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03:41<linbot>New news from community: Redirect DNS only works for www/html, not for www/html/website <>
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04:23*JamesTK eats
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04:36<_8mua> Hosted by Linode
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04:46<_8mua>i want to help
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05:19<chesty>I saw the GPU instances. not for me anyway but damn I didn't realise how expensive gpus were. $6,300 to buy an rtx6000? god damn. my car costs less than $2000
05:42<linbot>New news from community: How do I configure DNS for my Linode? <>
06:02<linbot>New news from community: CPU usage 100% <>
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06:46<marques>chesty: tbf, you can't rent a car for a few minutes or hours and only get charged for that time
06:48<trippeh_>chesty: and thats the "cheap" ones
06:49<chesty>I wasn't aware you could rent an rtx6000 from nvidia or a computer store for a few minutes or hours either.
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08:23<tsglove>Yeah I just saw the GPU news. Good stuff for the Linode team. Thank you for that.
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08:25<ranjan>can i download backup file
08:26<DrJ>if you are talking about linode backups
08:27<DrJ>you should implement a seperate offsite backup solution
08:28<DrJ>I personally just rsync every night to a home server to a zfs pool and then snapshot
08:28<@pwoods>ranjan: Here's our guide for a workaround to downloading one of your Linode Backups:
08:32<@pwoods>So, while you can't download a Backup directly, you can deploy the backup in question, then you can use that backup to either download specific files/directories, or the entire Linode as an image
09:02<linbot>New news from community: promo code <>
09:42<ranjan>not download file option
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13:13<linbot>New news from community: Announcement: Linode Mumbai Data Center Beta <>
13:19<Peng>: O
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13:48<ssa>So I went to just because. Who does that?!
13:48<@jhaas>I assume those characters are what you'll be storing on the new space
13:48<millisa>didn't bump the transfer, but the disks match the non-dedicated now
13:49<millisa>makes it easy to migrate back and forth
13:49<ssa>Haha thank you
13:49<ssa>This is something I wishfully asked for like 3-4 weeks ago
13:49<millisa>oooh. then ask for the transfer to be matched this week. and a puppy.
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13:49<ssa>Because I've had disk space constraints on a database that was also making good use of dedicated CPUs
13:50<ssa>*database cluster
13:50<LouWestin>Christmas came early
13:50<ssa>Just got saved from an expensive migration out of linode for this project!
13:50<ssa>So grateful! SO SO SO happy!
13:51<ssa>And since we were able to up-budget for the no-longer-necessary migration, we'll be upgrading our linodes! :D
13:51<ssa>Hi neighbours! LouWestin millisa
13:52<LouWestin>Good evening
13:52<millisa>if that excites, you might be interested in the beta they mentioned on the blog a bit ago
13:52<ssa>Tell me it's a firewall??
13:52<millisa>er, community, not blog -
13:52<millisa>nah, but might be interesting based on your ip
13:53<ssa>It's pretty far from me :D
13:54<ssa>I'm up north in Punjab!
13:54<millisa>the area with the far superior food
13:55<ssa>Turbanland :D
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13:56<ssa>Talking about wishes coming true here. Can I get a flag to only get Xeon Gold nodes? :)
13:56<millisa>I wish something like that was an option. I'd mark a preference for the amd epyc procs
13:57<ssa>Might be unpopular, given how much the community loves Epyc (and for good reasons)
13:57<ssa>It kind pinches when you get a allocated a xeon broadwell/haswell from almost 6 years ago
13:58<ssa>Not all cores are the same™
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14:04<ssa>How do you guys setup your firewall in linode?
14:04<ssa>With setups having more than 8-10 servers?
14:04<LouWestin>I use iptables.
14:04<millisa>I use ansible to do the firewalld setups mostly.
14:05<ssa>And what about internal communication?
14:05<kharlan11>just write a script once to add each rule.
14:05<ssa>Do you block all rfc1918 (192.168.x.x) addresses except those of your other linodes?
14:06<gparent_>sounds easier to whitelist your linodes
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14:06<kharlan11>I set my default in/out to deny so it blocks everything unless I specifically allow it.
14:10<kharlan11>it'd be pretty simple to automate if you create/destroy linodes frequently. You'd just need a central server to download new rules from.
14:14<ssa>Since I'm already using ansible, I think this should work
14:14<ssa>- ufw: rule=allow src='{{ hostvars[item].ipv4_address_private }}'
14:15<ssa> loop: '{{ groups.all }}'
14:15<Zr40>doesn't linode guarantee only your own linodes can communicate with each other on the internal network?
14:16<ssa>Given that the inventory source contains all nodes.
14:16<ssa>Zr40: The "private network"?
14:16<ssa>It's only private to the data center, afaik
14:17<LouWestin>I believe they said the private network should be considered like its public
14:18<ssa>It was quite a surprise when I learnt that the private network isn't actually so.
14:19<ssa>Perhaps a subtle subtext near the private network option would be useful
14:19<gparent>probably because it existed before stuff like AWS held your hand the whole way
14:19<gparent>it's a network with private addresses for linodes
14:19<gparent>private network!
14:21<gparent>Zr40: I think the only guarantee is that I can't spoof your IP and intercept your traffic, but I haven't tried. If I cared about that I'd use VPN.
14:27<@jhaas>gparent: that's correct, you can't spoof IPs or MACs, but the "
14:27<@jhaas>private network" is private to the whole DC
14:29<LouWestin>I’m assuming the DC holds other systems besides just Linode correct?
14:30<@jhaas>Sorry I should be very clear; I'm only referring to linodes in the same datacenter. You definitely don't have to worry about other company's things
14:30<@jhaas>Any linode instance in the same DC can try to connect to your linode's private address if it wants to try
14:31<@jhaas>Also, FWIW, we're working on private VLANs but no ETA on that yet
14:31<LouWestin>Ok then Linode’s system would be on their own network ID
14:37<Peng>ssa: The nice thing about old CPUs is that they have different vulnerabilities. :D
14:37<Peng>ssa: And if you're lucky you'll be on a half-empty host that other users have abandoned. :D
14:37<gparent>It's better if you have a choice.
14:38<gparent>Would be boring to only be vulnerable to MDS.
14:40<ssa>Yeah that's right. I want all my servers to be scheduled for maintenance
14:41<Zr40>only about half of mine are
14:41<ssa>same (Dallas)
14:42<LouWestin>You could run Fedora to make things even more fun
14:42<Peng>I've seen E5-2680 v3s scheduled for maintenance and not
14:42<gparent>is this one of those maintenances where if I recreate my linode I might avoid it?
14:43<ssa>Might as well use a dedicated pfsense node for firewall
14:43<Peng>If you do something to land on a different host -- like resize -- you'll get one that doesn't need maintenance.
14:43<Peng>Feel free to upgrade. ;)
14:43<gparent>I'd still be happy with Linode 256.
14:43<ssa>gparent: I remember reading that you can't skip the scheduled downtime.
14:43<gparent>ssa: that's essentially correct, but if the linode that needs maintenance doesn't exist anymore that's different.
14:44<ssa>Unless you manage to migrate to a server that doesn't need maintenance downtime
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15:23<ssa>Is a linode sponsored project?
15:24<linbot>New news from community: Best way to upgrade from Debian 7 to Debian 8/9 <>
15:24<gparent>Have you looked at the readme?
15:25<ssa>I know it is. I'm just trying to start a conversation :(
15:25<gparent>CAN'T HELP YOU WITH THAT ONE /s
15:25<millisa>"Did you see that ludicrous display last night?"
15:26<kharlan11>aye wenger yada yada
15:26<millisa>The thing about Arsenal is, they always try to walk it in
15:27<ssa>gparent: see. now I'm going to look odd if I say another thing about terraform
15:27<kharlan11>millisa: oops srry I forgot the line :(. It was like 'what was wenger thinking?!'
15:27<millisa>("What was Wenger thinking sending Walcott on that early?")
15:27<ssa>(... having breaking syntax changes in 0.12.x, and Linode's provider not working with it for a few weeks now.)
15:31<@bbigger>ssa: We're working with Hashicorp on support for Terraform 0.12 — problem will likely resolve if you switch to a prior version such as 0.11.14
15:33<millisa>there's a how to here (it uses 11.9 in the examples)
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15:37<ssa>bbigger: good to know! thanks!
15:38<ssa>I'm held by linode and dnsimple for this one. All others are providers that I'm using are ready for 0.12.
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15:39<ssa>millisa: If you're also using ansible, this provider bridges the ansible <-> terraform gap really well:
15:40<ssa>Generates you an ansible inventory/hosts file based on what you define in your terraform config.
15:41<ssa>And by mixing in a linode_instance's tags as its ansible_host's groups, the experience gets quite smooth on ansible side.
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16:59<test>does anybody know what Linode's refund policy is for a dedicated CPU plan?
16:59<test>AKA is there a trial period, or?
17:01<dwfreed>Linode has a general 7 day money back guarantee; I have not heard anything saying that it would not apply to the dedicated CPU plans
17:02<LouWestin>Credit card required too
17:02<test>Ok thanks guys
17:03<dwfreed>do note that they'll only let you do this once, and they will track to see if you're attempting to do it again
17:03<LouWestin>Been here 4 years now. Service is great
17:04<test>I am looking at the $60 plan
17:04<test>looks nice
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19:19<Dreamer3>does linode block port 25?
19:19<dwfreed>They do
19:19<dwfreed>but it's unlikely they would have done it for you unless you were spamming and unresponsive to an abuse ticket
19:20<dwfreed>LouWestin: when Linode was doing free trials, outbound port 25 ended up restricted because of spam issues
19:20<Dreamer3>so i'd have to write support to have it checked?
19:21<dwfreed>what are you trying to do?
19:22<Dreamer3>just trying to find out why 25 seems closed
19:22<Peng>Inbound or outbound?
19:22<LouWestin>dwfreed: K
19:22<dwfreed>Linode doesn't touch inbound, only outbound
19:22<Dreamer3>inbound 25
19:22<dwfreed>and it would be outbound *destination* port 25
19:22<dwfreed>Dreamer3: where are you checking from?
19:23<Dreamer3>oh good point :)
19:23<MrPPS>you have of course verified service is running + firewall is allowing it?
19:23<Dreamer3>let me get outside this netwokr
19:23<dwfreed>many residential ISPs block outbound port 25 outside of their network, to combat spam
19:23<Dreamer3>sorry i'm used to not having network traffic blocked
19:23<Dreamer3>it's open, sorry for the bother :)
19:23<Dreamer3>silly coffeeshop
19:24<dwfreed>another valid place to have outbound port 25 blocked
19:24<dwfreed>which reminds me I should add that to the firewall rules
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19:26<Dreamer3>yeah i understand why :)
19:27<Dreamer3>just wasn't thinking of it
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19:42<kharlan11>all the coffeeshops I've been to are a security nightmare. They usually have 1 network for internal/customers and use default passwords for their routers and/or isp provided gateways.
19:44<kharlan11>and since these pos systems are all in the cloud, one click and they're down until they can call support.. a few more clicks and they'll be down until a tech comes by.
19:46<kharlan11>it's always good to just throw a 'change the default password' tip their way if nothing else :p
19:50<gparent>at which point they'll call a tech because they don't know how
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21:24<LouWestin>Yesterday fellow softball dad/neighbor asks me what I know about subnetting. Mentions his boss wants him to know the stuff, etc.
21:24<Guest5088>"Yeah, sure, it's the process of sewing a small fishing net into a larger one to catch different fish, right?"
21:25<LouWestin>I pull up notes from class from two years ago and tell him to get a IP calculator on his phone. lol
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21:25<LouWestin>Forget the boss wanting you memorize that crap
21:27<LouWestin>I gave him some other beginner resources and said good luck!
21:27<dzho>IPv4 is small enough, I don't need to memorize--I can figure it out eventually.
21:27<MrPPS>haha, it's good to know how/why it all works the way it does
21:27<MrPPS>but in practice, subnet calculators are used more often
21:27<dzho>IPv6 fuggedaboutit
21:28<LouWestin>Oh yeah MrPPS for sure.
21:28<LouWestin>dzho: lol yep
21:29<LouWestin>I took a hybrid class and we ran through it so fast I’m hardly an expert lol
21:30<LouWestin>I couldn’t design a network to save my life. Lol
21:31<linbot>Peng: 🔒 2600::,
21:31<linbot>LouWestin: Usage: !dns6 name [type [class]] | IP
21:32<Peng>That's just !dns. :D
21:32*LouWestin slaps forehead
21:32<linbot>LouWestin: (dns <host|ip>) -- Returns the ip of <host> or the reverse DNS hostname of <ip>.
21:33<LouWestin>I’m on irc cloud so it might not show
21:37<dwfreed>Peng: what's the padlock mean
21:37<dwfreed>btw, unicode on irc is asking for a world of pain
21:38<dwfreed>I had to load it in a browser to see that that is what it was
21:39<LouWestin>Peng: Do you run DNSSEC from your own DNS server?
21:44<Peng>Authoritative or a resolver? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
21:47<LouWestin>Ok. I remember having a discussion on it when SSL Labs bragging rights came up. That was long ago.
22:52<MrRobot7>What is the usual time to get a response on a support ticket? It used to be really quick
22:59<dwfreed>MrRobot7: varies wildly; Linode sees a lot more tickets than they used to
22:59<dwfreed>MrRobot7: if it's urgent, call
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