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00:02<alan> when i run the php code header('location....'); with my site's url I get the following javascript errors in my console but if I change my php header location in the first bpaste, towards the endd of the file, to get these errors
00:27<Shentino>So far I found a better deal with google cloud compute, they gave me one micro-vm gratis for nothing
00:27<Shentino>quality wise though you guys are still better
00:27<Shentino>I'm just a penny pincher on a shoestring budget or I'd stick around more
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01:36<LouWestin>It looks like the micro is .60 GB of ram
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02:00<LouWestin>Shentino: ok looking at google’s free plan that you mentioned. You’re not getting the same deal that Linode offers even at their lowest price.
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06:09<Shentino>LW: I pay zero for them
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06:10<kliudzew>are list of reasons, why linode cancel/reject registration?
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08:18<Cromulent>are there any rules against running a cryptocurrency node on a Linode?
08:18<Cromulent>ethereum specifically
08:19<rsdehart>is it illegal?
08:19<rsdehart>then you have your answer
08:19<Cromulent>fair enough - thanks :)
08:19<rsdehart>there are blanket rules regarding excessive resource usage if it affects your neighbors, but nothing that I'm aware of specific to a particular application
08:20<Cromulent>I know you are not allowed to mine on Linodes so I wasn't sure if running a node was counted as the same thing
08:20<Cromulent>and ethereum can be pretty resource intensive
08:20<Cromulent>because it executes smart contracts on the node
08:20<rsdehart>I think if you have sane notification thresholds set you should be warned before anything becomes a problem
08:21<Cromulent>oki dokie
08:21<rsdehart>this is all mostly speculation on my part, in honesty
08:21<rsdehart>it just seems reasonable
08:21<Cromulent>maybe a staff member will see this at some point and complain
08:21*rsdehart snickers
08:23<rsdehart>out of curiosity, what size linode are you looking to run it on? Doesn't it take a crapload of disk?
08:23<Cromulent>yeah I was going to use block storage
08:24<rsdehart>I'd be curious to know what sort of performance that yields
08:24<Cromulent>I'd have to do some testing because I've never used it before
08:24<rsdehart>seems like mine was kinda disk-bound on an ssd laptop
08:26<rsdehart>seems like the kind of thing you'd quickly learn if it's feasible or not
08:26<rsdehart>but at the same time I'll be impressed if it works well
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08:34<rsdehart>hi ron_, people are indeed alive in here
08:34<rsdehart>what can we help you with?
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08:34<rsdehart>howdy mmmat
08:35<ron_>Hello, I've got a question. I'm unable to change the root password via the UI and also when I start the server in init=/bin/bash mode. I've got a an k8s cluster running and made this with your cli tool. I'm just curious if i could login at all into the node/master servers
08:36*rsdehart looks around nervously
08:36<ron_>hehe ;P
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08:37<rsdehart>ron_: I think any staff in here are asleep or otherwise occupied, and I personally have little experience with your use case
08:37<rsdehart>this is community chat, so while staff are present, there's not a guarantee at any particular time that one is handy. I assume you've already submitted a ticket
08:37<ron_>Alright, i'll try to poke around a bit more on the interwebs. Maybe I find some solution.
08:38<ron_>Actually no, I havent submitted a ticket. Will do that next
08:38<rsdehart>your init=/bin/bash was via lish?
08:39<rsdehart>ok yeah I still won't be much help. I've been running my stuff for a long time but have thus far been fortunate to not have encountered this particular issue
08:39<ron_>When I went into Lish with init=/bin/bash enabled I still had to login as root, but I dont have a password :S
08:40<ron_>No problem. I'll figure it out eventually. Thanks!
08:41<rsdehart>ron_: I guess there's remounting involved or so. have you read this thread from a decade ago?
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08:51<ron_>Thanks anyway, have a nice day
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11:11<gparent>Feeling a little bit stupid with the Ansible Linode plugin. It's not returning any VMs, even if I have some running in the regions that I selected. Linode CLI shows them right. Any suggestions on where to look?
11:12<millisa>do you see them if you use curl and the v4 api?
11:12<gparent>Probably, I assumed that's what linode-cli used. Will verify.
11:13<gparent>I think I know what's going on, aren't there two kinds of tokens now?
11:13<millisa>there's the one you get from the cloud manager that works with the v4 api
11:14<millisa>login there, go up to your profile in the upper right, there's a tab for the api keys
11:14<gparent>yeah im using that, but curl gives me invalid token.
11:14<gparent>I'll regen a new one and make sure it matches, I stored it in password manager though.
11:15<millisa>default I think has few permissions selected and an expiration
11:16<gparent>hm it could be taht I set some things that the plugin expects to None and it's returning nothing.
11:16<gparent>I'll start by opening up the perms a bit.
11:16<millisa>(just did a quick test and the v4 api is working fine for me - curl -s -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" | python -m json.tool )
11:19<gparent>I just generated a token, did TOKEN=xx curl etc. and that command gave me invalid oauth token.
11:19<gparent>I am pretty confused.
11:19<millisa>if you echo $TOKEN - does it show your token?
11:20<gparent>nvm! needed export.
11:20<gparent>I'm not sure what happened with the previous token, I set its expiration to 6 months.
11:20<gparent>its scopes include Linodes
11:21<gparent>I'll assume I pasted it wrong, but I don't know.
11:23<gparent>inventory still won't work. I'll have to spend some time on this later.
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11:44<linbot>New news from community: Debian 10 on Linode (before release, no Linode image yet) <>
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12:24<linbot>New news from community: Show my own questions <> || Debain 10 Buster image - when? <>
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12:42<Nepredator>Hi! I'm getting started and it says that my account needs to be activated, what do I have to do?
12:42<millisa>Watch your email
12:42<millisa>They usually send a couple as part of the signup - if they need more info, they'll ask for it
12:43<Nepredator>I got the email confirmation and a welcome one, that's it
12:43<Nepredator>They won't be charging me atm right?
12:43<millisa>they'd charge you whatever you put in during the signup.
12:46<millisa>it's been a while since I've done a signup, it used to call it a 'preload amount'
12:46<millisa>er, used to be called
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12:48<Nepredator>Still haven't recieved anything, not even a charge
12:50<millisa>Did the Welcome mail have a confirm my email link in it?
12:51<millisa>oh, you said you got the confirmation one (I'm assuming you did the confirm process)
12:51<Nepredator>I did confirm it yes
12:52<Nepredator>But in the dashboard it says that I have to activate my account to access or create a linode
12:53<Nepredator>Just recieved the email, it took a while haha, ty!
12:54<millisa>cool. check out the getting started guide if you haven't already:
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15:02<Peng>can a month go by without an Amazon-Tata-Linode routing issue
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15:16<hawk>Anyone else experience random(?) Lassie reboots with '/vbin/vcmd: line 35: 78680 Aborted "$@"' in the lish log seemingly the only trace that anything went down?
15:17<Peng>...Not me
15:18<Zr40>is that the only thing in the log?
15:19<hawk>Zr40: That's the only new thing that shows up in the Lish log (effectively serial console, I suppose), and I can't find anything special in the normal system logs at the time
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16:27<linbot>New news from community: Kernel headers for latest kernel on Debian 9.9 <>
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16:59<dubidub>So, I'm trying to get wireguard going on Debian 9.9. Looks like I need kernel headers. My kernel is 5.1.11-x86_64-linode127 ("Latest 64 bit"). How can I get them?
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17:08<Peng>Is it a problem that some of Linode's HE/NAC/Telecity IP addresses are flagged as IRR invalid on ?
17:09<Peng>...Cologix has multiple data centers in Florida? Huh.
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18:27<dubidub>I'm trying to install Debian 10 on a fresh Linode. I have managed to started the graphical installer. It wants to detect and mount CD-ROM, but this fails. What should I do?
18:29<dubidub> This beeing a VPS, there is no CD-ROM...
18:36<dubidub>I'm installing from debian-buster-DI-rc3-amd64-netinst.iso
18:43<millisa>trying it. (ooh, got an epyc 7601!)
18:54<millisa>ran into the same cd issue. manually mounting /dev/sdb2 like some of the old posts talked about didn't work. going to try grabbing the iso and throwing it on an extra partition
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19:12<gparent>dubidub: you can find kernel headers at
19:13<gparent>use 5.1.11
19:13<gparent>it might be easier to use the distro provided kernel
19:13<gparent>and linux-headers-*
19:14<dubidub>gparent:Linode has answered that Linode’s kernels don’t have published headers.
19:14<gparent>yeah, but the stock linux kernel does.
19:14<gparent>and that's what they use
19:14<dubidub>gparent: I'm now installing Debian 10 instead.
19:15<gparent>good luck
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20:19<millisa>dubidub: during install, goto a shell and do: mount -t iso9660 /dev/sdb /cdrom (assuming you put your installer image at /dev/sdb like the custom distro guide directed)
20:24<dubidub>millisa: Thanks, I'll make a note of that. I solved it by using a different image:
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