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00:17<FluffyFoxeh>Mt. Jones
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07:54<TJ->I was looking at the instructions for switching a KVM guest to boot a distro kernel as opposed to the Linode kernel. Everything makes sense *but* it doesn't answer one important question. Is it expected that GRUB's MBR/core image is on one of the guest virtual disks (implying requiring a partition table and space for core image) or are those provided by KVM outside the guest ?
07:55<dwfreed>it is only expected that there is a bootloader on disk if you're using direct disk boot
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07:55<dwfreed>if you're using the grub "kernel" in the config profile, that uses a grub image from the host
07:56<TJ->dwfreed: thanks, I thought that may be the case but it ought to be spelled out in the instructions - I've a host that has upgraded since 2007 so each virtual disk only contains a file-system. Just before I was going to do a reboot this question occured to me :)
07:57<dwfreed>fun fact: ext2/3/4 reserve enough space at the start of the block device so that you can install a bootloader
07:59<TJ->The instructions don't include a 'grub-install ...' step so I thought this was the case ... but always best to be sure before having to dive into emergency mode :)
07:59<dwfreed>I mean, you can always switch back to Linode kernel temporarily
08:00<TJ->of course, but it's nice to know ahead of time it'll go smoothly :) Especially when you've got an MTA on the guest
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08:05<rsdehart>TJ-: that way lies madnes
08:06<TJ->pffft! It still broke on reboot :P "EXT4-fs (dm-1): couldn't mount as ext3 due to feature incompatibilities"
08:06<Peng>ext3? D:
08:07<dwfreed>that shouldn't be an issue
08:08<dwfreed>that's coming from the ext4 driver
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08:19<TJ->yeah, the guest has gone through a massive upgrade from Ubuntu 12.04 ESM to 16.04 over the last day or so. 'ext3' in fstab didn't cause an issue with the linode kernel (5.1.2) but now it's on the distro kernel 4.15 it threw a fit :)
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10:30<rsdehart>nice of Strebz to come by specifically to tell us hi
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11:52<LouWestin>Yeah that happens a lot. A few drop in to say hi or scream help.
12:46<@jcardillo>if they stay for more than 30 seconds you know there's potential for a deeper relationship.
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14:28<linbot>New news from community: Droplets in Digital Ocean <>
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15:34<TJ->I've just done a reboot and hit a kernel panic; I'm in Lish but cannot discover what key sequences will allow me to scroll-bac. Can anyone help?
15:36<Peng>It's screen. So Ctrl+A ` and then up/down/pgup/pgdown/whatever
15:37<Peng>I meant Esc, not `
15:37<dwfreed>you tried to actually hit escape and missed, didn't you?
15:37<Peng>Not actually! :(
15:38<dwfreed>oh, and once you're done with scrolling, hit escape again to go back to the end
15:38<Peng>Hitting ^A Esc is in my muscle memory, so when I tried to think of what the key combo was, I thought the wrong thing!
15:39<TJ->I thought it was, but it doesn't respond to it, just writes to console
15:40<dwfreed>that's weird; screenshot?
15:40<TJ->ah, got it... was trying to get it to work in lish itself after doing <linode> logview
15:40<TJ->had to reconnect to the guest console
15:41<dwfreed>to scroll logview, just use your terminal emulator's scroll feature
15:41<LouWestin>I’m going to ask a really noob question, can we connect to lish through putty?
15:42<dwfreed> port 22
15:42<TJ->dwfreed: it's tmux > ssh > lish ... that doesn't get a scrollback of the logview, only captures the past page
15:42<dwfreed>username is your linode manager username, password is your linode manager password
15:42<dwfreed>you can set up key-based auth to lish, and disable password auth, from your profile in the manager
15:42<LouWestin>Ok. Thanks. I should set that up if I ever need it.
15:42<dwfreed>TJ-: scroll in tmux
15:43<dwfreed>and possibly tell tmux to keep more history
15:43<TJ->looks like I broke it badly. Just did a do-release-upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04. There was insufficient space on the root-fs so I used some spare LV and moved /usr/lib/ into it, added that to fstab too, but it looks like its not mounted it early enough so broke the early tools :P
15:44<dwfreed>are you using distro kernel?
15:44<TJ->dwfreed: I was, my point is it has only captured the 'last' screenful, scrolling beyond the last screen just shows me what was going on on the local tmux shell before I connected to lish
15:45<dwfreed>hmm, it shouldn't have
15:45<TJ->dwfreed: Yes. not a big deal to fix, just drop into initramfs with break=init
15:45<dwfreed>probably needed to rebuild your initramfs before rebooting (though it should have already done that)
15:47<LouWestin>When I upgraded from Debian 8 to 9... it didn’t workout very well. After that I decided just build from scratch and transfer over stuff
15:47<TJ->yes, it was ... still, life would be boring if I didn't break things
15:47<LouWestin>Breaking things is fun! lol
15:48<dwfreed>the initramfs *should* be mounting /usr/lib, though maybe it's not designed to handle that level of granularity
15:48<dwfreed>it could just be looking for a /usr mount in your fstab
15:51<TJ->that did it! "lvm vgchange -ay; mount /dev/dm-4 /root/usr/lib; exit"
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20:02<FluffyFoxeh>I thought in screen it was Ctrl+a [
20:03<FluffyFoxeh>escape is the same as ctrl+[ or something though isn't it
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21:59<linbot>New news from community: Is Cloudflare good enough for ddos protection <>
22:01<tomg>hi citizens. i got a nanode, interesting choice to for irc network
22:08<dzho>tomg: you mean OFTC?
22:16<tomg>yeah. i am curious, did Linode originate as a FOSS project with its home on OFTC?
22:16<dzho>hard to say, probably depends on what you mean
22:17<dzho>I mean, it started as offering virtual Linux machines, so ... that's a FOSS project in some sense.
22:17<dzho>it started with usermode linux
22:17<dzho>I don't know if they were on OFTC
22:17<dzho>but OFTC is where SPI projects are, specifically, Debian, so that might be it.
22:19<tomg>well it's my first cloud computer, and i'm excited
22:20<dzho>what's the plan?
22:24<nate>might also just be where caker hung out before starting linode
22:28<tomg>linux advocacy website!
22:28<tomg>and whatever else i can waste your CPU and bandwidth on
22:28<tomg>and also to learn servers again and cloud computing for the first time, increasing my professional skills
22:42<Toba>the first time i installed freebsd it was because i thought it was a linux distro
22:42<Toba>I used freebsd for years
22:42<Toba>being confused is a normal part of the path of computing
22:44<tomg>i bet it was educational :)
22:56<tomg>i think i just downloaded a Linux DVD in 20 seconds
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