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00:24<elifethings21>hello there
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05:48<kantha>are you there/
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05:49<@pwoods>hi kantha
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06:22<khaberz>Did anyone else have issues with their servers after the maintenance?
06:23<@pwoods>khaberz: what kind of issues?
06:24<khaberz>I am running a Wireguard Server and wireguard is not starting after the maintenance
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06:26<khaberz>pwoods: I take it back. Sorry. User error.
06:27<khaberz>pwoods: I had changed a config file, made a mistake and this was the first time it was parsed.... mea culpa.
06:27<@pwoods>khaberz: glad that you found the root cause
06:28<@pwoods>khaberz: user errors are outside the scope of the support we can provide, though we'll do what we can to point you in the right direction. Have you tried turning the user on and off again?
06:29<khaberz>pwoods: Heh. Right now I feel like turning it off nd replacing it with a better version.
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07:09*Zr40 remarks that telling users to not do X makes them certain to do X all the time
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10:05<dzho>!to deni_ ask
10:05<deni_>How to add coupon for new first payment?
10:06<dzho>I don't know. Maybe one of the ops does?
10:07<@bbigger>deni_ promo codes need to be entered during the signup process
10:07<dzho>it's been so long since I was a new customer a) I don't remember how it worked, even if I had paid attention and b) I'm sure it's changed sing
10:07<@bbigger>if you've already created your account, open up a Support ticket and let us know the code you were trying to use and we'll see what we can do for you
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10:23<millisa>!point pwoods
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11:10<@bbigger>!point linbot
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11:14<@sjacobs>woo hoo!
11:19<dzho>!karma linbot
11:19<dzho>I will never learn that apparently.
11:26<dwfreed>linbot: apropos points
11:26<linbot>dwfreed: No appropriate commands were found.
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11:30<alan>trying to add a cert for
11:30<alan>but it doesn't work, not sure what the issue is
11:31<alan> redirects to sure why that is either?
11:41<linbot>New news from community: How to start my Linode server automatically after a reboot? <>
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12:11<alan>any ideas why certbot wouldn;t work and redirect to another url?
12:13<LouWestin>alan check your apache config file
12:13<alan>using nginx
12:14<alan>nothing has changed, yesterday i was able to renew the certs for other subdomains
12:14<alan>such as
12:14<alan>without issues
12:14<alan>both are CNAMES pointing to my linodes IP
12:14<alan>.conf is identical besides the missing certbot additions since it's failing in the
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12:16<LouWestin>mmm.... if you setup certbot under that subdomain it should renew no issue
12:16*LouWestin is thinking
12:16<alan>what else can i check for
12:16<alan>besides my https:// redirecting to idk what is the actual issue
12:17<LouWestin>ok, when you run certbot renew what errors are you getting?
12:19<alan>certbot --http-01-port 8080 is what I'm running since I'm using varnish on port 80 not nginx
12:19<alan>is the whole shabang
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12:21<LouWestin>ok so is the one giving problems
12:22<LouWestin>which you said alredy
12:24<LouWestin>I'm not a DNS expert, but if I run DNS Viz, this is what I get,
12:34<alan>so it's not pointed proerly?
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12:43<alan>idk how to fix it
12:49<millisa>nginx -T
12:49<millisa>should show you the config that'll get used
12:50<millisa>though I suppose you'd need to do something with varnish if that's what is answering
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12:51<LouWestin>millisa knows dns
12:52<millisa>only in a biblical sense...
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12:55<millisa>Finding the corresponding logs that go along with the letsencrypt request would also give a clue to what's going on. and now it's time for some texas bbq
12:55<Chris>Can you tell me why is so slow?
12:57<LouWestin>Chris looks like you don't have anything running right now
12:58<LouWestin>at least I can't ping the server
13:02<LouWestin>ping times out. Might be firewall related
13:03<alan>dns should be fine though
13:03<alan>nginx -T shows me the proper config
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13:06<LouWestin>Chris here's the result of tracert
13:06<LouWestin>I can't connect
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13:42<alan>what else do i check for?
13:42<alan>seems fine to me
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15:14<alan>i cant figure it out
15:14<atrus_>on reboot, my linode seems to only come up with one of its 2 ipv6 addreses -- any pointers on what I might be missing? ubuntu 18.04 linode, my /etc/network/interfaces file is here:
15:14<alan>idk what to look for
15:18<synapt>atrus_: Unless you have something set to automatically re-add them or remember them after boot, you have to re-add any extra addresses yourself
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15:18<atrus_>synfinatic: i mean, they are both listed there in that pastebin'd interfaces file, right? wouldn't that take care of it?
15:19<nate>The only one that usually gets added automatically is the default IPv6 address assigned at creation
15:20<nate>atrus_: That I'm not sure on with ubuntu, not super familiar with it, you might wanna look at (which should apply to ubuntu 18 pretty much as well)
15:20<atrus_>i feel like i'm missing something here
15:21<atrus_>both of my ipv4 addresses come up properly on boot -- it's just one of the ipv6 ones that's wrong
15:21<kenyon>atrus_: you don't use alias syntax like that with IPv6
15:22<alan>i need to resolve my ssl issue
15:22<alan>anything i should be looking for
15:24<atrus_>bennettnw21: what do you do instead?
15:24<atrus_>kenyon: what do you do instead?
15:24<nate>alan: What SSL issue?
15:24<atrus_>(soryry bennettnw21 -- not sure what happened with my autocomplete there...)
15:24<kenyon>atrus_: like shown in that wiki article, like this
15:25<kenyon>atrus_: you probably want to specify a gateway too
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15:32<millisa>what do your logs say. you will have log entries for when the LE folks request the /.well-known/acme-challenge/foo file.
15:34<alan>thats my letsencrypt error log
15:34<akerl>Yea; it looks like something in your web server config isn’t serving that file
15:34<alan>most recent
15:35<akerl>Why does that server block handle 8080 and 443, but not 80?
15:35<gparent>you're the one who was using the 8080 argument for validation
15:35<atrus_>kenyon: hm. that *looks* like it's fixed it -- don't really care to reboot again right now :) although it also sounds like ubuntu has moved over to netplan, and I should be making that transition (or switching my linode over to fedora like the rest of my machines these days). Thanks!
15:36<gparent>akerl: 21:47:35 < Peng> Try using --http-01-port 8080 with Certbot
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15:36<akerl>Huh, interesting
15:36<Peng>They have Varnish running on port 80 and Nginx running on port 8080, AIUI.
15:37<akerl>Something something caching or other?
15:37<akerl>Using certbot with non-standard configs seems like a recipe for pain
15:37<gparent>we suggested to fix the caching but that was the quick fix I guess
15:37<millisa> relevant?
15:38<akerl>It’s noteworthy, perhaps, that the debug log shows it making the request of port 80, if I’m reading it right
15:38<akerl>So is it possible that flag doesn’t do what we thing?
15:38<Peng>Let's Encrypt makes the requests to port 80. But if Varnish forwards them to Nginx, it's fine.
15:38<alan>i have no clue why it worked for my other domains and subdomains but not this one
15:38<gparent>that's what the link millisa provided says
15:38<alan> redirects to
15:38<alan>idk why or how
15:39<Peng>--http-01-port is for changing what the server listens on in port forwarding and proxying situations. You can't change what port Let's Encrypt sends the requests to.
15:39<akerl>Sounds like you should learn more about your web server configs
15:39<alan>my web server config is fine though it hasn't changed
15:39<alan>I've done all the steps I've done previously
15:40<akerl>Well in that case, it all works
15:41<akerl>Can you make requests of the necessary .wellknown file manually? Do they work?
15:41<akerl>And if not, what do your nginx and varnish logs show for those requests
15:47<alan>varnish wouldnt show anything
15:47<alan>i alnot in the logs atleast
15:47<alan>it looks like its dns related
15:48<alan>it also works if irenew any other domain or subdomain
15:48<alan>so its not a setting i need to change in my server or it would affect all domains or subdomains when trying to use certbot
15:48<alan>is it my CNAME?
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16:09<blank>Hi all, I read in the linode docs that after a linode is created the ID is available as a env variable. However, i'm not able to find it
16:10<blank>echo $LINODE_ID returns nothing
16:10<Peng>In what context? A StackScript?
16:10<blank>set | grep LINODE returns nothing as well
16:11<blank>Ultimatly I want to use it in one of my included stackscript
16:11<blank>but right now I am just doing some sanity checks before I can take it for granted
16:12<blank>I just tried directly on the machine terminal
16:12<Peng>It's not set there
16:12<blank>Oh is only visible to stackscripts then ?
16:16<linbot>New news from blog: 2019 Summer Events <>
16:32<akerl>Alan: you’re getting a 404. What makes you think it wouldn’t show up in the logs
16:34<linbot>New news from community: Why can't I add an A / AAAA record for a dot net domain? <>
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16:40<alan>where am i getting a 404?
16:42<alan>sorry to waste everybody's time
16:42<LouWestin>No reason to be sorry.
16:43<akerl>Alan: the log you pasted shows a 404
16:43<akerl> the very last line
16:44<akerl>LE tries to look up your challenge file and gets a 404 instead
16:46<LouWestin>Insufficient authorization...could this be a owner/group permissions issue?
16:47<akerl>Insufficient Auth is the LE error, isn’t it?
16:47<akerl>LE says ~“insufficient auth to request this cert, because I couldn’t validate the challenge. Why couldn’t I validate it? 404 from the URL”
16:48<alan>that's the same error I pasted in my other bpaste
16:48<alan>its the same error
16:48<akerl>It’s the same 404 :P
16:53<akerl>The 404 exists somewhere in your logs for varnish and nginx, if you find it, you’ll be one step closer to figuring out why it’s 404ing instead of serving your challenge file
16:54<LouWestin>Im betting it’s a permissions issue.
16:55<LouWestin>I’m thinking that it’s based on the unauthorized error. I could be wrong though
16:55<LouWestin>Here’s a forum link on the issue.
16:56*akerl shrug
16:56<LouWestin>I’m traveling to a softball game so I couldn’t read through it all but might help
16:56<akerl>The insufficient auth message comes from LE, which has no insight into the client filesystem other than “it got a 404”. It could be a perms issue; or that the nginx config has the wrong site root, or that there’s a redirect in the nginx config, or a varnish cache issue, etc etc
16:58<LouWestin>At my destination. I’ll be back later good luck
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17:14<linbot>New news from community: Helix P4 / Perforce not working after Maintenance update <>
17:22<LouWestin>Alan check your permissions for that acme-challenge folder. See the forum link I posted earlier if you haven’t already.
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17:40<hikashin>may i ask if there is a ddos protection on our linode server?
17:41<nuevu>There is not anything built-in. You're free to use something like Cloudflare to bring your own DDOS protection, though.
17:41<millisa>not really other than they might null route you if you get one. there's no reason you can't use something like Cloudflare ...what nuevu said
17:42<hikashin>hello nuevu, this is not a web one. this is a private vps. hehe.
17:42<hikashin>so i am safe with those attacks if someone tried?
17:42<warewolf>hikashin: no?
17:43<hikashin>even script kiddies can take down?
17:43<hikashin>a server or no.
17:43<nuevu>I'm not sure what you're asking. Linode doesn't do anything other than completely drop traffic to your Linode if it hits the fan. If you want more control over that, you'll need to implement something like Cloudflare to filter the traffic before it gets to Linode.
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18:30<kharlan11>I never like the term script kiddies.
19:01<millisa>libretto lads (and lasses). instruction infants. adolescent arrangers.
19:02<millisa>or maybe application adolescents. i think I like that more.
19:02<millisa>whippersnapper writers!
19:10<nuevu>!point millisa
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19:30<gparent>php developers
19:30<gparent>shields up red alert *performs evasive maneuvers*
19:30<nuevu>Yeah, you better run!
19:31*nate doesn't get it
19:31<gparent>im just poking fun at php following the examples given by millisa, nothing too serious
19:32<nuevu>It was a good comeback, even if I want to take it personally :)
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20:05-!-alan [] has joined #linode
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20:05<alan>sorry my chat froze
20:05<alan>I'm still unable ot resolve the dns issue
20:20<@mcintosh>!point mcintosh
20:20<linbot>mcintosh: 1,000,000 points for mcintosh!!!
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20:37<alan>having issues connecting via ssh using filezilla
20:37<alan>error log should be in secure yes?
20:48<alan>nvm fixed
20:49<alan>why does redirect to
20:52<Peng>It's a computer. It's just doing what it's told.
20:52<Peng>The redirect appears to be generated by a PHP program.
20:55<alan>how can u tell
20:56<Peng>X-Powered-By header
20:58<alan>but where do u see this
21:00<Peng>curl --compressed -kv
21:01<Peng>Those two server blocks aren't for https
21:02<alan>would this have something to do with the certbot not working properly on this domain
21:02<alan>why is it attached to ddlures??
21:05-!-jhaas [] has quit [Quit: ZNC 1.7.3 -]
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21:08<LouWestin>Alan did you get my last message a while back about checking the file permissions?
21:10<alan>what file do i check permissions for
21:10-!-aspis [] has joined #linode
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21:13<LouWestin>Actually directory. well-known/acme-challenge/
21:14<alan>where is that director yfound
21:14<alan>i do not have one
21:14<alan>wouldn this affect any other cert i try to configure if it was the issue?
21:15<LouWestin>They were saying to have it set to 755.
21:15<LouWestin>Good question. Which is weird because the others work fine
21:16<alan>i dont understand why its pointing to ddlures
21:16<alan>i think thats the issue
21:18-!-jhaas [] has joined #linode
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21:18-!-mode/#linode [+o jhaas] by ChanServ
21:18<alan>any thoughts i seriously do not know what is going on
21:19<LouWestin>If it’s redirecting then there has to be either a config file doing it or maybe a setting in your dns records.
21:21<alan>would u like to see my dns records just to make sure its not that?
21:21<alan>although i dont think it is since without https:
21:21<alan>it shows the actual web files
21:25<LouWestin>Here’s for the store.
21:36<alan>what do i do with what you sent me
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22:23<millisa>guessing the v4 api systems just did their mds maint?
22:27<linbot>New news from community: IPv6 inter VM traffic on public ips <>
22:27<millisa>(all good now, just saw most all my checks based on the api get upset for about 10 mins)
22:37<linbot>New news from community: How do I reset MariaDB root password for a LEMP stack Ubuntu 19.4 <>
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22:54<alan>millisa care to try to solve the https redirection
22:54<alan>i cant figure it out
22:55<millisa>did you find the corresponding entries in your logs?
22:56<alan>nothing besides what i pasted earlier
22:56<millisa>make a request for http://yoursite/.well-known/acme-challenge/bobbybobbybobby then grep for bobbybobbybobby in your logs. it'll help you be sure you are looking in the right logs
22:58<alan>what d oyou mean by make a request?
22:58<millisa>use your browser, or curl and request that url?
22:58<millisa>wget or links, or even lynx if you prefer
22:59<alan>curl: (6) Could not resolve host: yoursite; Unknown error
22:59<millisa>I'm not sure if I'm being trolled...
22:59<alan>404 not found is the result
23:00<millisa>And the corresponding log entry?
23:00<alan>what log entr yam i looking for
23:01<alan>my letsencrypt doesnt have anything
23:01<millisa>Your varnish or nginx logs.
23:02<alan>nothing in error.log for nginx
23:02<millisa>and in the access logs?
23:02<alan>its blank
23:03<millisa>nginx -T paste the output
23:03<millisa> access_log /var/log/nginx/access.log main;
23:03<millisa>that log is completely blank?
23:04<alan>the jul 2 one is blank
23:04<alan>the one from jun 23rd is zipped
23:04-!-jtsage [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:05-!-aspis [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:05<millisa>cd /var/log;grep -r bobbybobbybobby *
23:05<millisa>it looks like you have logs scattered in /var/log and in /var/log/nginx. Find the one with your bobbybobbybobby request
23:06-!-kaare_ [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
23:06<alan>why is iyt showing up under store.primitiv.error??
23:06-!-kaare_ [] has joined #linode
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23:06<millisa>there's your question
23:07<millisa>i mean, it *should* be a no-such file type error.
23:07<millisa>the important bit is you have verified which log you should be looking in when you make your real certbot request
23:08<millisa>you will be able to see whether it is a 404, a 403, or something else which should tell you if it really is a file not being written to the right place, or if it's a permission thing
23:08<millisa>use 'tail -f /var/log/nginx/store.primitiv.access.log' to watch the log when you make your next certbot attempt and you will likely see *something*
23:09<millisa>if you dont' see anything, then go look for the log that does contain the file that certbot requested
23:10<millisa>also, the error log there gives you the real, local directory that the web server is looking for the file.
23:11<millisa>see the path in /var/www/websites/...yaddayadda/.well-known/acme-challenge?
23:11-!-Rob [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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23:11<alan>i dont ahve any .well-known folders
23:11<alan>dont have**
23:11-!-Rob [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
23:12<millisa>the namei command would likely answer some questions about that
23:13<Peng>If you're using Certbot's nginx plugin, it won't create .well-known directories, because it configures Nginx a different way
23:13<millisa>something like: namei -mov /var/www/websites/store.primitiv/public_html/.well-known/acme-challenge
23:13<millisa>listen to Peng - i know squat about the plugin
23:15<Peng>99% sure it just adds a location block with a return directive.
23:15<Peng>Older versions might have added a location block with a root or alias in /var/lib/letsencrypt or somesuch
23:15<alan>the command is working fine for my other domains
23:15<millisa>line 515-520 appears to be the vhost for store. . . it doesn't look like the others
23:16<millisa>copared to 456-460
23:17<alan>yes because those ones have an SSL
23:17<alan>this subdomain is new
23:17<alan>never got one before so of course the lines added by certbot wont be there
23:18<nate>reading up I feel like you probably should have went with DNS verification and stopped worrying about http auth
23:19<alan>i just dont understand what is going on
23:20<alan>i just want to add an ssl to my subdomain
23:20<millisa>cd /var/log;grep -r xQoaWBrra5_EqfPOtYpf38znFzDIA4zIbBVq3gWE46E
23:21<millisa>that was one of your certbot attempts from some point earlier, what did the logs say about it
23:21<millisa>er. cd /var/log;grep -r xQoaWBrra5_EqfPOtYpf38znFzDIA4zIbBVq3gWE46E *
23:22<alan> here
23:23<Peng>Isn't that virtual host on port 80? Aren't you running Varnish on port 80?
23:27-!-anomie [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:28<alan>is my server the issue?
23:30<Peng>How are both Nginx and Varnish listening on port 80.
23:30<alan>they aren
23:30<alan>nginc is on 8080
23:30<alan>when i try to run varnish i get
23:30<alan> Error: Could not get socket :80: Address already in use
23:31<Peng>In use by what?
23:31<alan>how do i check
23:31<alan>netstat -ltnp | grep -w ':80' returns nothing
23:32<Peng>So you're running Nginx on port 80.
23:33<alan>it shouldn't be
23:33<alan>varnish should be 80
23:33<rsdehart>it is. It just can't start because nginx is too
23:33<Peng>You have an Nginx virtual host with no listen directives.
23:33<millisa>look in /etc/nginx/conf.d/
23:33<alan>i just ran certbot
23:33-!-shiv_ch_rai [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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23:33<alan>and it worked for
23:34-!-shiv_ch_rai [~oftc-webi@] has left #linode []
23:34<alan>maybe varnish and nginx were the culprits
23:34<alan>the redirect on i do not unerstand
23:34<alan>why is it bringing me to ddlures is the other issue at hand
23:35<millisa>something wordpress something
23:35<Peng>That redirect is from Nginx, not PHP
23:35<Peng>the https redirect is PHP
23:35<Peng> currently redirects to Generated by Nginx, not PHP.
23:36<Peng>It was doing something different before, wasn't it
23:36<alan>it still is
23:36<alan> redirects me to ddlures
23:36<Peng>Yes, it does
23:37<alan>why :(
23:37<alan>why is it moved permanently
23:37<Peng>alan: Read the source code or configuration for whatever PHP application that is
23:38<Peng>wow, I totally missed that line
23:38<alan>there's no wordpress
23:38<millisa>only zuul
23:39<alan>i have wordpress installed in the root directory of store
23:39<alan>that woulsnt make it redirect?
23:39<alan>wouldn't **
23:40<Peng>Why does WordPress probably think it's
23:40<Peng>Okay, is an actual WordPress site.
23:41<alan>this is really pissing me off
23:41<alan>i have no idea what is happening anymore
23:41<millisa>did you re-use a database possibly?
23:41<alan>i just deleted the wordpress databases
23:41<alan>deleting all the wordpress files
23:41<millisa>no more redirect. a healthy 403
23:43<alan>i deleted the wordpress files
23:43<alan>the document root is now blank
23:43<alan> still redirects me
23:44<alan>I'm going for a smoke b ack in 15
23:44<millisa>http://store redirs by nginx to https. https 403's
23:45<millisa>use 'curl -v putyoururlhere' and you can see how it's responding
23:45<millisa>if you are still ending up on your wordpress site, clear your browser cache
23:57<alan>okay yes i do see that
23:57<alan>seems to be fixed
23:57<alan>should display Hi peeps!
23:57<alan>can you confirm?
23:58<millisa>i see a 200 response on https
23:58<millisa>er, it's directing me to a wordpress install on ddlures though...
23:58<alan>now i need to figure out why nginx is on 80 and not 8080?
23:58<alan>since varnish is stuill caput
23:59<millisa>you didn't have a listen directive in your store conf file earlier. not sure what you have now that you ran certbot on it. use nginx -T to look at it
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