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00:48<alan>why doesnt this work when the staus is paypal?
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02:15<Woet>15 minutes until Falcon heavy:
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02:50<jackson>can i check what is the sending limit of linode vps servers
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02:51<LouWestin>what are you looking to send? Email, data, etc?
02:51<Guest5931>sending of email
02:51<Guest5931>as in number of emails
02:53<Guest5931>anyone has any idea?
02:53<LouWestin>I don't believe there's a sending limit as long as you're not sending spam
02:53<Guest5931>i am sending to my own subscribers
02:53<Guest5931>i was checking around and understand that each company have their own internal limits
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02:57<Woet>Guest5931: did you Google "linode emailing limit"?
02:58<Woet>Guest5931: regardless of any limits, if you care about deliverability, use a service like Sendgrid/Mailgun/SES
03:00<Guest5931>looking at them as well
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03:02<Guest5931>finding mix reviews
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09:18<v0lksman>anyone know if Linode will change maintenance window times on request?
09:20<JamesTK>v0lksman: can only ask but if you want to do it at your own time I think you can move prior to the window
09:20<hawk>v0lksman: Ehh, I would assume "no". But maybe they can migrate you to a different host
09:20<JamesTK>yeah &
09:20<JamesTK>usually they can move you to an already fixed host
09:20<JamesTK>hawk: Eh, my linode is on Epyc
09:20<JamesTK>hawk: so, no maintenance for zombieload for me!
09:21<JamesTK>AMD EPYC 7501 32-Core Processor :D
09:21<JamesTK>Some people are on the 7601 :(
09:21<hawk>JamesTK: That is nice. I have one of those too, one less thing to worry about I guess.
09:21<JamesTK>hawk: need to be a bit more careful to generalise my gentoo though
09:22<JamesTK>some features on the epyc aren't portable to the intel
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10:30<nate>dwfreed: Want to see if you can see what's wrong with my IPv6 this time? lol. All the conf stuff is fine, general stuff is fine (ie; I can trace/ping/etc without issue) but now any outbound IPv6 connections have like long delay's, no issue inbound traffic wise lol
10:30<nate>I swear I should just rebuild this thing fresh again
10:31<nate>actually wait, firewall maybe this time...
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11:16<linbot>New news from community: Can´t setting a new domain <>
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11:48<nate>Well I think I might have finally figured out the reason to my IPv6 hangs; lol
11:48<nate>now to figure out the what
11:48<nate>(causing it that is)
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11:55<LouWestin>What are we working on?
11:56<kharlan11>using ipv6 is a project itself.
11:59<LouWestin>My ZNC server seems to be working fine with ipv6. I read way back there some issues with it
12:04<nate>LouWestin: Another iteration of my IPv6 woes, finally got it otherwise generically stable w/ exception of now all outbound IPv6 traffic hangs for minutes or times out, apparently due to massive retransmission looping
12:04<nate>if I had time I'd just rebuild this stupid thing
12:07<LouWestin>Ah something you’re developing/developed.
12:08<nate>Nope, centos
12:08<nate>all outbound IPv6 traffic takes literal minutes to 'connect' or simply times out, curl, wget, etc. I tried running an renew last night and it took 7 minutes to get a response from LE API over IPv6 lol
12:10<LouWestin>Ah k. Hmm...
12:12<nate>I had this going on once before but at that time it just sorta worked again after a few
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12:16<alan> trying to send this via heredoc
12:16<alan>using pear php
12:16<alan>but it doesn't properly return the diacritic characters
12:16<alan>it messes up the words
12:18<LouWestin>What language are you trying to write out?
12:20<LouWestin>Ok. Interesting
12:20<alan>idk why it's not displaying them properly
12:25<alan>also has anybody ever worked with braintree API here before? I'm having issues loading it up in my application keeps saying
12:30<LouWestin>For the characters I can only guess. Maybe something with missing character encoding?
12:40<alan>that's what im attemtping to fiddle with
12:41<alan>YES FIXED
12:41<alan>!point LouWestin
12:41<linbot>alan: Point given to louwestin. (8)
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12:56<linbot>New news from community: Announcement: Linode Object Storage Early Adopter Program <>
12:59<@bbigger>^^^ check it out for details on how to participate
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13:07<millisa>ticket submitted
13:12<millisa>"The Linode Object Storage early access Beta provides SSL enabled by default. This means you can access your Object Storage bucket using https, as well." Using the cname method? Or only with the name?
13:15<millisa>Q2: Pricing still being worked out?
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13:17<nuevu>I was going to ask the same question about pricing. I noticed it wasn't mentioned in the post, or the linked documentation.
13:20<millisa>Also - did I miss the k8s release? <--has it in the menu
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13:46<linbot>New news from community: How to build a custom Block? <>
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14:41<janet>Hello guys, I'm having trouble logging in to my account. The password is wrong and I can't receive the reset mail, what is happening?
14:42<janet>Also my linode is down
14:43<nate>Hopefully didn't have a password someone easily figured out (or you re-used elsewhere) and someone gained access. Could try emailing support directly?
14:43<millisa>Why can't you receive the reset mail?
14:43*nate was guessing they mean't weren't receiving it
14:44<@pwoods>janet: if you're unable to access Linode Manager, you can contact Support with the last 6 digits of the card on file, either by email or phone:
14:44<millisa>Make sure you are using the correct username...
14:44<rnowak>I opened a linode support ticket in the future apparently, "in a few seconds" :> Suggestion: some low threshold could maybe show up as "just now", as some other relative time pretty printing things do
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14:45<@pwoods>janet: the last 6 would allow us to authenticate you to the account and be able to look into it for you, in case it's a misremembered email address, forgotten user name, etc.
14:45<nate>rnowak: Maybe it's taking some form of caching into consideration? Maybe they won't see it for a few seconds? :P
14:46<rnowak>it is all fancy SPA, I'm betting my local time is just slightly ahead of their backend service or something
14:47<nate>That shouldn't really matter at all unless they're doing the time calculation in javascript, though I haven't touched the new 'cloud' management interface yet, no idea how all modern and fancy it is :P
14:47<rnowak>yeah, it is on the new one, and I haven't looked into it, but it'd make sense for it to render that bit locally
14:48<gparent>The biggest concern in the world right now is that some delivery sites will fail to work if your clock is not set to local time.
14:48<janet>OK thanks, I've sent email to support
14:48<gparent>How can I get my chicken?
14:48<gparent>Switch from UTC?
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15:23<jleal>I'll have two chickens.
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15:45<Igo>Hello Linode, I am a student and I want to got with the Nanode plan. I want to use it for learning. The price is good and I like it, but, is it possible to limit costs? For example, to not be overcharge in case of DDOS due to a bad configuration of server. Thank you
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15:52<@scrane>Hey Igo, if your Linode is responsible for an outbound DoS, that traffic will count towards your outbound transfer pool and possibly result in additional charges. that being said, I recommend checking out these guides to make sure that doesn't happen:
15:53<millisa>also: (get notified if you've got unusual patterns for your resources)
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15:53<@scrane>There isn't really a mechanism to limit costs like I believe you are looking for, though. The only other real option would be to delete the Linode from the account until you need to use it again at which point you would then need to redeploy.
15:54<Igo>Thanks :=
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16:37<alex_>can someone please tell me how much cpu allowance i have on a standard nanode 1gb instance?
16:38<millisa>not 100% I'm sure what you are asking, you get access to 1 core on a nanode
16:39<alex_>Thanks. What I mean is, can I run the cpu at 100% for the entire month or is there some kind of cpu quota?
16:40<millisa>That's kind of a TOS/aup type question . has a section on misuse of resources. sort of talks about it too
16:40<alex_>Thanks millisa. Will check it out.
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16:45<nuevu>millisa: "At this time, the pricing is not ready to be announced. It will be made available ahead of Object Storage moving out of Beta." (I asked about pricing on my ticket)
16:45<millisa>You get your access? (I've got two amazing buckets so far...)
16:45<millisa>"A bucket with this name already exists in this region!" has come up a few times.
16:46<nuevu>Indeed. I was getting a little worried about the delay between approval and access, but it happened. Haven't had a chance to do much yet.
16:49<linbot>New news from blog: Why You Need A Support Training Team <>
16:50<millisa>their watery competitor does 250gb storage, 1tb transfer for $5/month
16:54<nuevu>That would be a pretty compelling price-point for some of our use cases.
16:54<nuevu>I don't think I'll be getting away from S3/Glacier for server backups (although this as a 3rd or 4th location wouldn't hurt).
17:00<millisa>bucket created within cyberduck didn't show up in the webui until logout-login. not entirely unexpected.
17:02<nuevu>I created one via s3cmd that showed up in the webui just fine.
17:03<millisa>without having to logout/login?
17:04<millisa> (hooray!)
17:04<nuevu>I was logged in, on the Access Keys tab, when I created it. Switching tabs to the bucket list was enough to get it to show up.
17:06<millisa>just tried another. didn't get it to show up switching tabs. did get it to show up just reloading the page though. probably a caching thing?
17:06<nuevu>That would make sense to me.
17:07<nuevu>The object count and size numbers seem to be updating as well, so that's nice.
17:17<linbot>New news from community: I have 2FA enabled and I’ve lost my scratch code. Now I can't log in. <>
17:21<nuevu>Heh, just tried loading and it redirected to a landing page about the forthcoming service ... which has pricing information.
17:22<millisa>changing the path to /kubernetes is also interesting :)
17:23<nuevu>Ooh, the outbound transfer from object storage pulls from your transfer pool if you have one. That's a detail I overlooked, but it nice.
17:29<csnxs>i assume the object storage doesn't cost while in beta?
17:29<millisa>it doesn't seem to be impacting my 'uninvoinced balance' so far
17:29<csnxs>makes sense
17:30<nuevu>Fits their usual pattern of beta testing as well.
17:31<millisa>haven't managed to figure out how to do a custom 404 yet. but I don't know that I've done that with an actual s3 bucket either
17:32<nuevu>Their example says to use `--ws-error=404.html` on the ws-create call (from s3cmd at least) and upload the appropriate file, but I haven't tried it.
17:33<millisa>it might not have an option for it in cyberduck.
17:33<nuevu>That program's name makes me chuckle every time I see it.
17:34<millisa>I use it an adium... the number of ducks on my dock is pleasing.
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17:56<csnxs>dear lindoe,
17:56<csnxs>gib objects pl0x
17:56<csnxs>wots of wuv, sean
17:56<csnxs>Cloud Manager Version: 0.62.1
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18:17<millisa>did get w3tc in current wordpress to use a linode bucket with the s3 compatible cdn type. appeared to work just fine.
18:25<nuevu>Something else you asked about earlier and I didn't think to try yet was SSL on the subdomain-style URLs. Looks like they have a wildcard certificate on, so they're covered as well.
18:25<nuevu>I'm guessing you probably encountered that already.
18:26<millisa>LE cert for: * - * - - -
18:26<nuevu>(Oh, you actually asked about CNAME method, not the subdomain bucket names)
18:26<millisa>yeah, I don't see a way to do the cname method (yet)
18:27<millisa>all the time I have to poke at it for now, time to go get fed.
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18:44<csnxs>!point rdaniels
18:44<linbot>csnxs: Point given to rdaniels. (4)
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19:17<linbot>New news from community: Using wget to recursively fetch an image directory <>
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