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01:01<Cromulent>does anyone know how hard it is to set up an RTMPS server at all?
01:02<Cromulent>I'm curious about having my own private website which I live stream to from a GoPro Hero 7 Black camera
01:04<Cromulent>hmm I guess a Vimeo premium subscription and embed in a Wordpress blog on my Linode might work
01:05<Cromulent>ouch £70 a month
01:06<troy>Cromulent: i played around with ngnix-rtmp a year or two back and got it working, cant remember it being too hard
01:06<Cromulent>cool thanks - I'll have a look into it
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05:03<linbot>New news from community: How to use my own nameserver hostname, but use Linode DNS manager <>
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07:26<cipher>hey guys
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09:40<de_ai>will u accept indian credit card
09:42<akerl>Does it have a visa/MasterCard/etc logo on it?
09:42<de_ai>master card both
09:42<akerl>It’s a visa and a MasterCard?
09:42<de_ai>i have visa and mastercard
09:42<akerl>Either one should work
09:43<de_ai>how the payment is possible , because dollar to inr conversion
09:43<de_ai>sorry inr to dollar conversion
09:44<LouWestin>I believe the credit card companies figure that out automatically
09:45<de_ai>oh fine thanks
09:45<de_ai>Thanks for your great time
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09:47<LouWestin>For reference, according to one site, $5 usd would be 347.75 Rubies.
09:49<LouWestin>I know credit card companies did exchange rates when I was in Canada visiting. But exchange rates change daily since I was cashing out USD for Canada currency
09:57<ericoc>was there any extra fee associated with the conversion
09:58<ericoc>i guess that depends on the card company?
09:59<LouWestin>As for credit cards, not sure. I only cashed out at the bank, so there wasn’t any fees there.
09:59<ericoc>i feel like gandi is in France and used to charge in euros, so visa would hit me with a fee for international transaction
10:00<ericoc>sooo namecheap.
10:00<LouWestin>I was on a group trip which some used CC’s, some cashed out, and some paid in USD
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11:09<akerl>Chase Sapphire is <3, no foreign fees
11:10<cobby88>Hey there, does booting via a stackscript work for you at the moment?
11:10<akerl>cobby88: does it not work for you?
11:10<cobby88>Nope, tried a simply Hello World
11:10<akerl>What happened
11:10<cobby88>nothing happens
11:10<cobby88>also tried a community script
11:11<cobby88>are there any prerequisites?
11:11<akerl>So, you hit “deploy from stackscript”
11:11<akerl>And the page just goes white
11:11<akerl>Whole computer turns off?
11:11<cobby88>No, the node will get deployed, but the script is not executed
11:11<cobby88>e.g. tried to install java
11:11<akerl>Pastebin your stackscript?
11:14<cobby88>tried with ubuntu 18.04
11:14<akerl>That command would hang forever, wouldn’t it?
11:14<akerl>I bet if you connect to Lish, the script is just chilling there
11:18<cobby88>What you mean? How would I see that?
11:19<cobby88>Under "StackScripts" the counter of actively deployed units was increased for the respective script
11:20<akerl>That script will start and then hang, waiting for user input, when it gets to `apt install`
11:20<akerl>Because that command asks for the user to confirm
11:20<akerl>I bet if you connect to your Linode via LISH, you’ll find the script hanging out there
11:22<cobby88>Just to get it right, the script will be started after the vm is deployed and booted? So a Hello World script should echo me Hello World when I connect the first time?
11:26<armiller8>When the VM is booted and when you connect the first time are two different times. The script starts when the VM is booted
11:26<akerl>As armiller8 said, the StackScript runs as soon as the Linode boots for the first time
11:27<akerl>Any output from the script is printed on the serial console, which you can see via LISH (hence why I keep suggesting you log in to look at the LISH console)
11:28<akerl>So the first time you SSH in could be before the script starts, or while it’s running, or after it’s done
11:28<armiller8>For the script you posted earlier you should probably add the `-y` flag to automatically have apt say yes when prompted. It will finish installing the packages you want and won't hang
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12:28<cobby88>Thanks guys! I made the script workig up to the point where java is installed. However, the scp-part doesn't work. Nothing is fetched from the remote server. When I execute the steps manually it works perfectly. Are scp operations not allowed in stackscripts?
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12:35<cobby88>Anyone, any idea
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12:57<dwfreed>cobby88: what error message does scp give?
13:05<nuevu>cobby88: Have you connected via Lish while that's running, or hung, to check the output?
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13:15<cobby88>The problem is: /root/StackScript: line 13: /root/.ssh/known_hosts: No such file or directory
13:15<cobby88>I don't get the error when I execute the line directly on the console
13:31<dwfreed>you need to mkdir /root/.ssh
13:31<dwfreed>ssh will do that for you when you say yes to accepting the key
13:31<dwfreed>cobby88: ^
13:34<cobby88>ah, thanks so much
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17:25<linbot>New news from community: python 2 vs 3 problem? <>
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19:04<LouWestin>Good morning
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19:12<evr0n>good morning
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