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00:47<dwfreed>Happy Linode Billing Day
00:48<LouWestin>I have about 12 more minutes ;-)
00:49<dwfreed>the invoices have already started firing
00:51<LouWestin>I should've clairified 12 more minutes till midnight
00:57<LouWestin>I read that Debian 10 (Buster) is slated to be released on July 6th.
00:57<gparent>woah, spoiler alert.
00:58<gparent>gonna have to start looking into the changes
00:58<LouWestin>sorry, that was from notes I found, but there's no official public news posted yet.
00:59<gparent>no worries, I know there's been a freeze but not much more than that
00:59<gparent>I always look forward to the debian upgrade
00:59<gparent>usually quick and painless
00:59<LouWestin>same here!
01:00<LouWestin>ok, here's once source that says the date is July 6th.
01:02<LouWestin>Ah here's the official source from Debian.
01:04<linbot>New news from community: RAMBleed <>
01:04<gparent>oh apparmor, that's gonna be interesting
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01:09<LouWestin>Basically for me Openjdk 11 will be nice if Minecraft ever upgrades their Java version
01:10<LouWestin>and VNC gets an upgrade
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02:07<zwei>why i can not login in?
02:07<zwei> are blank???
02:17<khaberz>Works fine here
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02:30<zwei>now it worked,a little slow,but worked!!!
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05:55<linbot>New news from community: FileZilla "530 Login authentication failed" CentOs 6.8 <>
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10:30<Gaeguri>Hello, do you know how long it takes to get our account activated ?
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10:46<LouWestin>Shouldn’t take more than a day assuming everything is in order.
10:46<Gaeguri>Thank you LouWestin
10:47<LouWestin>You’re welcome. Keep an eye on your email.
10:49<LouWestin>Happy Monday. Fyi Debian is asking for testing help.
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11:31<alaa>hello does anyone has a problem reaching his linode
11:31<alaa>after upgrade i cannot even ping it
11:34<@pwoods>alaa: do you have a Support ticket on for this?
11:34<alaa>i sent an email waiting there reply
11:36<@pwoods>alaa: thanks, I'll take a look into our email and let you know if I need any additional info
11:36<alaa>thanks a lot
11:42<@pwoods>alaa: a response to your email just went out.
12:15<alaa>i just replied also if i want to change the payment method now is it a problem
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12:21<alaa>pwoods are you still here
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12:35<@pwoods>alaa: yes
12:36<alaa>if i want to change the payment method now is it a problem
12:36<alaa>did you get the authentication you need
12:38<@pwoods>alaa: a colleague is working on the ticket now.
12:39<alaa>thanks a lot
12:39<alaa>so i can change the payment method right
12:39<@pwoods>alaa: to update your payment method, you can follow this guide:
12:40<alaa>thank you
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13:33<LouWestin>!point pwoods
13:33<linbot>LouWestin: Point given to pwoods. (4)
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13:49<Deni_>Please help me for payment via paypal.
13:50<Deni_>because after i'm registered account, i'm must input credit card.
13:53<@jalter>Deni_: You can make payments with PayPal, but you first need to open the account with a credit card. Your credit card will be billed whenever you don't have enough credit on your account to cover an invoice - so you just need to add from your PayPal account ahead of time.
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14:44<edupooter>Hello. Some spammer is using this account "" to phish as a Brazilian Bank (Banco Bradesco S/A
14:44<millisa> will want the info. Include any headers you have when you get them the info
14:45<edupooter>I got the headers, and send the message, thanks.
14:45<edupooter>*I'll send
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15:06<Peng> isn't a real thing...
15:13<millisa>looks like one of them might have put that name in hosts? someone mentions it here
15:14<Zr40>perhaps even the default hostname
15:14<millisa>19.04 didn't do it. looking to see if 16.04 does
15:15<millisa>16.04 didn't do it
15:16<Zr40>hosts != hostname
15:17<millisa>yeah, just trying to find something that might cause that to get used
15:18<Zr40>which is 'ubuntu', at least when using the installer and accepting all defaults
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17:00<arby>Getting too old/lazy to monitor everything DIY ... so taking a look at Longview. Is is up/available on the LinodeCloudManager UI? I see it in the sidebar, but it displays only an option to "Navigate to Classic Manager" or somesuch -- where I see all the req's tools/toys to get it setup.
17:00<arby>Is in IN the CloudManager yet? Or me? again ...
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17:23<alan>I'm trying to reneew my certs but I'm getting error when running "certbot" i have nginx running on centos 7
17:27<Peng>Can you pastebin the rest of Certbot's output?
17:27<Peng>And what was the command?
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17:28<alan>was the command
17:30<alan>also why is pointing to phpmyadmin?
17:33<Peng>You just ran "certbot"? Not "certbot renew"?
17:34<Peng>Is that really all the output?
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17:38<naive>Hi, guys! Who knows: what happend to Linode's support response time?
17:39<Peng>An unfortunate increase in customers
17:40<alan>certbot -d --manual --preferred-challenges dns certonly this works
17:40<alan>but i need to manually enter the text record everytime
17:40<alan>any alternatives?
17:43<gparent>using a plugin that updates dns for you
17:44<alan>I'm using varnish caching so port 80 doesnt work
17:44<alan>8080 does
17:44<Peng>Or fix HTTP validation
17:44<Peng>alan: Why doesn't port 80 work?
17:44<gparent>why woul
17:44<gparent>ok peng you got this
17:45<Peng>no u
17:45<gparent>in 15 mins i can officially help
17:46<naive>Peng: seems like its "already solved" and this topic is about 2016
17:46<naive>I still got 2 tickets with no response for 2 days and it gets me sad
17:46<alan>because varnish runs off of 80
17:47<alan>nginx runs off of 8080
17:47<alan>fot httpd traffic
17:47<Peng>Varnish forwards requests though.
17:47<Peng>Try using --http-01-port 8080 with Certbot
17:48<gparent>wow, I didn't even know you could do t hat
17:48<gparent>im glad I didnt help you and peng did, he's way smarter than me
17:48<gparent>still think the plugin is a worthy long term solution though
17:49<gparent>(and making varnish pass properly)
17:51<alan>!point peng
17:51<linbot>alan: Point given to peng. (40)
17:51<alan>worked :P --http-01-port 8080
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19:09<alan>I'm trying to add, cname points to my ip address
19:09<alan>but nginx isn't recognizing it?
19:09<alan>i added a .conf
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19:35<Cromulent>hmm my Linode was restarted without me doing anything - was there any system maintence taking place in London tonight?
19:36<Cromulent>not a problem if there was I was just curious
19:36<Cromulent>always slightly alarming having your email inbox fill up with website down messages :)
19:46<Cromulent>ah thank you very much
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20:04<mattmcc>Heh. I'm gonna go ahead and say object storage is still kinda raw. Tried s3cmd put'ing a 595mb gzip and it took an hour and a half.
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20:06<Cromulent>can I make a feature request here? It would be awesome if I could use my Yubikey as 2FA on Linode
20:06<warewolf>you can as TOTP?
20:06<warewolf>I mean, I do
20:07<Cromulent>really? Oh I'll have to look into that
20:07<Cromulent>I'm used to just plugging in the Yubikey and pressing the button and everything just working after that
20:07<warewolf>yes, both as ssh/sudo/su *on* the linode itself, and inside the linode manager website.
20:07<warewolf>oh that's a different auth mech, that's U2F or yubioauth
20:08<Cromulent>hmm seems like I'll need to do some reading on that - I'm still trying to figure out how to put my GPG private key on my Yubikey
20:08<warewolf>U2F or WebAuthN requires browsers to support it, and then websites have to not do stupid things like complain that firefox under linux isn't supported (when it totally is)
20:09<Cromulent>I've never had any problems with it and I use Brave which isn
20:09<Cromulent>isn't a very popular browser
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20:13<warewolf>oh I know of it, it's a privacy focused browser
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20:20<Cromulent>yep has Tor built in which is pretty cool
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20:30<li>is linode slow on ticket response time recently?
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20:49<Cromulent>sorry to ask so many questions but do people rotate their Linodes every so often? I've been running the same Linode since 2016 and was wondering if I created a new one and transferred everything over whether I would end up on a more up to date host hardware wise
20:49<warewolf>Cromulent: I only migrate to a new "host" when Linode tells me I have to. I like my stuff running and staying up :)
20:50<Cromulent>the problem is I have quite a lot of log files filling up because I didn't enable log rotate so I'm losing quite a bit of storage space
20:50<warewolf>that and I don't know how much a performance boost you would get, moving to a new host
20:50<warewolf>oh, then delete logs?
20:50<Cromulent>yeah I
20:50<warewolf>you know you can just buy more disk space too
20:50<Cromulent>I'll have to go through the file system and see what I can rid of
20:51<warewolf>something like: find / -type f -size +10240 -mtime +365 # show me files older than a year that are somewhat large
20:51<Cromulent>I had considered block storage because I want to launch a website which hosts its own videos rather than relying on youtube or vimeo
20:52<waltman>Can't you enable log rotation after the fact?
20:52<Cromulent>probably - I've never looked into it which is why I'm in this position :)
20:52<waltman>I don't know. That sounds easier to me than creating a new instance.
20:52<warewolf>Cromulent: look at logrotated, it'll probally do what you need and likely comes with your linux distro.
20:53<rnowak>is new?
20:53<warewolf>of you're running a winode, I can't help :)
20:53<Cromulent>nah Ubuntu 18.04
20:53<warewolf>rnowak: that's the new web manager UI
20:53<rnowak>I can't remember being redirected there before for cloud.l.c logins
20:53<warewolf>rnowak: I know, it caught me by surprise too, I'm used to the old
20:54<waltman>t-6 minutes until my linode gets taken down for maintenance.
20:58<warewolf>wow, I've been a linode customer for just over 14 years
20:59<rnowak>time flies
21:01<warewolf>pretty fly times.
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21:04<waltman>I was going to check how long I've had my current linode but it looks like it just went offline.
21:05<waltman>I knew about linode for a long time, but I think I finally became a customer in 2012.
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21:17<linbot>New news from community: nvoicing and Payment You agree that shall be permitted to charge your credit card on a monthly, annual, or other agreed upon basis in advan <>
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21:27<linbot>New news from community: Which service is the payment related to? <>
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22:51<alan>my nginx isn't allowing a new conf
22:51<alan>trying to use
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23:00<alan>idk why
23:03<alan>or what to check for
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