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02:06<namo>hi there
02:07<namo>i want to test your sever can i take a plan for only one month then i will update it
02:08<gparent>Sure. You can resize your servers at any time.
02:09<namo>ssl is free
02:11<Peng>It's a VPS. That's up to you. Yes, there are free options, like Let's Encrypt.
02:11<namo>great thanks , im from kurdistan - iraq location does matter ?
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02:13<namo>can i pay with master card
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02:16<namo>im from kurdistan - iraq location does matter ?
02:16<Peng>I don't know.
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02:18<namo>im from kurdistan - iraq location does matter ?
02:18<Peng>I don't know.
02:18<namo>oh sorry
02:19<namo>master card is allowed to pay
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02:21<namo>hello casmapapa
02:22<namo>im from kurdistan , location does matter for linode ? casmapapa
02:23<casmapapa>has any1 ever installed cPanel to their linode server ?
02:23<Peng>Some people have; not me, though.
02:24<casmapapa>am from chiredzi namo
02:25<namo>is these linode staff ?
02:25<namo>or customers
02:26<casmapapa>@peng do you have an idea on how it can be done ?
02:27<Peng>namo: There are usually staff here, but the people talking right now are customers.
02:27<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
02:28<casmapapa>Thank you
02:37<zifnab>!lick peng
02:38<linbot>zifnab: Point given to peng. (39) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 9)
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04:16<linbot>New news from community: Host convert a new IP and mail can't work. <>
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04:55<JamesTK>!lick zifnab
04:55<linbot>JamesTK: Point given to zifnab. (32) (Biggest fan: eugene, total: 28)
04:55<JamesTK>!unlick cpanel
04:56<zifnab>!caress JamesTK
04:56<linbot>zifnab: Point given to jamestk. (2)
04:56<zifnab>I should be asleep it's almost 2 but I can't sleep again
04:56<JamesTK>!unpoint cpanel
04:56<linbot>JamesTK: Point taken from cpanel! (-2)
04:56<JamesTK>zifnab: i get tha
04:57<zifnab>Alarm goes off and 8, standup is at 8:30, I guess remote has its perks
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05:17<JamesTK>zifnab: you mean ... liedown?
05:17<JamesTK>zifnab: standup from bed? :P
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09:15<Guest6110>hi, which payment methods are supported?
09:19<rsdehart>Guest6110: ^^
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10:34*dmonschein waves at amber_
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10:54<Guest6116>I have a question can help me pls ?
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11:13<Eugene>!lick zifnab
11:13<linbot>Eugene: Point given to zifnab. (33) (Biggest fan: eugene, total: 29)
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12:39<Cromulent>ooo looks like Linode are testing GPU instances
12:39<zifnab>!lick Eugene
12:39<linbot>zifnab: Point given to eugene. (86) (Biggest fan: jalter, total: 26)
12:40<zifnab>!lick Cromulent
12:40<linbot>zifnab: Point given to cromulent. (4)
12:40<zifnab>!lick mcintosh
12:40<linbot>zifnab: Point given to mcintosh. (18) (Biggest fan: csnxs, total: 7)
12:40<zifnab>See y'all tomorrow.
12:43<zifnab>Also - just imagine where that tongue has been
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12:43<zifnab>Cromulent: I thought TPUs were the new magic and GPUs were on their way out
12:44<FluffyFoxeh>oh god, what's a TPU
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13:38<Eugene>Tiny Processing Unit
13:50<@jhaas>Titillating Pterodactyl Utopia
13:53<kharlan11>linode raspis?
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14:18<linbot>New news from community: Account activation request.. <>
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14:57<zifnab>Tensor processing units
14:58<zifnab>They do tensor flow things
14:58<zifnab>It's a Google cloud thing
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15:24<kamal>I have some queries
15:24<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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15:25<Guest6130>Last few hour i am getting my server call slower
15:25<Guest6130>I can't recognise the cause
15:25<Guest6130>would you please help me to find out the issue
15:26<millisa>What do you mean by 'server call slower'?
15:28<Guest6130>I have setup java server at linode. From few hours I am getting slow json response
15:29<millisa>is the server under load? have you looked at top/htop or something similar while waiting on the query? does it happen from multiple places?
15:30<Guest6130>Yes I have looked at htop but nothing found here. I see everything is okay. like as cpu usage or ram usage is under limit
15:31<Guest6130>From last few days I got the issue at 06:00-07:00 gmt time
15:31<Guest6130>what can i do to find out this issue
15:33<millisa>eliminate unknowns... try it from multiple places, see if it happens when making the request locally, put in some debugging to see where it's running slower.
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16:58<linbot>New news from community: Linode Longview Pricing Scheme Improvement <>
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17:05<alan>how would i pass a php array into a javascript array or variable?
17:08<kharlan11>are you asking how to encode a php array into json?
17:09<alan>i fixed it, was missing quotes around my javascript query to make the php work :P
17:09<alan><?php echo json_encode($data); ?>; needed to become ->>> '<?php echo json_encode($data); ?>';
17:10<kharlan11>oh boi. Are you embedding php inside html files?
17:13<alan>im having one issue
17:14<alan>so I have my javascript variable data with the json data
17:14<alan>i then a an onclick function which is supposed to perform a str.replace on var data but it doesn't replace anything so I don't think I'm setting up my global variable properly??
17:15<alan>do i do var data; ?
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17:20<alan> var data99 = '<?php echo json_encode($data); ?>'; how would i then proceed to use jquery to change some data found inside of this ?
17:23<LouWestin>A PHP developers channel might get you more help. Not sure which one’s are around.
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17:31<kharlan11>alan: try debugging using document.Write() . What you're attempting is confusing. I'm not sure how to help you without seeing the whole code. LouWestin is right though, #jquery/#javascript/google may be more help.
17:35<alan>ok i figured out all my issues
17:35<alan>when I store my json data into my database it's adding extra quotes
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17:43<LouWestin>Alan: Freenode has channels tailored to JavaScript jquery php etc
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18:16<kharlan11>LouWestin: they're not the nicest though :p
18:17<LouWestin>Eh...yeah that’s probably going to be an issue then
18:20<LouWestin>I’m not sure where else would be a good resource for him though.
18:28<alan> this is my array in php
18:29<alan>i want to change the plan value of unknown99 when I try $data['plan'] = "annual"; it doesn't work?
18:30<alan> Illegal string offset
18:30<LouWestin>Arrays... Reminds of that terrible VB class I took...
18:31<alan>i stored the json_decode into $data
18:31<alan>encode sorry**
18:33<alan> Attempt to assign property 'plan' of non-object is what I get when I try $data->plan = "annual"
18:35<nuevu>Well, `$data` isn't an object, so of course you can't access it like one
18:37<alan>so how would i go about, I'm having issues googling the correct thing
18:37<alan>nothing seems to work
18:40<nuevu>alan: What's your actual code that's doing this?
18:40<kharlan11>^ You need to provide us with more information.
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18:43<Guest6145>is this working
18:44<Guest6145>hello, your chat windows is not showing correctly
18:44<kharlan11>alan: debug using document.write(data99) or whatever. I don't speak js.
18:45<Guest6145>does linode come preinstalled on Mac OSX
18:45<nuevu>alan: So, you need to use json_decode on the submitted data to convert it back from JSON. You probably want to pass `false` as the second parameter to get an associative array. That may be where you're getting hung up right now.
18:46<kharlan11>Guest6145: I'm not sure what you mean. You can certainly access a linode from OS X.
18:46<LouWestin>Guest6145: no.
18:46<Guest6145>looking to contact linode by phone but number gives out fax like signal
18:47<LouWestin>Er not sure. What questions do you have?
18:47<Guest6145>I am seeing in my computer <member> pointing to linode in google and I am not a member...
18:48<alan>:nuevu I tried your methodbut got Creating default object from empty value
18:48<Peng>What's <member>?
18:48<Peng>What do you mean by "pointing to linode in google"?
18:48<Peng>Can you pastebin or screenshot what you're talking about?
18:49<LouWestin>Do you mean a website?
18:49<Guest6145>we are concerned about security and Googles is shown that we are connecting to this cloud server and it also uses the term member
18:50<kharlan11>You're talking about the rdns
18:50<Guest6145>why would google be connecting to linode if we are not members?
18:50<kharlan11>Are you inspecting outgoing traffic or something?
18:50<Peng>How is Google involved?
18:50<Guest6145>Yes I am using an app for security purposes
18:50<kharlan11>If so, you could just be accessing a mail/web server being hosted on linode so that's why it showing it...
18:50<Peng>The default reverse DNS for Linode IPv4 addresses includes the string "members". Because the IP address is being used by a Linoed customer.
18:50<Peng>They're not calling you a member of anything.
18:51<Peng>Linode is a popular hosting company whose customers use their VPSes for many purposes. We have no idea why you might be connecting to one.
18:52<Guest6145>I do not understand about the Mail server aspect.... we do not use such, however, we are being hit and to date have lost 1000's of dollars in damage..
18:52<Peng>Hit with what? Lost money how? What does that have to do with Linode or Google?
18:52<Guest6145>does google itself connect to linode as a principal
18:53<alan>not sure why its doing that
18:53<Peng>Why do you mean by "Google"
18:53<Guest6145>if I am browsing the net
18:53<Peng>...are you talking about Google Chrome?
18:53<Peng>the web browser?
18:54<Peng>Sure, why not. Maybe you're visiting a website that happens to be running on a VPS run by a Linode customer.
18:54<Peng>For that matter, I assume you recently visted Linode's website.
18:55<LouWestin>Or his admin is using linode?
18:55<Guest6145>that is why I am calling here... I am not a member and I am running a scanner for traffic into my computer... and member related to linode is showing up
18:55<kharlan11>LouWestin: possible.
18:56<Peng>Linode is a hosting company with many customers.
18:56<Guest6145>I quess the question would be... If I am seeing linode in my scans, thaen is it possible that I am being redirected to someone who is using linode
18:57<Peng>What does "redirected to someone" mean?
18:57<LouWestin>What are we scanning?
18:58<Guest6145>Is my internet service being rerouted through linode servers without my permission, is this possible?
18:58<kharlan11>Guest6145: It's possible.
18:58<kharlan11>but you would need way more facts to confirm that.
18:58<Peng>It is unlikely.
18:58<kharlan11>You should call and IT/Security company if you're afraid that your organization is being targeted Guest6145
18:58<Guest6145>I see so if it is possible would there be some code in my system that would facilitate this
18:59<LouWestin>Maybe a DDOS attack from a linode customer
19:00<Peng>Pretty much everything computers do involves some sort of code facilitating something.
19:00<LouWestin>Or some abuse going on from a linode customer?
19:01<Guest6145>I believe you are correct but we need to know for sure.... we live on an island and do not have access to IT Service without taking a long trip inland
19:02<Guest6145>However, should linode itself be able to tell me if my IP address is in their system?
19:02<kharlan11>they probably wouldn't.
19:02<LouWestin>Can you get an IP address or a domain name? Something that can help Linode figure out if it’s a customer abuse.
19:02<Guest6145>why not??
19:02<kharlan11>they probably have millions/billions of IPs in their 'system' and I'm not even sure if they log every connection
19:02<kharlan11>it's not practical.
19:03<@jhaas>Guest6145: feel free to e-mail with the IP address or domain name, but as others have mentioned we might not be able to tell you much.
19:03<Peng>You visited Linode's website a few minutes ago, right?
19:03<@jhaas>One thing we definitely could tell you was if the IP in question belonged to a known security researcher
19:03-!-zimmedon [] has quit [Server closed connection]
19:03<Guest6145>I do believe I can get an ip address associated with the scanned results.. the scanner does show ip / port info.
19:03-!-zimmedon [] has joined #linode
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19:04<LouWestin>Ok do that
19:04<Peng>The name would work too. They're unique.
19:04<kharlan11>Can you provide port info?
19:04<Peng>I mean, hostnames are unique.
19:04<Guest6145>I believe so..
19:05<Guest6145>Ok, that is what I will look for . we do have the ability to capture logs in cvs format
19:06<Guest6145>Thank you all for now I will get right on it and tune in later..
19:06-!-Guest6145 [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
19:06<@jhaas>I'm pretty surprised they didn't immediately write down the IP / domain if they were concerned about abuse
19:06<kharlan11>I know right.
19:09<Peng>I hope this person doesn't get some poor damn NTP or cat blog operator shut down with a fake abuse ticket.
19:11<@jhaas>Screenshot prob would have been clutch here
19:11<kharlan11>It's hard to parse through packet sniffer output as an end-user. You end up only seeing keywords.. I'm not a member?! hax
19:13<@jhaas>I'm pawsitive it'll be fine
19:53-!-alan [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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20:25-!-alan [] has joined #linode
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20:28<alan>okay so it turns out i have a syntax error in my json
20:29<alan>how do I add slashes inside of it to character escape
20:30<alan> i need my json to be like this
20:35<alan>how do i escape my json ?
20:38-!-thiras [~thiras@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:49-!-alan [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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20:59-!-alan [] has joined #linode
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20:59<alan>hold F*** php irc channels are brutal
20:59<alan>can somebody help me understand why php json_encode isn't encoding the slashes properly???
21:04-!-danstoner [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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21:11<nate>encode in what way?
21:11<nate>Slashes aren't generally something that require encoding in JSON
21:11-!-jetlag [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:12<alan> i have this php
21:12<alan>i then proceed to json_encode $data
21:12<alan>but it doesn't encode the "settings" properly, because it should have slashes where the double quotes are to make it valid
21:13<alan>in my bpste you'll see what i get after I encode and echo and wht it should look like
21:14-!-nm0i [] has quit [Quit: N0]
21:14-!-Tulah [] has joined #linode
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21:14<nate>The latter is definitely not what it 'should' look like, I have no idea what/who told you that
21:14<nate>the first is a valid JSON string
21:14<nate>If anything you should be stripping out the initial wrapping of double quotes around the sub-object
21:15<nate>Is there some reason you -need- it to be like the latter? o.O
21:16-!-jetlag [] has joined #linode
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21:17<alan>i do not no, i need the data to be the same
21:17<alan>so are you saying swapping out the double quotes for single quots would fix my issue?
21:17<alan>i do have access to the settings portion before it's added to the json object
21:18<alan>so i could mess with it if thats what you're suggesting
21:18<alan>as long as it's valid json
21:18<nate>Yeah I think that's the only thing messing it up is those double quotes wrapping the object, not sure why they're being applied honestly based on what you pasted earlier
21:19<nate>Oh wait mis-read the code, I'm guessing whatever "$SelectedPackage->get("settings")" does is what's adding it
21:19<alan>ys that's precise
21:19<nate>you might want to try json_decode'ing it same as you are for 'applied_settings' lower on
21:20<nate>Does applied_settings look fine in your JSON response? Because you're using the same method fetch for that so if that one looks fine then I'd just say json_decode that section before json_encode'ing the whole thing
21:20<alan>OMFG now i understand the issue
21:21<alan>i think it;s the ** quotes after settings
21:21<alan>like you said
21:21<alan>spplied settings is find yes
21:21<nate>Yeah those aren't necessary, my guess is they're being defined by that $SelectedPackage->get() thing
21:21<nate>so just try json_decode'ing that and see what happens
21:21<nate>for "settings" I mean
21:22<alan>since it's inside the initila $data []
21:22<alan>do i seperate it like I did for applied settings?
21:22<alan>or do i decode the whole thing?
21:22-!-cmcfarland [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 2.2]
21:23<nate>Yeah just do it like you did for applied_settings, ie; "settings" => json_decode($SelectedPackage->get("settings"), true),
21:24<alan>YES BABY you sir are a genius~!
21:24<alan>n!ppint: nate
21:24<alan>!point: nate
21:24<alan>35+ mins arguing with people in an irc php chat to tell me to show them more code
21:24<alan>and here's nate solving it with exactly what i gave them
21:24<alan>minus the confusion and arguing
21:24<alan>attaa boyyy
21:24<alan>!point nate
21:24<linbot>alan: Point given to nate. (4)
21:25<nate>To be fair to them potentially it was just lucky I noticed those double quotes wrapped around the sub-object, it could be a pretty easy thing to miss :P
21:26<alan>To be fair they are still ass***** let's be honest....
21:26-!-nmelehan_ [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 1.5-dev]
21:27<nate>Well I read up the channel you're speaking of, they somewhat felt bad after you left but I think that might have honestly been what was confusing them is they just didn't see those double quotes lol. Sorry I wasn't paying attention over there :P
21:27<alan>nate i do have another issue
21:27<alan>after doing this, and my json being valid
21:27<alan>when i json_decode it on my next page, it returns NULL?
21:27*LouWestin makes a note that PHP irc channels should not be suggusted for beginners
21:27<alan>i pass it to my php using ajax and grab it like so $data = $_POST['data'];
21:28<nate>Make sure to var_dump() $data so that it looks good, also make sure you're passing true to the secondary parameter (ie; json_decode($data, true));
21:28<alan>im passing false
21:28<nate>Do you want it in object or array format? 'false' will make it try to return as an object
21:28<nate>true makes it return as an array
21:29<alan>im trying to edit the value "plan" and two others
21:29<alan>that's my goal
21:29<nate>Hm, curious, yeah based on your second paste definitely var_dump($data) because that error is saying that an -object- type is being fed to json_decode()
21:29<alan><b>Warning</b>: Attempt to assign property 'plan' of non-object in <b>/var/www/betaU/public_html/gateway.php</b> on line <b>38</b><br /> is what i get now that i use true instead of false
21:29<nate>which would almost imply you're trying to json_decode() an already-decoded string
21:30<alan>but i encode it then pass it through ajax and use post to grab it
21:30<alan>would that decode it somehow??
21:31<nate>It -shouldn't- if you're doing a literal $_POST to get it unless there is some funky stuff going on with your framework lol
21:31<alan>json is valid
21:31<alan>this is what it returns after what we did
21:32<alan>i just need to change plan and then i should be able to do the rest
21:32<nate>Like I noted earlier try to var_dump() the $_POST data, ie; if you're sending that JSON string as 'data' in a POST, var_dump($_POST['data']), see what it says
21:34<alan>it's just a string am i correct?
21:34<nate>Okay yeah that looks good, if you can, can you pastebin me the code between you getting that $_POST['data'] and where you try to json_decode() it? Somewhere between it seems to be possibly getting json_decode()'d already
21:34<nate>(at least that would be my suspicion with it claiming it's being fed an object)
21:34-!-nm0i [] has joined #linode
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21:37<alan>here you go sir
21:37<alan>really appreciate it btw nate
21:38<nate>Where's the json_decode() involved at there? I don't see it on the page. Line 37 and 40 wouldn't be able to work until it's decoded (since $data isn't an object yet)
21:39<alan>i removed it
21:39<alan>and it gave me
21:39<alan><b>Warning</b>: Attempt to assign property 'plan' of non-object in <b>/var/www/betaU/public_html/gateway.php</b> on line <b>37</b><br />
21:39<nate>Yeah, so... okay try adding $data = json_decode($data); right before line 36 (ie; replace the var_dump with that)
21:39<nate>see what happens then
21:40<alan>i did
21:40<alan>same error message
21:40<alan>like this yes?
21:41<alan>same error message
21:41<alan>i lied
21:42-!-mmustac [] has quit [Server closed connection]
21:42<alan>i now get this
21:42<nate>No no, exactly like -I- gave it, to give a paste example;
21:42<alan><b>Notice</b>: Array to string conversion in <b>/var/www/betaU/public_html/gateway.php</b> on line <b>77</b><br />
21:42-!-mmustac [~matt@] has joined #linode
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21:42<alan>BUT i also het the same [21:39] <alan> <b>Warning</b>: Attempt to assign property 'plan' of non-object in <b>/var/www/betaU/public_html/gateway.php</b> on line <b>37</b><br />
21:42<nate>Note line 35 now
21:42<nate>We're skipping the use of 'true' in this case since you're trying to use it as an object (ie; $data->plan vs $data['plan'])
21:42<alan>can i use it as non object?
21:43<nate>You can but you would have to convert -every- usage of $data-> into an array reference :P
21:43<alan>i think that did it!!!!!
21:43<nate>But for now I'd say just try my code and see if it works
21:43<alan> $data['plan'] = "monthly";
21:43<nate>Yeah if you did true then that works
21:44<alan>nvm that returns ARray instead of json in my database
21:44<alan>no error but the json is array instead of json
21:44-!-jkorang [] has joined #linode
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21:45<nate>Well yes that's how JSON is 'decoded'. Basically json_decode() by default will return an object, if you pass a second parameter as 'true' json_decode() returns a PHP -array- of data
21:45-!-jkorang is now known as Guest6164
21:45<nate>So if you do $data = json_decode($data, true); you'll get a PHP array (which means anywhere you're trying to do $data->property it will error out, it would need to become $data['property']
21:45<nate>Know what I mean?
21:45<alan>yes i do
21:46<alan>but how do i go about changing the data once i do that, cuz it still doesn't work
21:46<nate>Well like I said try using my example code, ie; without the true boolean passed, I believe you'll find it should work fine
21:46<nate>That is assuming there -is- a 'plan' property in the JSON
21:47<kharlan11>!point nate
21:47<linbot>kharlan11: Point given to nate. (5)
21:47<alan><b>Recoverable fatal error</b>: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string in <b>/var/www/betaU/public_html/gateway.php</b> on line <b>77</b><br />
21:47<alan>it gives me this error now which is my sql statement, insert
21:47<alan>before i didn''t have this issue im assuming it's bevause of $data
21:48<nate>Pastebin me that code :P
21:48<nate>Also looking at your JSON object... it -looks- like you might need to actually be doing $data->package->plan
21:48<nate>going by; this paste
21:48<nate>Because the core 'object' is 'package'
21:48<nate>you should probably var_dump($data) again after the json_decode to see exactly what it it's structure layout is
21:49<alan>i think she's gooood!!!!
21:49<alan>$data = json_decode($data); works
21:49<alan>with $data->package->plan = "monthly";
21:49<alan>it changes the value too
21:49<alan>!point nate
21:49<linbot>alan: Point given to nate. (6)
21:49<alan>thank you so much!!!!
21:49<nate>Yeah so keep that in mind w/ future $data references, they're all gonna have to start with $data->package probably
21:51<alan> $data->is_subscription = true; this is acceptable?
21:51<nate>If you want to actually see the 'structure' of the object in PHP object form, you can do;
21:51<alan>since it's outside of package?
21:52<nate>Mmmmm, yeah if it's outside of package then that would probably work. That paste I just gave should give you a general overview of the 'structure'
21:52<nate>actually wait, bad paste, ignore that one
21:52<nate> is what I meant to do (not print_r())
21:54-!-ChasedSpade [] has quit [Quit: No reason specified.]
22:01<alan>why does plan appear twice when I attempt to change it?
22:03<nate>it looks like you're setting one outside of 'package'
22:03<nate>That looks like it's saying there's a $data->plan and $data->package->plan
22:04<nate>That is if I'm reading it properly, hold on
22:04<nate>let me parse that in my own code so I can actually read it properly lol
22:06<nate>Okay I see two instances of a "plan" property in your object; $data->package->settings->plan and $data->package->plan
22:06-!-waynr1 [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 2.0-dev]
22:06<nate>the first one is the "annual" one it looks like, the second one is "unknown99"
22:07<nate>Oh wait sorry no I'm mis-reading again lol, it's $data->package->plan and $data->plan
22:07<nate>So 'unknown99' is $data->plan, so you might be trying to change it wrong?
22:08-!-Vlad [vlad@2a01:7e00:e001:1600::4:80] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:09<alan>it is changing it though?
22:09<alan>or are you saying im inserting plan...
22:11-!-DrJ [~B@] has joined #linode
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22:11<nate>Okay so looking at one of the older JSON strings you provided, it looks like the "unknown99" is the 'valid' plan yes? In which case it looks like you do indeed want to do $data->plan to change that one
22:12<DrJ>any idea what the transfer limits, if any, will be on the upcoming linode object storage?
22:13<alan>unknown99 isn't a plan it's just a value that will change and will never be valid
22:13<alan>I need to change unkown 99 to either annual or monthly once the daat is passed
22:13<alan>I'm able to change these 2
22:13<alan> $data->is_subscription = true; $data->is_subscription_payment = true;
22:13<alan>without issue as you can see
22:14<nate>Yeah so try changing $data->plan then also. Like I said worst case if you want to see a proper 'structure' of the code, look up a bit to where I pastebin'd that var_export example
22:14<alan>it's because plan is not part of package
22:14<nate>that will dump you the overall structure of the object and show you what falls under where
22:14<alan>ii had it right the first time
22:14<alan>without package
22:14<nate>Yeah sorry that was my fault as I mis-read the JSON as I was just looking at the raw string :P
22:15<alan>leartn something tonight :)
22:15<alan>okay that is all everything seems to work the way it sghould
22:15<alan>blessed nate
22:15<alan>!point nate
22:15<linbot>alan: Point given to nate. (7)
22:16<nate> <-- is the structure dump
22:21-!-DrJ- [~B@] has joined #linode
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22:26<kharlan11>anyone else testing out php 7.4.0alpha1 or 2 ^-^?
22:26-!-Guest6166 [~B@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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22:50-!-darwin [] has joined #linode
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22:50<darwin>a know troll/sociopath (D)DoSed my linode. I'm wondering if when they did that, they could've done it as part of a 'reflection attack' on another site, making it look like my Linode was the attacker?
22:51<darwin>because we received an email about that, that this apparent attack could've been the case, and it was happening basically the same time as the (D)DoS...
22:51<dwfreed>your Linode would have to be running something capable of reflection
22:51<darwin>how would I find out about that; any articles or suggestions?
22:51<dwfreed>so basically anything UDP
22:52<dwfreed>if you aren't running a DNS server or a game server, you probably don't have anything capable of that
22:52<Peng>or NTP
22:52<Peng>though NTP servers aren't usually capable of *amplification* anymore
22:52<darwin>i'm not, though I am running a forum that gets Usenet newsfeeds
22:52<darwin>i also run NTPD
22:53<Peng>s/apable of/onfigured to enable/
22:53<darwin>i mean, maybe still run NTPD
22:53<dwfreed>darwin: did the ticket specify anything about what ports the traffic was going to/from?
22:53-!-Guest6173 [~B@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:53-!-alan [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
22:54<darwin>they forwarded an email from the organization who said it happened to them, and that seemed to list some ports; I'll check
22:54<darwin>i already checked login logs, /tmp, processes, etc., and nothing was out of the ordinary, but you never know...
22:55<darwin>it was happening from different ports on my server to port 3238 on the organization affected, for UDP
22:56-!-DrJ- [~B@] has joined #linode
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22:57<darwin>would it be best if I just turn NTPD off? Maybe linodes get that from the kernel anyway?
22:57<dwfreed>what source ports did it specify?
22:57<darwin>it's a huge list, I can't list them all unless I put it on a paste bin
22:58<dwfreed>so do that
22:59-!-zen [~sin@2604:2000:2b03:aa00::4] has joined #linode
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22:59<Peng>No, Linodes don't get good time from the host.
23:00<darwin>i don't know if NTPD is even insecure but maybe there's some other option
23:00-!-Guest6174 [~B@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:00<Peng>"" what
23:00<Peng>darwin: Depends on what you mean by "insecure" and how it's configured.
23:00<dwfreed>Peng: looks like it was one report for multiple Linodes, and the person handling it pasted the whole email
23:00<darwin>i'm not sure what that part of the email means. It was an automated email from the organization
23:01<dwfreed>darwin: and the is your Linode?
23:01<Peng>Anyway, ntpd wouldn't involve rando high ports.
23:01<darwin>though this was pasted into a support ticket for me. Maybe the second part isn't mine
23:01<darwin>it looks more like a troublemaker's hostname to (D)DoS people
23:02<dwfreed>random source ports to a specific destination port would not be ntpd or a dns server
23:02<Peng>high ports could be an open DNS *resolver*
23:03<dwfreed>Peng: not to port 3283
23:03-!-Patches [] has quit [Quit: Get a job.]
23:03<Peng>Oh, duh, you're right
23:03-!-zen [~sin@2604:2000:2b03:aa00::4] has left #linode []
23:03<darwin>here's a list of other services I run if any might be insecure: FTP, SSH (private key only,) SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, IMAPS, POP3S, IRC. Also there is something listed on port 3737 (xpanel?) but I'm not sure what that is
23:03<darwin>also submission (email)
23:04<dwfreed>netstat -Wplantu is your friend (run it as root and pastebin the results)
23:04<LouWestin>dwfreed quick question for you about ZNC and Deb Buster. Will 1.7.2 still be vulnerable to the security issues mentioned in the newer editions?
23:05<dwfreed>LouWestin: yes, but the version in buster has those patched (its version number kind of lies; it's basically equivalent to 1.7.4)
23:05<darwin>ok, this is kind of big, but interesting:
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23:06<darwin>sidekiq is a Diaspora social network thing
23:06<darwin>it also uses redis
23:06<darwin>unicorn-worker is also Diaspora
23:06<dwfreed>do you know what eggdrop is?
23:07<darwin>yes, it's an IRC bot mostly still used on EFnet
23:07<darwin>but a friend runs it on freenode for a philosophy channel/'room'
23:07<dwfreed>are you running it intentionally?
23:08<dwfreed>that would be what's listening on 3737
23:08<darwin>oh yeah, I think so
23:08<dwfreed>tcp6 0 0 :::3737 :::* LISTEN 11532/./eggdrop
23:08<dwfreed>I know so :)
23:08<darwin>so it's just not xpanel. That was confusing. Yeah, I think I recall this from the .conf for that bot
23:08-!-Guest6175 [~B@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:09<Peng>Are inspircd and eggdrop supposed to listen on high UDP ports?
23:09<darwin>i don't know if InspIRCD is supposed to, and don't know about eggdrop either
23:09<dwfreed>Peng: my guess for insp would be its DNS resolver, though why it has 4 ports, I don't know
23:09<darwin>i run InspIRCD. As said, it's IRC
23:10<dwfreed>why is inetd listening on UDP port 37 and 512
23:10<darwin>i'll have to see
23:11<darwin>i couldn't find those ports in inetd.conf
23:12<darwin>but I can see what I'm running in there: time, vsftpd, comsat, which the last one notifies logged-in users if they got mail
23:12-!-kb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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23:12<darwin>i'm not sure the 'time' in there is they mean NTPD
23:13<dwfreed>it doesn't
23:13<darwin>it was just uncommented by default in Slackware
23:13<dwfreed>that's not a smart default
23:14-!-AlexMax [] has quit [Server closed connection]
23:14<darwin>there are several commented out above that they said the reason is they are used in (D)DoS
23:14-!-AlexMax [] has joined #linode
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23:14<darwin>should I comment time out then, or this is something I need for what my server does?
23:15<dwfreed>comment it out, it's a protocol that died many years ago
23:15<darwin>ok, I did that and restarted inetd
23:15<dwfreed>is there an entry in inetd.conf for 'exec' ?
23:15<LouWestin>dwfreed thanks! They mention that compling from source will avoid security issues, but I was like. hmm... I don't think the maintainers would intentionly leave out security issues like that.
23:16<darwin>yes; exec is commented out
23:17<darwin>i'm running my IRCD as both regular non-encrypted and SSL, on like 10 ports each. So that's why it might be using so many UDP ports also?
23:17<darwin>6660 to 6669 and 6690 to 6699 or something
23:18-!-Guest6177 [~B@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:20<darwin>of course, I'm on the Slackware security emailing list and install all the updates/patches basically immediately when I get the emails, or that day, or as soon as the packages are available from the mirror it auto-selects
23:20<Peng>I was just being paranoid. I don't know anything about inspircd, but there's probably a good reason for it. Like a DNS resolver, like dwfreed said. A kind of shonky one, but probably not a problem.
23:20<Peng>Well, shonky or busy
23:22<darwin>i was supposed to find out what the problem was before 1AM last night, or at least reply. Part of my reply was that beforehand I opened a ticket about a threatened (D)DoS and suspected that to be part of the same problem
23:22<darwin>they also probably did it again this morning once or twice, looking at the network traffic
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23:24<darwin>thanks for helping me probably make it more secure so far
23:27<Peng>I have a question tho. How fast is inetd's time server? Is it even a good DDoS reflector?
23:28-!-Guest6179 [~B@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:28<dwfreed>Peng: since it's probably implemented internally, I would guess it is
23:28<dwfreed>but it's probably not it, because it would be fixed source
23:28<darwin>i'd guess it depends on how fast the CPU is. If it's old, it might be C or something, and fast
23:28<dwfreed>not random
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23:33<darwin>thanks; I replied to the malicious activity ticket that time may have been the case, so that it's now disabled. A lot of this is pretty complicated to me, like I forgot what UDP is so am not sure InspIRCD might also have had a flaw, or what else could've gone wrong. My degree is in more theoretical mathematics/CS than network/WWW/IT stuff so I still partly feel in the dark, but also this is a big relief (assuming that was it)...
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23:37<darwin>oh... the time service is probably not it?
23:38<darwin>maybe I'm going to end up having to do a reinstall and make new SSH keys
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23:40<darwin>another thing, the statistics in the old manager don't seem to necessarily be accurate. The attacker did apparently several hundred GB (700+?) of (D)DoS but it says I only used up 1% of my 1000GB limit
23:40<darwin>i think I also checked the new cloud subdomain that's the new manager, though
23:40<darwin>i usually don't use it because it was missing some important network information, that I opened a ticket on and they said they were working on it or something
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