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04:46<daro2013>anyone is here?
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08:03<Diego>anyone can advise for domain name for existing ubuntu server
08:04<Diego>or how to setup a domain name for ubuntu and how can i buy a domain name on linode
08:07<rsdehart>Diego: linode isn't a domain registrar
08:07<rsdehart>they don't sell domains
08:09<Diego>oh sorry
08:09<Diego>is linode is a datacenter
08:10<Diego>thanks for the reply
08:22<rsdehart>Diego: it's a vps provider
08:22<Diego>ok thanks
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09:16<brave_tom>whois sjk
09:35<dzho>!to brave_tom ask
09:35<linbot>brave_tom: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
09:35<dzho>!to brave_tom ops
09:35<linbot>brave_tom: Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
09:37<brave_tom>i'm sorry this is my first time to use irc:(
09:41<brave_tom>my name is yuleitao
09:42<brave_tom>what's your name
09:42<LouWestin>My name is mudd. I play monopoly
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09:44<brave_tom>let's talk about something interesting
09:44<brave_tom>i come from China, what about you
09:45<brave_tom>maybe they are sleeping,
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09:46<brave_tom>whosi smccabe
09:49<LouWestin>try /whois smccabe
09:50<brave_tom>thanks, I want to know why someone's ip is 255.255.255?
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09:53<LouWestin>That IP address would probably be a subnet
09:54<brave_tom>okay, do i need a account if i want to login next time?
09:55<LouWestin>You can register your nick using nickserv. /pm nickserv help will explain your options
09:56<LouWestin>Or /nickserv help
09:56<brave_tom>Unknow command /pm and /nickserv
09:58<LouWestin> /nickserv help
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10:05<LouWestin>You can also type/nickserv help register to give more details about register
10:06<LouWestin> /nickserv help register
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11:45<ausjke>on linode homepage at the bottom there is a 'chat' link I clicked it it shows 404, however google 'linode webirc' give me the exact URL and there is no 404, which is why i am here, google is better than linode's own link?
11:46<ausjke>anyway, I need use some high-memory-plan occasionally but each time i will have to install ubuntu, apt-get-some-packages to start run my tasks, is there a way i can save my OS-image as cold storage so I can load it when I need it, that is cheaper than let the OS-image run all the time
11:48<ausjke>for the chat-link now it works fine, not sure why i got 404 a few times though
11:49<dwfreed>ausjke: yes, you can use Linode Images for that; note that Images is limited to 2 GB per image
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12:54<ausjke>dwfreed: thanks, just googled that article, great stuff.
12:55<ausjke> for the linode img I download locally, is it possible to use it locally with kvm or vbox, qemu in addition to upload it to linode for re-run?
12:56<dwfreed>that's not what I was referring to, but yes, you can use it with qemu locally
12:56<dwfreed>ausjke: this is what I was talking about
12:57<ausjke>yes i read the linode-images article, sorry to mix two separated questions
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13:57<tomami[m]>Ooo reboot
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18:11<linbot>New news from community: Exception on Linode Creation <>
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18:29<ausjke>so i want to save a copy of the linode image, one of it is a 4G/80GB plan, since it's using dd to copy, does that i mean i have to download 80GB image over internet?
18:30<ausjke>virtualbox for example the disk drive is dynamic so I don't have similar issues, but dd a hard drive is inefficient, anyway to compress before transfer?
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18:33<dwfreed>ausjke: you coulde use resize2fs to shrink the fs down to the smallest size it can be, and use the info it outputs to only copy that part of the block device, then tell resize2fs to grow the filesystem back to the normal size
18:33<dwfreed>0s compress pretty well, but 80 GB of zeros don't compress *that* well
18:34<ausjke>let me try, i already generate a 60GB file with zero then delete it so no random stuff
18:44<ausjke>so to downsize, the key is the last line from e2fsck correct? e.g. 3218029/20840448 blocks, that means I can do resize2fs /dev/sda 13G?
18:45<ausjke>because 3218029*4096 ~= 13G
18:46<ausjke>or just use the -M option which shrinks as much as possible
18:47<dwfreed>yeah -M
18:47<ausjke>cool, thanks
18:48<dwfreed>so xz compresses 0s really well, but obviously takes a long time to do so
18:49<dwfreed>getting an average 160 MB/s compression rate using pixz on 4 cores
18:53<ausjke>it will be nice if somehow I can resume downloading it it breaks (due to microwave cooking or whatever),
18:53<ausjke>but i guess for dd I can always find the last piece then add an offset to continue, though tedious
18:54<dwfreed>can probably make the image locally on a tmpfs, and then use rsync -P to transfer it
18:56<ausjke>but it's 13GB, not sure if I can have tmpfs that size under finix
18:56<ausjke>by the way, is there a linode post about how to run linode.img locally, failed to find that
18:57<dwfreed>oh, yeah, no, not without 13 GB of RAM to put it in
19:33<ausjke>strange, i resized it and to verify i mounted /dev/sda under rescue, df reported 13GB, now when I use ssh to dd it, the size is 20GB+ already, why is that? hope it's not dd-ing a 80GB image
19:33<dwfreed>because dd reads the whole block device
19:34<dwfreed>you have to use the number resize2fs gave when it output the new size to limit dd to just that part
19:34<dwfreed>if it's 20+ GB, you've already transferred everything important
19:34<dwfreed>and the rest is probably just 0s
19:37<ausjke>assuming resize2fs put non-zero content at the beginning that is, anyway re-dd-ing 13GB this time
19:38<ausjke>must be largest egressing bandwidth i have ever used at linode for the last 15 years
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20:15<kharlan11>anyone ever use opnsense?
20:16<kharlan11>I need a new home firewall and I'm split between configuring my own on a debian 9 box, some foss solution, or a commercial one like a fortiguard
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21:48<squidly>kharlan11: use pfsense.
21:48<squidly>it's good and works well
21:48<squidly>I use
22:00<gparent>I roll my own and if I had to choose it'd probably be pfsense too
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23:34<Axel22>What is the cost for bandwidth in exceeding 40GB per month?
23:37<Peng>What do you mean?
23:37<Peng>Linode's smallest plan comes with 1 TB of outbound transfer per month.
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23:55<Y_T>Are you online?
23:56<Toba>I don't know. I don't work at linode
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