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01:10<alpesh> this is my site which have hosting in your server and my site is too loading time so high and this site is my localhost working fine as per live site
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01:12<alpesh> this is my site which have hosting in your server and my site is too loading time so high and this site is my localhost working fine as per live site
01:12<alpesh> this is my site which have hosting in your server and my site is too loading time so high and this site is my localhost working fine as per live site
01:14<alpesh> this is my site which have hosting in your server and my site is too loading time so high and this site is my localhost working fine as per live site
01:14<LouWestin>alpesh, it loaded up fast for me
01:14<Peng>alpesh: Please stop repeating yourself
01:15<alpesh>Okay sir but no one response my query
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01:19<LouWestin>alpesh I just responded to you and also you need to give us a chance to read and look at your issue.
01:19<alpesh>Okay sir please
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01:19<LouWestin>So I pulled up your site and I don't see what the issue it
01:20<alpesh>This site quick response in my local server when i have moved the site in your server site loading too much
01:21<alpesh>as per localhost to live
01:21<LouWestin>It seemed to load fast on my end. I don't know
01:22<alpesh>country wise different response time site loading?
01:22<alpesh>currently am in india and my hosting in usa
01:23<alpesh>this site is loading in india to slow
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01:23<LouWestin>Ah... that might explain it. I'm based near Chicago and the site cameup really quickly
01:24<Peng>FYI, Linode will have a data center in Mumbai soon.
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02:56<mattmcc>Anyone know offhand if Linode's kernels load the zfs module yet, or do I still need to switch to GRUB?
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03:09<LouWestin>I don’t know offhand. You might get a response from one of the ops on the morning
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04:11<mattmcc>Looks like it does, at least for Ubuntu 18.04.
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04:35<imran>Hi how are you?
04:35<imran>I am interested in Linode Managed but was wondering what does it includes? What are specs?
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05:28<JamesTK>Peng: I have a mumbai instance?
05:28<Peng>...Is it an EPYC? :D
05:28<JamesTK>Should check
05:30<JamesTK>Peng: 7501
05:30<JamesTK>AMD took awhile to come out with decent server chips
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05:50<mattmcc>Huh. I didn't even think to check, but all the ones I rolled over in Dallas to avoid their maintenance windows are EPYCs too.
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08:34<LouWestin>The most recent Nanode I fired up is an epic 7501 I believe I seen
08:37<LouWestin>In Dallas too.
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09:43<@blaboon>mattmcc: ZFS isn't part of the upstream kernel source. it's maintained as a separate project due to license incompatibilities between the two projects. as a result, we cannot compile ZFS into our kernels
09:46<@blaboon>most distros that have support for ZFS compile it as a DKMS module that gets automatically re-compiled whenever the kernel gets updated
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11:21<linbot>all hail mcintosh o/
11:22<@bbigger>how obedient of you, linbot
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11:45*LouWestin bows to Mcintosh
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14:00<chesty>I guess that reboot was my maintenance done.
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14:21<linbot>New news from community: How do I get my mikrotik chr to run <>
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15:04<Hoss>I'm having a website but getting ddos attacks
15:04<Hoss>can you help ?
15:04<millisa>How can you tell it's a ddos?
15:05<Hoss>some from the logs
15:06<Hoss>and someone sent me an email with this
15:06<Hoss>but current hosting is removing my ip from the network
15:06<Hoss>so, will you remove my ip if I got ddosed ?
15:07<millisa>I'm not sure I follow. You already have a linode that you believe is a DDOS target? or you have another provider giving you service that is a ddos target?
15:08<nate>Hoss: Linode, like most providers do not have hardware mitigation, it's not really worth it for double-digit hardware that you're only paying $10~ or so for. If you do get attacked they'll usually null your IP upstream if it impacts others
15:09<nate>You might want to look into doing something like linode behind cloudflare perhaps
15:10<Hoss>Yes, I'm currently hosted the website with another provider but need to make sure that IP will not get nulled once ddosed here at linode
15:10<millisa>it would get nulled.
15:10<millisa>as nate said, using something like cloudflare or another ddos mitigation service in front of your hosting is the way to go
15:10<nate>Hoss: you're generally not going to find many providers that will do that unless you pay extra for hardware mitigation of some sort
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15:11<canaway>Do you offer UK based VPS services?
15:12<@scrane>One of our data centers is in London.
15:12<Hoss>OK, thank you
15:12<canaway>Really, thats great. So when choosing VPS's I can opt for where the VPS is for legal and latency reasons
15:12<Hoss>how long the IP will stay nulled ?
15:14<nate>canaway: "opt for"? By creating an account you're basically agreeing to follow linode terms of service and US laws as far as opt'ing for confirmation, though not sure what you mean 'latency reasons'
15:14<@scrane>Hoss: We keep the IP address nulled until the DoS attack has subsided.
15:14<canaway>My other question is, does each VPS have s static IPv4 address?
15:14<@scrane>canaway You can choose which data center you deploy your Linode in.
15:14<Hoss>OK, Thanks
15:15<canaway>Thanks for the answer - latency - I'm looking to create lots of VPS for VoIP systems (1 per customer) hence latency is lower in UK - UK connections than over the pond
15:15<nate>canaway: You do, you get a single static IPv4 and IPv6 address per-linode, and can request a block of extra IPv6 addresses per-location you can assign to any linodes you have there
15:16<canaway>Can I create VPS using my own ISO ?
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15:16<canaway>Also can I save the VPS and use it as a template for future VPS or will I need to build each service from scratch?
15:27<canaway>Thank you scrane, nate and rnowak
15:27<canaway>I'll sign up and take things for a spin
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15:56<anon_>I feel like I should show you this. There's a guy that's creating accounts and selling them to your customers that you have removed for spamming.
15:58<millisa>(any extra info you can provide like how you ran into that image probably would be good)
16:00<cruxeternus>Seems like a pretty short-sighted business model tbh :P
16:01<cruxeternus>"I'm going to resell Linodes to dozens of guys who've each gotten their own accounts banned for spamming..."
16:02<cruxeternus>So hrm, maybe it's a scam.
16:02<millisa>an aws smear campaign!
16:02<millisa>or just a scam...
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16:03<millisa>i wonder if they made extra images that put the other vendors in the center/larger triangle.
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16:24<LouWestin>Canaway: its a great service.
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17:17<TJ->Is Linode addressing CVE-2019-9836 (AMD Epyc SEV weakness) ?
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17:23<vaalbara>why is the backup window time selector says 'GMT-5' next to it?
17:25<vaalbara>I'm on the old node manager
17:25<nate>Probably because that's what your account settings are set to or what your browser is reporting as?
17:25<nate>Also could be that linode is GMT-5
17:25<vaalbara>node is in Frankfurt
17:26<vaalbara>I'm +3
17:26<nate>Well linode is east coast US headquarters wise so could just default to that. Check your account settings in the old manager, see if it gives a time option
17:28<vaalbara>yes I had it setup as +3
17:28<vaalbara>let me ask the support before selecting a time window
17:29<millisa>new manager uses localized time
18:00<Peng_>does anyone/Linode even use SEV?
18:07<nuevu>Wish I had a "Space Exploration Vehicle" to use.
18:07<nuevu>That sounds like more fun than "Secure Encrypted Virtualization"
18:15<@rdaniels> ,
18:16<@rdaniels>Hello every. Slip of the finger. o/
18:25<nuevu>!point rdaniels
18:25<linbot>nuevu: Point given to rdaniels. (5)
18:35<kharlan11>rdaniels: blink twice if you need us to call the cops
18:36<@rdaniels>kharlan11: :D All is well. Thanks for your concern!
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22:11<zifnab>!pick rdaniels
22:11<zifnab>!lick rdaniels
22:11<linbot>zifnab: Point given to rdaniels. (6)
22:11<zifnab>i was so close.
22:11<zifnab>too much typing for one day.
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22:52<vaalbara>seems like the MDS patching took around 20 min on this host
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22:59<Ikaros>Heh, I actually ended up resizing one of mine to a Dedicated plan, and apparently that made it say "No Maintenance Required" afterwards. Also really liking that EPYC too :D
23:05<mattmcc>Yeah, resizing usually does that. I resize-bounced most of my stack ahead of their maintenance window because the timing wasn't good.
23:06<Ikaros>Well it wasn't really for that reason in my case. I had already intended to resize one of mine to a Dedicated plan.
23:07<Ikaros>One of my other hosts had been deploying EPYCs across their fleet, so I already had a taste of it. Those things are freaking workhorses, blew me away. I seriously have never had a low-end VPS move that quickly before.
23:12-!-bcands [~oftc-webi@2601:646:8a01:fbe0:3149:72cb:e84:741d] has joined #linode
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23:13<bcands>Hi, is it safe to enter an upgrade queue while maintenance is rebooting my linode
23:13<bcands>I'm guessing so, but wanted to be sure
23:13<@mtjones>Yes, it'll just wait to upgrade your Linode until after the maintenance is complete.
23:13<bcands>Awesome, thx
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23:29<dude_wild>Hello :)
23:29<dude_wild>Is there any information when a data centre will be opened in Australia ?
23:30<dude_wild>Also wondering if someone can recommend an alternative to Cpanel - which is free - which works well and is easy to use ? :)
23:31<dude_wild>Anyone around :) ?
23:33<nate>Any information on new locations end up on the blog, past that there's no secret inside source usually lol. As for a control panel, are you looking for something just for ease of maintenance or like full blown for website accounts and what not? The former, I'd say just webmin (if you have a bit of technical knowledge), the latter I'd say webmin+virtualmin
23:33-!-TJ- [~root@2a02:8011:2007::2] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 2.5]
23:57<dude_wild>thanks nate :)
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