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01:13<chesty>I find it a bit weird linode don't publish their kernel headers.
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03:07<dhiraj>hi guys i have issues being with hostgator
03:08<dhiraj>cannot send emails, dont get succefull delivery reports like previous isp.
03:08<dhiraj>please recommend something fast
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03:10<R3N13R>just me
03:11<dhiraj>i have this issue can u help
03:11<R3N13R>depends what is the issue?
03:11<dhiraj>i am with hostgator and shared server
03:11<dhiraj>their server get blacklisted so cant send emails get blocked my recipients server all time
03:12<dhiraj>second one is before was with previous isp i used to get succefull delivery report in my inbox now i cant with hostgator
03:12<dhiraj>i mean on outlook
03:12<R3N13R>are you sending bulk email?
03:13<dhiraj>no i am not. may be about 50 to 100 per hour from all 10 domains
03:13<dhiraj>problem is someone who is sharing is blacklisted and it has affected me
03:13<R3N13R>have you configure SPF and DKIM?
03:14<dhiraj>This is the mail system at host I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below. For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster. If you do so, please include this problem report. You can delete your own text from the attached returned message. The mail system <>: host[] said
03:14<dhiraj>sometimes gateway 23 gets blocked sometimes gateway 26
03:15<dhiraj>i did its blacklisted
03:15<dhiraj>hostgator saying that u kep trying as we have relay of serveres rotating..
03:16<dhiraj>but i dont want all of that dude just want 1 server only used by me nd my domain users. so if its blacklisted i know its mine and i can sort it out.
03:16<dhiraj>now they saying soemone in share space have blacklisted and they saying they will take time. i am losing business now.
03:16<R3N13R>If your IP is blacklisted then you will have to use an external SMTP service
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03:17<dhiraj>can u get me some examples of external smtp service?
03:17<dhiraj>and how u change that. apologies i just have little technical knowledge on this
03:17<dhiraj>i have access to my cpsnel
03:18<R3N13R>You could try
03:19<dhiraj>ok once i sign up. can i put it on my hostgator cpanel?
03:19<linbot>New news from community: Apache shutting down in every 10 to 20 minutes <>
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03:21<namo>hi there
03:21<namo>Permission denied (publickey)
03:21<dhiraj>hi R3N13R>
03:22<namo>is there any solution
03:22<dhiraj>you there?
03:23<R3N13R>Namo - are you trying to SSH to the VM?
03:23<namo> i find documentation in linode but doesnt worked for me
03:24<R3N13R>Where or when are you seeing that message?
03:28<namo>when i try to ssh username@ip
03:28<namo>to access
03:30<R3N13R>You need to add your public key to the .ssh/authorised_keys file
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03:32<namo>yes i did , but i replace it with another one when i made another app
03:32<namo>i forgot it
03:32<R3N13R>Acees the VM with
03:32<R3N13R>Lish console then change the keys to the correct one
03:33<namo>Access denied I'm sorry, but you do not have enough privileges to access this object or perform this action. Please contact your system administrator if you think this is in error.
03:33<namo>it give that error
03:34<R3N13R>You forgot your root password?
03:37<namo>i changed PermitRootLogin yes to PermitRootLogin no
03:38<namo>it the problem
03:41<R3N13R>if you are using the root@myip account yes - then that would be a problem
03:46<namo>is it easy to reinstall vps
04:09<nate>I swear this linode hates me, finally fix all my god damned IPv6 issues and now named keeps corrupting journal files and breaking DNS
04:11<R3N13R>ah but once it works - its fire and forget
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04:24<lichun77>why i got "Your account must be activated before you can use this endpoint" message after registration?
04:25<lichun77>somebody help me ,pls
04:38<R3N13R>Sorry unable to help - dont work for linode
04:45<lichun77>thank you anyway
04:46<R3N13R>Just wondering if Linode is following this IRC
04:49<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
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05:12<R3N13R>Perhaps one of the !ops can take a look at my ticket - no reply since yesterday -
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05:31<node4>yo hi
05:33<node4>since a powered-off linode still costs like $5 / month, does one have to cancel the whole Linode plan to get to a $0 monthly bill?
05:33<Zr40>node4: yes, you must delete the linode to stop being billed for it
05:34<node4>OK Thanks
05:35<node4>seems like Linode is pretty versatile at decent cost ...
05:35<Zr40>R3N13R: keep in mind that most (if not all) of Linode support is based in the US, and yesterday was a public holiday there
05:36<Zr40>if you need support urgently, it's best to call them
05:37<node4>I guess I'd need support in case of real FAIL but I was hoping the Linodes don't cause much trouble by themselves, don't they?
05:38<node4>Like if ssh no longer works...
05:38<node4>should not happen frequently hopefully
05:39<node4>4. of July ... OK
05:41<nate>I imagine they still had people on support during the holidays, but they had a blog post recently covering trying to keep support times down while dealing with lots of new customers so just be patient and they'll get to it as soon as they can
06:06<R3N13R>happy 4th ! But why unhappy 5th?
06:06<R3N13R>suppose I will have to wait
06:07<R3N13R>I am hosting in London though
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06:07<Nakula>443 port seems to be closed, check your firewall/server configuration.
06:07<Nakula>I have an issue with this note : 443 port seems to be closed, check your firewall/server configuration.
06:08<Nakula>please help
06:08<R3N13R>u running UFW?
06:08<Nakula>I just finished install my SSL
06:08<Nakula>then I restart apache2
06:08<Nakula>after that not running again my apache
06:08<R3N13R>enable mod ssl
06:09<Nakula>how can I do that ?
06:10<Nakula>btw my sites its like down
06:10<Nakula>like firewall block it
06:10<Nakula>ssl or non ssl also block
06:10<R3N13R>as root run a2enmod ssl
06:10<Nakula>can not access
06:10<Nakula>still not working
06:11<R3N13R>is apache running>
06:11<R3N13R>sudo service --status-all
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06:14<dubidub>It lokks like Linode's network helper is auto-MIS-configuring my network setup. My network interface is enp0s3, but the helper overwrites /etc/network/interfaces with eth0. Why? (Debian 10 fresh install)
06:14<Nakula>[ + ] apache-htcacheclean [ - ] apache2 [ + ] apparmor [ - ] [ - ] [ - ] [ - ] [ + ] console-setup [ + ] cron [ + ] dbus [ + ] grub-common [ - ] [ - ] [ + ] irqbalance [ - ] keyboard-setup.dpkg-bak [ - ] killprocs [ + ] kmod [ - ] [ - ] [ - ] [ - ] [ - ] mountnfs-bootc
06:15<Nakula>R3n13R this is the result
06:16<Nakula>- apache2
06:19<Nakula>please help
06:20<node4>Linode AUP states: "Any conduct that is likely to result in retaliation against the Linode network or website" -- I mean this could be interpreted quite broadly... think of the China / U.S. trade war... ;-)
06:20<node4>kinda scary...
06:22<node4>" may result in retaliation against Linode by offended viewers. " such as ... fringe groups et cetera?
06:23<node4>people may be offended by deplatforing Alex Jones or NOT deplatforming him! What to do?
06:23<node4>people may be offended by deplatforming Alex Jones or NOT deplatforming him! What to do?
06:26<node4>yo hi Nakula what's up mate
06:27<node4>hope you're not offended... ;-)
06:27<node4>just kidding...
06:28<Nakula>443 port seems to be closed, check your firewall/server configuration.
06:29<Nakula>I have this problem with my site
06:29<Nakula>please help
06:29<Nakula>this is the communty for help right ?
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06:30<riyas>100% of your 51200MB is allocated towards 2 disk images.
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06:33<Nakula>443 port seems to be closed, check your firewall/server configuration. <------ how to fix this error
06:33<Nakula>please help
06:35<node4>check whether ure port 443 is open
06:37<node4>that tests ure local machine
06:37<node4>u may need to forward it in the DSL router
06:43<Nakula>i will check it
06:44<Nakula>Port 80 is closed on
06:44<Nakula>its closed on that IP
06:44<Nakula>what should I do ?
06:44<node4> Port 443 is closed on
06:45<node4>is ure local machine ?
06:46<Nakula>THis is my ip root
06:47<node4>seems to be ure linode. u cannot ssh to it since some firewall or sth. prevents that. have u looked up firewall and all that?
06:48<Nakula>where I can see the firewall in Linode ?
06:48<node4>I mean, I myself have not yet started a Linode for myself yet... but am about to do it... ;-)
06:48<node4>must be in the dashboard I presume
06:48<Nakula>Already try to find it
06:48<Nakula>but look no word firewall
06:48<node4>like network settings or such
06:49<node4>to get to the bottom of this I guess, I have to buy myself a Linode too
06:50<linbot>New news from community: disk space keeps getting 100% full, after resize the plan also ? <>
06:51<Nakula>YEs it is maybe
06:51<node4>hey linbot ... that's a 404
06:54<Nakula>how come
06:56<node4>OK gonna set up my first linode...
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07:53<rsdehart>it's really linodey
07:53<rsdehart>the linodeyest
07:53<JamesTK>I need to move a box off Vultr and ontl OVH
07:53<JamesTK>Both in Sydney
07:53<JamesTK>Linode isn't here yet
07:54<rsdehart>I have a Vultr box in Sydney
07:54<rsdehart>for that very reason
07:54<Peng>Why move from Vultr to OVH?
07:54<rsdehart>it's way cheaper than anything I can get in NZ
08:04<JamesTK>Peng: I -think- the OVH is cheaper?
08:04<JamesTK>Might need to double check
08:05<JamesTK>Peng: Oh I know why. The peering OVH uses is way better
08:08<Peng>That's got to be the worst insult you can give any hosting company :P
08:09<JamesTK>OVH is peering with vocus and some of the major exchanges
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08:37<bubaic>How much you charge on creating a new account on Linode? My Debit Card was rejected due to insufficient balance. I'm on the billing page.
08:38<bubaic>Is anyone there??
08:39<Peng>$5, I think
08:39<bubaic>are u sure?
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08:44<@jcardillo>bubaic: your card wouldn't be charged when creating an account. (that used to happen, but not anymore.)
08:51<Peng>!unpoint Peng
08:51<linbot>Peng: Point taken from peng! (41)
08:51<Peng>Does it still reserve $5 or whatever?
08:53<Zr40>that must have been recently changed. When I created an account for $work it asked me how much to deposit initially
08:53<Zr40>that was about 4 months ago
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09:00<LouWestin>My philosophy is if you’re willing to buy a Starbucks coffee every day, what’s $5 a month?
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09:20<R3N13R>anyone from Linode working today? - -
09:20<R3N13R>Severe traffic problems - help
09:21<@bbigger>R3N13R: Thanks for the heads up. We've got eyes on your ticket and will have an update out to you soon.
09:21<R3N13R>Its been 25 hours no reply on my support ticket
09:22<R3N13R>Thanks - appreciate
09:22<Peng>I'm just a nosey customer, but what's wrong?
09:24<R3N13R>Traffic dropped from 6M requests to 3M requests since the Maintenance in London
09:25<Peng>Ah. D:
09:25<Peng>I noticed a minor issue with AS6453 near Dallas, but nothing like *that*, probably
09:26<R3N13R>Cloudflare blames origin - hoping its something on Linode Load Balancers or network that can be fixed soon
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10:41<@jcardillo>to clarify from earlier Peng and Zr40: there's no $5 reserve anymore, but there is a validation check when a new card is added.
11:51<linbot>New news from community: backup restoration failed <>
12:19<sm[m]>should it take hours to resize a linode ?
12:20<sm[m]>it has about 400G on disk. I'm resizing to get a larger disk.
12:22<Zr40>yes, the disk images are physically copied to the new host when you resize
12:23<Zr40>that's why I typically keep my images at 50 GB or smaller if whatever I'm running doesn't have a particular need for more space
12:25<Peng>If it's still copying disk images, the manager should show the current speed.
12:26<Peng>There are no guarantees, of course, but I'd guess 400 GB would usually take about 1 hour.
12:26<sm[m]>I slept and rewoke the computer, I wasn't sure if UI was updating right either. But I guess it was about right.
12:27<sm[m]>thanks. Yes these days I'm acting like 400G is nothing
12:27<nuevu>Block Storage isn't always the answer, but it does help in situations like this.
12:28<sm[m]>it looked a bit more complicated, and I thought it might be slower ?
12:28<nuevu>It would be slower than local storage, but that's one of the reasons I was alluding to when I said it's not always the right answer. Depends on the workload.
12:29<sm[m]>good to know. I want to do a one-time job as quickly as possible (recompress some borg backups). Probably it's not that disk intensive.
12:31<linbot>New news from community: Does Linode block XML-RPC? <>
12:31<millisa>last couple resizes I've done ran at about 110-155MB/s
12:32<Peng>I had one go as low as 25 MB/s. But I was resizing that one *because* the host was slow. :D
12:33<millisa>last one I did was 3 weeks ago to see if it avoided the mds maintenance (it did)
12:33<sm[m]>when the activity feed shows ".. could not be resized ..", how could I find out why ?
12:34<sm[m]>I picked the Maximum Size displayed by the UI, maybe that was too big ?
12:34<millisa>is the linode in a shutdown state?
12:34<Peng>You're resizing it bigger?
12:34<Peng>No idea. :X
12:35<sm[m]>currently retrying.. and boy this time it went a lot faster
12:35<sm[m]>done.. but failed again
12:36<millisa>old manager or new cloud manager?
12:36<sm[m]>re faster: oh, resizing a disk to use more available space is different from resizing a whole linode
12:37<millisa>yeah, you have to go to the disk details. in the new manager it's on the advanced tab, click the ... to the right of the disk and there's a resize option there.
12:37<Peng>This whole conversation, I assumed we're talking about resizing a whole Linode.
12:38<sm[m]>I'm using the new manager ui
12:38<millisa>i thought they were two different questions
12:38<sm[m]>yup, thanks
12:38<millisa>if you are just talking about resizing a disk to use up already available disk space, that goes very quickly. <1min usually
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12:40<sm[m]>sorry for the confusion. I have been talking about resizing a linode, which succeeded after an hour. Now I'm trying to enlarge its disk. (And I got confused and said "boy this time it went a lot faster")
12:40<sm[m]>and, it is just not succeededing. I tried 90% of available space this time. Could it be because this disk was restored from a backup image ?
12:40<millisa>shouldn't be.
12:41<millisa>try it in the old manager
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12:44<sm[m]>aha, old manager shows more info. "LV resize failed: Insufficient free space: 149999 extents needed, but only 55796 available "
12:45<Peng>Seems to mean the host doesn't have enough free disk space. :|
12:46<Peng>I mean, I assume that's what it means.
12:46<Peng>It's sure as heck not *your* LV.
12:47<Peng>Unless it is.
12:47<sm[m]>I think it's Not My Fault, anyway
12:48<sm[m]>the numbers don't seem to correlate much with the size I aim for
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12:48<Peng>Shouldn't be possible for it to be your fault.
12:48<millisa>in the old manager, when you resize, it shows the current size and over to the right it says 'Enter a new size between 1 and ##### to resize the disk'. You are putting in a number that is that number on the right (or lower)?
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12:48<millisa>I mean, it doesn't sound like it's your fault, it sounds like it's ticket time even
12:49<sm[m]>yep; agreed
12:49<Peng>If it gets to the point of an LV error message, it must have passed validation. So either it's not being validated, or you really did enter a valid size, but the host is inexplicably low on disk space.
12:51<sm[m]>a small 10% increase in size succeeded. Anyway, I'll report it
12:51<sm[m]>thanks all
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13:19<arby>Is CustSupport gone for the long weekend? No response @ online ticket for ~4 days. Dunno if its backlog, gone-fishin', don't give a hoot, etc ...
13:19<millisa>they are around. if it's important, call 'em
13:20<Peng>4 days is weird
13:20<@jcardillo>arby: we are here :) what's your ticket number.
13:22<arby>@jcardillo: -> PM . thx.
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15:22<linbot>New news from community: Unable to downgrade my VPS <>
15:42<linbot>New news from community: Downgrade my Linode plan <>
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16:13<qubusp>hello, have some drama with the dns, using godaddy and external-dns on k8s. all the records i put manually get applied immedeately, all the ones comming trough the api, have not been applied yet.
16:15<qubusp>any help is highly appreciated
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16:51<Eugene>!lick zifnab
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16:51<warewolf>!lick caker
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16:58<pmpro>any help on why our request for service is being denied?
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17:01<zifnab>!lick Eugene
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17:02<pmpro>thanks zifnab
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17:12<Eugene>zifnab - I'm getting on a plane tomorrow afternoon
17:14<zifnab>Eugene: yell it Hannah or anyone needs something while you're gone. Also don't get arrested
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18:32<alan>how do i find out why an email went to spam?
18:34<alan>also how do i find out why I didn't receive an email?
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18:52<chesty>alan, self hosted email with spamassassin? usually there are headers in the email, with why you didn't receive an email your email server might have refused delivery and there might be a line or 2 in your logs
18:52<alan>i use hover for my emails
18:54<chesty>i don't know what hover is, if it's an email provider, ask them
18:56<alan>currently speaking with them
19:05<alan>they marked me as spam because I was testing emails too much with the same subject
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19:42<linbot>New news from community: Disk imagization is failing <>
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19:50<alan>i have a very dumb question
19:54<alan>so it's saying it should return in the response a status
19:54<alan>but i dont see a status inm my response
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20:50<ang>why would check zone / zone file be greyed out in the dns manager?
20:54<Peng>ISTM they're enabled on master zones and disabled on slave zones. I don't know why.
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21:54<dwfreed>ang: classic manager or cloud manager? if classic manager, it's because they're slave zones; if cloud manager, it's because that functionality is not implemented yet
21:55<dwfreed>the slave zone bit also applies to cloud manager, but doesn't matter until the functionality is implemented
21:55<dwfreed>so if they're master zones, switch to classic manager to use those functions
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22:55<alan>why is there .. towards the end is that to indicate there is more fields hidden?
22:55<alan>if so, how do I output everything?
22:55<alan>this is my code
22:56<LouWestin>which lines are we refering to?
22:57<alan>is whrre i console log the response
22:57<alan>102 - 116
22:59<alan> this is the tut I'm attempting to follow
22:59<alan>had to translate in english
22:59<alan>my data goes through, as it should, it just doesn't appear on my end in my account and on the link I the end it says to do something but it's blank
23:00<alan>To make the payment, simply make an API call:
23:00<alan>but then the code to copy is blank
23:00<alan>based on their response handling I should be receiving a status from the response array
23:00<alan>so I'm wondering if the ... is meaning truncated data?
23:01<alan>and how to see it, as I thought console.log(response) would output it all?
23:01<LouWestin>Oh, the form calls the payment method
23:02<LouWestin>at glance, that's what I thought about the log
23:05<alan>any thoughts?
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23:08<alan>also would somebody explain if I can use composer easily?
23:08<alan>I would rather use php SDK over javascript SDK
23:09<LouWestin>If it's not outputting, I'd check to see if there's anything missing or not connecting
23:09<alan>it's outputting the first bpaste'
23:29-!-alan [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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