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00:17<alan>ok can somebody help me debug why one email goes to spam andthe other one doesnt
00:17<alan>both emails seem identical as far as I can tell
00:17<alan>sent from the same server
00:19<alan>emails sent manually go into your inbox
00:19<alan>mails sent the same method but via cron, go into spam?
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00:57<chesty>look at the headers for differences, probably the from address is different
01:03<alan>apparently the content is the issue
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01:09<chesty>i guess they weren't identical then
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03:55<alpha232>So, I've tried a few different ways, and can't seem to figure out how do I create a new install from an image with custom partitions, it seems to always overwrite the partitions set in the disks/config profiles.
03:58<alpha232>root ext4 7500 MB; varwww ext4 17600 MB; swap swap 500 MB
03:58<alpha232>That's the current disk configuration
03:59<alpha232>I set up a configuration, which now says it can't be loaded, after I did a rebuilt.
03:59<dwfreed>(screenshots are great)
04:01<dwfreed>open your browser's developer tools; any error messages in the console?
04:01<dwfreed>alternately, switch to classic manager;
04:02<alpha232>it's giving a 404 for the config
04:03<alpha232>so what is the preferred process to create an instance from an image, using custom partitions?
04:04<dwfreed>probably whatever process you were doing, it just sounds like the cloud manager doesn't know the configuration profile was deleted, so it still shows it; a refresh would probably help
04:05<alpha232>it's in the classing mode, same id number
04:05<alpha232>er classic
04:05<dwfreed>and when you click it there?
04:06<alpha232>can view/edit it
04:08<alpha232>Ok, now, is it also "normal" for the instance to restart itself even though I did a shutdown -h now?
04:08<alpha232>got it.
04:08<dwfreed>lassie cannot differentiate between a crash and an orderly shutdown
04:08<alpha232>Sorry, just a big difference from Google Cloud
04:08<dwfreed>so all shutdowns should go through the Linode Manager
04:09<dwfreed>(or you can disable lassie, but then in the crash case, you'd be down until you fixed it yourself)
04:09<dwfreed>you can also issue shutdowns through lish
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04:10<dwfreed>(because that does the same thing the manager does, inserts a shutdown job)
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04:11<alpha232>So looks like rebuild on the older manager gives the option to set a root and swap size, the new one does not and just uses the full disk
04:16<dwfreed>the cloud manager is dumbed down significantly
04:17<dwfreed>it's one of my biggest complaints about it
04:18<alpha232>I mean is it that hard to just add an expanding area with the extra options *sigh*
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04:40<csnxs>i also like the general look of the old manager better
04:40<csnxs>but i still use the clearlooks gtk theme, so yeah
04:41<csnxs>(technically it's traditionalok which is a fork of clearlooks...)
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07:05<linbot>New news from community: Error establishing a database connection? <>
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09:07<trackball>Hi I'm trying to setup an authentication key pair as per this guide: and at Step to the ssh-copy-id returns this eror: Permission denied (publickey)
09:08<trackball>Step 2*
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10:43<LouWestin>Regarding the new cloud manager, is there plans to merge over the missing features from the old manager?
10:44<rsdehart>seems reasonable
10:44<rsdehart>it'd be silly to have the objective be forever having two managers
10:45<LouWestin>I presume it’s on the honey-do list, but there hasn’t been any mention of it.
10:45<linbot>New news from community: Why do I see leftover programs after rebuilding my server? <>
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11:17<alan>some of my emails sent by my server are getting flagged for spam but idk why
11:18<millisa>if it's not in your headers, you'd need to ask your mail provider that's doing the marking
11:19<alan>sending it through mailgun
11:19<alan>headers appear to be identical
11:19<alan>content is differet
11:19<millisa>Statement is still the same
11:19<alan>so mailgun?
11:20<alan>im using their smtp to send out the emails
11:20<millisa>if you pasted unredacted headers for one marked as spam, someone might be able to guess
11:20<millisa>but ultimately, what is and isn't marked as spam after receipt by a mail server is up to that mail server
11:20<chesty>spam filters check the contents of emails, ie send an email with buy cheap viagra
11:21<alan>this one went to spam
11:21<alan> this omne went to inbox
11:21<millisa> has an spf that doesn't include mailgun and ends in -all
11:22<alan>oh sorry, he's using another smtp provider
11:22<alan>it does it the same for all smtp providers, I use mailgun
11:24<ang>dwfreed, thanks. I couldn't figure out how to switch to classic manager :-/
11:25<linbot>New news from community: Resolving problems with a configuration profile <>
11:29<millisa>gmail would have to tell you. generally though, I would avoid an 'info@' from address, and use less generic subject lines. the more transactional it sounds, the easier it'd match against some known spam
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11:31<millisa>those links inside the mail that go to string-of-consonants.stringofconsonants.two-letter-countrycode that doesn't match who the mail was from can't possibly help
11:32<millisa>you could try using and seeing what it thinks about your mails
11:33<chesty>retest the failed one without the url in it
11:34<chesty>my guess is xagram has an affiliate program and people have been spamming emails out with the url in it
11:34<alan>it's the content
11:35<alan>that causes it to be either in spam, or promotions, or inbox or updates
11:36<millisa>could also try sending more than just html only mail.
11:37<alan>what do you mean?
11:37<millisa>send both plain text and html style mails
11:40<millisa>this person sort of talks about it
11:40<millisa>i don't know how much gmail penalizes html only mails. spamassassin still does, but it's only a point or so
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13:46<alan>sorry im back noq
13:46<alan>it's not just gmail
13:46<alan>goes to spam for all mail clients
13:46<alan>depending on the content
13:47<alan>i have zoho
13:47<alan>and hover
13:47<alan>same thing
13:47<alan>I think it had to do with the bad grammar
13:47<alan>I think it looks for that, and inconsistencies
13:47<alan>for example I had Hello NicolasMontigny instead of Hello Nicolas Montigny
13:48<alan>I need help understanding how to set proper permissions for my wordpress website
13:48<alan>I think I have confusion somewhere
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14:50<LouWestin>For Wordpress I would the user and group to www-data -R
14:54<LouWestin>*i set user and group to www-data -R
15:09<alan>but when I login via ftp wont that cause issues
15:09<alan>for example I have /var/www/site1
15:09<alan>i have user site1 that can login via sftp to access the site1 directory and upload files
15:09<alan>BUT he's chrooted into that directory
15:10<alan>currently permissions are site1:sftp
15:10<alan>should it be sitr1:nginx since it;s running as nginx?
15:53<alan>that didn';t work
15:53<alan>is that not right?
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18:39<nate>There's nothing majorly infrastructure different between the original plans and micro plans w/ downgrading and keeping stuff right? ie; IP wouldn't end up needing changed so long as it's kept at the same location?
18:39<Peng>"micro plans"?
18:39<Peng>There's nothing different.
18:40<nate>er sorry nanode plans :P
18:40<nate>I'm tired, leave me be lol. But okay, just wanted to make sure
18:41<nate>I got an old ass multi-purpose linode that's also been running my mail server since the like 512MB (if not earlier) days, so I was thinking of dropping it to a nanode plan and making it purely my mail server, just wanted to keep the IP and stuff for reputations sake
18:41<Peng>Yeah, it's a marketing name. (Perhaps to discourage people from using them.) As far as I know, there are zero differences with the platform. There certainly aren't any notable ones.
18:41<Peng>I resized a 2 GB Linode to a Nanode a couple weeks ago. :)
18:42<nate>cool. I Just didn't wanna risk an IP change into something that had a past bad-history lol. Had that IP in good standing way too long but I barely do any other things on it anymore
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20:00<LouWestin>Debian 10 is out
20:01<Unit193>Now to upgrade to Debian 11!
20:02<dwfreed>now is the worst time to run bullseye
20:04<LouWestin>Hi Unit193, Maybe I’ll run Debian Sid
20:05<LouWestin>I’ll wait for Linode to roll it out on their end.
20:05<Unit193>dwfreed: Pretty much, though technically 3 days from now when stuff starts migrating. Unstable protects you from transitions at least.
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20:10<dwfreed>LouWestin: I did the upgrade to buster last week, just before my Linode's host got rebooted for maintenance; went pretty smoothly, though I'm also intimately familiar with aptitude, and so could smash things into working a lot easier
20:12<LouWestin>dwfreed ok, I might try it then on my web server
20:13<LouWestin>I had problems when I had to upgrade from 8 to 9
20:15<dwfreed>here's my procedure: edit /etc/apt/sources.list and change stretch to buster for everything, then run 'sudo apt update'; after that, run 'sudo aptitude dist-upgrade' (install aptitude if you don't have it, trust me, it's worth it), then if it prompts you to solve broken packages, hit 'e' to go to the TUI view, where you can fix things up by hand probably better than any suggestion it comes up with
20:15<dwfreed>'b' in the aptitude UI will take you to the next broken package
20:15<LouWestin>ok cool
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20:16<LouWestin>I might roll a new server to see if I get an AMD this time, upgrade that, and then transfer over my website stuff.
20:16<Tahmid>Linode = Love!
20:16<dwfreed>most breakages should have been auto resolved by transitional packages and appropriate Replaces values
20:17<dwfreed>LouWestin: hah
20:17<LouWestin>the other two are AMD's
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20:21<LouWestin>Hey I got an AMD 7601
20:30<@blaboon>LouWestin: (re: I’ll wait for Linode to roll it out on their end.) shouldn't be too much longer ;)
20:31<LouWestin>Next week or so I'd guess
20:31<@blaboon>i'm building the image as we speak. should be ready in an hour or so :)
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20:33<LouWestin>Oh, actually didn't realize I was talking to staff! lol I'm getting used to the mirc font
20:33<LouWestin>what service!
20:35<dwfreed>irssi for fun and profit
20:35<chesty>I have an irrational fear with dist-upgrade that an old config file that I modified won't be optimal with the new version.
20:35<Unit193>That's what the cinnamon hat means!
20:35<LouWestin>I've done irssi and it's nice for the terminal. I need a windows app that's why
20:35<dwfreed>putty is a windows app
20:36<LouWestin>I use that too
20:37<dwfreed>chesty: the two things I run on here from packages where the config matters are nginx and bind9; the former I use nginx's repo, and the latter I was running backports already, so upgrading to buster didn't change anything there
20:37<LouWestin>dwfreed too lazy to log into the terminal to use irssi. lol
20:40<stephenplatz>Using this kernel 5.1.11-x86_64-linode127 should I see this Vulnerable: Clear CPU buffers attempted, no microcode; SMT Host state unknown?
20:40<stephenplatz>in this /sys/devices/system/cpu/vulnerabilities/mds
20:40<chesty>dwfreed, I tend to run daemons with open ports from official docker images, except there's no official bind image but there's a well used and trusted one. but my fear is irrational, I still have it
20:41<stephenplatz>I thought that was the latest kernel and the scheduled maintenance for my linode was completed on July 3
20:42<dwfreed>that appears to be normal, as I get the same thing
20:43<stephenplatz>On my home workstation I see Mitigation: Clear CPU buffers; SMT vulnerable
20:43<stephenplatz>But I've applied microcode
20:43<Peng>Inside a VM?
20:43<LouWestin>dwfreed aptitude wasn't wasn't installed
20:44<dwfreed>do you have KVM set up on your home machine? You could try launching a VM there and checking what you get
20:44<stephenplatz>ok hold on
20:45<stephenplatz>Actually I'd have to set that up, I don't use VMs much anymore after containers
20:45<stephenplatz>I only have Windows virtualized!
20:46<stephenplatz>None of this is a big deal, I was just wondering what's normal, especially on my linode
20:46<@blaboon>stephenplatz: that file gets populated based on cpu flags. a linode instance generally sees the same flags as the host its on, but a good number of our hosts were patched with live microcode updates and thus don't have the flags set even though they are mitigated
20:46<stephenplatz>Ah, that's what I was wondering, thanks
20:47<LouWestin>@blaboon thanks for your quick work on getting that Debian release worked on
20:48<@blaboon>of course! i always try to get new major versions of our distros published within a few hours of them being available upstream
20:48<LouWestin>that's one reason why I love Linode
20:49<Peng>Live microcode updates sounds cool and scary
20:50<LouWestin>dwfreed upgrade to Debian 10 done on the new vps. Said Current status: 0 (-274 upgradeable)
20:52<chesty>stephenplatz, try this
20:54<stephenplatz>chesty: It's not really spectre or meltdown I'm wondering about, but this is interesting, thanks
20:56<stephenplatz>Oh, I guess MDS was added to the script, nice
20:56<chesty>stephenplatz, soz, I thought you were wondering about cpu vulnerabilities, that repo checks for them all.
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22:19<tahmid>Hi there. Why wordpress on Linode in faster than GCP?
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22:24<LouWestin>my question about Deb 10 is with iptables vs nftables. Will I have to change some rule syntax?
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