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05:00<nate>Okay, I'm admittedly tired and haven't done .htaccess rules in a while but can someone please tell me what in the hell is wrong with this line; RewriteRule ^/dashboard/?$ /dashboard.php [NC,L]
05:01<nate>I have tried with quotes, without the $, without the /?, without the NC, with tab spacing, I cannot get it to fire (nor apparently even pass on an rewrite rule tester), but I swear that thing is friggin right isn't it?
05:01<nate>(yes RewriteEngine is on lol)
05:20<TJ->nate: what does the log show it doing?
05:21<TJ->nate: and what URL are you using to try to trigger it?
05:23<linbot>New news from community: Backup restore hangs at 49% <>
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05:48<nate>TJ-: It's not a public address at the moment, but I tried even testing it against a rewrite rule tester which says it's not hitting any of the rules either so I figured I was simply missing something super simple. The rule for http -> https fires and a redirectmatch fires, just not the rewriterule's. Access log is just showing it as a 404 attempt as if the rewrite's aren't going at all
05:49<TJ->nate: the reason I asked about the specific URL is due to you having "?" in "^/dashboard/?$"
05:50<nate>TJ-: Oh like I said without the /? also, I thought you meant the domain. As in if there was an explicit domain match. I tried without the /? for just plain "/dashboard" and added that for the hell of it
05:50<nate>It almost seems like rewrite support is disabled but I can't tell
05:50<nate>Well that and the test site failing too
05:51<nate>(test site as in the rewrite rule tester)
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05:52<TJ->nate: could some prior rule be terminating the parse before reaching this rule? In the logs you should see this rule parsed and its resuly
05:54<nate>That level of logging is not on and I don't know if I can turn it on, it's a crappy shared thing. But that still wouldn't explain the testing tool failing also. No preceding rules other than rewriteengine on and I added a rewritebase as well, that dashboard one is literally the very first rule in the list
05:55<nate>I feel like I'm missing something super simple, but I've not had to deal with an apache rewrite rule in ages, dealt mostly with lighty and nginx (the former of which I was converting these over from)
05:55*nate tries to find another tester tool
05:57<TJ->nate: are other rules there, and if so, are they triggered? that at least tells you something
05:58<TJ->nate: because you're using the .htaccess I'm wondering if ReWrite is restricted
06:10<nate>TJ-: See I thought the same but when I use this isn't triggering on anything either even if I literally reduce it down to two lines of rewriteengine on and the single dashboard line
06:10<nate>that's what makes me think I gotta be missing something lol
06:10<nate>but I'm sitting here looking at other .htaccess files I've done in the past I know work and I can't see anything :P
06:10<TJ->nate: rewrite not enabled then?
06:11<nate>RewriteEngine on should be enabling it (and is implied to be on that tester tool there)
06:12<TJ->bbigger: do you have/need a RewriteBase ?
06:12<TJ->nate: do you have/need a RewriteBase ?
06:12<nate>On the tester tool I don't think I would need one but I've tested both with and without regardless, same result
06:15<TJ->nate: hang on, you said earlier the HTTP>HTTPS fires. that infers there are TWO virtualhost configs for the domain. does the SSL-enabled vhost have htaccess and/or Rewrite enabled
06:16<TJ->nate: in other words, if you drop the HTTP>HTTPS rule (for testing) does the /dashboard/ rule trigger for HTTP ?
06:21<nate>TJ-: This is an .htaccess not a config thing, the http->https redirect is in the .htaccess and is a rule, it fires, normal rewriterules seem not to. And like I already said even if I reduce this down to literally just that single rewrite rule, it still doesn't work
06:21<nate>neither here nor on that tester tool
06:21<nate>Which is why I asked if I was missing something or if I'm just nuts, cause that line looks fine to me lol
06:22<nate>... wait
06:22<nate>you don't lead with / in apache rewrites like you do lighty and nginx do you?
06:22<nate>UGH that was it
06:27<TJ->precisely, because you're using .htacess they have to be relative, which is why RewriteBase needs setting unless its in the root
06:28<nate>Well I tried with RewriteBase / but that probably compounded it, but even with RewriteBase not set it still bugs out, forgot apache is a pain like that
06:28<nate>And now to figure out why all the asset folders are throwing a 403 lol, oh I love godaddy
06:28*nate mutters about clients and ignoring his recommendations as he goes about figuring this one out
06:31<TJ->nate: possibly need a <Directory ...> or <Location ...> with "Require all granted"
06:34<nate>TJ-: Nah looks to be a weird user issue, it's literally making me set the file to 777 for apache to read it, but what do I expect from a godaddy setup lol
06:42<TJ->nate: this is shared hosting then? you can't do "setfacl -m u:www-data:rx ..." ?
06:45<nate>I don't believe so, as far as I recall godaddy doesn't usually give much in the lines of SSH ability but I'll check it out in a bit
06:46<TJ->presumably the important part of that 777 is actually the last 7, although I'd have though 4 would be enough
06:51<LouWestin>Are these issues on shared hosting?
06:52<nate>LouWestin: at least as far as godaddy goes everything is an issue :P
06:54<LouWestin>I’m telling ya, figure out a good way to manage your own server and save yourself the headache.
06:56<nate>LouWestin: Read up to my muttering comment
06:56<LouWestin>Currently driving, but I will
06:59<nate>The TL;DR was that this isn't my choice, but a client I was helping out lol
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08:29<LouWestin>Ok here’s my suggestions nate
08:30<LouWestin>Too long to put directly in chat.
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08:32<nate>LouWestin: Literally none of those really fit this, this is a client that has stretched me out over like two months for like $500 for what was supposed to be a week-long upwork contract, that I've literally only kept going at just so I could get a nice rating since my account is still young
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08:33<nate>I've been doing system administration shit for ages now, I would have done any variety of those if I thought they would pay for it (but seeing as they themselves are technically a volunteer/charity service I don't really think they would ever pay my full rates :P)
08:34<nate>I just also don't really do apache stuff anymore as it (at least to my needs) doesn't remotely compare to lighty or nginx
08:34<nate>Last time I actually actively did an apache sysop related position was probably 5~ years ago
08:34<LouWestin>I wonder though if you’re working on a not for profit I’d there’s a tax inventive.
08:35<LouWestin>If there’s a tax incentive
08:36<nate>Probably not to the value I would have been paid by now if I was doing by my usual $70/hr~ average lol
08:36<nate>I take some blame myself, I was the one who offered to implement some feature ideas of my own that I thought they'd like, but it's just been like two months of constant "Change this, wait no change it back now"
08:37<nate>and worst part is it was never production-ready but they decided to start using it anyways while on my own test system so it's like full of shit tons of test data
08:37<LouWestin>I have no idea though. I stepped out of the online gig sites really quickly since it wasn’t worth it for me.
08:38<LouWestin>It’s too much one sided control from the gig companies.
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08:40<nate>There really isn't a local market for someone of my skills (at least at a pay I would prefer), and relocation isn't really an option, so until I find another long-term work-from-home sysop job like I basically had been doing for around 7 years, gig sites are all I got
08:40<nate>unless linode needs some overnight telecommute emergency sysops :P
08:41<nate>*It's half way why I started diving back into actual physical security stuff lol, it pays okay but still nothing close to what I make with IT stuff, add to the risk of actually getting shot kinda sucks too
08:41<LouWestin>Yeah that’s the other problem though is getting the exposure by running your own marketing.
08:43<LouWestin>The obvious upside is you can work remotely. But there’s still the issue with getting exposure
08:43<nate>well most of my exposure for years had just been word of mouth references, this is the first time in like a decade I really started actively seeking work out myself
08:43<nate>but nobody I know has need of an active sysop person at the moment so
08:43<LouWestin>Word of mouth works.
08:45<nate>See the main issue is the main guy I usually worked on and off with this stuff on basically is in the same position last I talked to him. The last company we worked for like 5~ months, rebuilt their whole infrastructure to be more efficient/stable/etc (one of the things we basically specialized in) and then all of a sudden they were just like "Nah we need to cut people" and let us go once they were in good shape again
08:45<LouWestin>I’ve had a few folks who needed a website, but I pushed them to shared hosting because it wasn’t anything that needed a special configuration
08:47<nate>I mean it could be they really did need to, they were a young-ish company still and we're not exactly cheap w/ our skillset
08:47<nate>but the timing did seem crappy as did not really giving us a heads up that it was even coming (in fact they were acting like things were going really good)
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08:51<LouWestin>If there’s a way for you to do your own contract that would be nice.
08:53<nate>I have some, but most clients have their own they want me to sign, I just have mine for those that don't
08:54<LouWestin>Ah ok
08:57<nate>Yeah like I said been doing this a long time :P
08:58<nate>I might start trying to do more local security work on both sides of the coin, hand out some business cards and stuff and maybe get put on some sort of monthly retention fee to do on-call services with some companies
09:06<LouWestin>Now you’re talking
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09:18<nate>Talking yes but first gotta see if it works, this is a crap cheap town where the local unarmed security companies quality of guard is literally showing up with tits half out or drunk lol
09:19<nate>so trying to fit into that somewhere as an armed guard or even doing consulting stuff for any decent money is... hard :P
09:30<LouWestin>Sounds more a bad X rated film. Lol
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10:19<nate>well looks like maybe they'll be becoming a linode customer after all, except now it means I'll probably have to set it all up and configure it for security automation as best as I can for nothing extra
10:20<LouWestin>You can’t charge extra?
10:21<dwfreed>it sounds like he could charge them, but they wouldn't be able to pay
10:23<nate>I can't really charge anything outside of what the contract is. I'm technically working for a middle guy, he communicates with the end company, he's been cool and understanding with everything and has technically given me some bonuses over the original agreed amount considering all the extra work
10:23<nate>but that would be a bit more complicated than writing them what was supposed to be a basic system
10:24<dwfreed>at the same time, I imagine you're far beyond what the contract specifies
10:24<LouWestin>Ok. Might be possible to make it up down the line
10:24<nate>like we're already off to a bad start today, apparently when they created the godaddy hosting plan it overrode the DNS that was pointing it to my system where they've been using it, and despite being literally identical code on the godaddy platform, it's like half broke over there
10:24<nate>so yeah fun shit
10:25<nate>and #12345678 on the reasons I hate godady
10:27<nate>I just want it to be done for, I've literally had people ignore my other upwork proposals just because this one was still outstanding
10:27<LouWestin>Like dwfreed mentioned, I think if you’re far beyond the original contract you might want to draw the line or change terms.
10:28<nate>That's unfortunately not something you have ease of doing on upwork especially if you're a fresh account and trying to get good ratings
10:29<LouWestin>Mmm... You gotta make a tough call either way
10:29<nate>like if I do that and he gets all disgruntled and ends the contract and gives me a bad review I'm basically boned, cause I've only got a few jobs to the account so far, so a negative rating will probably literally prevent me from getting anything else really unless I dramatically lowball on them
10:30<LouWestin>On the other hand... the transfer to Linode could become extremely time consuming
10:32<nate>Nah, I can usually have a linode setup and what not over a couple hours if I don't have anything interrupt me, I've done it with others but with understanding that they'll probably get a sysadmin down the road to take things over
10:32<nate>I try to at least get them mostly self-sustained for a few years
10:32<nate>but keep in contact in case they need anything on an emergency basis
10:33<LouWestin>Is it worth trying to pitch to be the system admin?
10:34<nate>Probably not lol, but we'll see
10:34<nate>Right now I'm still cleaning up the DNS mess that godaddy made
10:35<LouWestin>I’m flying blind; meaning I have no idea what all details and time that would entail
10:36<LouWestin>If you know you can get the linode system up quick enough not to break the contract, that doesn’t sound too bad then.
10:36<nate>For the linode? Nothing really, the PHP code is all custom (and I've trust in my own code), so there's not a major 3rd party code breach concern.
10:37<LouWestin>Like maintaining something like Wordpress
10:37<nate>So all I'd really need to do is probably throw on an LTS distro, PHP, probably nginx (out of niceness of future sysadmins since us lighty guys are a rare breed lol), and mariadb and that would largely be it, probably throw webmin on there as a replacement for cPanel at worst, and configure the system to do automatic security updates
10:38<nate>and a few other misc things
10:38<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Maintenance for CPU Vulnerabilities <>
10:40<nate>and there's the restart news I was worried about lol. Guess I could finally use this as the excuse to update the 3 of 5 linodes I still have pending upgrades
10:42<LouWestin>How about forgoing the web admin panel and offer to handle changes for them yourself under some new contract?
10:43<nate>Honestly it probably isn't even worth trying to figure out how much I'd charge them for it, I wouldn't really know where to start rate-quoting at
10:44<LouWestin>Ok. I’m just throwing out rough ideas here
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10:45<LouWestin>My experience has been that setting rates is easy. It’s usually clients who run off from sticker shock. LOL
10:47<LouWestin>But if you set the rate too low, then it’s not worth it. But sticker shock is good for weeding out the cheap clients.
10:50<LouWestin>I’d Figure out the average amount of hours you think you’d spend maintaining a system and then come up with a monthly rate on that.
10:51<LouWestin>So say 4 hours average... bump it to 5-6 * your hourly rate.
10:52<LouWestin>Might work.
10:53<LouWestin>On the intel patch, at least it’s only affecting one machine of mine.
10:54<dwfreed>in this round
10:54<LouWestin>The other VM I have is an AMD
10:58<LouWestin>I sticker shocked a few would be website clients. lol Or they’d come to me with someone’s draft design ideas that I knew they ripped off from.
11:00<LouWestin>They’d ask how soon can you start on this? Me: As soon as I get a 25% deposit from you. Them: gone.
11:05<Cromulent>hmm just looked up which CPU my linodes have - I didn
11:05<Cromulent>'t realise one was so old
11:07<Cromulent>not that it matters my CPU usage is basically zero
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11:47<nate>LouWestin: Most of my rates/jobs/etc tend to be of upper scale stuff, not just like occasionally tuning a server maybe once every few months
11:47<nate>so yeah not too easy for me :P
11:48<nate>like I get hired generally to revamp entire infrastructures, tune for performance, audit for vulns, rework code for newer versions, implementing CDN's, etc. So I wouldn't even know where to begin on charging for maintaining a generic linode for a non-profit group lol
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11:51<LouWestin>Ok. Maybe like you said emergency or per-incident rate instead.
11:54<LouWestin>On the positive side, once this project is done. It’ll look good on your resume.
11:54<nate>well on my upwork profile anyways assuming the guy actually gives me a good rating lol
11:55<nate>if I listed all the random obscure stuff like this I've done over the years on my resume I'd have 80 pages to print lol
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12:08<LouWestin>That or when an interviewer asks what a difficult situation that overcame or something.
12:10<LouWestin>I remember upwork now. The projects I saw were too large for me to commit the time I’d need verse what little time I have available. I didn’t stay too long.
12:11<LouWestin>I did an SSL gig on Fiver and everything was working fine till the client revoked his own cert...
12:12<LouWestin>Then complained to me about it.
12:13<LouWestin>Gez I think that was a year ago already.
12:13<LouWestin>you buy a cert and then two days later revoke it...
12:14<LouWestin>I left that site too.
12:22<nate>I have no idea what upwork was like in the past, it used to be odesk or something like that
12:22<nate>most of the stuff on there is small and simple though
12:22<nate>or well SHOULD be small and simple
12:24<LouWestin>The upwork stuff looked like gigs where I’d have to sneak off during my full time job to handle things or it’s more complicated than what I can do.
12:25<LouWestin>Fiver is small/simple stuff for cheap. Like SSL installations. ^Referenced above
12:26<LouWestin>Most design stuff too, but I never touched that shit.
12:26<nate>problem with fiver is that I will forever lose to the hindi guys doing like $1 bids on shit
12:26<nate>at least with upwork you have to actually do identity verification to get useful jobs lol
12:27<nate>or did fiverr finally fix that
12:27<LouWestin>Eh you can charge a lot more because some will figure you know what you’re doing.
12:28<LouWestin>But...that’s probably a waste of your time
12:29<LouWestin>I did one gig Got paid like $15.
12:30<LouWestin>I don’t know about the identity verification though
12:30<LouWestin>I deleted my accounts a while ago.
12:32<LouWestin>That one client was the beginning and end of that. LOL
12:39<linbot>New news from community: My Linode's IP address has been blocked in my country. What can I do? <>
12:46<nate>I mean I know I CAN charge a lot more, but I'd rather deal with likely-work on upwork than maybe one job a month dealing with constant underbidding by hindi people and idjits willing to pay them for stuff that will cost them thousands later to fix lol
12:55<LouWestin>You’ll make like $15 for a quick job, but spend more time responding via their website to the client. lol
12:58<LouWestin>After dealing with that and interviewing for a half dozen entry level jobs that actually wanted someone with absurd experience for the little pay. I made a 180 in my career direction.
13:01<LouWestin>Plus don’t forget those clients who are paying $20 for a company logo. They’ll get a huge copyright infringement lawsuit later.
13:02<LouWestin>Or those fiver clients get hit with a data breach.
13:03<nate>All the more reason I like working hte mid-range stuff on upwork. My very first client on upwork (which I actually got asked to make an upwork account for) went about 17k over a few months, the rest were just like <= $1000~ gigs, this headachy one was just supposed to be a $250 job writing a trip scheduler thing
13:03<nate>it's just been months of extra ideas and shit
13:11<LouWestin>I’m not a developer so that’s a big thing that disqualifies me from some jobs.
13:29<linbot>New news from community: Is it possible to use allocated memory and storage for creating a new instance. <>
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14:49<bestdesign1>whats up?
14:49<millisa>i just got connectivity at my new office. so I've got that going for me
14:51<bestdesign1>millisa: congrats :)
15:02<LouWestin>What kind of connection? 5Ghz WiFi, Fiber, etc?
15:03<millisa>it was frustrating; it was built out before May and it took a month to get the order pushed through because they had us down as 'building D' instead of 'building 4'
15:04<millisa>on the plus side, none of it was on fire in that time frame
15:05<bestdesign1>millisa: what ur job may i ask?
15:05<millisa>I push buttons on this button array and make assorted lights blink in different patterns. mostly.
15:06<millisa>there is also a redbull component and phone calls in the middle of the night.
15:07<LouWestin>Nice! Are you in that area of Canada that had the fire?
15:15<LouWestin>Last summer there was construction by our central emergency dispatch center. Some guy took out about a 3’ section of fiber
15:15<millisa>backhoes and squirrels are the enemy
15:16<LouWestin>Oh yeah... i saw a picture of severed section of it.
15:16<bestdesign1>you guys older costumer of linode?
15:17<LouWestin>I’m a little over 4 years now.
15:17<millisa>9.5 years at this point.
15:17<LouWestin>Time flies.
15:18<millisa>maybe a little more. "Your account has been active since August 26, 2009 "
15:18<millisa>linode itself is turning 16 in just a couple weeks
15:20<bestdesign1>oh wow
15:24<bestdesign1>millisa: what irc client you use?
15:25<bestdesign1>that cool
15:25<bestdesign1>i not have mac :D
15:35<LouWestin>I use either Hexchat or irc cloud’s client
15:58<LouWestin>Before I joined Linode, I was with Web Faction for not very long. I read they’re merging into Godaddy.
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21:42<linbot>New news from community: How is there not a linode-image-builder yet? <>
21:43<dwfreed>too much cloud on the brain
21:52<kharlan11>how dare he compare linode to aws
21:52<kharlan11>grab the pitchforks
21:54<gparent>yeah, Linode is way better
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21:57<LouWestin>But can AWL let you upload and run WINDOWS!?
21:58<kharlan11>lindows you mean
22:02<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
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22:03<dwfreed>LouWestin: yes, there are windows AMIs already
22:04<LouWestin>I know. I’m being a little sarcastic
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22:05<LouWestin>I’m tired of all these acronyms... I have to search for what AMI builder is... :p
22:07<LouWestin>Plus aws writes about 6 pages
22:07<LouWestin>Explaining what they’re going to explain
22:11<LouWestin>Ok so if I understand right, AWL allows you to build a customized Linux image. Example I wanted a custom version of Debian.
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