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00:46<linbot>New news from community: How Do I connect linode server to other company's domain? <>
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04:37<Sev>Hi, do you pay when the machine is off herE?
04:37<Sev>at linode
04:39<dsapikas>Sev: yes, you dont pay when it's deleted, when is off the resources are reserved for you
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08:03<ogulcan>hello guys, I have a question. I have closed my Linode server 3 months ago and I've left a mongo db inside the server without a backup... Is there a chance Linode is keeping backups?
08:03<rsdehart>after 3 months, very unlikely. the time I've heard is something like maybe a week
08:03<LouWestin>Did you delete it?
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08:05<ogulcan>I do not own the account my professor was using it. He says he closed the account by contacting support
08:05<LouWestin>He needs to contact support
08:06<@jcardillo>ogulcan: LouWestin is right. your professor would need to contact us to confirm. it's a bit unlikely given the amount of time, but it'd be best to look at the exact account to confirm.
08:06<@jcardillo>if your professor sends an email to, and includes the last six digits of the card that was being charged, we'll be able to locate the account and confirm.
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08:07<ogulcan>as far as I remember he was still chatting with support in May about account deletion maybe we still have a chance
08:07<ogulcan>thank you guys a lot
08:07<@jcardillo>thanks rsdehart and LouWestin :)
08:07<fannet>hi I'm using the linode API to spin up nodes - one of the parameters is "region" but there are more datacenters than regions - which "region" do I specify if I want a node in Dallas, TX
08:08<LouWestin>Central I believe?
08:09<LouWestin>jcardillo: You’re welcome. Happy Friday
08:11<@jcardillo>fannet: us-central
08:12<LouWestin>Ah yes
08:12<@bbigger>Linode CLI would be useful here for pulling up parameters like regions. Command would be `linode-cli regions list`
08:15<@bbigger>Also, in case anyone missed it, our Mumbai data center is open for beta testing! Details here:
08:18<JamesTK>bbigger: !
08:18<JamesTK>bbigger: is there a test ip i can hit
08:31<@bbigger>JamesTK: check these out
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08:42<rsdehart>mumbai. that's awesome
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09:15<kharlan11>hmm getting about 76 mbits from mumbai from my location.. which is good :p
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09:23<trippeh>750-850Mbps from mumbai to norway heh
09:23<trippeh>using multiple connections however.
09:23<trippeh>(tcp connections, not physical.)
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11:58<Eugene>!lick zifnab
11:58<linbot>Eugene: Point given to zifnab. (31) (Biggest fan: eugene, total: 28)
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12:28<ssa>hi hi
12:28<ssa>On one terminal I run: ssh -L 9090:pingserver.service.internal:9090 root@<public ip>
12:28<ssa>On the other one: curl
12:29<ssa>Strangely, this curl request toggle succeeds (like, it works, then it doesn't, it works, then it doesn't)
12:29<ssa>I get a 'curl: (56) Recv failure: Connection reset by peer' for each time it fails
12:30<ssa>On the tunnel terminal, this shows up: channel 23: open failed: administratively prohibited: open failed
12:30<ssa>And: sshd[17972]: error: connect_to pingserver.service.internal: unknown host (Name or service not known)
12:31<ssa>Would anyone have a clue for what I need to look into?
12:31<ssa>I'm using dnsmasq along with name server on top of /etc/resolv.conf
12:31<ssa>(debian9 with network helper)
12:33<zifnab>!help lick
12:33<linbot>zifnab: (lick <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "web title$nick/$1/".
12:33<zifnab>!alias add poke "web title$nick/$1/".
12:33<linbot>zifnab: I have performed your operation, meatsack. I require your aid. I desire to know more about 'Spork'.
12:33<zifnab>!poke eugene
12:33<linbot>zifnab: (web title <url>) -- Returns the HTML <title>...</title> of a URL.
12:34<zifnab>!alias remove poke
12:34<linbot>zifnab: I have performed your operation, meatsack. I require your aid. I desire to know more about 'Nakama'.
12:35<zifnab>!alias add poke "web title$nick/$1/"
12:35<linbot>zifnab: I have performed your operation, meatsack. Perhaps purchasing a drink for two dollars and ninety eight cents would keep you from dying of dehydration.
12:35<zifnab>!poke eugene
12:35<linbot>zifnab: Point given to eugene. (85) (Biggest fan: jalter, total: 26)
12:37<ssa>ok apparently it's a (local) dns issue
12:39<zifnab>I was about to say it's always dns
12:39<zifnab>Run dig literally everywhere in that chain
12:40<ssa>oddly enough, every subsequent curl request (through ssh tunnel on this local domain) succeeds
12:40<ssa>however, curling on the server itself fails
12:40<ssa>even though dig succeeds with the correct IP !
12:40<ssa>(and curling the ip works)
12:41<ssa>I'm confused
12:41<ssa>But not delusional. Please don't send me to the infirmary.
12:43<millisa>pastebin some non-redacted examples
13:03<millisa>you have localhost as a nameserver along with linode's?
13:03<ssa>I don't think Linode ones get a chance
13:04<ssa>since the name servers are selected in the order they're in resolv.conf
13:04<millisa>options rotate would indicate otherwise
13:04<ssa>!poke millisa
13:04<linbot>ssa: Point given to millisa. (81) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
13:06<ssa>thanks millisa :)
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13:08<ssa>yes! that was it!
13:08<alan>anybody have seen this before and fixed it?
13:08<alan>has anybody**
13:09<ssa>alan: are you perhaps using the right version of php intended for whatever web app you're using?
13:09<millisa>if it's the one from phpmyadmin, get a newer version of phpmyadmin...
13:10<alan>I'm in phpmyadmin
13:10<millisa>talked about here -
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13:12<kharlan11>He's probably using php7.0+ with a very old php admin.
13:12<kharlan11>Earlier php versions would look for a constructor with the same name as the class if __construct was not found. I think they got rid of it in 7.
13:12<alan>E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to cor rect the problem.
13:13<alan>is what happens when I try to run the first command in that pst :Millisa
13:14<millisa>which command?
13:14<alan> apt-get remove --purge phpmyadmin php-gettext php-mbstring -y
13:14<alan>i ran the command given in the erro and now it works
13:15<alan>brought up a commmand prompt asking if i wanna delete all privileges associated with the old one
13:15<alan>i selected no assuming it would keep them as is
13:15<millisa>no idea
13:18<alan>almost done the last step
13:20<alan> phpmyadmin/index.php doesn't work now
13:23<millisa>did you restart apache or php-fpm if that applies? what do the logs say
13:23<alan>no ididn't
13:24<alan>i think i selected manualy setup database so it didn't configure it automatically
13:27<ssa>Is phpmyadmin in the apt repo up to date?
13:28<ssa>Could be useful to install it from official instructions
13:31<alan>yes it is
13:32<alan>re installed the url still wont work
13:32<alan>do i need to reconfigure the symbolic link maybe?
13:35<alan>localhost/phpmyadmin doesn't work
13:38<ssa>You'd have to give us more info for us to help better..
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14:14<alan>OK phpmyadmin works now
14:14<alan>but still have errorrs
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14:58<linbot>New news from community: How to implement dynamically loading/unloading modules in R(while waiting for one module to finish execution)? <>
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15:25<@bbigger>hey jesse_, feel free to ask any questions
15:48<linbot>New news from community: linode-cli Version Mismatch? <>
15:54<@bbigger>!point dwfreed
15:54<linbot>bbigger: Point given to dwfreed. (76) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 17)
15:55<dwfreed>my first thought was to check pypi
15:55<dwfreed>"updated 15 minutes ago"
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17:31<Peng>model name : AMD EPYC 7601 32-Core Processor
17:31<Peng>And b2sum works without being recompiled, what the heck.
17:41<dwfreed>TIL b2sum
17:42<Peng>It's available in apt! I still compile it though.
17:45<dwfreed>it's part of coreutils
17:45<dwfreed>available in stretch, even
17:46<dwfreed>Peng: as long as you didn't build it on a Xeon Gold host, the Epyc has all the same instructions that would be used
17:46<Peng>It was an old E5-2680 v3 :D
17:46<dwfreed>Peng: though if you did an -march=native, the exact assembly may not be optimal for the Epyc
17:47<csnxs>-march=znver1 gang
17:47<Peng>Hmm, a 7601 is like a 7501, but 100-200 MHz faster, has a higher 180 W TDP, and doesn't come with/support/whatever slow RAM.
17:48<dwfreed>csnxs: requires really new gcc, though
17:48<Peng>I can
17:48<Peng>I can't tell if you're joking
17:50<csnxs>gcc >= 6.3 supports znver1! ...though it doesnt do much special until like gcc 8
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21:05<alan>ok im back
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21:15<alan>!point: kharlan11
21:15<alan>!point kharlan11
21:15<linbot>alan: Point given to kharlan11. (2)
21:15<alan>that worked thank you
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