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03:51<Cromulent>sorry for the disconnects and reconnects - I was having a few problems with IRC Cloud
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06:55<linbot>New news from community: Domains I've setup using a wildcard aren't propagating. <>
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06:58<u0_a400>anyone ???
06:59<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
06:59<u0_a400>how i change the channel here ?
07:00<rsdehart>with the /join command
07:00<rsdehart>/join #someotherchannel
07:00<u0_a400>and which are the avable channels
07:00<rsdehart>use /list
07:01<rsdehart>and if you want to change your name, use /nick somenamethatisntalreadytaken
07:01<u0_a400>oke , ty
07:02<rsdehart>if someone already owns a nick you try to use you will be instructed to change it or will be renamed to guest plus a number :)
07:03<u0_a400>i j/nick xCreepz
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07:03<rsdehart>there you go
07:03<xCreepz>ok rgis works
07:04<xCreepz>im in termux on android
07:04<rsdehart>and if you want to keep using it you can register it with nickserv
07:04<rsdehart>oh, fun
07:04<rsdehart>/nickserv help register
07:05<xCreepz>./list doesn t work here
07:11<rsdehart>ok, try following it with some word
07:12<rsdehart>er no
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07:13<xCreepz>nvm it just worked i had to changevto the base channel
07:13<xCreepz>like to weechat
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09:42<LouWestin>Cromulent: I’m on IRC cloud too. I know they had a server or two getting ddos’d last week I believe
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09:43<Guest2452>Is there any indication within the source code to indicate who the domain host is?
09:43<Guest2452>edit: content host
09:43<Peng>Within the source code of what?
09:43<Guest2452>any given page of your website
09:44<LouWestin>But you could do a Whois look up
09:44<Guest2452>are those fairly accurate?
09:44<Peng>You could put that information in your web pages too
09:44<Guest2452>right on, thank you
09:45<LouWestin>I could read source code to tell if it’s Wordpress site or other but not sure if that’s what you’re asking.
09:46<Guest2452>i have taken over some aspects of our digital marketing and this group has very little info from the agency that put everything in place
09:46<Guest2452>the site is a wordpress site, but i am having a hard time getting the web host info
09:47<LouWestin>The Whois lookup I suppose you might be able to spoof. But you’d still be able to trace the IP address
09:47<LouWestin>Unless it’s under cloudflare
09:47<Guest2452>i've checked using a number of domain host searches and they have come back with linode each time
09:48<LouWestin>Maybe it’s Linode with cloudflare?
09:50<LouWestin>But the IP address would tell you the host on Linode
09:55<LouWestin>The shortest path would be to find out who’s paying the bill.
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13:03<DrJ>is there any issues in dallas right now?
13:04<Peng>Works for me.
13:04<millisa>you'd be the first to say something. a majority of my systems are there and I haven't gotten any alerts
13:04<DrJ>nvm, working now
13:05<DrJ>linode went completely unresponsive and then it took linode manager about 3 minutes to shut it down
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13:06<Zr40>3 minutes is about the time it takes for the manager to kill an unresponsive linode after it first asked nicely to shutdown
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13:06*Zr40 knows firsthand, nfs is quite terrible :(
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16:23<simplydrew>is there a way I can copy a linode’s disk into a volume to mount it on additional linode’s
16:23<simplydrew>current linode file system is too large (4GB) to make an image (limit is 2GB)
16:25<millisa>if you boot off the rescue disk and have a block storage volume attached to it, you can copy it to the block storage volume
16:25<millisa>you can then detach that block volume and re-attach it to another one in the same dc
16:25<simplydrew>interesting. hmm. I’ll have to give that a shot
16:26<millisa>if you aren't concerned about the filesystem copy not being live, you could attach to it a live linode and use rsync or something
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16:27<millisa>but in that situation, you could just rsync over ssh directly I guess
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16:28<millisa>er, and just in case that apostrophe in the original question is throwing me off - block storage volumes can only be attached to one linode at a time
16:29<GunqqerFriithian>glances, monitoring software, is using more cpu than everything else combined
16:30<millisa>(there is a clone volume api call if you need multiple copies: )
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17:16<atrus>GunqqerFriithian: clearly you need some software to monitor your monitoring software to make sure it's not getting out of line
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17:22<LouWestin>That’s some heavyweight monitoring.
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17:45<GunqqerFriithian>it's only using like 2% cpu so
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17:47<LouWestin>Oh that’s nothing
17:50<GunqqerFriithian>compared to everything else that isnt running
17:51<GunqqerFriithian>it's like 95%
17:56<LouWestin>When you run something like a Wordpress site trying to brute force attacked or a game server, then things get fun.
18:04*LouWestin wonders if that guy swearing and spamming ever got his account verified...
18:06<GunqqerFriithian>I was very surprised I had to do actual verification with IDs n shit
18:07<LouWestin>It happens
18:07<GunqqerFriithian>I was very surprised about it, completely new to me
18:10<LouWestin>I had problems with my old bank card when I was using a web service in Europe. They wouldn’t accept international payments
18:10<LouWestin>Without special authorization
18:10<GunqqerFriithian>I always use a VPN so that could have tried to triggered it
18:11<GunqqerFriithian>I had an extra word or two there
18:15<LouWestin>Hmm not sure.
18:16<GunqqerFriithian>the only reason I could see, and it makes sense
18:17<GunqqerFriithian>people abuse VPNs a lot. Just recently I had to set up SASL to connect to esper because a spammer kept getting PIA's IPs banned
18:18<LouWestin>That could be.
18:18<GunqqerFriithian>it just was mildly annoying to have to get pictures of my ID and card
18:18<GunqqerFriithian>I understand it though
18:18<LouWestin>Before I was with webfaction for a short time. Whew glad I left. I see they’re teaming up with godaddy
18:19<GunqqerFriithian>Worse I have is im using google domains for my domain
18:19<GunqqerFriithian>I just wanted a .dev domain so
18:22<LouWestin>You can go to Porkbun and get a dev domain. But you could transfer this domain over to them.
18:23<GunqqerFriithian>ahhhh I forgot to turn my gpu's fan off of manual
18:24<GunqqerFriithian>well, it's going on 100% until I reach better temps
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21:13<yakatz>Is it possible to install RedHat Enterprise Linux on a Linode?
21:16<LouWestin>I know you can install Windows, but it's not supported by Linode and there's a round-about way to do it
21:17<LouWestin>Not sure about Redhat though, I'd probably look at something dedicated or baremetal if you're going to throw down that kind of money
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21:21<yakatz>We already have a RedHat subscription and we just want to have one or two backup DNS servers.
21:24<LouWestin>Ok. Someone else here might chime in with an idea. I don’t mess with DNS servers much
21:25<nuevu>yakatz: You can also set up the Linode manager to be a slave DNS server, if that's easier or more desirable.
21:26<nuevu>Although you have to have at least one Linode on your account for the DNS manager to be available.
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21:30<LouWestin>I’m curious as to why you/he wouldn’t run with Centos instead?
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21:44<nuevu>LouWestin: If he already has the RHEL subscription, they may just consider it a "keep things consistent" situation.
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