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00:14<ssa>found something dnsmasq logs: "ignoring nameserver - local interface"
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00:38<ssa>OK I'm starting to understand this a bit. Apparently the nameserver points my dns lookups to dnsmasq first. It's not the dnsmasq that reads nameserver option and points to anything in
00:39<ssa>So it has to be that I need as the first name being queried, followed by linode managed ones /etc/resolv.conf
00:40<ssa>If only there was an easy way to make Linode's network-helper add there
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00:57<pothi>Does anyone know how long it takes to complete "IP Swap"?
01:02<Peng>Why do you ask?
01:03<pothi>I tried to swap IP of two Linodes. Even after 10 minutes of swapping IP, I can't even ping both the servers.
01:04<Peng>You've adjusted the networking configurations of both servers?
01:05<Peng>arping might also help.
01:06<pothi>No, that was my mistake. I tried rebooting one of the servers. Now, I can ping the server that was just rebooted.
01:07<pothi>I can also log into the server that was just rebooted.
01:12<pothi>I rebooted the other server too. That too came back online and I could ping and log into the other server as well. I guess I have to either adjust the network configurations or reboot the servers.
01:13<Peng>If you have Auto-configure Networking on, the adjustments are being taken care of when you reboot.
01:13<Peng>Though it's up to you to fix other software, DNS, etc.
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02:02<Peng>ssa: Hi
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02:04<ssa>Peng: So I installed resolvconf just to give it a shot. First thing it did is overwrite /etc/resolv.conf with a symlink to it's own generated version. First line is loopback and the second one
02:04<ssa>Not sure what I'm losing by not having those 10-15 nameserver entries that linode injects.
02:04<Peng>Possibly nothing, possibly everything!
02:05<ssa>Also found an interesting read on topic
02:05<Peng>They should've got copied to a file in /run/resolvconf/interface/
02:05<Peng>But I don't know what'll happen if you reboot.
02:05<ssa>ooo lets try that :D
02:05<Peng>They should also be in /run/dnsmasq/resolv.conf
02:06<ssa>They are indeed
02:06<ssa>10 of them
02:06<ssa> /etc/resolv.conf now looks like: nameserver \n search \n options rotate
02:07<ssa>adds and subtracts those 10 nameservers
02:08<ssa>It's also missing "domain"
02:08<Peng>The problem is, even if everything works *now*, anything could happen next time you reboot. /etc/resolv.conf could be replaced or, worse, resolvconf might be unable to tell DNSMasq what the right nameservers are. :/
02:08<ssa>no idea what it does.
02:09<ssa>there's only one way to find out!
02:09<Peng>You don't need both "search" and "domain".
02:09<ssa>tell that to linode engineers
02:09<Peng> least, probably...
02:10<ssa>resolvconf made a copy of original at /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/original
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02:11<Peng>The man page says that, if "search" isn't set, it defaults to the value of "domain".
02:11<Peng>And if "domain" isn't set, it checks gethostname(2).
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02:12<Peng>*I* don't have "domain" set, and nothing bad has ever happened. As far as I know. ;)
02:15<ssa>You'll never know what good hasn't happened by not having it set!
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02:17<Niranjan>got some question before buying hosting space
02:18<Niranjan>planning to buy basic Nanode 1GB
02:18<ssa>Sat Sri Akaal Niranjan !
02:18<Niranjan>i want super fast website loading speed
02:19<Niranjan>Sat Sri Akaal SSA
02:19<nate>So far not seeing a question. If you're planning to ask will a nanode give you 'super fast website loading speed' that is literally an impossible question
02:19<Niranjan>will i be able to get fast loading speed in Nanode 1GB plan
02:19<ssa>That depends on what powers your website.
02:19<nate>There are boat loads of factors in a website's performance
02:20<ssa>If you're going to use a database with less than mild load, you'll be ok.
02:21<ssa>Consider what keeps you at peace, spending less $ or a fast website?
02:21<ssa>And do that.
02:21<Niranjan>okies.. what are the complication if I plan to move from Nanode 1GB to Linode 4GB later?
02:22<ssa>30 mins downtime.
02:22<Niranjan>do i need to move any files from one server to another?
02:22<nate>If that sometimes, it mostly just depends on what the migration status is at your datacenter
02:22<ssa>There's a resize option to scale your node to another plan.
02:23<ssa>If you know how to do a manual transfer of your files, you can switch without downtime.
02:24<Niranjan>30 mins downtime is manageable
02:24<Niranjan>than moving files manually
02:24<Niranjan>and i can linode is launching datacentre in Mumbai soon
02:25<Niranjan>I can see*
02:26<Niranjan>what are complication if i change the datacentre from Singapore to Mumbai?
02:26<Peng>Some downtime, and your IPs will change
02:27<Niranjan>downtime is fine, do i have to transfer files and manually?
02:27<nate>For that you would, I don't believe they do datacenter to datacenter migrations yet(?)
02:29<Peng>They do.
02:29<nate>Ah do they now? Missed that announcement I guess
02:29<Peng>Niranjan: No.
02:29<Peng>You have to file a support ticket, to ask them to do it, but other than that it's as automated as any other migration.
02:30<Niranjan>so i dont have to perform manual task
02:30<Niranjan>while changing data centre
02:32<ssa>When migrating to a different datacenter, your server's IP address will change. So... You'll have to change the IP address in your domain's DNS Records settings when you migrate DC.
02:33<Niranjan>thats manageble
02:38<Niranjan>do we have wordpress installer for free like google and AWS cloud services? where can i find these info on linode website?
02:43<ssa>They have turnkey Wordpress installers on GCP and AWS? THat
02:43<ssa>'s news to me :D
02:44<ssa>Not counting their Kubernetes show pieces
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04:11<khaberz_>Are you sure a support ticket is needed to migrate DCs? I have cloned linodes from one DC to another, no Ticket needed. Or am I misunderstanding something?
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04:23<Peng>I forgot about that.
04:24<Peng>A ticket isn't needed to *clone*, but a ticket is needed to *move*.
04:24<Peng>But "move" is basically just a fancy way of saying "clone and delete the original".
04:24<Peng>So you can just clone, yes.
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04:27<khaberz_>Roger that.
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04:46<dwfreed>Peng: not true, mac address would change, and subsequently EUI-64 would be different, in a clone vs a move
04:47<Peng>You keep your MAC address if you move data centers?
04:47<Peng>So the SLAAC privacy issues are true even for Linodes! :P
04:47<dwfreed>MAC address is directly derived from LinodeID; in a move, your LinodeID doesn't change
05:03<JamesTK>Oh nice
05:04<Zr40>but the prefix does change when moving data centers, of course
05:05<JamesTK>dwfreed: yeah that makes sense
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05:25<um09>Anyone here
05:26<linbot>um09: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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05:29<linbot>New news from community: how do i activate my account <>
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06:29<flitsinternet>someone here for support?
06:29<flitsinternet>from Linode?
06:30<flitsinternet>please take a look at ticket number: 11973164
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07:07<rsdehart>that's a lot more effective than "hello? *leave*"
07:15<Zr40>it's like... a ticket
07:17<nate>probably would be simpler if tickets simply had a priority option when making one (ignoring that people would probably just choose high anyways also ignoring they might do this now, been absolute ages since I've had to actually create a ticket)
07:18<rsdehart>everything is always urgent
07:21<dwfreed>^ that's the problem with user-settable priority
07:24<rsdehart>need an AI to triage tickets :D
07:25<dwfreed>or a staff member
07:25<rsdehart>that's something they should have thought of before now
07:25<rsdehart>I was hoping they already had that
07:26<dwfreed>my understanding is that they do some triaging, but it's obviously not enough
07:29<@jcardillo>Hi/bye flitsinternet. Someone is looking at your ticket now: # 11973164.
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08:59<waltman>I was having some issues with my swap space and the linode support person suggested I delete my swap disk and recreate it. I've done that, but my linode isn't seeing the new disk.
09:00<waltman>How do I reference it in fstab? I tried named it "Hermes_Swap" and I set "LABEL=Hermes_Swap" in my fstab, but it didn't find it.
09:01<dwfreed>did you attach the disk to the config profile?
09:02<dwfreed>kind of hard for the Linode to see the disk if it's not attached :P
09:02<waltman>I didn't realize I needed to do that!
09:02<dwfreed>also Linode doesn't set a label on the created FS
09:02<waltman>I only did that because I didn't see how to make it a device.
09:03<waltman>I'll report back in a few minutes, but I think that must be it.
09:06<LouWestin>I hardly write tickets and the only ones I have were only a few about a question. Support did help point me in the right direction a few times.
09:07<dwfreed>that reminds me, I need to email my bank
09:08<waltman>dwfreed: Thanks, the config profile was what I was missing.
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11:01<Jerry>Anyone have issues running Updraft Plus plugin on a wordpress site?
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11:01<LouWestin>I haven’t used it
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11:04<Jerry>I think I may have a permission error or memory error when Zip backup files are created using the plugin.
11:08<LouWestin>You might want to report it to the plugin developer since that might a bug with the plugin itself.
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12:05<linbot>New news from community: How to know Apache process/thread size in MPM Event <>
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15:16<LouWestin>I call those pork sticks.
15:16<LouWestin>Or chicken
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15:36<Rouge>i would like to ask
15:36<Rouge>i already purchase vps server from
15:36<Rouge>and i add a private ip
15:36<Rouge>i just want to ask
15:37<Rouge>whats this for?
15:37<Rouge>Private/LAN Network Private IPs / 17
15:37<Rouge>how do i use it?
15:37<millisa>it's for communicating on the network that's shared inside a datacenter
15:38<millisa>traffic between nodes on it won't count against your quota
15:38<millisa> talks about adding it
15:38<Rouge>how do i set it up?
15:39<millisa>other than the steps listed in that link?
15:48<Rouge>i already the private IPV4
15:48<Rouge>but i just want to know whats use for
15:49<millisa>for communication between linodes in the same datacenter. i guess the load balancers also can use it
15:50<dwfreed>nodebalancers require it
15:56<Rouge>what is node balancers?
15:57<Rouge>i already have data center now at DALLAS
15:57<Rouge>can i change to other datacenter? which is singapore
15:58<LouWestin>Yes you can
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15:59<nb>Rouge, file a ticket for support
15:59<nb>they can configure a migration
15:59<Rouge>how much do they charge for migration?
15:59<LouWestin>I didn’t know that required a ticket.
15:59<Rouge>and i would like to ask. which datacenter is good?
16:00<nb>Rouge, all of them
16:00<nb>Rouge, it depends on what you are wanting
16:00<nb>if most of your users are from one area, you may want to use a datacenter in that area to have lower latency
16:00<nb>LouWestin, well, you can delete your linode and make a new one, but if you want an easy, pretty much one click migration, you'd need a ticket
16:00<millisa>You can use that to help you pick
16:01<nb>or can you clone between different locations? /me is not sure, when I've needed that in the past i've just asked support to set it up for me
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16:12<Rouge>ok thanks
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16:16<LouWestin>nb: Right right. Things must've changed, because I remember I had the option to move from say Atlanta to Dallas via the web portal.
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16:17<Rouge>and if we do migration
16:17<Rouge>do we loss all of the file that we install?
16:17<Rouge>the update, psybnc & znc and so on?
16:18<millisa>Your IP would change. Your disks shouldn't change
16:18<LouWestin>nb: But that was a couple years ago and I haven’t done it since then so things could’ve changed
16:18<nate>That would largely defeat the purpose of it being called a migration considering the definition of the word :P But no a migration is as the name implies a move of the entire instance, if changing between actual datacenters you would lose the IP as millisa just noted
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16:35<Rouge>in that case
16:35<Rouge>im just worried if i do migration i would lose all of the files
16:37<LouWestin>Backup first and always
16:37<linbot>You should probably have backups. If you don't want to set up your own, use Linode Backups. Prices start at $ 2.00/month depending on your plan.
16:44<Rouge>ok 1 more thing
16:44<Rouge>about the tcl scsripts
16:45<Rouge>to be configure for an eggdrop
16:45<Rouge>where can i have it?
16:51<warewolf>wow, eggdrops.
16:51<gparent>wasn't eggdrop pre-computer era?
16:56<nb>wow, eggdrops?
17:00<Rouge>tcl scripts
17:00<Rouge>like the linbot just now
17:01<Rouge>command by !
17:01<Abi12>hah. I bought a pack of laptop stickers and 'kubernetes' is in here.
17:01<Abi12>Any plans for a linode sticker? :P
17:01<millisa>or pay for swag in general?
17:03<millisa>Merchandising! Where the real money from hosting is made! Linode the T-shirt, Linode the Coloring Book, Linode the Breakfast Cereal, Linode the Flame Thrower
17:04<Abi12>planning reppin' linode green baggy jeans and a 'L' chain.
17:04<LouWestin>I’d buy a shirt
17:04<gparent>maybe I could pay for virtual stickers that I can add to my VMs
17:05<Abi12>maybe some linode hollistic healing crystals.
17:05<Abi12>_invest here_
17:06<linbot>New news from community: Will Linode offer a cloud firewall? <>
17:09<Abi12>oh. seems like they used to sell shirts @ cafepress at cost. Link seems to be broken now.
17:09<Abi12>i look kinda weird in t-shirts anyway.. so maybe that's for the best..
17:11<armiller8>Linode socks are where it's at
17:14<nb>If you come to a conference that Linode is at, they have a lot of free tshirts and stickers
17:14<nb>one time they had power banks
17:15<nb>Rouge, you might look at supybot
17:15<nb>it's a lot newer than eggdrop
17:15<Rouge>nb: : supybot? is it a website?
17:16<millisa>or limnoria?
17:16<Abi12>irc bot.
17:18<Rouge>aha thanks
17:18<Rouge>let me see it
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20:16<linbot>New news from community: How do I view my Linode's Hardware from the Dashboard? <>
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