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00:35<Eugene>!lick zifnab
00:35<linbot>Eugene: Point given to zifnab. (25)
00:37<zifnab>!caress Eugene
00:37<linbot>zifnab: Point given to eugene. (79) (Biggest fan: jalter, total: 26)
00:37<zifnab>Eugene: why is it so hot here
00:37<Eugene>cLiMaTe ChAnGe
00:37<zifnab>It's almost 1am and it's 67 + 80% humidity
00:38<Eugene>There is nowhere for heat to dissipate to in an industrialized metropolis covering multiple square miles
00:38<zifnab>This makes sense
00:39<zifnab>The heat isn't the bad part. It's the fucking humidity
00:39<zifnab>Sweating doesn't help
00:40<Eugene>By the time the fresh air (wind) gets to you, it's been exhausted-into by so many A/C units, power plants, fires, residual solar heating from acres of asphalt, and general heat waste from human development across the eastern United States that its just.... warm. And then it runs into the wet air mass on the coast
00:41<Eugene>And that's basically how you get thunderstorms too, wait for summer!
00:42<dwfreed>aren't most of the prevailing winds on the west coast from the west?
00:42<Eugene>I much prefer the oceanic Seattle weather, with fresh wind off the Olympic peninsula..... or at least as fresh as you can get :-|
00:43<Eugene>zifnab is in NYC this week for $WORK
00:43<Eugene>Which is why I'm talking to him on IRC instead of showing up at his couch
00:44<zifnab>look at this wonderful cat pic the sitter sent me.
00:44<Eugene>Yup, that's a cat
00:45<fergtm>so about the openssl error I mentioned a couple hours ago, in case anyone is curious on what was the problem
00:45<fergtm>I'm also using ubuntu 18.04 with openssl 1.1.1 but the bug that <chesty> mentioned does not seem to be fixed
00:45<fergtm>as a workaround I forced stunnel to use TLSv1.2 instead of TLSv1.3
00:45<Eugene>Have you tried turning it off and back on again
00:49<fergtm>many times
00:49<chesty>fergtm, cool, submit a bug to ubuntu
01:25<Woet>Eugene is back?
02:32<nate>Speaking of TLS stuff, I have no idea how in the world I missed that TLS CBC vulnerability in march
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03:32<Natraj>I have few Queries about hosting
03:32<Woet>Natraj: I can't see any
03:33<Natraj>I am here!!
03:34<Natraj>I have some doubts about hosting plan
03:35<Natraj>If loadbalancer feature possible on linode hosting??
03:36<Natraj>If it's possible How to config it and Which plan will be choose for that ??
03:36<Natraj>Hello., are you there???
03:43<grawity>AFAIK, they are available regardless of plan
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03:50<Peng>They're billed separately.
03:53<linbot>New news from community: Why cannot connect the XSHELL <>
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06:30<ajain>is there a Linode program for non-profits?
06:39<@jcardillo>hi ajain - we do not offer special pricing for non-profits. all of our pricing can be found here: if that doesn't answer your question, let me know! :)
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06:53<Master_john_Doe>hello evryone
06:53<Master_john_Doe>im new here
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06:53<Master_john_Doe>one of ip of linode try too hack my wordpress
06:53<Master_john_Doe>what i can make ??
06:54<soumyo>Hello I cannot download any backups of my file system, neither am I able to connect via FTP. please help any one
06:54<rsdehart>welcome to community chat, Master_john_Doe
06:54<rsdehart>soumyo: have you set up an FTP server?
06:55<rsdehart>(not a good idea. don't use FTP)
06:55<soumyo>rsdehart: yes i setup FTP, i was not wanting to use FTP but since i couldnot download via backup system i was trying FTP
06:55<@pwoods>Master_john_Doe: do you have a Support ticket open for this? We'd be happy to look into assisting you with SFTP access to your Linode.
06:56<@pwoods>whoops, that was meant to soumyo
06:56<soumyo>ok I will open a support ticket
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06:57<Master_john_Doe>im not client on linode i have a wordpress on a host and some one with 2400:8901::f03c:91ff:fed5:b940 try to bruteforce my wordpress and my system of security alert me about that
06:59<Master_john_Doe>ok i will try that i see too much company with abuse mail and 48 h repond
07:05<Master_john_Doe>i have send a message
07:05<Master_john_Doe>@pwoods thanks for your message. I hope find a solution about this try of bruteforce
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07:07<@jcardillo>Thanks Master_john_Doe. Someone just replied to your email.
07:27<chesty>I'm playing around with netdata for the first time in a year, it's lots of fun. got me onto which is like crack
07:29<chesty>I installed netdata on 3 systems and they all were dropping received packets. A little tweak of net.core.netdev_budget and net.core.netdev_budget_usecs and the drops went away
07:31<chesty>except for my linode, i only managed to reduce the number of dropped packets. I guess I could keep tweaking but it might give too much cpu time to draining packets from the network card in expense of other things
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07:44<morarous>Hello guys is it possible to configure an additional IP without rebooting my linode
07:46<Peng>IPv6? Sure. IPv4? I think so.
07:46<morarous>I'm trying to configure IPv4
07:46<nate>Should be able to do both but it has to be an IP you obviously have 'assigned' (in which case for IPv4 requires a ticket and very good reasoning)
07:47<morarous>Yes I'm already assigned one from the support
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07:47<nate>What distro are you on?
07:47<morarous>I'm using Debian and have tried ip addr add broadcast dev eth0 according to
07:48<morarous>But seemed no luck :(
07:48<morarous>So can anyone give me an example? thx
07:50<morarous>Or perhaps I forgot something when configuring the IP address?
07:51<morarous>I have disabled the network helper
07:51<nate>looks like Debian/Ubuntu recommends going the way of networkmanager these days, maybe look into the nmcli command for modifying interfaces
07:52<nate>I would have thought `ip addr add` would be enough also but maybe it would need a flush for IPv4? (oddly drawing a blank the last time I touched IPv4 addresses on an interface on debian/ubuntu)
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07:54<morarous>Thank you for your information. I'll try it later :P
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08:37<chesty>I think you have to create the device before you can add an ip address to it with ip addr add
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08:38<chesty>well I'm assuming the ip address is on a different device, but maybe you can just add it to eth0? i don't know
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09:30<grawity>the IP address is always going to be on eth0
09:30<grawity>linodes don't really have multiple network interfaces
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09:33<Peng>"ip addr add" is all you need, last I tried it, I think.
09:33<Peng>Mebbe it does require a reboot. :/
09:35<grawity>reboot after linode config, before `ip addr add`? yeah it might; iirc I even had to reboot when I got my /64?
09:37<nate>On RHEL I never had to at least for IPv6's, I feel like on Debian/Ubuntu I had to flush first or something
09:37<nate>but like I said it's been ages so might not be remembering righht
09:40<grawity>having to `ip addr flush` would be... weird
09:40<grawity>in any case, IMHO first tcpdump to make sure you're actually *receiving* any of that traffic
09:41<grawity>possibly ARP requests in case of IPv4 addresses
09:41<Peng>It used to be that they had to update the host-side firewall before you could use a new IP, and that it was only rebuilt on reboot.
09:42<Peng>I thought they changed it so it would be rebuilt without rebooting, but my memory is fuzzy.
09:42<Peng>Rebooting your Linode, not the host, to be clear.
09:49<akerl>Pretty sure it doesn’t require a reboot anymore, should just be `ip addr add` and then gotta send some traffic out so the network gear knows where to find you
09:49<akerl>I.e. pinging the gateway of the new IP
09:53<Peng>"within 60 seconds or so," eh
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11:02<craigbrown>am looking for some help
11:02<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
11:03<craigbrown>i lost my phone and have a new one. I used google authenticate but that is a new install on my new mobile... how do I fix that so I can log in?
11:03<grawity>I'd say contact support by phone or email
11:03<millisa>use your scratch code you wrote down when settingthings up
11:04<craigbrown>ahhh... sorry guys.. thought this was a help chat lol
11:04<craigbrown>and my passworrd is... lol
11:04<grawity>it's a community chat where some employees occassionally show up
11:04<craigbrown>thnx millisa
11:04<@pwoods>craigbrown: to speed things up, know that we'll ask for images of your ID card & current credit card on file (the only numbers we need to see is the last 6)
11:05<LouWestin>I’d use a password locker and backup your 2da codes
11:05<@pwoods>craigbrown: We'll need that to remove 2FA, which you'll be able to re-enable once you're back in.
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11:13<akerl>craigbrown: do you not have your scratch code saved somewhere?
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11:33<alan>mkdir: cannot create directory ‘assets’: No space left on device
11:33<alan>how do i fix this? never seen this before
11:33<alan>I do not believe the 20GB are being used
11:33<grawity>the OS knows exactly how much space is being used
11:33<alan>sudo du -sh /
11:33<millisa>show the output of 'df -h' and 'df -i'
11:33<alan>is what I ran
11:33<nate>What you believe is irrelevant, the system clearly views that there isn't :P So do a `df -h` and and then start looking for where all the space is
11:33<grawity>that said, ext4 by default reserves 5% for root (privileged) processes
11:34<grawity>so you might be at 19GB used
11:35<alan>nvm it says 100% used I must have misread earlier
11:35<alan>so i need to increase the storage
11:35<millisa>doesnt look like a linode either
11:36<alan>this one isn't no it's a droplet I believe
11:37<grawity>also, `df` can only list files that have a name
11:37<grawity>if a file has been deleted but is still kept open by some program (like often happens with logfiles)
11:37<grawity>it still occupies disk space even though it has no name and won't be counted by du
11:37<grawity>err yeah, I meant `du` on both lines
11:38<grawity>so if `df` says you're out of space, then you're out of space, regardless of what `du` says
11:44<alan>I just added 100GB block storage, it's not a linode but mounting it should be relatively the smw process yes?
11:44<grawity>well yes
11:45<grawity>find it in `lsblk` or `lsblk -f`, partition if it doesn't come pre-partitioned, mkfs if it doesn't come with a filesystem, test mount manually, add to fstab
11:45<alan>its a live server will it affect it in any way while doing this?
11:45<grawity>(if it's actually separate block storage and not an extension to main storage)
11:45<grawity>I dunno, depends on the provider
11:46<grawity>i.e. are they advanced enough to implement live storage resizing or hotplug
11:46<alan>lsblk returns
11:46<alan>so i see the 100GB
11:47<alan>it doesnt seem aprtitionned either?
11:47<grawity>no it doesn't
11:53<alan>i think i did it
11:54<alan>does this look OK
11:54<alan>says part not
11:55<alan>when i use df -h i dont see it though
11:56<alan>is it because its under sda and not vda?
12:02<alan>how do i use it with my current files and everything can i not merge it with the 20GB
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14:14<tia>Hello guys. I want to ask - does Linode accept adult sites, because I think to change my hosting
14:15<grawity>have you read and
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15:43<skyfaller>hi folks, does anyone have any ideas for how I might find out how much energy my virtual server uses? I'm trying to make my web infrastructure sustainable as possible, and that means reducing energy usage, but if I don't know how much my Linode is using now I can't know if anything else would be better or worse
15:46<armiller8>I don't think you would be able to figure out how much energy your specific Linode uses. I think most virtualization/cloud offerings would be the same though
15:54<akerl>skyfaller: use less disk/cpu and you’ll use less power
15:59<skyfaller>akerl: Yes, that is a good and obvious guideline :) But I'm not sure it helps if I'm comparing hardware platforms. For example, if I attached a Raspberry Pi to a solar panel and battery and served my website from there, would I be using more or less energy? I've seen some estimates that the cloud platform would use much less energy, but I need to know for sure.
16:03<skyfaller>I'm not sure how to answer that... why do I need to know? Because otherwise all of my efforts are guesswork and I might make things worse while trying to reduce my websites' carbon footprint.
16:04<akerl>Your efforts will always be guesswork
16:04<skyfaller>fair enough, nobody ever truly knows anything for sure, but more data lets you make better guesses :P
16:05<akerl>There’s enough variables that the computing power you spend trying to figure out more data is likely to exceed the delta between any given options
16:06<LouWestin>I think someone was close to figuring it out based on the DC stats, but not positive
16:06<armiller8>Close to figuring out what? An individual Linode's consumption or the physical hardwares?
16:07<akerl>What if some of Linode’s datacenters are powered off solar but others are powered off natural gas?
16:07<akerl>What if the utility power cuts and they start burning the diesel generators
16:08<skyfaller>akerl: yeah, the energy source is also a large problem, but reducing energy usage would be good even if it was 100% renewables, every energy source has a non-zero carbon footprint
16:08<akerl>What if your raspberry pi solar panels were manufactured in a factory that spews greenhouse gas into the air as a byproduct of producing the solar panel plastics
16:08<akerl>Heck, what if your site goes down because the cat trips over the cable, and you drive your SUV home to fix it, which wouldn’t have happened if it was a cloud server
16:09<LouWestin>I don’t remember the exact conversation or details
16:10<akerl>LouWestin: it’s plausible that somebody calculated average/peak kilowatt/hours for the server spec they happened to be on. But given the variables like hardware spread / utilization, it’s going to be effectively impossible to figure out actual total or per-user energy usage
16:10<armiller8>Yeah you'd have to know how loaded the hardware is, which I doubt any hosting company would tell you
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16:11<LouWestin>Yeah that sounds familiar
16:14<armiller8>skyfaller: If I cared about this kind of thing, I would go the raspberry pi with a solar panel route. At least then you can measure your own usage rather than not knowing
16:15<skyfaller>armiller8: I'm very tempted to do so, but I saw someone throw out an estimate that a cloud server could use 50-100x less energy to do the same job, and while I think that's unlikely, I have no way to prove them wrong right now
16:16<skyfaller>akerl: You've made your point, there are a zillion fiddly factors that make it difficult to calculate energy usage or your carbon footprint. But surely the answer isn't just to operate based on your gut feeling?
16:21<akerl>I think the practical answer is that there are more measurable direct ways to help lower carbon emissions rather than twiddling with hard-to-guess variables
16:21<akerl>Cloud computing, as a small-scale consumer, isn’t the slice of the pie I’d probably optimize on
16:24<millisa>so it is settled then. we are all ordering 4 more raspberry pi's.
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16:35<skyfaller>akerl: According to one source, the internet's carbon footprint had probably surpassed that of global air travel in 2015, and I'm sure it's only gotten worse since then. The small number of websites I control won't make a practical difference, but the choices we make as an industry matter, and I'd like to raise awareness
16:39<kharlan11>solar powered servers?
16:40<kharlan11>I used to stay in an apartment complex in japan for some work, and right in front of it was this huge solar panel field. Apparently it powered my complex as well as a few others.. and I think a preschool right next door.
16:42<kharlan11>it's always nice seeing it in practice vs just hearing about it.
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17:32<sm[m]>skyfaller: quite right!
17:32<sm[m]>here's one thing I bookmarked:
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19:14<berkay>linode take 5$ for registering
19:14<berkay>and my account balance is 0$
19:15<berkay>what is that?
19:16<akerl>Where does it say your balance is $0
19:16<berkay>in panel
19:17<berkay>Billing Information Uninvoiced Balance: $0.01 Current Balance: $0.00
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19:28<akerl>Pretty sure that’s showing the amount you *owe*
19:28<akerl>Eugene: is this page accurate??
19:41<rnowak>the throne is soon yours - "akerl's faithful follower, mcintosh, kicked about 53 people."
19:42<dzho>rnowak: long time no see
19:43*dzho did the "is that racist" thing on that phrase and, sadly, yeah probably
19:43<dzho>so, to rephrase ...
19:43<dzho>rnowak: hello. good to see you. it's been a while.
19:47<dzho>rnowak: you still complicit in torturing spin-1/2 nuclei to watch them squirm?
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19:50<rnowak>things went a different way, I work on some software suite for life sciences R&D these days
19:50<rnowak>and you, dzho?
19:54<dzho>it had already been a long time since I did any magnetic resonance work when last we talked of this stuff, but I've got a fun, albeit only occasional gig teaching about free and open source software
19:55-!-spiki [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:55<dzho>so, I got that going for me
19:56<dzho>more recently, I'm trying to catch up on this whole Square-bans-AGPL story
19:57<rnowak>hah, yeah, I read about that. Sounds like a crazy kneejerk reaction with some dubious understanding by their legal people
20:19<Eugene>akerl - as accurate as my ZNC logs and pisg can be.
20:19<Eugene>!lick zifnab
20:19<linbot>Eugene: Point given to zifnab. (26) (Biggest fan: eugene, total: 23)
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20:25<zifnab>!point Eugene
20:25<linbot>zifnab: Point given to eugene. (80)
20:26<zifnab>Eugene: upper west side is interesting
20:27<zifnab>My hotels are 42nd/10th. I walked up to 72nd along the tiger
20:27<zifnab>River even
20:33<Eugene>Neat. I bet its totally changed since I was last there
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20:43<alan>I'm trying to make my root directory to be and then any other url/link works fine
20:43<alan>I've tried adding some code into my .htaccess but it doesn't seem to be working
20:44<alan>Redirect "ONLY" the domain's root URL to a subdirectory is what I followed
20:44<alan>sorry i meant root url not directory **
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21:03<Luckst0r_>everything ok in tokyo?
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22:04<_HrDownTime>2 hour down time? Can I switch IP to a different machines in the same data center?
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