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00:00<@blaboon>i'm pretty sure apt-get update && apt-get upgrade were working for me when i tested it before deploying, but maybe it only worked because there was nothing to update
00:01<@blaboon>gonna look further into that in the AM and get an updated image pushed out if needed
00:01<LouWestin>Hi blaboon, yeah I tested on a rebuilt host and fired up another new host just to test it
00:03<LouWestin>I just had to switch repos, ran update, but nothing needed updating, switched back to linode's mirrors, ran it again, and it was fine/normal
00:03<alan>no no it's an nginx config
00:03<alan>my php code is fine
00:03<LouWestin>blaboon no big deal for me, but just want to point it out so you don't get a thousand complaints
00:04<alan> this is my .conf
00:04<alan>I do not think it's setup to recognize the routes setup in my mvc app
00:04<@blaboon>LouWestin: thanks for reporting!
00:05<LouWestin>blaboon you're welcome, ticket number 12258395 is it
00:05<@blaboon>yep, saw it a few minutes ago :)
00:07<alan>i belive try_files is what will fix my issue
00:07<alan>I'm just not certain what to use with it
00:07<@blaboon>yep. totally hitting the same thing. i'll get an updated image out first thing tomorrow AM
00:08<LouWestin>blaboon ok sounds good!
00:12<alan>lou do you have any idea?
00:13<LouWestin>I've never heard of try_files
00:13<alan>for nginx .conf?
00:14<LouWestin>Oh, I haven't setup nginx yet. Only apache. But I switched over to a new server and I'm going to make that nginx
00:17<alan>:P it's pretty sweet
00:18<LouWestin>I stuck to apache for a long time since it's what I knew
00:19<LouWestin>but setting up nginx might look good on my resume, lol
00:23<LouWestin>missing file like dwfreed said?
00:23<alan>location / { try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$query_string; } + fastcgi_split_path_info ^(.+\.php)(/.+)$; solved it
00:24<alan>.conf wasn't setup properly
00:26<alan>missing file like dwfreed said? when did this hapen?????
00:26<LouWestin>or missing something. It's somewhere up the text wall
00:30<LouWestin>on a side note, it might be a good idea to register that nick of yours
00:31<alan>how do I do so?
00:34<LouWestin>very easily, just /msg nickserv help which brings up a list choices. I think it's /msg nickserv register
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11:13<@blaboon>LouWestin: looks like the ticket you opened last night was already closed, but just wanted to let you know that the fixed deb10 image is now live
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11:19<marv>hi is it me or linode clientarea cant be open?
11:20<millisa>what do you mean by 'linode clientarea'?
11:20<millisa>Works for me
11:20<marv>hmmm weird
11:20<marv>let me change isp
11:21<jones>is your isp rackspace :P?
11:23<marv>lol nope why? what happento rackspace and linode?
11:23<millisa>i did see a brief disruption between cloudflare and a linode about 40 minutes ago
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11:25<marv>still could not load cloud.linode.cpm but manage to load
11:32<@pwoods>marv: We're not seeing any additional reports of this. Can you run an MTR & email it to, or open a Support ticket in Classic Manager?
11:32<marv>sure thaks
11:33<@scrane>marv What do you see when you load
11:34<marv>nothing blank white screen
11:34<marv>and the favicon still moving (loading)
11:34<@scrane>Do you see the same thing when you load it in an incognito window?
11:35<marv>yup both showing the same
11:35<marv>blank white screen
11:35<marv>and the favicon place still showing the loading icon
11:35<@pwoods>marv: have you tried another browser or clearing cache?
11:37<marv>tried both firefox and chrome
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11:39<marv>looks like now its loading i can see my linode but it just took damn long justnow
11:39<marv>looks like myisp in my country
11:40<Miroslav>Hello, anyone from Linode Support active?
11:41<marv>hmm im wondering normally hosting or cloud provider support email is their main support channel.. but i find linode irc faster than the email support
11:41<marv>im quiet new to linode so im wondering why
11:42<@jcardillo>Ask away Miroslav. There are a few of us here.
11:43<Miroslav>Okay so i'm a web developer, i've been using another hosting company so far and im not satisfied :)
11:43<Miroslav>Im about to transfer 2 clients of mine to your servers
11:43<Miroslav>I couldn't find the pricing about the Managed solution you offer
11:43<Miroslav>I am quite busy and i dont have time to manage the servers via ssh so cpanel would save a lot of my time :)
11:43<Eugene>!lick zifnab
11:45<@jcardillo>managed service is $100/mo, per Linode:
11:45<Miroslav>I see
11:45<Miroslav>Alright, thanks for the info!
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11:50<@jcardillo>marv: :'(
11:51<@jcardillo>*Eugene: :'(
11:51<@pwoods>Thanks, Eugene looking into this
11:51<marv>jcardillo im just wondering tho.. its rarelly need support in linode
11:52<Eugene>VITALLY IMPORTANT I say
11:53<marv>and also do you guys have plan to launch firewall service? i have around 20+ linode in my accounts it sucks to manage its firewall 1 by 1
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11:56<@jcardillo>marv: opening a ticket through your Linode Manager is our main Support channel. You can also reach us by phone at (855) 454-6633 or Intl.: +1 609-380-7100.
11:57<marv>sure no problem :) im just curious actually im not blaming
11:59<@jcardillo>as for the firewall service: this is in the planning stages, though I don't have an eta for you at the moment.
12:01<zifnab>!lick Eugene
12:01<Eugene>It's broke. I filed a ticket.
12:01<zifnab>Lol. Did you also email caker
12:02<zifnab>Or tweet him
12:02<Eugene>No, but I could send a fax
12:02<zifnab>Please do. It's very important.
12:02<Eugene>I should submit more tickets by fax
12:02<millisa>Fax has no queue right now
12:02<zifnab>I wonder if there's an actual fax machine somewhere
12:02<zifnab>Or if it's email
12:02<zifnab>Actually I don't
12:02<millisa>I still haven't tried it.
12:03<Eugene>Last time I looked, they were not using a VOIP/SIP provider for the telephone line
12:03<millisa>609-380-7200 fax operators are standing by
12:03<zifnab>Head Canon says there's an intern who has to listen to the tones.
12:06<Eugene>I still need to look into whether I can implement Faxtorio
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12:12<marv>weird install longview its been 30minutes but there is data collected
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12:52<mikel>hello, I search in linode web site about unmaged vps info but i dont find it
12:53<@bbigger>mikel: this might help
12:53<@bbigger>are you looking for anything specific?
12:54<mikel>I saw Linode 2GB plan, but the is not too much info about
12:55<mikel>for example how many domains we can get in
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12:58<dubidub>Is there a way to obtain the SSH host fingerprint for a newly created Linode before logging in?
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12:59<dwfreed>dubidub: lish
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12:59<dubidub>Can it be automated?
13:00<dwfreed>it's not going to be pretty, but I'd imagine something like expect would be helpful
13:01<dwfreed>dubidub: a simpler solution would be to use a stackscript to sign the host keys with an ssh certificate, and then you don't have to worry about what the host keys are
13:02<dwfreed>see the ssh-keygen manpage for details about what ssh certificates are
13:02<mikel>the Linode 2GB plan is like a unmanaged VPS?
13:02<dwfreed>all Linode plans are unmanaged VPSes
13:03<mikel>ok, thank, and is possible to relation in it unlimited domains?
13:04<dubidub>It would be nice if it was listed on
13:04<@bbigger>mikel: Keep in mind that we're not a domain registrar. You'd have to registrar domains elsewhere, then you could point them to our nameservers and use DNS Manager to connect them to your Linode or Linodes.
13:06<mikel>yes, I know that, the domains are still registed , just I want know if is possible to get in one Linode plan all them?
13:06<@bbigger>dubidub: That's actually a feature request that we're keeping track of internally. I've added your comment to our tracker. Let us know if you have any other suggestions :)
13:07<dubidub>bbigger: cool
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13:08<@bbigger>mikel: Understood, sorry for the confusion. In that case there's no limit. You can point as many domains to your Linode as you like. Several of our customers host dozens of websites on a single linode.
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13:08<@bbigger>^^ mikel_
13:09<mikel_>ok bbigger, thank a lot
13:09<@bbigger>sure thing, happy to help
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13:31<Trippyfox>I confirmed my email but it still shows up as "Your account must be activated before you can use this endpoint"
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13:41<dubidub>So, the SSH fingerprints don't match textually, but does putty use a diffrent format? I did for i in /etc/ssh/*.pub; do echo; echo $i; cat $i; done; echo and got /etc/ssh/ \n ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIHTlNlb9LdhkWZy2DGf89hH+u8QJgCTBF105Zu2vsOZt - but putty says ssh-ed25519 256 8c:6d:bc:c0:ad:10:b0:e0:4d:17:af:83:3b:62:32:67
13:41<nuevu>The former is probably a SHA256 hash, while putty is printing the MD5 version.
13:42<dwfreed>what nuevu said
13:42<dwfreed>the former is actually the full public key, not a hash
13:43<nuevu>Yeah, it's deceptive how short those keys can be.
13:43<dubidub>Anyoone got a quick comman I can use?
13:43<dwfreed>if you want the hash: ssh-keygen -E md5 -l -f /etc/ssh/
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13:44<dubidub>thanks :)
13:44<millisa>!point dwfreed
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13:44<dubidub>But md5 in 2019?
13:44<dwfreed>blame putty
13:45<dubidub>boo, putty!
13:45<millisa>newer windows have some form of ssh at the command line now
13:50<dwfreed>I have not yet updated to Windows 10; not looking forward to the work
13:52*Zr40 doesn't use windows, but if forced to, would definitely want to use the latest version. There's no use in having to contend with outdated stuff
13:53<dwfreed>Windows 7 works well, and just about everything still supports it
13:54<dwfreed>even though Microsoft claims they will end support for it in January
13:54<dwfreed>(unpaid support; commercial support will continue)
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13:55<dwfreed>Windows 7 is only 2.6 percentage points lower on one of the large market share measuring websites
13:55<dwfreed>lower than Win10
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14:03<csnxs>I think within the past four years i've experienced like two win32 apps that required win10
14:04<dwfreed>I'll admit I haven't really kept track
14:07<Zr40>I'd rather think websites care about the browser version, not the OS version
14:09<dwfreed>Zr40: I'm talking about a website that measures OS market share
14:10<linbot>New news from community: My account has never been approved <>
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14:34<Darxus>I have an ipv6 /64 from linode. I need to add a reverse dns record. The instructions say to click the "..." next to the IP range, then click "Edit RDNS", but there is no "Edit RDNS" option. How do I create a reverse dns record for a /64 ipv6 range?
14:36<Darxus>I need this because spam filtering stuff doesn't like when sending hosts don't have reverse dns records. For example, the spamassassin RDSN_NONE rule.
14:40<dwfreed>Darxus: are you using cloud manager or classic manager
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14:47<Darxus>dwfreed: Cloud, as that page says.
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14:48<dwfreed>Darxus: use classic manager to do that
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14:49<Darxus>dwfreed: I don't see it on either. It has a "Reverse DNS" link under Public IPs. But the ipv6 address I need a reverse dns record for is in the next section, "Public IP Pools".
14:49<Darxus>Which does not have a Reverse DNS link.
14:51<dwfreed>click that link
14:51<dwfreed>then it'll ask you for the name you want to set, and then it'll look that up to make sure it matches an address assigned to you, including pool addresses
14:51<dwfreed>and then offer to set that name to the matching address
14:53<dwfreed>you can also do this via APIv4 or with linode-cli, but the functionality is not currently implemented in cloud manager
14:54<Darxus>Ugh. Looks like that worked. Thanks.
14:54<Darxus>dwfreed: Is there a bug open to implement it in cloud manager?
14:54<dwfreed>I imagine there is
14:55<millisa>there was an issue on github before the api supported it
14:58<millisa>scratch that, the one I'm looking at was about something else.
15:06<@bbigger>Late to the party, but yes rDNS for IPv6 currently doesn't work in Cloud Manager. We're aware of this bug and are in the process of resolving it.
15:06<@bbigger>!point dwfreed
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15:12<Darxus>bbigger: Great, thanks, I can let it slip from my mind now :)
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15:16<Chandru>weblish console shows
15:16<Chandru>No filesystem could mount root, tried: [ 0.904089] Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unkn)
15:17<Chandru>after reboot, What should I do now?
15:23<millisa>What was happening before the reboot? (Make sure you don't have a hardware ticket open about the host your linode is on, too)
15:25<Chandru>I added a new subdomain from my centos web panel and added DNS records
15:25<Chandru>created a vhost and rebooted
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15:26<millisa>if you boot into rescue mode, can your mount your partition and see your files?
15:27<millisa>This guide goes over using rescue mode:
15:27<millisa>what does it say when you try to mount them?
15:29<Chandru>sctp: Hash tables configured (established 65536 bind 65536) Key type dns_resolver registered Key type ceph registered sd 0:0:2:3: [sdc] Attached SCSI disk sd 0:0:5:6: [sdf] Attached SCSI disk libceph: loaded (mon/osd proto 15/24) Loading compiled-in X.509 certificates registered taskstats version 1 kAFS: Red Hat AFS client v0.1 registering. Btrfs loaded Key type encrypted registered console [netcon0] enabled netconsole: network logging started hctosys:
15:30<Chandru>hctosys: unable to open rtc device (rtc0) Freeing unused kernel memory: 1472K (ffffffff8234b000 - ffffffff824bb000) Write protecting the kernel read-only data: 18432k Freeing unused kernel memory: 1736K (ffff880001a4e000 - ffff880001c00000) Freeing unused kernel memory: 1744K (ffff88000204c000 - ffff880002200000)
15:30<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
15:30<millisa>You are seeing that when you are in rescue mode?
15:31<millisa>and then there's a prompt?
15:31<Chandru>other than weblish console nothing is working.
15:31<Chandru>no no prompt
15:32<millisa>Connect with terminal lish?
15:33<dubidub>Are there any good alternatives top putty on win10 (non-paid)?
15:34<dwfreed>dubidub: running openssh from WSL
15:34<millisa>dubidub: cmd prompt?
15:36<Chandru>now connected to lish
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15:53<millisa>looks like a filesystem check
15:57<Chandru>my disk is clean I guess
15:58<Chandru>what is this error when I normal boot my linode I get this in my lish
15:58<millisa>can you mount it from rescue mode and see your files?
15:59<dwfreed>based on that, I'm guessing the grub config is missing initramfs
15:59<Chandru>I can mount and see the files
16:01<millisa>the changeroot section of that rescue doc goes over how to mount the disk and the assorted filesystems so you can chroot into it. you should be able to fix any initrd or grub issues from there
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17:26<AlexMax>Are there any plans to segment Linode's private network by account?
17:27<AlexMax>....or does this already exist and I'm dim?
17:27<millisa>Doesn't exist yet. They definitely know we want it
17:28<Ikaros>Meantime nothing some good ol' fashioned iptables rules won't fix.
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17:31<millisa>I use internal networks to fit as many sevens into the addresses as possible for the luckiest of packets.
17:31<millisa>until then I'll just use fwmarks to add a bunch of 7's
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17:44<gparent>yeah if you use ips in the 7xx. range nobody can reach your boxes.
17:44<gparent>good tip millisa
17:45<gparent>why bother with amazon's vpcs when you can leverage lucky ips
17:45<millisa>and if you can't use .77. use a combination of .477 and .377 so you can score more.
17:57<Darxus>IPV6, default gateway for my SLAAC and link local addresses, the default gateway is shown as fe80::1 on It doesn't show any default gateway for my v6 /64 in the same table. Should I assume it's the same?
17:57<Darxus>I think I have everything configured right, except I can't contact anything outside of my server via v6.
17:58<Darxus>"ping6 fe80::1" says "connect: Invalid argument".
18:00<Peng>Does "ping6 fe80::1%eth0", or whatever the interface is, work?
18:01<Darxus>Peng: Yes. And that's the interface.
18:03<LouWestin> Hi blaboon yeah I requested to have it closed since it was all taken of.
18:04<Darxus> resolves to 2607:f8b0:4005:80a::200e. "ping6 2607:f8b0:4005:80a::200e" gives no erros, and gets no responses.
18:05<Peng>Google web servers don't necessarily respond to ping, but that one works for me, FWIW.
18:06<Darxus>Thanks, it's recommended in the linode static IP docs:
18:09<dwfreed>Darxus: your routed /64 technically has a default gateway of the address it's routed to, but as long as it's being used on the Linode that has that address, it doesn't need a special default gateway
18:16<Darxus>IPv6 output stuff, which looks to me like it should work:
18:19<dwfreed>your SLAAC address must also be up, which if you're using inet6 static, must also be configured statically
18:21<Darxus>dwfreed: It's up: inet6 fe80::f03c:91ff:fe96:340b/64 scope link
18:21-!-anomie [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:21<dwfreed>that's not SLAAC, that's link-local
18:22<dwfreed>your SLAAC address would be 2600:3c01::f03c:91ff:fe96:340b
18:23<Darxus>dwfreed: Thanks. I don't see that mentioned anywhere on ?
18:27<Darxus>dwfreed: Thank you, adding the slaac address got "ping6" working. I think that should be mentioned on the static IP config web page.
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20:19<Peng>Tata has had problems for days, so I was starting to feel better about Telia, by comparison. Now Telia is routing some packets from Atlanta to Miami and back to Atlanta, all within their own network. /o\
20:19<Peng>Are there any good tier 1 ISPs that begin with "T"?
20:23-!-NomadJim [~Jim@2001:5b0:2d1f:e148:34cc:54a6:f2b:9670] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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20:38<gparent>does loopback adapter begin with T?
20:38<gparent>I think not, after some summary review
20:40<Toba>loopback adapter is a very poor ISP
20:41<dwfreed>loopback is the best ISP
20:41<dwfreed>never drops any packets, sub ms response times
20:41<Toba>There's no inter; there isn't even any net
20:41<Toba>all it has is P
20:41<Toba>well, some kind of service, but not much of one
20:41<Toba>I = Internet
20:41<Toba>loopback cannot be an ISP :p
20:41<Toba>I demand your jokes be technically correct, which is the best kind of correct
20:42<gparent>the loopback isp hands me a whole /8 block without asking a thing
20:42<Peng>Interprocess Service Provider
20:42<gparent>top notch service
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20:52<Toba>Peng: nice job
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22:06<Darxus>For mail coming from, I should have a TXT or SPF record for Or
22:07<dwfreed>SPF records of subdomains inherit their parent's SPF record
22:08<Darxus>dwfreed: So Thanks. Gmail is a pain.
22:08<dwfreed>(also the SPF DNS record type is deprecated; always use TXT records for SPF)
22:08<Darxus>Oh, I hadn't heard that, thanks.
22:09<dwfreed>modern named-checkzone will complain about it
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22:29<Toba>Oh I never knew that about SPF.. makes sense, and very handy
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23:03<Toba>what's up
23:07<Kingfood>Does linode have regional resellers ?
23:07<Toba>no idea
23:10<Peng>What's a regional reseller?
23:10<Peng>Linode doesn't have an official reseller system. Reselling is allowed, though, and there are probably people doing it.
23:13<dwfreed>note that you're responsible for what people do with your resold Linodes
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23:19<Kingfood>uhm thanks, i just want to contact resellers, because I do need local invoices
23:19<Kingfood>its more convenient for me to do tax report
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