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00:00<Peng>A virtual host with no listen directives defaults to listening on on port 80 (if root) or port 8000 (if not root)
00:00<millisa>i guess my browser cache was causing that redir - but you'll still want to look at what you did to ddlures since it appears to be a fresh wp setup
00:02<alan>I'm still trying to figure it out, any of you experienced with wordpress ?
00:02<alan>i did a mistake earlier
00:02<millisa>i don't doubt there are multiple people in here that have had wp inflicted on them
00:03<alan>i see a default 8080?
00:04<millisa>what Peng said applies. make sure your server {} section has a listen directive
00:04<alan>just so we are on the same page
00:04<alan>i ran nginx -T
00:04<alan>which portion am i looking at
00:04<alan>the first bit where it says server and 8080 default?
00:04<millisa>the server sections need to have listen directives if you don't want nginx to assume you want to use 80
00:05<alan>you're talking about my .confs
00:05<alan>not the server conf
00:05<millisa>nginx -T should show the end result of it all put together
00:06<millisa>line 531-534
00:06<millisa>er, 531-537. no listen directive
00:07<alan>i added it
00:08<alan>stoped nginx
00:08<millisa>seems likely that 524-529 shouldn't be there and the listen lines on 525-526 are supposed to be in the lower section with the 301
00:08<alan>started it
00:08<alan>varnish starts now!
00:08<alan>should i still address [00:07] <millisa> seems likely that 524-529 shouldn't be there and the listen lines on 525-526 are supposed to be in the lower section with the 301
00:08<millisa>!point Peng
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00:08<alan>even if it started
00:08<alan>!point millisa
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00:08<alan>!point peng
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00:08<millisa>if you aren't sure, comment the lines and find out.
00:09<millisa>the 531-537 section also didn't seem to have a server_name section.
00:09<alan>524-529 removed
00:10<millisa>compare it to your earlier sections that are similar for the other domains and you'll probably see what it should look like
00:10<alan> 525-526 are supposed to be in the lower section with the 301
00:10<alan>i do not understand this
00:11<millisa>look at 444 though about 460. you have 3 examples there. your store section probably should look like them
00:12<millisa>listen directive, server_name, and your 301
00:12<alan>should be much better?
00:12<millisa>missing your server_name line
00:13<millisa>not that it probably matters in that specific config
00:13<alan>were am i missing this?
00:13<millisa>after the listen line would be fine
00:14<alan>for the
00:14<millisa>after line 526 in that last config you sent
00:14<millisa>but yes, in that file
00:15*LouWestin only messes with varnish when it applies to wood finishing. *Badum tish*
00:15<alan> why does it show this
00:15<alan>i deleted my index.php
00:15<alan>added the wordpress files
00:16<alan>oh nvm http does that
00:16<alan>https doesnt
00:16<alan>Ok so ehre's my wordpress dilemma, I'll buy somebody a coffee if they can help me out
00:17<LouWestin>Is it possible that you don’t have Wordpress setup?
00:17<alan>when attempting to install earlier, i entered wordpress instead of store for the database name. It did some weird things to my database and files. I have a backup of the database but not the files before it happened unfortunately.
00:18<alan>SO I deleted the database and imported the backup
00:18<alan>but now I get a blank wordpress page when not logged in
00:18<alan>BUT when logged in
00:18<LouWestin>I’m seeing a setup page
00:18<alan>the site says "The theme enfold child does not exist"
00:19<LouWestin>The install page
00:19<alan>when i go to my plugins it says they are all deactivated due to an error
00:19<alan>it also prompts me to update my database via wordpress evene though the version # are the same
00:19<alan>even *
00:20<millisa>you don't have a backup of your wordpress directories?
00:20<alan>i do now but not before the incident
00:20<alan>only the database I do
00:20<millisa>even if you put your themes and plugins back by hand, your wp-uploads isn't going to be in that
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00:21<LouWestin>At that link I’m seeing the wp install page, not sure if you’re seeing that too?
00:21<millisa>er, wp-content/uploads maybe
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00:22<alan>I just want the stie to work again without needing ro remove all files
00:22<alan>not all files got modified
00:23<millisa>well, you can point a wordpress install at a restored wordpress database and then reinstall plugins/themes.
00:26<alan>I'm attmtping to re add the database backup one last time
00:26<alan>you're saying do it from the ionstall?
00:26<millisa>mostly you give it the right credentials during the install with the same table prefix and it should throw you to a 'already installed' type page
00:27<millisa>things might still be broken - your images wont work, your plugins/themes will be broken, and you may have to fix the site/home url like Peng mentioned earlier (if the database you are pointing at used a different url)
00:28<alan>the files havent changed though
00:29<alan>same url
00:29<millisa>what files?
00:29<alan>the ones installed?
00:32<alan>OK part of it is back when i re added the database
00:34<millisa>looks like a fishing lure site
00:35<alan>i think it fixed itself somehow
00:38<millisa>there's a hard http:// reference in there somewhere for this wp-content/uploads/2018/08/logo-black.png which is killing your pretty lock on the url line
00:40<alan>where do u see this
00:40<alan>thanks for all the help btw everybody :)
00:41<millisa>on all of the pages. near the av-logo-container bit
00:42<millisa>the fish logo in the top right
00:42<millisa>er, that way <----. left... i'm tired.
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00:49<alan>mm i see
00:49<alan>why is it doing that
00:50<millisa>you had another image up briefly that didn't have the hard coded http...
00:51<alan>i found both places in my db but changing it messed things up
00:51<alan>so i reverted
00:56<millisa>I'm sure there's a very wordpressy reason for it; too late for me to find out.
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08:04<Necromant4u>hello, i don't take e-mail verification message. can u help me?
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08:06<@jcardillo>hi Necromant4u
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08:06<@jcardillo>i'd be happy to help. what's up?
08:07<Necromant4u>the message don't coming to my e-mail
08:08<@jcardillo>can you send me a direct message with the last six digits of the payment card you used to signup with? that would allow me to look up your account and confirm the email address.
08:08<Necromant4u>thx all. i take message
08:08<@jcardillo>Or if you'd prefer you could email with the last six and we could help you that way, too.
08:09<Necromant4u>123456 take my credit cart fkers
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10:51<LouWestin>Hi warewolf
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13:32<sameer>is their any job/internship opening for home base for asia people
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13:37<nuevu>11 seconds. Not quite a record, but not exactly an eternity either.
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14:24<gparent>the job market is very dynamic
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18:20<alan>count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in anybody see nthis after upgradin to php 7.2?
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18:21<retro|blah>alan: Are you conducting a survey?
18:22<alan>Yes, yes...I am.
18:22<rnowak>I'll bet you that if you make the parameter a Contable it will stop happening
18:22<rnowak>Countable, too
18:22<alan>contable or countable?
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18:23<rnowak>at least I didn't omit it the other way around
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20:48<warewolf2>h865-rin1 pooped itself?
20:48<millisa>not your scheduled mds reboot?
20:48<warewolf2>"An issue affecting the physical host this Linode resides on has been detected."
20:48<millisa>guess not
20:52<warewolf2>ROFL my rsync backups linode -> home have not been working for over a year.
20:52<warewolf2>whelp that's going to suuuuuuuuuck when the linode comes back up
20:52<millisa>i've had pretty good luck with the physical failures in the last couple years. only one have I gone to the backup and that was more because I was impatient for a migration to finish
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20:55<warewolf2>oh snap it's pinging again
20:55<warewolf2>that was quick
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20:59<warewolf>and now to get those backups working again ...
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21:01<linbot>New news from community: Why can't I make an SRV record with a high port number? :( <>
21:04<millisa>weird. only does that in the cloud manager. old manager is fine.
21:08<warewolf>whee pulling 6MB/s down over vpn
21:22<@mtjones>!point millisa
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21:22<@mtjones>Was investigating the same thing!
21:22<millisa>api does it too
21:23<@mtjones>Nice catch! Much appreciated.
21:23<millisa>(worked fine in the api for port 32000)
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23:48<alan>okay I'm back with another weird problem
23:49<alan>having issues getting php header location to work
23:55<alan>some weird stuff is happening
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