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00:45<linbot>New news from community: Can't seem to access newly create node via IP <>
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02:03<dcraig>the manager says my linode has an "Unknown image"
02:03<dcraig>any way to make it known?
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05:02<dwfreed>dcraig: when did you deploy your Linode
05:02<dwfreed>was it eons ago?
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06:04<rsdehart>dcraig: you need to tickle it with a fish
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09:44<rsdehart>hi vicc
09:45<rsdehart>welcome to community chat. anything we can help you with?
09:46<vicc>well, I came with the idea of report an abuse actually
09:47<vicc>but thiss is mostly for support, isn't it?
09:47<vicc>great! thanks :)
09:47<linbot>The staff may or may not be around but if you tell us your problem then someone in here may be able to help
09:48<rsdehart>that's not the one
09:48<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
09:48<rsdehart>yeah something like that
09:49<LouWestin>Abuse reports would require that email
09:49<rsdehart>thanks, LouWestin
09:49<LouWestin>Of course
09:49<vicc>Thanks a lot :)
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10:28<jaggi>Do you provide cPanel with Linode 16GB plan?
10:28<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
10:28<dwfreed>rsdehart: !abuse
10:29<LouWestin>Free with managed or you gotta install yourself
10:29<rsdehart>dwfreed: >.>
10:29<rsdehart>it's no worky
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12:08<jrjones34>Hi, everybody.
12:08<LouWestin>Good evening
12:09<jrjones34>I'm hoping somebody can point me in the right direction. I'd like to see my Linode API usage history. Is that an option?
12:19<jrjones34>Never mind, I see alerts that give me all the information I was after.
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16:18<linbot>New news from community: Port 25 <>
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16:41<Gunqqer>I am trying to set up a mail server using the email with the postfix, dovecot and my sql guide and after binding mysql to the localhost and then restarting mysql, it fails to start. "Failed to start MySQL Community Server." How do I fix this/what should I do next?
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17:31<LouWestin>Good morning
17:35<Ahmad>Good Morning
17:35<Ahmad>I have to ask few questions
17:36<Ahmad>Their is an issue, I linked my domain to linode and when I try to access it, shows an error
17:36<Peng>What's your domain? What's the error?
17:37<LouWestin>Redirects to
17:39<Ahmad>try now, it will be redirected to
17:39<LouWestin>Ok it does now
17:40<Ahmad>but their is a wordpress site files, linked to
17:40<Ahmad>but htis redirect there
17:40<Ahmad>it redirects to
17:42<Ahmad>Is there anyone, who can help me in this regard
17:43<LouWestin>You have a redirect setup somewhere. Either the vhost file or .htacess
17:43<Peng>I think it's an application generating it -- it sets a cookie, and doesn't have a body.
17:44<Ahmad>I checked their is nothing
17:44<LouWestin>Ah k
17:44<Ahmad>Both are the different, they are not linked with eachother
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17:54<LouWestin>Maybe you have to stop calling that application to get Wordpress working
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18:32<mrndm>if i have an img of arch that i want to use with linode i can upload that correct ?
18:33<mrndm>thanx Peng appreciate your time/help
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18:49<mrndm>signed up said account is under review
18:49<mrndm>lemme know if ya need anything
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19:31<simplydrew>Hi all - quick question about creating an image. I’ve built a new Linode that I want to use as my golden master for deploying a few additional ones, but I see that the limit is 2GB. My boot volume is the disk I want to capture, but it’s the whole filesystem (50GB) of a standard Linode 2GB instance. Should I shut down the Linode, resize the disk to 2GB, capture it, then resize back to the original?
19:32<simplydrew>Wondering if that will cause issues
19:32<Peng>The 2 GB limit is for how much data the image has, not its total size.
19:33<simplydrew>Hmm, okay. I just noticed that when I tried to create the image it failed, but without a reason. So I was assuming it’s because the size for that disk matches 47688MB
19:33<simplydrew>Is there something else I should do?
19:34<Peng>I don't know. :X
19:34<mrtok>hey i used vpn to create an account but it is from a server in my state says account cancelled
19:35<mrtok>i got no problems with my card from amazon to anywhere else online
19:35<simplydrew>Yeah, looks like when I do a “df -h” that out of the 41GB, I’ve used 3.8GB just in the installation, so this will be challenging.
19:39<mrtok>sent email out lemme know when ya get time can send copy of driver id etc whatever else you may need
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20:00<mrtok>switched servers and browsers last attempt at signing up, lived same spot almost a decade and use that card everywhere, so then it's you getting triggered at my bank
20:54<mrtok>just got your email ok sending stuff out
20:54<mrtok>thank you
20:55<LouWestin>You're welcome
21:14<mrtok>uploaded the requested data
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21:30<Gunqqer>Hello so I am setting up a mail server with postfix dovecot and mysql and everything is working, except I can't actually send or recive emails. Going through the troubleshooting steps I can't telnet into ports 993 or 995 from the server itself or my computer. I have gone through both the postfix and dovecot sections redoing everything and I haven't gotten any change. There are no firewall rules that are blocking it to my knowlage. What are my next steps?
21:31<millisa>can you reach those ports from the linode itself?
21:35<millisa>did you set your imap/pop services to listen on them?
21:35<millisa>doesn't sound like it
21:36<Gunqqer>I set it how the tutorial said to
21:36<millisa>which tutorial?
21:37<millisa>pastebin your 10-master.conf
21:37<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
21:39<millisa>and you restarted dovecot?
21:40<millisa>if you do a 'dovecot -n' you see the config with the 993/995 ports?
21:40<Gunqqer>yup both are appearing
21:41<millisa>do you see dovecot at all in the process list?
21:42<Gunqqer>23285 dovecot
21:43<millisa>what ports is it listening on ( netstat -tulpn |grep dovecot or whatever the 'ss' equivalent is)
21:44<Gunqqer>993 and 995
21:44<millisa>and you can't telnet to those from this linode?
21:44<Gunqqer>nope, last thing it shows is the esc char
21:44<millisa>bpaste the telnet attempt
21:46<millisa>that looks fine
21:46<millisa>i'm able to reach the ports ok from one of my linodes too
21:47<Gunqqer>I was expecting something after like the tutorial said, when it says "like" I guess that means it has a wide range of what counts?
21:47<millisa>I'm not sure I follow what you mean.
21:48<Gunqqer>"If the test is successful, you should see output similar to the following:" ... (last line after esc char line) "220 ESMTP Postfix (Ubuntu)"
21:48<Gunqqer>I was looking for something like that
21:48<millisa>that's what an smtp connection would look like.
21:48<millisa>that's not what an imap/pop connection would look like
21:48<Gunqqer>interesting, didn't know that
21:49<millisa>you are successfully reaching those ports (it shows 'Connect to <yourip>'. not being connected it would just say it is refused
21:49<millisa>if you wanted to actually test at a command line, you'd probably need to use openssl for the imaps/pops
21:50<Gunqqer>huh, wish the tutorial had just said that, I'd be futher along in the troubleshooting ladder
21:50<millisa>something like this would get you going down the right path: ' openssl s_client -connect '
21:52<millisa>(not that I'd bother trying to do imap/pop command line; but you'd at least get to see it serving up your cert)
21:53<Gunqqer>well, for now Ill continue down the ladder of hell that is troubleshooting :P I'll probably be back with more questions
21:54*LouWestin note to self, don’t setup a mail server
21:56<Gunqqer>It's only been like 6 hours of troubleshooting so far
21:56<Gunqqer>I've burned much more time on fixing a KDE Neon install using lvm+luks
21:58<Gunqqer>inb4 I miss typed a single thing
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