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07:03<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
07:03<rsdehart>hi wtp
07:03<rsdehart>sometimes people are busy and not up for chit chat but are willing to answer questions
07:04<rsdehart>welcome to community chat
07:09<wtp>I was hoping that there might be some Linode staff online here. My question was about account review -- I just made the mistake of trying to sign up while using my work VPN -- and the account was rejected. :-( I'm trying again with the VPN disabled ... so hopefully it will work this time... but might need some hand-holding if it still does not work. (I have had a Linode before for several years
07:09<wtp>... but didn't really use it ... so I'm also wondering if that could be a factor?)
07:10<khaberz>Nut sure why logging on from VPN would be a problem at all?
07:12<Peng>likely makes the fraud check antsy
07:14<rsdehart>I tend to see people coming in looking for staff right about now when it's *juuust* before the day shift comes on
07:16<wtp>Sorry ...
07:17<wtp>Probably just the fraud check getting the heebie-jeebies.
07:17<rsdehart>you've done nothing wrong. There are staff around, they're just usually busy overnight
07:18<rsdehart>but I think the daytime people tend to be more active in the channel
07:18<wtp>Sleep is important....
07:18<rsdehart>or maybe it's confirmation bias
07:18<rsdehart>well, I meant the night shift
07:18<wtp>It worked this time ... so my anxiety was misplaced.
07:18<wtp>Thank you anyway!
07:18<rsdehart>congrats :)
07:18<rsdehart>and welcome back
07:18<wtp>Well ... Linode is awesome ...
07:19<wtp>I was just ... maybe a little optimistic about how soon I'd need it before.
07:19<wtp>(By about 8 years ... hehehe)
07:29<cruxeternus>It's never too soon to Linode.
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07:35<rsdehart>Linode early, Linode often.
07:35<JamesTK>Linode by day, Something by night?
07:36<rsdehart>No, JamesTK. Nothing like that at all
07:36<JamesTK>Linode by day, Linode by night
07:37<rsdehart>yeah, probably
07:37<rsdehart>I was just being contrary at first, though
07:37<JamesTK>fair :P
07:37<rsdehart>sometimes it be like that
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07:41<rsdehart>I'm sure spiki agrees
07:41<rsdehart>spiki: do it sometimes be like that?
07:41<rsdehart>I'm told it do
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07:49<pwoods1>wtp: Hi, staff here! o/ If your account is under review, make sure to check your inbox for emails as we may ask for additional information.
08:04<linbot>New news from community: Use Dedicated CPU or High memory plan for production DB? <>
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08:34<linbot>New news from community: Galera node will not come up <>
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09:29<linbot>New news from community: Certbot setup failed <>
09:46<kharlan11>that title has little to do with the actual issue.
10:26<LouWestin>I ran certbot from eff’s instructions. Maybe Linode’s guide is outdated?
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11:00<gustavodsf>Good morning
11:00<gustavodsf>I have a problem to authenticate on linode, because I had to format my phone
11:00<millisa>as in a 2fa issue?
11:01<millisa>use your scratch code and get back in that way
11:01<gustavodsf>how can i found this scratch code
11:02<gustavodsf>i looked it on my email but i cant find it, and I have to change my credit card, because of the billing
11:02<millisa>If you don't have it from when you setup, you're going to have to contact support
11:02<LouWestin>You have to have it written down when you setup 2fa
11:04<gustavodsf>I dont write it down,
11:04<gustavodsf>thanks i will send a email
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11:06<LouWestin>I use a couple backup password vaults to keep a copy of the 2fa key because googles auth doesn’t save it if your phone is wiped
11:06<dwfreed>I store my 2fa key on my yubikey
11:08<LouWestin>I have a key Authenticator. I don’t know if Linode allows those yet
11:11<FluffyFoxeh>I wish I could give linbot's !ask response to people who message me on work IM with "Hi"
11:15<dwfreed>LouWestin: Yubico Authenticator serves the same purpose as Google Authenticator, but stores the keys on the yubikey; most useful with NFC-capable yubikeys, unless you want to buy a usb-host adapter
11:20<LouWestin>dwfreed: Ok, what I have is from the same company, but slightly different. I forget it’s called since I have my keys at home.
11:21<LouWestin>Wait, I mean I have the Authenticator key.
11:21<LouWestin>I might get the YubiKey just for an extra backup
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11:27<LouWestin>I bought mine a few years ago when it was just being introduced and only worked with the Chrome browser
11:28<FluffyFoxeh>I wish people would stop with the SMS-based 2FA crap and use TOTP
11:29<LouWestin>My bank and my one job’s benefit site needs to stop that
11:29<FluffyFoxeh>yes, my bank does it too
11:29<LouWestin>Smaller bank though
11:29<FluffyFoxeh>Some of these things don't even accept my cell number because it's a VoIP number
11:29<FluffyFoxeh>mine is a big bank
11:29<FluffyFoxeh>it's appalling
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11:44<dwfreed>FluffyFoxeh: I am fortunate in that nobody can port my number, and I doubt project fi support could be social engineered to do it
11:44<dwfreed>but yes, SMS 2fa is still bad
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11:45<nb>dwfreed, am curious, how do yu make it so no one can port your number?
11:45<FluffyFoxeh>what does porting a number mean?
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11:47<JamesTK>nb: some telcos have stuff like pins you can add but none are foolproof
11:47<dwfreed>nb: project fi will reject all ports until you enable it
11:47<nb>dwfreed, oh cool
11:47<dwfreed>FluffyFoxeh: porting means transferring your number to another carrier or another SIM
11:47<JamesTK>dwfreed: annoyed there isn't similar in aus
11:47<FluffyFoxeh>People can do that without permission?
11:48<dwfreed>social engineering, mostly
11:49<JamesTK>to the point that even if a telco had a block they would social engineer its removal
11:52<Peng>1.) Get rich.
11:52<Peng>2.) Build your house on 1 Don't Port My Fucking Number Lane
11:52<Peng>3.) Probably get your number ported anyway
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11:54<JamesTK>4.) build out your own DNS on PoweDNS cos why not
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12:23<Peng>!wx ksfb
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12:27<dwfreed>how nice
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12:32<nobaudy>!wx kden
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12:33<nobaudy>i'll take 66 or 71 over 97 thanks.
12:34<JamesTK>!wx YSSY
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12:34<JamesTK>it's coldish here
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12:34<dwfreed>ooh, 77
12:34<JamesTK>!wx damn
12:34<linbot>JamesTK: [metar] DAMN: not data available, valid code?
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13:17<linbot>New news from community: Feature Request: More stackscript features. <>
13:18<LouWestin>For Sprint, we have a pin code that needs to be used for porting the number
13:57<linbot>New news from community: Boot server directly with iso image <> || Boot server directly with iso image <>
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14:57<linbot>Yo mommas so fat, she couldnt fit into a TB of RAM. (38:0/1) [romum]
14:57<nb>!wx kevv
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14:57<millisa>ad for the new mac pro?
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15:32<linbot>New news from community: TENDO ERROS DEVIDO A PERMISSÕES INCORRETAS <>
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20:58<gecco>Tell your marketing department to take full advantage of digital oceans fiasco to point out to everyone, that we don't have to take to twitter, to get help...
20:59<gecco>Alright, I'll go back to my reguarly scheduled programming now, no nightmares, as the majority of my critical shit is in your data center and not someone elses
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21:12<MrPPS>am confuse
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21:14<dwfreed>MrPPS: a dude posted on twitter that his 2 person company basically got shut down because digitalocean's automated detection thought he was fraud because he was spinning up nodes really fast and then deleting them shortly thereafter
21:15<dwfreed>and after they said he was good, it happened again, and that time they decided to cancel his account
21:15<MrPPS>haha; have you got a link to the twitter thread by any chance?
21:15<MrPPS>nvm I think I found
21:17<dwfreed>DO's official response after the incident:
21:18<dwfreed>moisey uretsky (one of the founders) chimed in this part of the thread:
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21:48<millisa>meh. dude shouldn't be relying on a sole provider for their services and backups. i feel for him though
21:53<LouWestin>DO was basically like trust is important, we’re sorry.
21:55<millisa>very southpark/cable company
21:58<millisa>their blog post seems ok
22:01<dwfreed>I mean, except for the 12 hour response time during the middle of the US Eastern workday
22:02<dwfreed>and only after the customer poked support on social media and they poked the abuse team
22:02<millisa>Yeah, they appear to be acknowledging and owning that bit
22:03<MrPPS>yeah that does seem a tad excessive
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23:46<MJCS>I'll get an MTR in a bit but has anyone been getting packet loss / high latency between Australia and Freemont?
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