, yes, it does show up that way there. I was looking at 'rebuild', not 'create new linode'
04:38<frodeborli>With a minimal ubuntu installation, it should take much less time to install it, and it's much easier to create a custom image for "auto-scaling cloud scenarios". (Custom images are limited to 2 GB, and when the base installation is 2 GB I have to spend a lot of time removing packages that I don't want.
04:41<Zr40>I've found that Debian lets you remove more, and the provided images come with less preinstalled packages
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05:24<Shentino>tz: good taste? O.o
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07:26<JamesTK>damn bot
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07:56<rsdehart>sup JamesTK
07:57<guiver>Hello, we have a critic server errro, ping does not reply, ssh does not connect, even reboot from linode panel does not work, how can we procedure?
08:02<rsdehart>guiver: have you submitted a ticket?
08:03<guiver>yes, but we need the linode team check it as soon as possible
08:03<rsdehart>How long has it been?
08:03<rsdehart>You can call if it's urgent
08:03<guiver>about 15 minutes
08:03<JamesTK>calls are <3
08:04<guiver>all ours server is down :(
08:04<rsdehart>which datacenter is it in?
08:04<rsdehart>*are they in
08:05<rsdehart>can you connect using lish?
08:05<rsdehart>you're going to want to contact them by phone, I think
08:06<guiver>in atlanta datacenter
08:06<guiver>lish does not work as well
08:28<@bbigger>guiver: We're seeing issues in Atlanta which we're working to resolve. Keep an eye on our status page on this incident for updates:
08:30<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity Issues - Atlanta <>
08:32<linbot>New news from community: Reboot stuck at 1%: what can it be and what can I do? <>
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09:41<Peng>Hm, I lost one SSH connection, and one IRC connection (in that annoying way where I see the server disconnect me, proving I was connected all along).
09:50<LouWestin>@Peng: Maybe some timeout lag somewhere?
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10:31<frodeborli>Would it not be really great to have a log/notes functionality per linode in the cloud manager?
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10:42<frodeborli>bbigger: It would be really nice to be able to add my own text there.
10:42<frodeborli>bbigger: And also, have a "notes" text area somewhere on the right hand side per linode.
10:43<frodeborli>bbigger: On the right hand side under Summary
10:44<armiller>Probably not what you want but you can add a "description" to configuration profiles and put some notes in there
10:44<armiller>Sorry not a description. The field is called comments
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10:45<frodeborli>armiller: Yeah, that's notes that apply to each configuration. I would like the same but that applies to each linode
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10:46<ABCPRINTS>hi there i need some help with my IP address being blocked by one of your servers
10:47<armiller>ABCPRINTS: Who is blocking your IP?
10:48<ABCPRINTS>It appears via a trace to this linode website
10:48<armiller>Yes but who is it? It's possible that you are being blocked by one of Linode's customers in which case nobody here could help
10:49<ABCPRINTS>All I know is an IP address
10:49<ABCPRINTS>which links back to linode
10:49<Peng>Do you know a hostname? Or what the IP address is supposed to be for?
10:50<Peng>What were you trying to do? How do you know you're blocked?
10:52<ABCPRINTS>nope we are just blocked trying to access our own website. It appears to be linked to EE
10:54<akerl>The directionality here makes no sense. Are you saying your website is on a Linode IP address, and you can’t connect to it?
10:55<Peng>So *you're* a Linode customer?
10:55<ABCPRINTS>basically we performed a simple tracert and it directs us to here
10:56<ABCPRINTS>nope we are not
10:56<Peng>What's EE?
10:56<ABCPRINTS>mobile phone and internet provider (who we dont even use!)
10:57<akerl>What is the IP address you’re complaining about?
10:57<Peng>I don't understand.
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10:58<LouWestin>He gone
10:58<Peng>That went well.
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11:00<LouWestin>Maybe they’re dealing with shady or no bright web designer.
11:01<Peng>At first I thought they might've been affected by the Atlanta issue.
11:03<linbot>New news from community: deploy image <>
11:03<LouWestin>The only issue I had was yesterday with my web server. Some emergency maintenance. 10-15 minutes later everything was fine again.
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11:14<@bbigger>frodeborli: Thanks for the details on your idea — I've added it to our internal tracker for consideration. Keep your ideas and suggestion coming.
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13:53<linbot>New news from community: Help, I hosed my Apache <>
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16:44<linbot>New news from community: Set Up Subdomains With Linode Ubuntu 18.04 and Apache Web Server (including dns) <>
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17:10<chek>Are there still connectivity issues in the Atlanta region? I'm having trouble with my Linode
17:12<Peng>The status page said it was resolved this morning
17:12<chek>That's what I saw too.
17:12<chek>SSH wasn't working (broken pipe), I think I got in now. Trying a reboot.
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18:30<foozbah>Hey, when will my account be opened?
18:31<foozbah>"Your account must be activated before you can use this endpoint"
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18:33<matheuslucena>Do the servers have ipv6?
18:33<Peng>matheuslucena: Yes.
18:34<matheuslucena>ptr record to set email server?
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18:36<Peng>Peng: botsnack
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19:42<linbot>Thanks, JamesTK! Om nom nom
19:54<linbot>New news from community: firewalld doesn't work with default Linode kernel on Fedora 30 <>
21:35<linbot>New news from community: Does New Linode Cloud Manager Use a JavaScript Framework? <>
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21:58<masolanding>"Your account is currently under review" how to solved this
21:58<LouWestin>Support will review it
21:59<masolanding>how long it will take
22:02<LouWestin>Not sure
22:03<masolanding>thank u
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