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00:15<alan>I'm having issues with the second sql statement for some reason it's bringing up ALL the records that are matched as paid, subscribed or null not just the ones associated with the user id, in this case "2"
00:20<alan>I believe it's the IN clause
00:38<millisa>best guess, not seeing the tables (or even if you did show the schema), order of operations for your and/ors?
00:40<millisa>..where id in (select) and col='string' or col='otherstring'. probably brings up all 'otherstring' rows, not just ones in your select.
00:43<millisa>so: where user_id in (your subselect) and (status=this or status=that)
00:47<alan>!point: millisa
00:47<alan>!point millisa
00:47<linbot>alan: Point given to millisa. (83)
00:47<alan>i forgot how to do it
00:47<alan>oh there we go
00:47<millisa>83. a very good year.
00:47<alan>so i needed to wrap the AND statements in parantheses to make it work?
00:48<millisa>assuming you want a user id in that subquery *and* one of any of those possible statuses.
00:50<millisa>it's late, i'm tired, but that second statement seems to say 'userid in this subquery and status is paid, or any user that has status of subscribed
00:50<alan>so adding the parantheses makes it part of the subselect sort of ?
00:50<alan>igf i uderstood?
00:50<alan>makes more sense now, i was going mad
00:50<alan>thank you so much!
00:51<millisa>there's probably better explanations out there if you search for order of operations and sql
00:52<millisa>a quick skim and this one looks like it might be info you'd find useful:
00:54<millisa>the section where they give the examples where they change 'category=1' or 'category=2' about a third of the way down
01:00<alan>just bookmarked it for some reading tonight :P
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03:12<nate>I am so getting tired of this one linode and it's goofy ass IPv6 issues, starting to think rebuilding it would be a better fix
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03:13<nate>outbound ipv6 is broke again, in is fine, network stack looks fine, but any attempt to do outbound results in network unreachable errors lol, which just broke a bunch of domains that were sync'ing over IPv6
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03:48<nate>okay looks like rebooting the linode fixed it yet once more so we'll see how long it lasts this time :P
04:03<nate>Well that was a fun cascade. So my main linode which acts as my master NS went full IPv6 meltdown which caused updates to the other nameservers to meltdown causing everything to servfail which in turn caused inbound mail to start wigging out as I just got a flood of like 22 queued emails lol
06:30<grawity> short is your SOA expire set to
06:31<nate>grawity: Not long at all but these IPv6 issues have been going on and off for months now, I just didn't even realize they were going on this time until I noticed an odd gap in emails coming in, to which I started checking everything and noticed a dig was giving me a servfail for the domain
06:31<nate>which lead to my master which was giving refused/unreachable issues and etc etc
06:32<grawity>well, it really should be longer then
06:32<grawity>I think the usual default is a week
06:32<grawity>though yea, if it's been having issues for literally months, that's another thing entirely
06:32<nate>yeah and the IPv6 stuff probably broke over a week ago again, I just don't do a lot of IPv6 to notice :P
06:33<nate>It started out where the IPv6 routes/addresses actually went completely MIA, now it's where they're still there but I have to either restart or remove/re-add them to get them working again lol. I'll prob just rebuild the linode at some point when time permits
07:21<linbot>New news from community: How do I configure rDNS if I'm using CloudFlare? <>
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09:31<dwfreed>nate: ya know, if you'd give me the information I've asked for like 10 times already, this could probably be fixed permanently
09:35<JamesTK>20 times
09:36<LouWestin>Some just enjoy punishment.
09:36<JamesTK>LouWestin: I'm porting PowerDNS to OpenWRT
09:36<JamesTK>LouWestin: has to be able to be built (and run) against a -lot- of obscure architectures
09:37<LouWestin>Is the openwrt part your home router?
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09:38<LouWestin>Ok I had a... I think it was a 1900ACS. Glad to be rid of it.
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09:38<JamesTK>I've got one of those
09:39<JamesTK>it is
09:39<JamesTK>it's a WRT1900ACS XD
09:39<LouWestin>I don’t think there was any compatible openwrt for it or it wasn’t actively developed.
09:41<dwfreed>I have an Asus RT-AC68U
09:41<dwfreed>I run asuswrt-merlin, because nothing gets better performance while still letting me do the crazy custom stuff I do
09:42<LouWestin>I switched back to ASUS. AC3100
09:42<LouWestin>Before that was a ASUS 66 I believe
09:43<LouWestin>It suddenly died one morning
09:43<LouWestin>Then I went to the Linksys, then back to the ASUS.
09:44<JamesTK>dwfreed: pdns-recursor on it when i'm finished with it :P
09:45<LouWestin>I could run Merlin on it, but I have a fear of the slight chance of breaking it.
09:46<dwfreed>merlin is the least likely to break it, of all the custom firmwares
09:47<LouWestin>Yeah it would probably be fine. I ran it for a while on the old, old router.
09:53<nate>dwfreed: The information has been fine, I'm not a numpty, it's literally been the same since the original fix months ago lol. <-- this is identical both before and after restart, nothing changed, the restart simply 'fixed' it. Other times simply redoing the addresses to the device fix it also. I just think it's something with the install that's wonky
09:53<dwfreed>your ip6tables output is useless
09:54<nate>dwfreed: as I recall before you questioned whether the icmp was allowed for the SLACC stuff to assign which is why I included it
09:55<dwfreed>but it doesn't show whether there's a DROP right before it
09:55<dwfreed>also why do you have anything on the FORWARD chain
09:58<dwfreed>also 'sysctl -a 2>/dev/null | fgrep ipv6 | egrep "all|eth0"' is needed
09:59<nate>The forward? That was default on centos as far as I recall, and no there's no DROP before it, that's actually the very first rule in the INPUT (the IPv6-ICMP rule that is). And that is definitely not a command request I remember you asking previously :P
09:59<nate>but I'll keep that handy if this starts up again
09:59<dwfreed>sysctl is generally static, so now works as well
10:00<dwfreed>sysctl is generally only supposed to be changed by an admin (and requires root to change anyway)
10:02<nate>I know, but everything is working at the moment so it looks like everything is normal;
10:02<nate>The three key items I can think of being critical (accept_ra, autoconf and forwarding) are all off as long as I'm not forgetting any
10:03<dwfreed>um, accept_ra shouldn't be off, unless you're statically configuring your default route
10:03<dwfreed>in which case you should not lose your default route
10:04<nate>I thought those were supposed to be off for SLACC? Though I never directly modified those myself
10:04*nate checks another recent-ish centos linode
10:04<dwfreed>accept_ra and autoconf is how SLAAC works
10:04<dwfreed>without them, SLAAC doesn't happen
10:05<nate>Ah bugger, I don't appear to have another personal CentOS7 linode at the moment
10:05<dwfreed>oh, another question, are you using NetworkMangler?
10:05*nate pokes at some of his recent client ones he set up
10:06<nate>Not as far as I recall. Honestly the only thing even remotely network-related I ever did to this thing when I set it up was added a couple IPv6 addresses
10:06<nate>I never touch more than that on them
10:06<nate>well that and the firewall/iptables
10:07<dwfreed>I mean, where you configured the additional IPv6 addresses would probably tell what you're using for network configuration
10:07<dwfreed>RHEL 7 defaults to NetworkMangler, and I imagine CentOS 7 follows suit; I do not know if Linode's CentOS 7 templates change that
10:08<dwfreed>I don't deal with RHEL family if I don't have to
10:08<nate>I just `ip -6 addr add etcetc`, is that not how we should still be doing it?
10:08<dwfreed>um, you should probably be doing it in your static networking configuration, instead of using something like rc.local or equivalent :P
10:09<nate>In fedora that usually did add it to the static profile, I may be incorrectly thinking CentOS does too just because it's also RHEL based. Admittedly most my personal stuff has been fedora for years, I only built this one in CentOS because I got tired of having 4 year old EoL fedora instances lol
10:09<nate>I wanted something with a bit more than a 6 month lifespan lol
10:10<nate>But even at that I wouldn't have thought something as simple as that command would have been the root of all this insanity unless it actually somehow disabled the auto stuff, but even if auto/SLAAC got disabled how in the hell did a restart 'fix' it, as I would have expected it to stay broke...
10:11<nate>man this centos instance is gonna be an aneurysm
10:11<dwfreed>ip addr commands do not disable automatic stuff
10:18<LouWestin>I ran a fedora desktop for a while, but got tired of upgrading twice a year.
10:19<dwfreed>my current Linode is Debian 9, because I didn't have the energy to maintain a Gentoo machine
10:20<LouWestin>Plus the updates were hell especially when I hadn’t run my pc for a couple days. 50 updates today... gah
10:21<dwfreed>now imagine installing all your updates from source
10:21<LouWestin>Essh... forget it! lol
10:22<nate>I usually throw ubuntu LTS's on for other's, I'm neutral enough to know RHEL tends to be my own personal taste lol
10:23<LouWestin>The Linodes I run are Debian 9. I did dap with Centos when I was testing a few things like CPanel
10:23<dwfreed>RHEL usually ends up being what I have to work with at clients because Enterprise
10:27<LouWestin>Back on the topic about routers, that reminded me of the SB6190 cable modem I had issues with.
10:27<nate>I'm just happy CentOS7 started using semi-modern packages, CentOS6 always drove me nuts w/ some of the archaic backporting they would do (though the CentOS7 kernel still technically reports as 3.10)
10:28<LouWestin>Is there any timeline on Centos 8?
10:29<nate>Supposed to be out sometime in a few months I -think-
10:29*nate double checks
10:29<LouWestin>Yeah last time I looked they weren’t sure.
10:30<millisa>the timeline there hasn't updated in a month, but they are editing that page. there's a link in there to the individual package build statuses
10:30<LouWestin>That’s the page I looked at a couple weeks ago
10:33<dwfreed>LouWestin: I have a 6190, and no issues
10:33<dwfreed>possibly fixed in newer firmware
10:35<LouWestin>It was intermittent stuff like my banks website wouldn’t resolve a few times. I tested it on my phone, then pulled it off WiFi and it would work fine.
10:36<LouWestin>But yeah, I don’t know if they’ve released a newer firmware since then
10:37<LouWestin>I actually thought it was their website. Then I thought maybe the router. Till I went on DSL Reports and saw reports of the issue
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10:58<LouWestin>I switched to a netgear CM600 which seemed to eliminate those issues. It was weird. I know it can’t be the cabling since we had a new run done at the house.
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11:06<LouWestin>The desktop was on Ethernet, phone on WiFi. I thought the bank’s site was getting dosed, until I switched the phone off of WiFi, and the site would work fine. Other times it was fine.
11:08<LouWestin>The kids complained too once in awhile about similar issues. So eventually I read up on the SB6190 and thought eh...ok swap it out and see.
11:08<LouWestin>That was roughly about 2 years ago.
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11:21<stephenplatz>Is the latest kernel 5.1.2-x86_64-linode124?
11:22<stephenplatz>That's the option I have in the manager, so I guess so, but I was using 5.1.2-x86-linode144 prior to switching.
11:23<stephenplatz>Latest 64 bit I mean
11:26<millisa> should list all and current
11:26<nate>Whatever the latest in manager states is the latest, though it's been said recently that they've started phasing out the linode kernels for people to use the official distro kernels instead. That said it looks like 5.1.2-x86-linode144 is the latest 32-bit, 5.1.2-x86-linode124 is latest 64-bit
11:27<nate>(or well phasing out may not be the best choice of words)
11:27<nate>argh; 5.1.2-x86_64-linode124 is latest 64-bit
11:27*nate thinks it's time for bed
11:34<LouWestin>Does that mean we’re going back to grub? Thats my choice if you’re running Debian.
11:41<nate>Yeah that's what the last few linodes I've setup were, the distro kernel w/ GRUB2
11:52<LouWestin>If I ran with the distro kernel, it would make things a tiny bit easier in regard to updates. I would only have to follow Debians security list updates
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12:08<linbot>New news from community: How can I activate my account? <>
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14:07<Zstechpk>how to setup email account on linode ubuntu server ?
14:08<millisa>they have email guides at if you are inclined to do them. I think most folks would encourage you not to run your own mail server unless you *really* want to learn about them
14:09<Zstechpk>Thanks , Millisa.
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14:50<@mcintosh>!point millisa
14:50<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to millisa. (84)
14:50<millisa>84, another good year. best commercial ever.
15:17<csnxs>!wx egnx
15:17<linbot>csnxs: [metar] OBS at EGNX: 60.8F/16C, visibility 9999 miles, wind 12.66 mph, chill 58.88F (altimeter: ) [EGNX 061820Z 21011KT CAVOK 16/05 Q1009]
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15:36<caliber>Anyone here who can help me out with a server issue? I got two disk IO spikes in the last 24 hours on my Wordpress site which crashed mysql and broke my site.
15:41<LouWestin>Maybe you got an influx of traffic?
15:43<LouWestin>Could also be an hacking attempt
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19:06<MrPPS>checked your logs to see if it was WP traffic?
19:06<MrPPS>oh, they've quit - I should really add part messages to my bouncer haha
19:13<LouWestin>Yep he didn’t even answer my questions
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19:30<kharlan11>no one ever checks their logs
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21:08<LouWestin>Logs!? We don't need no stinking logs!
21:11<LouWestin>I went back to the distro kernel on my webserver and I've noticed I'm using half the amount of memory used. On the latest kernel it was 150'ish.
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23:46<lance>I created my new Linode account. I verified my email and the linode website said "account under review". Can anyone tell me a little more about what that might mean? I haven't received any follow up emails or instructions. What are my next steps? Do I need to do anything?
23:47<LouWestin>You should get an email from support letting you know if there's anything to do or not.
23:48<lance>Thanks! About how long might this process usually take? Just a few minutes or more like a few hours or days?
23:49<Peng>Hours, probably
23:49<LouWestin>I don't know for certain
23:49<lance>Ok. Thank you
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