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02:29<chatur>I have one question
02:30<chatur>How many emails we can send per day using on linode vps of $20
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02:34<linbot>New news from community: I can't do sudo apt-get update and upgrade <>
02:46<Peng>chatur: There's no limit to legitimate email usage. Spam is not allowed.
02:47<Unit193>If you spam, you'll likely just get RBL'd.
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02:57<chatur>how I get know email going in spam
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05:39<S_>Hey I wanted to sign up but the continue button appeared to be invalid
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09:00<dwfreed>Happy Linode Billing Day
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09:43<Toba>may the emails of our transactions be delivered!
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12:36<linbot>New news from community: Private Stackscripts <>
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13:16<linbot>New news from community: SQL server standard 2012 <>
14:06<linbot>New news from community: I cannot connect using the ssh root access <>
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18:04<nate>Someone remind me, .htaccess rewrite rules for the target are -relative- to the location of .htaccess right?
18:07<nate>Hm strange, okay then this should be working.
18:07*nate double check's apache docs to make sure he converted the rules right
18:09<LouWestin>There’s the main Apache config file too, maybe it’s overriding the htaccsss rules?
18:10<LouWestin>Or not set to allow htaccsss?
18:10<nate>It's a godaddy+cpanel setup so htaccess should be enabled by default. At the very least it's reading a RedirectMatch, but the RedirectMatch fires to a /dashboard rewrite which is throwing a 404. Unfortunately I don't work with apache too much anymore, lol, but usually converting rules over from lighty isn't an issue
18:11<LouWestin>Ick... godaddy
18:12<nate>yeah, agreed, but I don't do hosting for clients on things so I leave it up to them to find their own end-host once I finish stuff, thankfully most don't go with godaddy but they did since their domain was already there
18:13<LouWestin>Right right.
18:16<LouWestin>In shared hosting/CPanel world it SHOULD be really simple, but... I’ve had things not work.
18:21<nate>Indeed, I'm getting 500 fatals on accessing scripts directly even and can't seem to get it to enable errors *_*
18:21<nate>So not getting paid enough for this lol
18:22<LouWestin>Lord knows how they have things setup on their end. Lol
18:24<nate>I have literally tried to enable display_errors 4 different ways and I'm still just getting a blank page, ughhhhhhhh
18:25<nate>I wonder if I'm so lucky that my in-code error logger is firing off
18:25<nate>offffff course not
18:28<nate>Okay slight tuning of my error logger and I find out it's apparently a DB connection error, says "localhost" is an unknown host. So I double check documentation for cpanel godaddy setups and what does it say?
18:28<nate>"cPanel hosting accounts host databases on the same server as your website; use the following to connect: Applications on your website connect using localhost as the host name."
18:34<LouWestin>That’s why I moved away from shared hosting. lol
18:34<nate>Yes well like I said I have no interest in hosting my clients lol
18:35<nate>I have too many of them randomly, it'd be too much of a headache, I just use my systems to do the testing. Normally I wouldn't even offer to do the setup on stuff but I was just trying to score a good upwork rating from this months ago
18:35<nate>thinking it was gonna be a quick easy gig
18:36<LouWestin>Gigs are rarely quick or easy. lol
18:36<gparent>or the size you'd expect in megabytes.
18:38<nate>Normally they're not that bad but this lady has literally given me like bulletin-point lists of changes on a weekly basis
18:40<nate>thankfully the middle-dude managing it all has been cool and given me extra pays over the original agreement
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18:47<champin>hello , anyone knows how to add vps on my current linode?
18:49<LouWestin>Linode is VPS
19:04<nyancat>LouWestin: they obviously want to go deeper
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19:15<LouWestin>Run a VM inside a VM perhaps?
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22:30<Tat_>tell me pls is mining on Linode allowed? I need VPS for my miners..
22:31<Tat_>sorry I mean VPN
22:35<Peng>I don't understand your question.
22:35<Peng>You can run a VPN for traffic that includes mining.
22:36<Peng>You can't max out a Linode's CPU running a miner.
22:37<Tat_><Peng> thank you much for help! sure I use side hardware, but my provider blocks traffic to the pools - blacklisted )
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22:39<dcj>Hi folks - just popping in because I've gotten a couple weird "Your payment details are not correct" emails lately. I'm a Linode customer but the emails are to an email address which I don't think I've ever used with Linode.
22:39<dcj>It seems likely that somebody is making new Linode accounts with publicly scraped email addresses, and then when the payments fail, the email owners get the alarming emails?
22:39<LouWestin>Might be a phishing scam
22:39<dcj>It's particularly worrying if you happen to have an important server (or several) on Linode.
22:40<dcj>It does seem kind of phishy but there are no links in the email which makes me think it might be a bona fide Linode email.
22:40<LouWestin>You can check what email address you have setup on you account
22:40<dcj>It just encourages me to log in with my Linode ID and fix the payment information.
22:41<dcj>Thanks, yeah, I confirmed it's not the email of my important Linode account.
22:42<dcj>But I think this could be something Linode would want to know about. If anybody here is interested in the potential attempt to pull some kind of scam with Linode.
22:42<LouWestin>And Linode’s site will let you know about a payment issues
22:43<Peng>There were a bunch of phishing emails last month. I believe they're aware.
22:43<dcj>Cool, thanks folks.
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23:48<linbot>New news from community: Restore Backup <>
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