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01:37<ughugh>Is there a way to manually trigger the maintenance needed to fix the zombieland thinger?
01:39<Peng>No. If you can find a way to migrate to a different host -- for example, resizing, or taking a free upgrade -- you'll move to a host that doesn't need maintenance, though.
01:42<ughugh>darn sizes are all what I want. And no free upgrades available.
01:42<ughugh>oh well. I was able to do the most important one by doing the free upgrade route
01:43<ughugh>Thank goodness because doing the automatic migration at 6 pm our local time would have been bad.
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01:52<millisa>size up, don't resize the disk, then size back down. 2 downtimes are better than 1!
01:56<millisa>(it worked when I tried it)
02:00<dwfreed>note that if you do that all in the same hour, you end up paying for the same hour 3 times
02:01<dwfreed>also you will pay noticeably more that month, because you won't hit the monthly caps
02:01<millisa>you were going to move to that 4gpu instance anyways, right? right?
02:03<ughugh>By the way, the classic manager is better than the new dashboard for monitoring migrations
02:20<linbot>New news from community: Modify the car using the car graphics online! <>
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03:31<chered>are standard linodes can be scalable?
03:34<dwfreed>you can create as many Linodes as you like
03:34<dwfreed>resizing between plans requires downtime
03:39<chered>I mean when you want to add resources like ram, cpu or disk space can I do that
03:44<Zr40>yes, you can resize to larger plans
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06:21<ssa>Would it be possible to add a separate network interface device (say eth1) dedicated for private ip? (debian9)
06:22<ssa>The job scheduler I'm using (Hashicorp's Nomad) is only picking up the first available IP in eth0 (for the purpose of assigning advertised ip addresses for nomad managed services)
06:23<ssa>The first one in eth0 being the public IP address, as configured by Linode network-helper.
06:24<ssa>The only configuration that nomad allows for this is a different network device. I could set it to use eth1, if it can be configured. Can it?
06:25<ssa>It has been reported in nomad issue tracker but I'd appreciate if there's a workaround in the mean time.
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07:41<ssa>OK. I ended up creating a dummy network interface:
07:41<ssa>ip link add dummy10 type dummy
07:41<ssa>ip addr add 192.168.x.x/17 dev dummy10
07:41<ssa>And telling nomad to use network_interface = dummy10
07:42<ssa>And since nomad doesn't use this device info for anything else, it won't break anything.
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08:13<ssa>For anyone interested, I posted my workaround in detail at:
08:14<ssa>I cannot imagine any other way of setting up Hashicorp's Nomad Job scheduler on Linode (with jobs binding to their private ips).
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09:18<ssa>How do I determine a NodeBalancer's private IP address?
09:18<ssa>For the purpose of allowing incoming connections in backends' firewall.
09:24<ssa>I was able to determine the ip from incoming denied requests in logs,... but
09:24<ssa>why isn't the NodeBalancer private ip mentioned anywhere?
09:25<ssa>Are we supposed to allow traffic to NB's public ip address? That didn't work for me..
09:30<ssa>OK. Found this in the reference guide:
09:31<ssa>So I assume is exclusive to load balancers.
09:34<ssa>Does Linode guarantee that only my NodeBalancers will be able to connect to my backends on the private network (within the same account)?
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09:47<ssa>I was able to configure my NodeBalancer to a random 192.168.x.x:80 as backend. I guess I won't be using NodeBalancer managed HTTPS termination.
10:02<linbot>New news from community: Linode Account Cancellation <>
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10:34<LouWestin>I haven't messed with Node balancers yet, so I have no idea
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10:50<Zr40>nodebalancers aren't that convenient for my use either. They would need to terminate HTTPS for multiple domains and many of those use letsencrypt
11:45<SleePy>LE supports dns auth.
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12:04<Zr40>I know.
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13:07<haideraf>i have been rob by linode in first registration
13:07<millisa>Robbed by linode? That doesn't sound like them
13:07<haideraf>instead getting 20$ was been charged +5$
13:08<grawity>Zr40: nodebalancers have a raw TCP mode for that, don't they
13:08<haideraf>i though that referral link give me $ 20 no linode robber charge me $5
13:09<haideraf>they doesnt even reply to my ticket since 3 day when i created account
13:09<grawity>you're not going to get $20 into your credit card, that's for sure
13:09<haideraf>their terms and services mention before 7 day report refund all scam by linode
13:09<haideraf>i mean i want $20 in linode account
13:09<grawity>I don't remember how Linode verifies the credit card's validity, but a $n reservation is pretty common
13:09<haideraf>but they charge my credit card $5
13:10<haideraf>i have screenshot saved for that fck payment
13:10<millisa>They usually charge some amount to your credit card to verify it is real... I could swear you got to type in the number.
13:10<haideraf>it was not for verification purpose
13:10<millisa>The amount on your account would be on the account tab. In the new manager, it shows your balance (which sounds like it'd be a positive balance)
13:10<haideraf>it say i buy linode server $5 and deducted from account
13:11<millisa>that's not how linode billing works
13:11<Zr40>when signing up you do need to add an initial deposit, which they do refund within the first 7 days if you're unhappy about the service
13:11<khaberz>What does the current Balance on your account status say?
13:11<haideraf>fck u linode
13:12<Zr40>well... with that attitude
13:12<haideraf>hope i can file dmca and tos reported
13:12<millisa>that's not how either of those work either.
13:12<haideraf>i also gonna make video of scam linode
13:12<Zr40>such effort.
13:12<millisa>or you could ask for your $5 back...
13:12<millisa>linode's got a 7 day money back guarantee
13:12<haideraf>they not even reply my mail since 3day my account was created 4day ago
13:12<khaberz>What does the current Balance on your account status say?
13:13<haideraf>i mean i put 3 ticket non yet replied
13:13<haideraf>linode total scam
13:13<ssa>Is there a publicly accessible chat log for this channel?
13:13<khaberz>Did you call them scammers and robbers in your tickets?
13:13<haideraf>i put good ticket with no bad word
13:13<khaberz>haideraf: What does the current Balance on your account status say?
13:14<ssa>I wonder if I missed any stress relievers to my NodeBalancers anxiety.
13:14<haideraf>it say i have 0
13:14<haideraf>let me recheck
13:14<haideraf>even ihave balance or not why i got -5$ from my account?
13:14<khaberz>Where did you get the referral link from?
13:14<ssa>(grawity, Zr40: ^)
13:15<khaberz>Because they may check your Credit card firsr.
13:15<haideraf>wait i type referral link where i got
13:16<haideraf>here i got referral
13:16<haideraf>all i see scammed by linode
13:17<haideraf>2019-06-18 18:01:26 Payment #8860559 $5.00
13:17<millisa>that's 4 days ago...
13:17<haideraf>4day ago i register first time on linode
13:18<Zr40>$5 is the minimum you need to deposit when signing up. It gets added to your account.
13:18<haideraf>i though to learn nginx and apache2
13:18<haideraf>oh that mean 5$ added to account?
13:18<ssa>credit balance probably
13:19<haideraf>oh my bad
13:19<haideraf>i didnt notice that was going on
13:19<millisa>If you goto the Account tab, Billing Info, you'll see your current balance (which should be that $5 and the credit if you really did use that link) and it'll show the uninvoiced balance fro the month so far.
13:19<ssa>haideraf: it only gets better :)
13:19<haideraf>yah i see 25$
13:19<haideraf>Billing Information Uninvoiced Balance: $0.17 Current Balance: $25.00 (credit) Credit Card: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-3255 Expiration Date: 06/2023
13:20<millisa>They will bill the uninvoiced balance against your current balance on the first of the month. if you owe more than that, they then roll that to the credit card.
13:20<haideraf>but i have 1 more question
13:20<khaberz>haideraf: All good then. But always call people names first, just to be safe.
13:20<millisa>So you've had 17 cents of service that will eventually get billed against the $25
13:20<haideraf>i buyed server and deleted it in1 day why i not got back 5$
13:20<haideraf>i mean if i again recreate any linux server and deleted it again do i get$5?
13:20<millisa>That server is the $0.17 uninvoiced balance.
13:21<khaberz>Because you still have your account and the credit remaind on it, i.e. $5-$0,17
13:21<haideraf>since it say 0..0075$/hr charge or it directly take 5$ ?
13:21<ssa>You can ask for a refund if you want your remaining $ back (minus the free credit your received).
13:21<millisa>It's not charging you $5 each time you spinup the server. Linodes are billed hourly and invoiced once
13:21<Zr40>if you cancel and request a refund within 7 days, you'll get all of it back. If it's after 7 days, you'll get whatever you didn't spend back
13:21<millisa>You should read this: it explains how the billing works
13:21<haideraf>wait i cancel my last linode server i have no server left now
13:22<ssa>The money is not in your server
13:22<haideraf>do i get back that server ?
13:22<ssa>It's in your account
13:22<Zr40>you need to cancel your account, not just the server
13:22<ssa>Which you hanse't cancelled
13:22<haideraf>i think it best to cancel and re-register?
13:22<ssa>Why would you do that?
13:22<haideraf>i deleted last linode server
13:22<khaberz>Think less, read more.
13:23<haideraf>wait i type in this way a sec
13:23<ssa>Is there a publicly readable chat log for this irc channel?
13:24<ssa>I probably missed discussion post my node balancers query.
13:24<haideraf>i deleted this DragonarcAF server
13:24<haideraf>still got charged 5$ not yet got back any credit
13:24<millisa>the two aren't related to each other.
13:24<ssa>!poke rnowak
13:24<linbot>ssa: Point given to rnowak. (1)
13:24<khaberz>haideraf: YOU HAVE THE EFFING CREDIT.
13:24<Zr40>read that
13:24<haideraf>my question if i create new server and deleted it ? what happen
13:25<haideraf>does it charge $5 or hourly rate?
13:25<rnowak>imagine getting support tickets like this all day
13:25<khaberz>haideraf: You will be charged - off your credit - the usege time.
13:25<millisa>You said your current balance shows $25. That's the $20 credit plus the $5 you loaded onto the account. The uninvoice balance of $0.17 is for the time you had that server running. One will bill against the other at the end of the month
13:25<ssa>I have a suggestion
13:25<millisa>haideraf: You need to read
13:25<ssa>If we all stop responding for a few minutes, he might begin to get it
13:26<haideraf>1 last question
13:26<haideraf>is 5$ + hourly rate= total or 5$ / hourly rate=total?
13:26<rnowak>do you understand the concept of credit?
13:27<millisa>haideraf: neither. Read the link.
13:27<haideraf>wait i read =-=
13:28<ssa>this man is in shock, take him to the infirmary
13:28<haideraf>this is first time on server
13:29<khaberz>Long enough to call Linode robbers and scammers apparently.
13:30<haideraf>i never saw site like linode
13:30<haideraf>their bliing complex then other site
13:30<haideraf>between relax i think matter now solved =-=
13:30<ssa>There's a learning curve, you might say.
13:31<haideraf>i mean linode should provide credit amount on first page show
13:31<haideraf>like we should go account their billing info weird
13:32<millisa>They take suggestions/feedback (and even listen!). Feel free to submit some - there's a link down at the bottom of the management page.
13:32<LouWestin>haideraf: $5 is monthly rate if your have a server setup 24/7
13:32<haideraf>is it work like this way?
13:32<LouWestin>That’s the lowest cost plan
13:33<haideraf>or 5.4$ + 5$=10.4$?
13:33<millisa>one is the hourly rate, one is the monthly cap. you hit the cap about 26-27 days into the cycle if it's 24x7
13:33<haideraf>oh got it
13:33<ssa>Your $25 will last you at least 5 months of continuous Nanode server usage
13:34<ssa>Looks like the spread of misinformemetion has been contained.
13:34<haideraf>hope they give 2ram on 7-8$ ;/
13:35<haideraf>1gram is so slow like my own ubuntu freeze with rynze 1300x 8gb ram while running cmd on linode
13:35<ssa>1gram is enough to kill the whole continent
13:36<ssa>Care to change the topic, anyone?
13:36<haideraf>reactjs and django python app use lot of ram
13:37<ssa>GPU nodes are out, as is increased disk space in dedicated plans.
13:37<haideraf>still dedicated expensive
13:37<ssa>I meant the channel's topic message.
13:38<haideraf>i think i better delete ticket now matter is solved
13:39<haideraf>between nowaday linode so popular then ocean and aws what the main reason?
13:39<millisa>price & performance. (digital ocean bills nearly the same way as linode)
13:40<haideraf>still i saw mostly python user mostly go on linode
13:46<haideraf>thnx for help to clearify my missunderstanding gtg glhf
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14:54<Peng>points for, un, everyone
15:05<LouWestin>!point Peng
15:05<linbot>LouWestin: Point given to peng. (37) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 9)
16:03<linbot>New news from community: Use Docker Compose to setup Ghost CMS <>
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17:40<Peng>Is Linode planning to upgrade the kernel to 5.1.14? is kinda interesting.
17:41<Peng>Supposedly the bug was an issue for Steam. Which is probably not a problem for many Linode customers.
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18:48<chesty>for linode customer's being affected, wouldn't it be the kernel the customer is running that has or fixes the issue?
19:09<dwfreed>chesty: Peng is referring to the Linode kernels used by customers
19:13<chesty>ah, I never use them. they always cause issues with header or modules or something that I couldn't be bothered learning how to deal with cause I already know using the distro kernel will fix it
19:15<Peng>I don't do header or module stuff, so it's fine.
19:16<Peng>There was a time when the Linode kernels added support for IPv6 conntrack and turned it on by default but Ubuntu 8.04's ip6tables was too old to turn it *off* though.
19:35<trippeh>very recent kernels skip conntrack even if it is loaded, if no conntrack rules are active, fwiw
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20:11<trippeh>Peng: since 4.14 it turns out (I had to check)
20:12<trippeh>so not even recent
20:13<trippeh>(yes, I just spent 30 minutes digging in git)
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20:14<dwfreed>yep, /proc/net/nf_conntrack is empty here
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22:50<Nick11>any linode manager here?
22:51<linbot>Nick11: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
22:53<Nick11>I have a question ,If my website rent in tokyo ,what happen when tokyo server disconnect?
22:56<Peng>What do you mean?
23:19<Nick11>I mean I wanna backup my website to second server
23:20<Nick11>If my website broken ,second server will take up first server
23:22<@mtjones>Nick11: It sounds like you're interested in a high availability setup. We have an introductory guide on high availability here:
23:23<Nick11>@mtjones do you mean servies Nodebalancer
23:24<@mtjones>A NodeBalancer can be part of a high availbility setup, but there's a lot more to to it such as ip failover and replication as well.
23:26<Nick11>another question, If I have Nodebalancer service ,tokeyo hosting disconnect , does my website survive?
23:27<@mtjones>It depends on how the NodeBalancer and your Linodes are set up. As long as everything's set up correctly a NodeBalancer will help by directing traffic only to the Linode that's still up.
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23:40<Peng>I hope Mumbai leads to more NTP Pool servers in India
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23:56<dwfreed>Peng: tired of getting all the indian queries?
23:57<Peng>Heh. No, it's just underserved.
23:58<Peng>One benefit of
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