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04:48<Aaron_>Anyone know if/when linode is going to be introducing firewalls
04:49<Aaron_>I just switched today and was surprised no network level option available
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05:10<sim>Hello, I am not able to login to server via ssh root
05:13<grawity>sim: are you able to log in through the web console (Lish or Glish)?
05:14<sim>not even through that
05:14<sim>i tried changing passwords
05:14<sim>even rebuit
05:14<sim>incorrect password
05:14<grawity>make sure Caps Lock is not enabled >_>
05:15<grawity>use the control panel to boot into the Finnix rescue ISO, then Lish/Glish should give you a recovery console
05:15<sim>just got this message: Linode NAME-here has been booted by the Lassie watchdog service.
05:15<sim>caps is fine.. i tried copy pasting
05:16<grawity>which distro are you using?
05:16<sim>CoreOS Container Linux Disk
05:16<sim>cent os
05:17<sim>whats "Lassie watchdog service"
05:19<grawity>a Linode thing that automatically starts the server again if it shuts down on its own
05:19<sim>can you look into it ?
05:19<grawity>no, it's your server
05:20<sim>support ?
05:20<grawity>I'm not an employee; open a ticket if you want actual Linode staff to look into it
05:20<sim>can you explain a bit
05:20<sim>"use the control panel to boot into the Finnix rescue ISO, then Lish/Glish should give you a recovery console"
05:20<grawity>though I would suggest to first see if the Finnix console works properly in general; if it does, use it to 1) check the CentOS system logs, 2) chroot into CentOS and change the root password using `passwd`
05:21<grawity>IIRC should be enough to use this
05:25<sim>root@ttyS0:~# whoami
05:26<grawity>that's the recovery system's root, not quite the same as the real CentOS system's root
05:26<sim>Yea.. but what logs should i check
05:27<sim>root@ttyS0:/var/log# ls alternatives.log btmp dpkg.log interfaces lp-acct samba wtmp apt dmesg faillog iptraf lp-errs sendfile bootstrap.log dmesg.gz fsck lastlog partimage stunnel4
05:27<grawity>that'd be /mnt/var/log
05:27<grawity>if it mounted the CentOS partition under /mnt
05:27<grawity>(I don't remember if that's automatic, use `findmnt` to check first; `mount /dev/sda /mnt` if it hasn't done so)
05:27<grawity>it works like a livecd
05:28<grawity>or are you already looking inside a chroot?
05:28<sim>root@ttyS0:/var/log# findmnt TARGET SOURCE FSTYPE OPTIONS / unionfs overlay rw,relatime,lowerdir=/media/compressed_root |-/proc none proc rw,relatime |-/sys none sysfs rw,relatime |-/dev devtmpfs devtmpfs rw,relatime,size=10240k,nr_inodes=125814,mo | `-/dev/pts devpts devpts rw,relatime,mode=600,ptmxmode=000 |-/media/ramdisk tmpfs tmpfs rw,relatime,size=756
05:29<sim>i am into /var/log
05:29<sim>but there are too many logs
05:29<sim>I just updated the password
05:34<sim>this settings
05:34<sim>In order to make sure both root login and password authentication are enabled we'll need to edit the following file: /etc/ssh/sshd_config In /etc/ssh/sshd_config make sure that the following lines are included exactly as shown here: PermitRootLogin yes PasswordAuthentication yes
05:34<sim>needs to be updated from my side
05:35<sim>or server side... (which i cannot access)
05:35<grawity>you can access the server side, that's what finnix is for
05:36<grawity>use `mount /dev/sda /mnt` to access the CentOS disk, then edit /mnt/etc/ssh/sshd_config
05:36<grawity>however, that's probably not the problem
05:36<grawity>because Lish/Glish logins *do not use* sshd_config; they act as completely local logins
05:37<sim>getting to it..
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07:05<Egf>I have a question
07:06<grawity>we are still waiting for the question
07:06<Egf>do we get charged for dabase reads?
07:07<Egf>do we get charged for database reads?
07:07<grawity>Linode doesn't provide databases as a service
07:08<grawity>any databases are managed by you and hosted on your server
07:08<grawity>therefore you are only charged for the server itself, and not for anything done inside it
07:08<Egf>got it
07:09<Egf>and is it possible to set cost break points or warnings?
07:13<grawity>I don't think so, but practically everything has a fixed monthly price, doesn't it
07:13<grawity>the only exception I can think of is outbound network traffic, if you exceed the cap (but IIRC that already generates a warning email)
07:16<Egf>I want to host a MERN app. It will be expected to have lots of CRUD happening therefore my concerns about costs
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07:19<csnxs>aaaaa so hot, and its only gonna get hotter
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07:38<Peng>and the sky is so clear
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10:45<Aaron_>Since no-one answered my question about cloud firewalls
10:45<Aaron_>Any idea what will be happening with the managed service with the price increase from cpanel
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10:52<alan>anybody here ever use mercadopago payment processor by chance???
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11:03<alan>Uncaught ReferenceError: addEvent is not defined is the error I'm receiving but I'm unsure why
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11:32<kharlan11>Aaron_: You can host local firewalls on your own server.
11:32<Aaron_>Yes but that is hardly a solution in 2019
11:32<kharlan11>or.. are you talking about using a cloud firewall for your local network or a group of linodes?
11:33<Aaron_>yeah network level like
11:33<Aaron_>do, vultr, upcloud
11:33<kharlan11>I'm still not sure what you mean. So you have 1 linode, and you want to have a firewall for that?
11:33<Aaron_>i want a network level firewall...
11:34<Aaron_>so tcp/udp/icmp can be dropped before ever reaching
11:34<kharlan11>I understand what a network level firewall is.. but do you want to use it for your linodes?
11:34<Aaron_>well i've switched to linode and noticed it's not available...
11:34<Aaron_>I assumed poorly obviously this was pretty standard
11:35<kharlan11>Is running a local firewall that difficult?
11:36<kharlan11>You're talking about some in built UI to manage firewall rules right?
11:37<Aaron_>Which is at network level
11:37<Aaron_>so traffic is dropped before reaching your vm
11:38<Aaron_>there are so many benefits I'm surprised this conversation is happening
11:39<Aaron_>reduced load, scaling, yes a fancy ui, security just to name some benefits...
11:40<kharlan11>You can make one yourself using a nanode.
11:40<kharlan11>and just route traffic as you see fit using proxies/reverse proxies.
11:42<gparent>Since the only benefit that actually applies here is the fancy UI..
11:43<Aaron_>How so
11:43<gparent>The rest are generic characteristics of a firewall
11:43<gparent>Or thing sit can help with
11:44<gparent>Fancy UI is the one specific thing that a Linode service could provide
11:44<gparent>The rest can be accomplished using standard iptables/tc.
11:44<Aaron_>it's 2019 guys come on why are you resisting simplicity
11:45<gparent>I don't think anyone is
11:45<kharlan11>it's pretty simple to write firewall rules.
11:45<gparent>netfilter is rather simple
11:45<Aaron_>nobody said otherwise
11:45<Aaron_>was reading several issues with netfilter on linode as well
11:45<gparent>So adding a complex wrapper on top isn't necessarily something I want Linode to prioritize
11:45<gparent>Linode is just regular Linux, maybe you meant their kernel?
11:45<millisa>now, when they eventually get a true customer private network(s) you can setup per node...
11:46<gparent>^ this would be something that's doable in netfilter but that I apprerciate my provider's help in masking the complexity
11:46<gparent>much more so than a firewall
11:47<Aaron_>gotta laugh at this topic.
11:48<Aaron_>must be unemployed or in boring jobs eh
11:48<Aaron_>got so much free time.
11:50<gparent>shouldn't you be busy writing ansible scripts to deploy the security groups on your thousands of AWS servers rather than asking when Linode will make something to do it for you?
11:50<Aaron_>I've got 8 servers I was migrating to linode...
11:50<Aaron_>from DO and vultr...
11:50<Aaron_>I'm not a technut hence why i enjoyed the simple cloud firewalls
11:51<gparent>We're not against your request, and I think it'd be a good addition to Linode.
11:51<Aaron_>But you discredit it as a lazy approach to iptables
11:52<gparent>Well yeah.
11:52<gparent>You're talking about massive amounts of free time and all that, I expected more than an 8 server count.
11:52<Aaron_>when it's clearly got alot more benefits then IP tables...
11:52<gparent>A lot of the stuff you're scripting can probably be trivially done with netfilter templates and ansible
11:52<gparent>It really depends what you're doing it for.
11:53<gparent>If you're using it as a GUI to iptables, I maintain that point
11:53<gparent>If you're using the intelligence, like firewall rules based on groups talking to groups, and reusing those as modular components, then that's the spirit.
11:53<gparent>(which you can still rwrite in iptables, but you will maybe spend more time)
11:54<gparent>My stuff is spread on Linode, EC2, and DigitalOcean, I use netfilter because it's easier for me that way, but I understand why it could be simpler for someone clustering hundreds of machines to use a network service that automatically manages it.
12:02<LouWestin>Grawity was busy this morning!
12:04<LouWestin>Setting up IP tables isn’t that bad, at least for simple port blocking stuff.
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12:08<Egf>Hello again
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12:57<linbot>New news from community: Why does Linode seem to be a new Spam Generator? <>
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13:04<user1>hi. any linode admin here?
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13:09<alan>I'm struggling outputting one month from today's date and +1 year or 12 months
13:09<alan>this accepted answer is completely wrong and doesn't work for one
13:10<alan>and every other strtotime post I've seen doesn't work and I'm going nuts over something simple
13:10<grawity>which one? the page doesn't have an accepted answer
13:10<alan>maybe it's what I'm googling idk
13:10<alan>oh I guess you're correct, I thought I seen a green check next to the top answer with 7 votes
13:11<grawity>I usually do it manually, although in my case adding an exact amount of days is good enough, i.e. I don't care about how long months are or about leap years
13:11<grawity>where by "manually" I mean time() + (86400 * $num_days)
13:12<grawity>that said
13:12<grawity>strtotime("+1 month");
13:12<grawity>seems to work completely fine here
13:13<alan>$transaction_date = date("Y-m-d H:i:s"); i grab todays date like this
13:14<grawity>don't do that
13:14<grawity>start with a timestamp, adjust that timestamp, and *at the end* convert it to a printable date/time
13:14<alan> seems to work
13:15<grawity>so for example
13:15<grawity>1) $transaction_ts = time(); /* today's date */
13:15<grawity>2) $next_year_ts = strtotime("+1 year", $transaction_ts);
13:15<grawity>not sure if that handles leap years
13:16<grawity>3) $next_year_date = date("Y-m-d H:i:s", $next_year_ts);
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13:19<alan>it doesn't do leap years?
13:20<grawity>looks like it does, actually
13:20<grawity>$ php -r 'echo date("Y-m-d", strtotime("+10 years", time()));'
13:25<alan>oka ysweet so I'll use the w3schools one
13:25<alan>sorry to have bothered you
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13:33<Sammiejo>i am not able to register an account with linode. as I haven't received the confirmation email.
13:34<Sammiejo>does the confirmation email take long to be sent?
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