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00:45<codeistalk>i created new Ubuntu 18.04 server
00:45<codeistalk>I set up a self signed ssl certificate on apache2
00:45<codeistalk>But somehow it's giving me 403
00:46<codeistalk>I did check apache config and it's confirmed OK
00:46<grawity>403 isn't a certificate-related error
00:46<codeistalk>doesn't look like one
00:46<codeistalk>you can try access here
00:46<LouWestin>check your file/directory premissions
00:46<codeistalk>it should run a symfony application
00:47<codeistalk>my files are with user and group abc
00:47<codeistalk>so I changed envvars in apache config to handle abc abc
00:47<codeistalk>and restarted apache
00:47<LouWestin>Looks like you used a self signed cert
00:47<codeistalk>I am using self-signed certificate for first time
00:48<LouWestin>That's one issue
00:48<codeistalk>can't we use that ?
00:48<grawity>that's all irrelevant to the HTTP responses
00:48<LouWestin>well you can, but browsers are going throw huge warnings
00:49<codeistalk>Okay so I can bind a domain in that case. won't take much time
00:49<LouWestin>the domain doesn't fix that
00:49<grawity>neither does the cert
00:49<LouWestin>or having one
00:49<codeistalk>so what will fix that ?
00:49<grawity>a 403 error means a) Apache does not have access to your files, or b) Apache config doesn't have a <Directory> block telling Apache itself to allow access to those files
00:50<LouWestin>like grawity says, the 403 is a separate issue
00:50<codeistalk>but we will get rid off those browser errors in first place
00:50<LouWestin>for the certificate issue, you could use certbot/let's encrypt
00:50<grawity>it probably wasn't the best idea to make Apache run under your own uid, slight security problem
00:51<grawity>but if you had to do that, I suspect the files don't live under /var/www either?
00:51<codeistalk>they are /home/user/project/api
00:51<grawity>if they're in some weirder location, you have to specifically allow each location using <Directory /home/whatever> Require all granted
00:52<codeistalk>okay just a second I do that
00:54<codeistalk>I updated a domain nameservers to point to linode
00:54<codeistalk>so how can I bind that to my linode now ?
00:55<grawity>where did they point to previously?
00:55<grawity>if you use Linode's nameservers, then you'll have to use Linode DNS Manager
00:55<codeistalk>let me see
00:56<grawity>...after the nameserver change propagates to the registry, and after the old info gets dropped from your local cache
01:00<codeistalk>okay it's fone
01:00<codeistalk>I can see in linode DNS manager
01:01<codeistalk>What's next step for setup this domain to work for my application ?
01:02<LouWestin>Like grawity said, you gotta fix the 403 issue
01:02<codeistalk>I have files like this
01:02<codeistalk>drwxrwxr-x 2 rs rs 4096 May 14 04:18 translations/ drwxrwxrwx 4 rs rs 4096 May 14 04:21 var/ drwxrwxr-x 35 rs rs 4096 May 14 04:21 vendor/
01:03<codeistalk>and I changed envvars too
01:03<codeistalk>but it doesn't seem handling the files
01:04<LouWestin>did you setup a vhost file?
01:04<codeistalk>I made a back up of 000-default and modified that one
01:04<codeistalk>also added redirect to go for https
01:04<codeistalk>and in default-ssl.conf I made changes
01:05<codeistalk>shall I push conf to a gist ?
01:05<grawity>as mentioned before – does your Apache config have a <Directory> block telling Apache itself to allow access to /home/user/project/api
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01:09<codeistalk>yes now it has
01:11<codeistalk><Directory /home/rs/food/food-service/public> AllowOverride All Order Allow,Deny Allow from All </Directory>
01:12<grawity>are you using Apache 2.2
01:12<grawity>in Apache 2.4 it's <Directory ...> Require all granted </Directory>
01:14<codeistalk>now it hits 500
01:14<codeistalk>which I guess because of some db configs
01:14<codeistalk>one last query
01:14<grawity>tail /var/log/apache2/error.log
01:14<codeistalk>how can I configure the domain to that
01:14<codeistalk>and have ssl there
01:22<Shentino>how exactly again do I attach a custom ISO file as a cdrom to my vm?
01:22<Shentino>do I just cat it to an attached volume?
01:22<grawity>that works I guess
01:28<codeistalk>I am trying to install certbot ssl certificate
01:29<codeistalk>Failed authorization procedure. (http-01): urn:ietf:params:acme:error:connection :: The server could not connect to the client to verify the domain :: unknownHost :: No valid IP addresses found for
01:29<codeistalk>I am getting this
01:29<LouWestin>You have to wait a little later till the DNS is closer to being resolved
01:30<LouWestin>try again in about 8 or 10 hours
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01:39<Peng>It shouldn't take that long.
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01:40<linbot>Peng: The DNS response does not contain an answer to the question: IN A
01:40<Peng>(It also checked for AAAA, but ate the error message!)
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01:57<dwfreed>Peng: yummy
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02:08<CARE2019>erm, im looking to find out if i wanna partner up with this company to provide my customer with hosting is it possible?
02:08<Peng>This is a community channel, but feel free to ask questions.
02:10<CARE2019>so.... possible?
02:10<CARE2019>who do i talk to or email?
02:12<Peng>Who exactly do you want to talk to and what do you want to talk to them about?
02:12<Peng>You can certainly use Linode to provide your customer with hosting. You don't really have to talk to them first.
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02:38<grawity>did not care enough
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02:46<linbot>Peng: The DNS response does not contain an answer to the question: IN A, The DNS response does not contain an answer to the question: IN AAAA
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03:09<linbot>New news from community: Map subdomain to linode <>
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04:00<linbot>New news from community: 1如何通過主機更改外挂網站的信息 <>
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04:46<nate>So is linode going to be releasing updates for CVE-2019-11815 directly or will there be a wait for upstream (vendor distro) patches?
04:48<Zr40>if you're using the distro kernel, linode can't do anything about that
04:49<nate>Zr40: Obviously, but most are using the linode kernels, but I just wondered whether linode will apply the patch to all the *-linode kernels themselves or wait for official upstream patches from the distros as distros seem to be a bit slow to rolling out an update so far
04:49<Zr40>if you're using the linode kernel, you can already select 5.0.8, but it doesn't appear to be used yet when booting the "Latest"
04:52<nate>I suppose I shoulda said I was more curious for the backported 4.x stuff though since a lot of people might still be on those :P
04:53<Zr40>5.0 isn't any different from 4.x+1. It's just an arbitrary major version increment (unlike 3.0, which was quite different)
05:06<Peng>Linode controls the Linode kernels but doesn't control distro kernels.
05:08<Peng>Linode has to update the Linode kernel, but they can't do much about distro kernels
05:08<Peng>(or if Linode has already updated the Linode kernel...)
05:10<nate>Peng: Yeah I know, but I'm sure there's obviously upstream stuff they might take for vendor-specific things, didn't know if this was gonna be one
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08:13<JamesTK>Damnit, Linode spelt Sydney wrong
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08:20<@scrane>JamesTK Oh no! Can you point me in the direction of the misspelling?
08:20<JamesTK>scrane: I was joking about the Toronto launch :P
08:20*JamesTK is waiting patiently
08:21<@scrane>Hahaha it's gonna happen!
08:32<Peng>Make sure to misspell it
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09:31<joker_>I was wondering if Linode supports DNSSEC?
09:31<joker_>I came across two threads that imply DNSSEC is not supported. Just wanted to know for sure.
09:35<hawk>joker_: Only for slave zones, afaik.
09:37<joker_>i don't know the difference actually. Do you recommend an article, or a chapter from a book to read to get informed? Or if you have the time and up to it, maybe explain what a master and a slave zone are?
09:38<hawk>joker_: Ie, they have reasonably modern DNS infrastructure that is capable of serving already signed DNS data properly. But to my knowledge they still provide no means of signing DNS data on your behalf.
09:38<joker_>I understand.
09:39<joker_>Appreciate your answer.
09:46<nate>Yeah they should work fine if linode acts as a slave (ie; run your own primary nameserver that just pushes to the linode slaves). I've got one instance that does that and never had any issues that I've seen
09:51<Peng>Same, but I haven't been doing it long.
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10:35<JamesTK>Peng: Troll and say "Sydney, Nova Scotia"
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10:42<Peng>Canadians with HA requirements will be so happy
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11:19<Peng>!dns6 dnskey
11:19<linbot>Peng: 🔒 257 3 13 mdsswUyr3DPW132mOi8V9xESWE8jTo0d xCjjnopKl+GqJxpVXckHAeF+KkxLbxIL fDLUT0rAK9iUzy1L53eKGQ==, 256 3 13 oJMRESz5E4gYzS/q6XDrvU1qMPYIjCWz JaOau8XNEZeqCYKD5ar0IRd8KqXXFJkq mVfRvMGPmM1x8fGAa2XhSA==
11:20<Peng>I added a lock icon. Lock icons are good, right?
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11:28<JamesTK>lock icons are great
11:28<JamesTK>!dns6 dnskey
11:28<linbot>JamesTK: 🔒 257 3 13 mdsswUyr3DPW132mOi8V9xESWE8jTo0d xCjjnopKl+GqJxpVXckHAeF+KkxLbxIL fDLUT0rAK9iUzy1L53eKGQ==, 256 3 13 oJMRESz5E4gYzS/q6XDrvU1qMPYIjCWz JaOau8XNEZeqCYKD5ar0IRd8KqXXFJkq mVfRvMGPmM1x8fGAa2XhSA==
11:29<JamesTK>Peng: >.>
11:30<JamesTK>!dns6 NS
11:30<hawk>Why do you guys have the same keys? Am I missing something.
11:30<linbot>JamesTK: 🔒,
11:30<hawk>I guess they roll like that
11:30<JamesTK>!dns6 NS
11:30<linbot>JamesTK: 🔒,
11:30<JamesTK>Works great though
11:34<millisa>since I had wondered -
11:49<Peng>Yeah, they have almost everyone on the same keys. I think they have a few thousand early domains on other ones.
11:50<linbot>nb: 🔒 2605:2700:0:9::1:1,
11:50<nb>!dns6 dnskey
11:50<linbot>nb: 🔒 256 3 13 oJMRESz5E4gYzS/q6XDrvU1qMPYIjCWz JaOau8XNEZeqCYKD5ar0IRd8KqXXFJkq mVfRvMGPmM1x8fGAa2XhSA==, 257 3 13 mdsswUyr3DPW132mOi8V9xESWE8jTo0d xCjjnopKl+GqJxpVXckHAeF+KkxLbxIL fDLUT0rAK9iUzy1L53eKGQ==
11:51<nb>JamesTK, interesting, my dnskey is different
11:51<JamesTK>!dns6 NS
11:51<linbot>JamesTK: 🔒,
11:51<Peng>They're the same, they just got ordered differently
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12:31<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity Issues - Newark <>
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13:39<charlie>Is this a place to be if I have a couple questions about Linode?
13:39<nb>charlie, you can ask
13:40<charlie>What is ssh support like? I'm trying to find something that I can just use as a linux box I can ssh into and have run cron jobs and stuff. Can Linode do that? Will I need 3rd party software, or can I just use standard ssh?
13:41<DrJ>charlie: you can use ssh
13:41<nate>charlie: Linode's are root virtual servers, SSH is largely the only initial method into them
13:41<DrJ>Linode runs normal linux operating systems
13:41<charlie>Great, thank you
13:42<DrJ>you have full root access to them and can do anything you want with them ... with the exception of illegal things
13:43<Zr40>(...which you can still _do_, but aren't allowed to do and would have consequences)
13:43<DrJ>yea, nothing stopping you initially from anything
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14:52<linbot>New news from status: Emergency Network Maintenance - Newark <>
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19:14<nyancat>9:21:07 AM <@scrane> Hahaha it's gonna happen!
19:14<nyancat>If linode ever did a DC on the east coast (not Toronto) I'd be an extremely happy camper
19:14<nyancat>Moncton, NB or Halifax, NS
19:14<nyancat>for example
19:16<nyancat>I was actually quite surprised to learn a few months ago that there's a datacenter almost directly next to where I work
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19:20<kyhwana>blep. Anyone brought up the new attacks on intel CPUs yet?
19:23<GunqqerFriithian>Interesting, my mailserver doesn't seem to be getting mail that has photos in it
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19:24<Stargate>I am having some issues with setting up virtual hosts with multiple sites on the same server
19:24<millisa>What is the issue?
19:24<Stargate>I successfully created a site, it works great. However, when I add a new site, I see the content from the first site.
19:24<Stargate>I followed the instructions carefully.
19:25<millisa>Which instructions?
19:25<Stargate>The guides on
19:25<millisa>Which instructions, specifically
19:25<Stargate>One moment
19:26<millisa>So you created the conf file in sites-available for both sites, and you did the a2ensite for each conf file?
19:26<Stargate>yes. let me redo this jsut to make sure
19:27<millisa>You have to reload or restart apache after making those changes.
19:28<millisa>using 'apachectl -S' can help you be sure it is reading all your config files and which one is supplying info for each vhost (feel free to paste that output in a pastebin/bpaste)
19:30<millisa>looks like you have two sites configured for port 80, one of them is the default. only one site is setup for 443
19:31<millisa>the floweroil site appears to redir to https.
19:31<Stargate>i think i know the sollution
19:31<millisa>and you only have the other site configured for ssl
19:31<Stargate>yea i need to install let's encrypt
19:32<GunqqerFriithian>does anyone know why with dovecot and postfix mail with images in it wouldn't appear?
19:32<millisa>large images? default mail size is somewhat conservative in postfix
19:32<Stargate>Eureka! It was the SSL issue. Thank you millisa!
19:33<millisa>Sure thing
19:33<millisa>GunqqerFriithian: have you watched your mail log to see what it says when one of those image mails attempts to get delivered to you?
19:33<GunqqerFriithian>where is the mail log again?
19:33<millisa>centos its /var/log/maillog ubuntu I think it is /var/log/mail.log?
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19:36<GunqqerFriithian>hmm Im not even seeing a test message with just text appearing
19:37<millisa>Postfix will log a connection, even if it doesn't do anything (if you telnet to port 25 and then quit, it would still log that)
19:37<GunqqerFriithian>I was sending through google
19:38<GunqqerFriithian>sending from an account on my server does work though
19:38<millisa>what's the domain
19:39<GunqqerFriithian>and it seems images work from $ to $
19:39<millisa>your mx points to
19:39<millisa>there is no a record for
19:39<GunqqerFriithian>now, how did I mess that up
19:39<millisa>Hard work. Perseverance. Dedication to the pope.
19:39<GunqqerFriithian>praise the sun
19:40<GunqqerFriithian>I swear I know what Im doing (I 100% do not)
19:41<GunqqerFriithian>how long will it take to update?
19:42<millisa>Linode dns goes every quarter hour
19:43<linbot>New news from community: Impacts of CVE-2019-11815 on linode kernels <>
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19:53<Guest2571>I am using irssi and having issues setting my nickname. Havent been able to find my .conf files either :/
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20:13<linbot>New news from community: Find reliable, clear information on server hardening for Ubuntu 18.04 Linode <>
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22:08<LouWestin>Well, I just wrote my reply to Finding reliable, clear info on server hardening.
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22:12<Abi12>it's easy making a server hard
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22:28<Cromulent>do everything using TCP over carrier pigeon
22:56<wraeth>But you can't tie the message to the carrier pigeon's foot, you have to teach it the binary. In morse code.
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23:09<Cromulent>pigeon addressing version 6 which no one supports because reasons
23:09<Cromulent>or just use*
23:30<Cromulent>ok being able to store 1GB of data with bitwarden is pretty cool - I didn't realise how easy it was
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