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00:25<dwfreed>the Linode rules are not particularly optimal in recent kernels, as they result in connection tracking happening that doesn't otherwise happen (recent kernels default to not doing connection tracking unless there are netfilter rules that need connection tracking state)
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00:48<LouWestin>dwfreed ok maybe I need to look at my rules again. I eneded up leaving them at where they are using iptables
00:49<dwfreed>I mean, the performance difference is pretty minimal
00:49<dwfreed>unless you run a pool NTP server
00:49<dwfreed>like Peng
00:51<LouWestin>I'm also using the distro kernel instead of the latest one from Linode?
00:52<dwfreed>buster? is new enough to have this
00:53<LouWestin>Buster yeah
00:53<dwfreed>it made it into 4.14
00:53<dwfreed>so they've been not optimal for a while
00:54<LouWestin> probably
00:55<LouWestin>I'm not even sure what source to look at for a better configuration
00:57<dwfreed>honestly just get rid of pretty much all of it
00:58<dwfreed>s/pretty much//
00:58<LouWestin>Ok let me pull it up really quick
00:59<dwfreed>The Linode rules do have the benefit of preventing access to services that shouldn't be running, but eh
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01:01<LouWestin>Here's what I got
01:02<LouWestin>that's for the ZNC server, but it's basically identical
01:02<dwfreed>iptables -L output is useless without -v
01:02<dwfreed>because it does not include interface information
01:02<LouWestin>oops hang on
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02:54<chesty>just a note in general for tools that print out network information, and nothing to do with the problem you're having. If the tool has an option for displaying ip addresses rather than domain names it's generally a good idea to use it, ie iptables -nvL. because say you had an ip address and it resolved to blah.home and the tool displaye
02:54<chesty>d blah.home. there could be 10 other ip addresses that resolve to blah.home, ie could also resolve to blah.home. you don't know which ip address it's talking about when you see blah.home in the output
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07:53<zbedda61>helllo i need support
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08:00<JamesTK>...and they're gone
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08:53<dzho>7 minutes, they actually might have had a chance were it not a weekend, and a quasi-holiday one at that, in the US
08:53<dzho>well, morning after I guess
08:54<JamesTK>Well, morning after is everything
08:54<JamesTK>I was just going to tell them to email or open a ticket anyway
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09:17<dzho>yeah, it's almost like we could have a list of pre-programmed responses we could use quickly and easily respond to things
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09:50<LouWestin>Maybe someone can get linbot to handle those tasks
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10:06<LouWestin>And dwfreed for iptables I dropped the loop back, log, and forwarding rules. Based on linode’s iptables guide. I kept the ping and port rules though
10:07<LouWestin>I know you mentioned they’re probably not needed, but I erred on the side of caution for right now.
10:08<LouWestin>Made those changes on ip6 too
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13:15<jones>When restoring from a backup what does the overwrite linode checkbox mean?
13:18<millisa>Restore would use unallocated space if there's enough of it. Checking the box lets it clear existing disks
13:18<millisa>It's talked about in steps 3/4 in this section:
13:21<jones>Thank does overwriting the linode undo certain apache/nginx settings or is everything preserved?
13:21<millisa>overwriting the linode would wipe out everything
13:22<jones>Right but i'm attempting to restore from a backup
13:22<jones>I ran an update statement without a where clause and nuked my entire database :/
13:23<millisa>if you didn't want to lose files and such, you could restore to a new temporary linode, dump the database, transfer the dump over to the first box, and restore that
13:23<millisa>you'd pay for the hours the other linode is up
13:23<millisa>er, for when the other linode is provisioned (whether it's up or not)
13:24<jones>My backup was done 2 hours ago so im ok with the temporary data loss on the overwrite
13:24<millisa>well, then go for it. you'll be looking at everything as it was 2 hours ago
13:24<jones>Ok thanks
13:26<jones>Thank god I had backups enabled, that would of been a disaster.
13:27<millisa>you may still have cleanup to do on the dbs after restore. it'll be like a db that's been on a system that's shutdown unexpectedly.
13:28<millisa>you'll want to look at something that regularly dumps your dbs in the future so that those static files are what you depend on
13:28<jones>Any suggestions ?
13:28<millisa>i like the holland mysql and pgsql dump setup.
13:29<millisa>you could just as easily roll your own with some scripts and mysqldump/pgdump
13:29<jones>it just stores the backup on the drive?
13:29<millisa>yeah, it stores backups on the drive (holland lets you do things like specify how many backups to retain)
13:30<jones>Nice that's helpful my DB has gotten so big that it's a pain to manage
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13:32<jones>when it's dumping does it lock up the tables?
13:32<millisa>by default it does.
13:32<millisa>you can do a non-locking backup (and you get all the possible transaction issues that could go with that)
13:33<jones>Ill have to figure out a way to do a backup and not slow down the site
13:34<millisa>a more expensive option is to do a master/slave pair and do the backups on the slave
13:36<jones>I like that plan
13:38<jones>I have a lot of cron jobs that run and I wanted to offload them to the slave server then replicate slave up to master
13:52<LouWestin>That Holland option might be nice if I’m ever managing something Wordpress
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14:39<LouWestin>What’s the recommendation for getting Nginx? Deb repo or straight from Nginx?
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14:44<jones>I just do : sudo apt install nginx
14:48<dwfreed>where, not how
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14:50<dwfreed>LouWestin: I use the repo, in part because there are some new things that are nice to have, and in part because newer versions of nginx often have improved performance
14:50<dwfreed>you're not stuck with the version debian ships, which will likely only ever see security updates for the life of that release
14:51<LouWestin> jones an dwfreed ok
14:52<LouWestin>I might switch to it from Apache. Although traffic is so low it probably wouldn’t make a difference
14:54<dwfreed>if you run php, nginx + php-fpm is probably less memory usage than apache + mod_php
14:54<jones>in my benchmarks nginx-php is faster than apache-php
14:55<aprup>Guys do you have any idea if Linode is planing to launch Managed Database service?
14:56<LouWestin>Jones are running anything like Wordpress?
14:56<dwfreed>aprup: if we knew, we'd have an announcement to point to
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14:57<jones>No, im using a php framework but not Wordpress :)
14:58<jones>the biggest difference I noticed was when i went from php 5.5 to 7.3
14:58<LouWestin>Ok just asking since I know they’ve said that Apache works faster for dynamic content...but that’s what’s I’ve heard
14:58<gparent>I think nginx + php is harder to mess up
14:59<LouWestin>I’m running a few static sites
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15:01<aprup>i think that i missed the response of my question due the connection problem :(
15:01<LouWestin>Hey dwfreed you mentioned yesterday that blocking ports on iptables isn’t really important correct?
15:02<LouWestin>Aprup: no news yet
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17:39<rsdehart>print: welcome to community chat
17:39<print>thank you for the welcome
17:40<rsdehart>I like to greet people that way because of the number who come in thinking this is official support :)
17:40<print>I have a question, i was wondering if i rebuild my linode will it keep the ip address or be assigned a new one?
17:40<print>haha well looks like i may be one of them hha
17:40<rsdehart>well, no. This isn't a question that requires access to your account or anything
17:41<rsdehart>so while there are in fact staff members in here, they're not always guaranteed to be active
17:41<print>of okay cool yea, no sensitive info i suppose
17:41<rsdehart>this is the kind of question a mere mortal can answer :D
17:41<rsdehart>and I *think* it keeps the same ip
17:41<print>haha good good
17:41<print>haha that was my hunch also
17:41<print>just wanted to double check
17:42<rsdehart>fyi if you do have a real support question, do a ticket first and then you can drop the ticket number in here for staff to hopefully expedite if necessary
17:42<rsdehart>sort of a best of both worlds approach
17:43<print>yea that does sound slick
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18:21<LouWestin>Same IP address if you rebuild it
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21:00<LouWestin>Linode's Debian 10 iso has a little issue updating.
21:03<LouWestin>Looks like something with Linode's mirrors
21:05<Peng>Maybe the local metadata?
21:05<Peng>Like if, when building the image, apt update was last run before the release.
21:07<LouWestin>I changed the source's to Debian's and everything went through fine.
21:07<LouWestin>I'm going to send a ticket out just so they know
21:07<Toba>good tip
21:07<Toba>sending a ticket..
21:07<Toba>I don't think IRC is gonna solve this one
21:07<Peng>What happens if you change it back and run apt update again?
21:08<LouWestin>Oh, let me try that!
21:09<LouWestin>Toba yeah, I figured in the small chance one of the OP's sees this then I can cancel the ticket
21:11<LouWestin>Peng changing the mirror back to Linode's fixes the issue
21:12<LouWestin>alright one more test
21:15<LouWestin>No fresh instance creates the same error
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21:21<dwfreed>it's a local metadata issue (somebody forgot to delete the local lists when making the image)
21:22<dwfreed>if you run 'apt update' instead of 'apt-get update' it will ask you to confirm the changes
21:22<dwfreed>instead of doing nothing and pointing you to a useless manpage
21:23<LouWestin>should I still send them a ticket just letting them know?
21:24<dwfreed>you could
21:24<dwfreed>then the person who makes the images can just go into it and delete the local package lists, or update them, and then remake the image
21:25<LouWestin>I will since they'll get a million tickets, forum posts, etc about it
21:31<LouWestin>Ok, sent. I attached a text file with the error message
21:36<LouWestin>on a side note, wife says meat for the spagetti smells funny and wants me to taste it... Um no
21:37<LouWestin>I told her let's just order pizza
21:39<LouWestin>it's half price today anyway *rolls eyes*
21:46<LouWestin>I'm drawing a blank... what's the package to keep the time updated?
21:47<Peng>One of them is probably installed.
21:48<Peng>chrony or ntp.
21:48<Peng>I don't know what the package for systemd-timesyncd is.
21:48<Peng>or openntpd
21:48<LouWestin>I knew it was something with three letters. Thanks!
21:49<LouWestin>That means I need to take a break and get dinner
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23:06<dwfreed>$ dpkg -S /lib/systemd/systemd-timesyncd
23:06<dwfreed>systemd: /lib/systemd/systemd-timesyncd
23:06<dwfreed>Peng: ^
23:07<Toba>ntp aw u know me
23:08<Toba>to the tune of
23:08<Toba>when running some erlang programs
23:08<Toba>one time I was fighting rabbitmq and what did I run up on but epmd
23:08<Toba>epmd wouldn't start the daemon adn wouldn't have any of that shit either
23:08<Toba>and I found this sick beat to debug my rabbitmq to
23:09<Toba>in beginning, I like to run my erl(1), yo.
23:10<Toba>all I wanted was stack overflow but I got this sick beat yo
23:14-!-alan [] has joined #linode
23:14-!-alan is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
23:15<alan>my app is receiving a 400 error when I try to access the login and signup pages
23:15<alan>I'm unsure why?
23:15<alan>it's an mvc application
23:15<dwfreed>400 is bad request
23:15<Toba>did you look in the logs, alan?
23:16<alan>yes, I have.
23:16<alan>All it shows is the 400 error
23:16<alan>but the folder structure is fine, /inc/themes/default/views/login.php
23:17<alan>this works
23:17<alan>but if you go the the main page, and try to login or signup it won't work
23:17<alan>this gives the die error yo whats up because I'm not logged in
23:18<Toba>your server just said "yo whats up" to you?
23:21<alan>so what can I do to debug?
23:42<Toba>you should start reading the apache configs and the php files and figure out your code base
23:42<Toba>this is not a generic issue
23:42<Toba>the error message has a certain joie de vivre
23:43<Toba>which I appreciate, but which also portends a codebase which might be a little bit opaque
23:43<Toba>disable access.. but what about it is direct? and why? all good questions..
23:43<Toba>probably, someone has disabled this ui for some reason or other
23:44<Toba>maybe it's because the passwords for the user(s) that could login are not that secure, or some other good reason
23:44<Toba>or maybe someone just shut it off because they didn't intend to use it and it presented attack surface
23:45<Toba>good luck figuring out which it is
23:45<Toba>or, you could just rip the band aid off and delete that code, and pay whatever the price was that someone was trying to avoid
23:48-!-V-Pariah [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:51<alan>I'm running nginx I don't think it's configure for mvc routes?
23:53-!-V-Pariah [] has joined #linode
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23:56<Toba>no the nginx configuration is not the issue your php code literally is raising that error, right
23:58<@blaboon>LouWestin: hey, just saw what you wrote earlier about the deb10 image
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