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00:43<lightcode>i am trying to connect ftp through wordpress, used my root user name and password did not work, also created another user still didnt work
01:00<lightcode> i am trying to connect ftp through wordpress, used my root user name and password did not work, also created another user still didnt work?
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04:04<lightcode> i am trying to connect ftp through wordpress, used my root user name and password did not work, also created another user still didnt work
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04:05<lightcode>help me
04:05<miatoto>i need help with my server
04:05<miatoto>i can't access my vps
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04:14<lightcode>i am having trouble connecting ftp
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05:48<Rupani>I need to know about Linode product
05:48<Rupani>so anybody is here ?
05:49<khaberz_>Just ask away. Lots of people here but unless we know the question, we won't know if anyone can answer it.
05:52<Rupani>As I'm looking for hosting -
05:53<Rupani>actually i have facing a problem in email and im looking for best email provider
05:53<Rupani>I need one host for website and other side of email (premium)
05:54<khaberz_>Linode is server hosting. So unless you plan to run your own email server, you may need to look elsewhere.
05:54<khaberz_>Or pay Linode consultants to set one up for you.
05:55<nate>or pay for cpanel or such as well (but really running your own mail server without knowledge is usually a bad idea)
05:55<Rupani>that plan will you provide in cpanel access or only hosting (putting website)
05:55<khaberz_>Regular plans do not include cpanel, Managed plans do.
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05:56<Rupani>currently im using GreenGeeks hosting (Shared Hosting - Canada Host) and when im working on website(Wordpress) then email is suddenly stopped working and even i dont know what happening going on
05:57<Rupani>so im looking for best hosting with good email account (with secure and no issue of that)
05:58<Rupani>on GreenGeeks i had submit ticket as well but i had facing a problem within 6 months that's why
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07:34<LouWestin>Good morning
07:34<Epos95>just figured out how to use irc, am i a bit late to the party?
07:35<LouWestin>No, the party has been going on for quite some time
07:35<Epos95>i see
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12:25<lightcode>i need help connecting to ftp through wordpress
12:26<kharlan11>ftp or sftp?
12:26<lightcode>ftp or ftps
12:26<lightcode>any of the two
12:26<kharlan11>you'll need to install and configure an ftp server then. I recommend vsftpd.
12:27<LouWestin>Do you need to transfer files to your Wordpress site?
12:29<lightcode>i need to install some plugins
12:29<lightcode>vsftpd on my linode ?
12:29<LouWestin>Ok. You should be able to get those from
12:30<LouWestin>Or just run the plugin installer
12:30<lightcode>its going to auto install from a theme i installed
12:31<lightcode>ill install the server now
12:33<LouWestin>You shouldn’t need to install an FTP server unless you’re actually running a FTP server
12:38<lightcode>thank you
12:46<lightcode>most of the plugins are prepacked
12:46<lightcode>cant get them on repo
12:51<LouWestin>If they’re not on then I don’t know.
12:58<kharlan11>lightcode: can you access your server through ssh?
12:59<kharlan11>If so, just use a sftp client like winscp with the same credentials you use for ssh to transfer files.
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13:20<linbot>New news from community: How do I deploy a React application to my Linode? <>
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18:18<nate>I wish I could understand the mentality of ubuntu packagers these days
18:18<nate>Literally can't install mariadb, nginx and php without it apparently wanting to install apache also? wut
18:19<millisa>does htpasswd get packaged with apache on ubuntu?
18:19<nate>As far as I can tell whoever packaged the PHP one apparently doesn't believe there's any other httpd except apache
18:20<nate>Ah I see there's an -fpm package as standalone, wonder why that didn't show up in a package search though
18:20<nate>millisa: In what form? There usally isn't a default htpasswd with apache
18:21<millisa>(just trying to come up with some reason to throw a dependency on apache)
18:21<millisa>I doubt that's it.
18:21<LouWestin>I don’t recall having anything like with Debian.
18:21<linbot>New news from community: I got this error while running create k8s cluster via linode-cli <> || Network speed between linodes <>
18:21<nate>millisa: Nah, looks like it's because the default just 'php' package defaults to a mod_php model
18:22<nate>In a really loose way I guess it makes sense since things like lighttpd, nginx, etc you're usually using -fpm
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20:52<linbot>New news from community: We can't create a safe and we follow every step of the process. <>
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21:00<glick>hi, parden, i am trying to connect to a database thats running on a seperate linode, and i created a user in that database user@<ipaddress of other vm where it will be connecting from>, but i get an error message because its using the user 'muser'@'' instead of the ip address
21:00<glick>what gives?
21:05<kenyon>yes, DNS is a good thing
21:07<glick>can i just have it use the ip address?
21:15<gparent>You could use skip-name-resolve
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23:12<linbot>New news from community: how can I activate my account? <>
23:14<LouWestin>I think there needs to be a pined post on the forum about account activation.
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23:45<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
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