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01:39<Gaurav_>on linore server i m getting "502 Bad Gateway" error
01:40<Gaurav_>on google indexing page
01:40<Gaurav_>else site is working ok
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04:35<linbot>New news from community: Missing Image Dimensions after upgrading PHP to 7.3 <>
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07:05<linbot>New news from community: Problems with my SSH Access <>
07:36<TJ->is it possible to delegate the rDNS for an assigned IPv6 prefix to one's own servers from the rDNS config in linode manager?
07:42<dwfreed>you can set rDNS via APIv4 though
07:42<dwfreed>so you could do it programmatically
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07:46<dwfreed>assuming each request took 200 milliseconds, it would take you 116,908,409,218.125 (116 billion) years to set the rDNS for all the addresses in a /64
07:47<TJ->:) love it
07:47<TJ->dwfreed: the reason I asked is I intend to have many short-lived containers for which rDNS would be useful, for some testing, so adding them manually is a no-go. API sounds reasonable
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08:35<TJ->Where is the current documention on the Linode slave DNS addresses? Can't find it now in the guides and wanting to check what I have for zone XFER ACLs is still correct
08:35<TJ->At one time slaves were different to the ns* addresses; is that no longer the case/
08:37<dwfreed>still the case
08:38<dwfreed>they are through
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09:02<TJ->I couldn't find them detailed in the DNS Manager guides/docs
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10:33<hariaakash>Any ETA for linode mumbai ?
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13:56<root_>Hi, there
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16:07<linbot>New news from community: CentOS7 instance: Failed to execute /sbin/init, giving up: Permission denied <>
16:11<Peng>!wx ksfb
16:11<linbot>Peng: [metar] OBS at KSFB: 96.8F/36C, visibility 10 miles, wind 4.60 mph, chill 103.09F (altimeter: 29.98) [KSFB 271953Z VRB04KT 10SM CLR 36/18 A2998 RMK AO2 SLP151 T03610183]
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16:25<Frans>Has Linode Anti DDoS?
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19:01<waltman>The other day I was having some issues during a reboot and the support person suggested I delete and recreate my swap partition. He pointed me here and I want to make sure I have the sequence of tasks right.
19:02<waltman>Do I need to shut down before I can delete the old partition and add a new one?
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20:02<retro|blah>Swap partition?
20:07<waltman>Yeah, I've got this line in my fstab: /dev/sdb none swap sw 0 0
20:08<retro|blah>That's technically not a swap partition, but a swap disk. A swap partition would look like /dev/sda2 with a number after the disk.
20:08<retro|blah>Fortunately, this makes the question easier to answer: Yes, you need to shut down first.
20:10<waltman>So shut down, delete the disk, create a new one, reboot?
20:11<waltman>How do I find out the decide name of the new disk? It's not listed in the configuration page.
20:12<retro|blah>Yes. You would have picked a disk label when creating the new disk.
20:12<waltman>ok, thanks.
20:18<LouWestin>Technically isn’t the swap a partition on a the disk?
20:18<Peng>From a Linode's perspective, it's probably just a device.
20:18<Peng>On the host, it could be any sort of cloud magic. :D
20:19<LouWestin>A Cloud drive!
20:20<Peng>What if Linode is just using Dropbox with good local caching!
20:22*LouWestin worries about Linode’s admin and business modeling
20:23<wraeth>Still better than oneDrive.
20:24<Toba>onedrive can't even find its hand with both asses, though
20:24<Toba>so that's not saying much
20:48<linbot>New news from community: Unable to sftp via Filezilla but can with command line <>
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23:08<linbot>New news from community: How to setup multiple domains on one server <>
23:11<ssa>Hmm Hi
23:12<ssa>I've got a question around auto managed networking and Dnsmasq nameserver
23:14<ssa>I have a dns running @ -p 8600 which resolves "consul." domains
23:15<ssa>So this works as expected: dig +short @ -p 8600 master-1.node.consul =>
23:16<ssa>In my attempt to resolve these consul. domains without needing to query from it's dns (@ -p 8600), I setup Dnsmasq with echo "server=/consul/" > /etc/dnsmasq.d/10-consul
23:16<ssa>OK: dig +short @ master-1.node.consul =>
23:17<ssa>Now to get rid of the need to specify name server, it would require that I override /etc/resolv.conf with "nameserver".
23:18<ssa>However, my /etc/resolv.conf is managed by Linode. "# This file is automatically generated on each boot with your Linode's # current network configuration. If you need to modify this file, please # first disable the 'Auto-configure Networking'"
23:19<ssa>Would anyone here have a suggestion on how to configure Dnsmasq here, such that this command would work: `dig +short master-1.node.consul` ?
23:20<ssa>I'm not looking to turn off auto configured networking. I have to automate this across a cluster of linode machines.
23:20<Peng>I may not be able to help, but what OS?
23:21<Peng>I'm a bit surprised to see Linode managing resolv.conf instead of resolvconf or something, but then again, it makes sense.
23:21<Peng>And I haven't used "auto-configure networking" much anyway.
23:22<ssa>I believe the trick is around making dnsmasq use nameserver before going with the other options listed in /etc/resolv.conf
23:22<ssa>But since /etc/resolv.conf is auto managed, I cannot simply put "nameserver" on top of it.
23:22<ssa>Isn't resolvconf a ubuntu only utility?
23:22<Peng>I don't know
23:23<Peng>It's available for Debian, I dunno if people use it.
23:24<Peng>Could you turn off Auto-configure Networking and rely on DHCP/SLAAC?
23:24<Peng>DHCP + resolvconf + DNSMasq would likely work automagically.
23:24<Peng>But I can't say as I've tried it recently.
23:27<Peng>If you have multiple IPv4 IPs -- like 192.168.128/17 IPs -- DHCP's no good.
23:28<ssa>One of the benefit with Linode's auto configured networking is automatically adding private and additional public ip addresses.
23:28<Peng>Yeah. :(
23:28<ssa>Ye, and the purpose is to have services communication on private network using consul resolved domains
23:29<Peng>You *could* use IPv6 and abandon 192.168.128/17. :P
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23:33<ssa>I could also use gentoo, in that case.
23:35<Peng>Everyone's going to look at me funny, but I'm wondering if installing -- and enabling -- resolvconf would magically fix your problems.
23:36<Peng>It's possible that auto-configre networking detects it and behaves appropriately. Or, for that matter, malfunctions in a harmless way. But I don't know if that's the case.
23:37<ssa>This article mentions exact behavior of auto configured networking:
23:40<ssa>Here's my /etc/dnsmasq,d/10-consul:
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23:41<ssa>Unless I don't understand this piece of software (of course), the documentation says exactly what I want for all 3 of those options, none of which work (after restarting dnsmasq)
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