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04:18<novpiseth>hello all I would like to ask for idea i use netstat and found that my own ip address of my server request to view one website
04:18<novpiseth> 37 my_own_ip_server
04:19<novpiseth>it was 37 connection
04:25<nate>can you re-say that? I'm not sure what you're trying to ask
04:27<nate>Are you trying to say you saw an outbound connection from your linode and are trying to figure out why? There's any variety of reasons possibly why, is there something that gives you an impression it was a malicious request?
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05:33<hawk>nate: I think they are saying that they see in the logs that their server is making connections to itself
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05:44<nate>Yeah it's the "to view one website" bit that's mostly throwing me off lol
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05:44<Neel>Hello, does linode provide free trial period? Does it require credit card info to set up or can i set up without the same as well?
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06:15<@pwoods>oops, wrong temrinal. That's an alias for something. :/
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07:32<biesbjerg>My VPN suddenly becomes unresponsive every other couple of days. I have a feeling cpu usage goes through the roof for some reason, making it unresponsive. It happens at different times of day, so I havent been able to identify any cronjobs that might be responsible. Any tips how I might debug this? (And is this the correct place to ask?)
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07:45<exp>Is this forum to request assistance with Linode vps?
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07:53<exp>Which is best?
07:54<exp>two small $5 vps or one large $10 vps
07:54<LouWestin>Depends on what you’re doing or need
07:54<exp>Want to split critical client stiff from my coding stuff
07:55<LouWestin>Two separate servers would be better
07:55<exp>may loose cost savings for larger vps, but just worried that I may mess up server where client information is kept on...what do you think?
07:56<exp>So two small ones?
07:56<LouWestin> Yes
07:56<exp>I can always increase size later on
07:56<exp>And one can't really "split up" a large vps??
07:57<LouWestin>Well you could run multiple services on one VPs
07:59<LouWestin>Like say five separate websites on VPS
07:59<exp>just thinking of having a dedicated mail vps, as its a once off setup, and I'll just be adding/deleting users...not installing plugins or tools for my dev work
07:59<exp>oh ok
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08:00<exp>Correct put websites on one box, as it involves coding ect, and dont want to do this on live client box
08:01<LouWestin>But having a testing server and production server separate would be best like you mentioned
08:02<exp>ok, should probably use a test server for that
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08:04<LouWestin>There’s also the back up option which I would add to the client’s server
08:05<nate>Weird, didn't you used to be able to use custom domains w/ gmail without being on a paid account?
08:06<exp>LouWestin thx for your advice
08:06<exp>thanks guys
08:08<LouWestin>You’re welcome
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08:23<dsapikas>Hello folks, I am giving linode a shot, I have set up a basic linode and it has 1000GB "Monthly Network Transfer" on the same time when i go to my dashboard, it says 456GB "This Month's Network Transfer Pool" can you explain me why there are two different quotas ?
08:24<Zr40>the monthly transfer of all your linodes gets added together in one pool
08:24<akerl>dsapikas: we’re ~50% of the way through the month
08:24<Zr40>it's less when it's prorated, like when you would add an instance in the middle of the month
08:25<dsapikas>ah, so that means that July the 1st the traffic resets, idependently of my linode's billing cycle
08:25<akerl>Your Linode’s “billing cycle”, such as it is, also happens on the 1st of the month
08:26<akerl>It’s possible you’ll be invoiced more often, if you’re accruing a lot of expenses, but at the least-frequently, you’ll be invoiced once a month on the 1st
08:35<dsapikas>thank you, i understand now, so if i want to use the full machines traffice in the first days of the billing cycle eg: initial migration, i will have to pay 50% of the VM's cost + $0.02 / GB for the rest of that
08:47<akerl>Yes, or add more servers, since the transfer pool is shared between all of them
08:54<dsapikas>thank you very much all of the info :D
08:54<dsapikas>ah, there is no karma bot here ? :D
08:55<@pwoods>point akerl
08:55<@pwoods>!point akerl
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08:55<@pwoods>There you go, dsapikas
08:55<dsapikas>nice thnak you
08:55<dsapikas>!point pwoods
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09:43<Kham>any one here?
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09:55<webvictim>if you wait more than 50 seconds, maybe!
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11:09<Eugene>!caress zifnab
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11:13<softinio>so I use my linode for developing java/scala apps ... they can be resource hungry when compiling them when compiling I see big CPU usage spikes where my linode dashboard would show 200% usage
11:14<softinio>when my linode shows 200% and I have 2 core account assume thats means both utilized
11:14<grawity>compiling is a CPU-intensive task, yes
11:14<softinio>sometimes things get very slow and hangs
11:15<softinio>so am looking at upgrading my linode to make things better
11:15<softinio>am I better off with a dedicated plan but lower spec or a higher standard plan?
11:15<softinio>currently on standard plan the $20 per month one
11:16<Peng>Is CPU the issue?
11:16<millisa>you could try both. you can migrate to/from dedicated (as long as your disk fits)
11:16<grawity>I'm kinda suspecting RAM tbh, but I'd first investigate closer
11:18<softinio>both memory and cpu seem to max out going by the longflow graphs
11:18<Eugene>learn to use `nice` to de-prioritize your compiling processes
11:18<softinio>nice ?
11:18<millisa>or clone your linode to all the ones you want to try and compile side by side and see which one acts nicer. you pay for the hours you have the extra spun up. it's a low cost/low risk test
11:18<Peng>softinio: man nice
11:19<gparent>nice man
11:19<akerl>Is nice smart enough in 2019 to use cpu cgroups?
11:19<Eugene>are cgroups smart enough to respect nice
11:19<gparent>are you implying you're smarter than nice?
11:19<Peng>millisa: Tests could be influenced by other factors like CPU model or contention. Or rebooting into a kernel with more speculative execution mitigations.
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11:23<softinio>looked at man page for nice not sure if it will have a positive impact on day to day usage
11:24<Peng>It might, depending on what's wrong.
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11:24<softinio>millisa: thats a good idea but I lack time to do the setup .... unless u think I can create an image of one working one and then use to create all linodes
11:25<softinio>Peng: guess as nice new to me just a learning curve to use and it an know what to expect
11:28<softinio>meant and I don't know what to expect
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11:32<softinio>to try nice do a i want a more favorable setting or less ?
11:34<Peng>For "nice", a bigger number means it will run slower at a lower priority.
11:35<softinio>so do I want to slow it down so the resource usage is spread more?
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14:35<n0x>is there any reps from Linode here available?
14:35<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
14:35<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
14:35<LouWestin>All the ops
14:45<@pwoods>n0x: what's up?
14:56<n0x>do you guys have a limit on can-spam compliant mailing?
14:56<n0x>for bulk mail
14:56<n0x>also do you guys have dedicated IP's?
14:56<Peng>You can send as much non-spam email as you can. You can send zero spam. ;)
14:56<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
14:57<n0x>so an ARIN form is needed?
14:57<Peng>Do you need more than one IPv4 IP?
14:57<millisa>You get one with each linode. If you need more than one, you need to do that style justification
14:58<akerl>Notably, “I plan to send lots of email” is not a valid justification
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15:00<Elizabeth>When you will open your India Data center
15:00<akerl>When it’s ready?
15:00<millisa>they have a form you can put in for notification on it
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15:08<Peng>How 'bout that eh
15:12<dwfreed>fun stuff
15:15<millisa>I guess sack attack was taken. or flix sack paddy whack
15:16<LouWestin>Debian’s email list sent out a kernel patch notice a little while ago
15:22<Peng>Ubuntu wrote it up, but I don't see new packages yet.
15:23<LouWestin>I’ve noticed that Linode’s mirror doesn’t sync as quickly than Debian’s
15:24<Peng> \o/
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15:25<dwfreed>fun fact: ubuntu security updates are in the main repo too
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15:30<Peng>So if your sources.list is in the right order, and your mirror is up-to-date, you can download 'em fast instead of pulling from
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18:31<alan> having issues with this query
18:31<alan>my quotes are wrong
18:31<alan>but I can't seem to get the right combination
18:34<millisa>echo your $ql out and look at it?
18:35<kharlan11>^^ :p
18:39<linbot>New news from community: How much money? If My Linode is Powered Off. <>
18:45<alan>fixed it thank you!
18:46<millisa>I'm going to start saying "look at it" more often.
18:52<alan>!point Millisa
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19:00<Peng>What percentage of Linode's IPv6 traffic is neighbor discovery?
19:01<linbot>New news from kernels: Latest 64 bit (5.1.5-x86_64-linode126) <> || Latest 32 bit (5.1.5-x86-linode146) <> || 5.1.11-x86_64-linode127 <> || 5.1.11-x86-linode147 <>
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19:21<ojuz>Hi, am I the only one experiencing 502 errors on API resulting in "There was an error retrieving your Linodes. Please try again later."?
19:22<millisa>v4 api?
19:22<ojuz>for example just gives 502 bad gateway
19:22<millisa>are you testing with curl?
19:22<ojuz>i'm not sure why
19:23<ojuz>nope, i've seen them in my browser developer tools
19:25<ojuz>i'm not able to see my dashboard
19:26<millisa>I've been using
19:26<ojuz>does that link work for you?
19:27<LouWestin>Both links give me a 502
19:27<millisa>looks like maybe something is broken. used to come up without auth
19:28<ojuz>ok, thanks for the confirmation, I thought my account was banned :p
19:28<millisa>ooh, yep. just noticed all my hourly api checks are going red :)
19:29<millisa>looks like my first failure to it got logged about 15 mins ago
19:32<ojuz>hmm.. i'm not sure how to contact them really fast
19:32<LouWestin>!point ojuz
19:32<linbot>LouWestin: Point given to ojuz. (1)
19:34<Peng>Ah, that 5.1.11 kernel fixes SACK Panic.
19:34<Peng>Pretty fast, Linode.
19:36<millisa>ojuz: for critical things, I usually open a ticket then call them. they usually have you update the ticket with 'I am talking to $name' to verify you
19:37<ojuz>and I am not able to open a ticket because of api error xd
19:37<millisa>oh - use the old manager.
19:37<ojuz>oh, are they still available?
19:38<millisa> - should get you in.
19:38<millisa>if it's killing the interface, I'd be surprised if they weren't aware of it
19:38<millisa>looks like they just put up a status on it
19:38<ojuz>Wow, big thanks. I thought they just deprecated the old page recently
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19:42<alan> if I store the following data in my database in a column called "reminders" how would I access it as a json object to retrieve the value of reminder 1 2 or 3 ?
19:43<linbot>New news from status: Service issues - Cloud Manager and APIv4 <>
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19:46<millisa>json_objectagg maybe if you are on 5.7+
19:47<millisa>er, mysql 5.7+ that is
19:48<alan>I think I'm on 8
19:49<kharlan11>I know mariadb has json_extract
19:50<kharlan11>but their json extraction/modification functions would only be useful in simple scenarios
19:52<alan>should i just create another tasble called reminders and setup reminder1, reminder2, etc inside that table?
19:52<kharlan11>I think he's asking how to parse it, not convert multiple cols into json?
19:52<kharlan11>alan: I usually store my json as a TEXT and use my code to do the parsing.
19:53<kharlan11>use nosql if you're going to be developing a json heavy app
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19:54<alan>I'm tying to do this with mysql idk why it's so hard
19:56<kharlan11>rdms isn't really meant for that heh.
19:56<alan>so whats the easiest solution
19:56<alan>or proper way to do what I'm trying to achieve
19:59<kharlan11>if this reminder data is the only json data and it's very simple ( you don't have arrays within arrays within arrays ), then just use the extract functions that mysql/mariadb provide
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20:01<alan>returns NULL
20:01<kharlan11>wait no.
20:01<kharlan11>that's php.
20:01<alan>when i try to json_deocde what I sent via bpaste
20:02<kharlan11>you don't have '"' around your on/off data
20:02<kharlan11>"on" and "off" not on and off
20:04<alan>!point kharlan11
20:04<linbot>alan: Point given to kharlan11. (1)
20:04<alan>aha that returns data now when I decode
20:04<kharlan11>wow. i lost my virginity. thank you.
20:05<alan>now if i want to retriueve reminder 1 now thta I deocded it
20:05<kharlan11>alan: you should full stop though. Go back and figure out what data you're trying to store and in what format.. then goto google/ddg and type in 'what's the best way to store csv, json, etc'
20:06<kharlan11>mysql isn't the best for json.
20:07<alan>it's not actually json, it's just the way i chose to store it so i dont need to make multiple columns
20:07<alan>there's going to be maybe 7 reminders total so 4 more records thats IT
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20:14<millisa>ojuz: i'm starting to see api recovery alerts from my stuff
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20:41<alan>$packageExpiry = $data->{'package expiry'}; is this not correct to access my json decoded data?
20:46<alan>idk why its not working
20:47<alan> Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in
20:50-!-alan [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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21:06<kharlan11>oh boi
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22:27<wen>hi millisa, are you linode support personnel ?
22:28<millisa>just a customer.
22:28<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
22:29<wen>is anyone encountered error message "550 Ip frequency limited" from the linux email server that setup in linode ? thanks,
22:30<millisa>That is logged receiving mail? or sending?
22:31<wen>its bounce back an email when sending email to China email address.
22:34<millisa>This probably applies:
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23:01<youyou>How is lionde charged?
23:02-!-wen [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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23:04<rsdehart>"How does billing work"
23:04-!-tux0r [~yaaic@2602:306:348c:93e0:4dc9:7f42:e36b:2ae] has joined #linode
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23:04<rsdehart>youyou: ^^
23:05<youyou>When I choose 5 dollars, but close within 2 days, how to charge?
23:06<rsdehart>youyou: probably the end of the billing cycle (month)
23:06<rsdehart>though if you close within two days you shouldn't be charged
23:07<rsdehart>more specifically, invoices go out on the first of the month USA time
23:08<youyou>Because every time I use it is very short, but my bill always has a fee, I don't know how this cost is generated.
23:09<Peng>!pricing shows how much Linodes cost per hour.
23:10<youyou>I read the documentation, but still did not understand. If we don’t have a month, we will charge by the hour. Does this mean?
23:14<rsdehart>that's what the "How does hourly billing work" is about
23:16<LouWestin>You’re charged if it’s on or off.
23:17-!-arby [] has joined #linode
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23:17<arby>What sort of propagation times are folks currently seeing between DNS AXFRs *to* "axfr[1..5]", and population of records to "ns[1..5]"?
23:17<arby>I'm recently seeing ~30-45 mins. Seems longer than it used to be; IIRC ~ 15mins?
23:18<youyou>How many US ips do you have?
23:18<youyou>How many US ip addresses are there?
23:19-!-tux0r [~yaaic@2602:306:348c:93e0:4dc9:7f42:e36b:2ae] has quit [Quit: Lettin' the dogs out...]
23:20<Peng>arby: It should be basically instant, plus caching (which was 30 seconds - 15 minutes, based on your TTL).
23:20-!-idin54 [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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23:21<Ikaros>IPs? Unfortunately...not enough.
23:22-!-idin54 [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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23:22<idin54>hello, any support available here ?
23:22<idin54>i need help. i cant access my account. cannot retrieve both username and password.
23:24<arby>Peng: hrm. i may have a 'clogged intertube' somewherez ...
23:25<Peng>I just updated a zone and it worked within 20 seconds.
23:26<youyou> How many US ip addresses lindo
23:26<Peng>youyou: enough
23:26<youyou> How many US ip addresses linode
23:26<youyou>but how many
23:26<youyou>can you tell me?thanks
23:27<arby>Peng: by "your TTL", you _are_ referring to the NegativeCachingTTL, not the Refresh/Retry?
23:28-!-idin54 [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:28<Peng>arby: Whatever TTL is relevant. The negative TTL, or the TTLs of records that do exist.
23:30<arby>Should be 5 secs here ... for fast dev-time changes. clearly, I've horked something. again.
23:31<Peng>Last I heard, it will cache for 30 seconds in that case.
23:31<youyou>can you help me .peng
23:32<youyou>thanks very much
23:32<Peng>youyou: I don't understand your question.
23:32<Peng>youyou: Do you want to know how many IP addresses Linode has? A lot.
23:32<Peng>youyou: Do you want to know how many IP addresses a single Linode VPS has?
23:32<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
23:32<Ikaros>^ that
23:33<youyou>How can I add multiple ip addresses?
23:33<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
23:33<Ikaros>1 each. Additional IPv4 address regulation is very strict, not very many things qualify as "technical justification".
23:33<Peng>To get more IPv6 addresses, submit a support ticket asking for them.
23:34<Ikaros>IPv6 is freely available.
23:34<youyou>when i buy $5,just got 1 ip
23:34<Ikaros>Yeah and by default that's all you're alloted.
23:34<youyou>i want to more ip
23:34<youyou>so can you tell me how can i do ?
23:35<Peng>We did.
23:35<Peng>Do you want more IPv4 or IPv6 addresses?
23:37<Ikaros>If you have valid technical justification for an additional IPv4 address, you can contact support and request them...buuut, not many reasons qualify these days afaik because the IPv4 address pool is pretty much exhausted, thus they must be strictly regulated. If you want more IPv6 addresses just open a ticket and ask for like a /64 or /56 block, those you can get without any sort of
23:37<Ikaros>justification 'cause there's plenty of those.
23:38<youyou>but i do not kown what is ipv4 or ipv6
23:39<youyou>i see the ip like:
23:39<arby>Peng: in your 'test', Linode's DNS is a slave to your on-Linode DNS host?
23:39<Ikaros>youyou: That would be an IPv4. And those are strictly regulated. You want more, you'll need to prove your technical need for them.
23:39<Peng>arby: Yes
23:40<arby>well, scratch THAT then ...
23:40<arby>ah, there it goes! 22mins.
23:40*arby scratches head
23:40<youyou>Okay thank you,
23:41<Ikaros>youyou: If you have valid technical justification just contact support via ticket asking for more, give them your technical reason why you need them, and wait for a response.
23:41-!-Shentino [~shentino@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:43<youyou>ok thanks
23:44-!-TJ- [~root@2a02:8011:2007:0:49b6:af6c:c453:72b2] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 2.5]
23:45<arby>Peng: are you running nsd4 on your host, perchance?
23:45<Peng>No, this was PowerDNS
23:46*arby stares suspiciously at "xfrdfile:" in conf file ...
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