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00:02<linbot>New news from community: How long until account approved? <>
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01:12<linbot>New news from community: Open ports with iptables <>
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04:26<jebouri81>anyone here can answer my questions, please ?
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04:29<jebouri81>I have a question ( is plan Nanode 1GB ) Linux based VPS ? with free CPanel ?
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04:36<nate>jebouri81: No, cPanel costs more than most of the basic plans so that would be pretty cost ineffective (especially with cPanel's new prices)
04:36<nate>There are however alternative control panels that are opensource/free (such as webmin+virtualmin)
04:37<jebouri81>ok how much here will cost in linode
04:38<nate>For a nanode plan? Those are all listed on the website;
04:39<jebouri81>but nothing mentioned about cpanel prices ?
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04:40<nate>The only linode services that provide cPanel are managed linodes;
04:41<nate>That's $100 on top of the cost of the linode (and you get a bit more than just cPanel for that, as that page will cover)
04:41<jebouri81>ok thanks for details
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06:08<didar>is anyone awake around here?
06:09<didar>I am looking for information on Mumbai DC of Linode
06:09<didar>Is it up and in production?
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06:14<didar>never mind
06:14<didar>got the info
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07:57<Devendra>Could anyone tell me the difference between Standard Plans and Dedicated CPU Plans. I am looking to host my eCommerce site with global B2B customer base?
07:57<Devendra>Could anyone tell me the difference between Standard Plans and Dedicated CPU Plans. I am looking to host my eCommerce site with global B2B customer base?
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08:05<LouWestin>Devendra: dedicated cpu plans means you don’t share the cpu with anyone else.
08:07<LouWestin>Generally speaking if you’re doing really CPU intense stuff like a game server. Then you you might want a dedicated plan.
08:14<Devendra>Thanks LouWestin. My site is medium sized eCommerce site with Business to Business customer base globally.
08:15<Devendra>Which plan would you recommend then?
08:17<LouWestin>I’d start with the regular plans.
08:18<LouWestin>Most websites aren’t running 100% CPU all the time. If they are then something is probably wrong somewhere.
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10:05<puspesh>I need to resize the linode
10:07<puspesh>unable to do getting error "Linode has allocated more disk than the new service plan allows. Delete or resize disk smaller.
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10:44<primitiv>YES I'm not banned anymore
10:44<primitiv>I tried registering and got banned by opening two windows at once and trying to login :(\
10:52<@jalter>primitiv: welcome back!
10:59<primitiv>thank you sir
11:00<primitiv>this is by far the best irc chat :P
11:06<primitiv>how do I register successfully this time
11:06<primitiv>i forget the command :P
11:08<dwfreed>/msg NickServ help register
11:12<primitiv>sweet thank you!
11:13<primitiv>any idea why nginx isn't restricting access to certain files?
11:13<primitiv>for example
11:13<primitiv>permissions are 664
11:15<LouWestin>check the user:group
11:15<primitiv>nginx is the culprit ain't it
11:19<LouWestin>not sure. Could be the code allowing things to pass through
11:19<LouWestin>I'm only making guesses though
11:20<primitiv>code shouldn't, on my apache server it was fine
11:21<dwfreed>apache cares about .htaccess, nginx does not
11:22<dwfreed>I bet there's an .htaccess file in the config folder
11:22<primitiv>changing nginx to another group didn't fix antthing
11:23<dwfreed>because the file is still readable by anybody
11:24<primitiv>i dont see anything
11:24<dwfreed>apache automatically reads .htaccess files unless explicitly disabled, and nobody disables it
11:24<dwfreed>nginx has no such functionality, for performance reasons
11:28<LouWestin>speaking nginx, i'm trying to download the signing key but it looks like it's stuck trying to thier ip6 address
11:30<LouWestin>Resolving ( 2001:1af8:4060:a004:21::e3,,
11:30<dwfreed>wget -4
11:30<LouWestin>ok, I'll try that
11:31<LouWestin>I did an iptables flush thinking that it might the firwall
11:33<LouWestin>thanks dwfreed that worked
11:34<primitiv>so nginx doesnt read .htaccess by default?
11:34<primitiv>wheras apache does
11:37<dwfreed>nginx doesn't read .htaccess at all, ever
11:37<dwfreed>there's no setting to turn that on, for multiple reasons
11:37<gparent>and it's great!
11:38<dwfreed>the first is that .htaccess contains Apache configuration, and nginx doesn't understand Apache configuration
11:39<dwfreed>the second is that seaerching for an htaccess file on *every* request is actually kind of slow (apache searches all the way up to the root directory for one), which is not a good idea when you're trying to be the fastest web server in the west
11:42<gparent>nginx: the best webserver if you're in fremont
11:49<LouWestin>configuring nginx seems easier to understand when/where I've a mistake
11:50<LouWestin>I made a change, reloaded it, and it was like, nope can't have that in there on line xyz
11:52<LouWestin>apache throws an error and tells you to check these two logs
11:56<@blaboon>`apachectl configtest` will generally give you detailed info (line number, etc) about any config errors
11:57<dwfreed>but that doesn't handle htaccess errors :P
11:58<LouWestin>seems a little easier at glance to see what's wrong. but that's imho
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12:01<LouWestin>ok here's what confusing in the nginx guide: root /var/www/; then create that directory
12:02<@blaboon>i think if you invoke the httpd binary directly (or apache2, depending on distro) you can do something like `httpd -t -f /path/to/.htaccess` to check that file specifically
12:02<LouWestin>there's no example conf, so I can't add that first line to the server block
12:02<@blaboon>i usually just disable htaccess files though
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12:03<primitiv>okay so my wordpress .ht access wouldn't be working either then
12:04<primitiv>would it be best to host wp sites on apache instead of nginx ?
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12:08<dwfreed>no, just configure nginx correctly to do what the htaccess would do
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12:15<primitiv>the second function makes the first one not work anymore
12:16<primitiv>nvm i combined them into one window.onclick and it works
12:21<LouWestin>This guide is kind of confusing where i'm getting to set your site's root directory
12:24<LouWestin>unless they mean "/etc/nginx/conf.d/ is actaully default.conf
12:32<LouWestin>ok, answered my own question
12:34<LouWestin>actually i'm not getting these guides
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12:57<shieldblaze>Does Linode suspend account for incoming DDoS Attacks?
12:58<LouWestin>I think'll block your server untill the attack stops
13:00<kharlan11>you'll probably need to submit a support ticket to open up the traffic again
13:03<shieldblaze>Do my account and other servers will be safe right?
13:04<LouWestin>if you want to be protected from ddos attacks then you can add cloudflare to it
13:05<shieldblaze>We run UDP Applications and CloudFlare can't help
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13:06<LouWestin>if you're running UDP I'm not sure then if ddos attacks would be possible. Although I'm not an expert on that stuff
13:06<shieldblaze>Does Linode have Inbuilt Firewall like AWS EC2 Security Groups?
13:06<kharlan11>udp is prone to spoofed packets
13:07<kharlan11>and no inbuilt firewall shieldblaze
13:07<LouWestin>I don't think think so, just iptables, etc
13:07<shieldblaze>we have our own inbuilt mechanism to detect and drop DDoS attack but we need to make sure our server provider don't have problem with large attacks
13:08<kharlan11>you should probably ask linode what that limit is.
13:09<kharlan11>I've heard it's high though. Something like 40 GB /s before they block you.
13:09<kharlan11>Don't quote me on that.
13:10<shieldblaze>Yeah. We have no problem with Null Route but Unblocking should be automatic like 1 hour or something
13:10<shieldblaze>We tested DDoS. Server had maximum of 225K PPS
13:10<kharlan11>how large were those packets?
13:13<shieldblaze>We wanted to test maximum PPS so sent small packets
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13:57<jones>does linode offer a cdn?
13:58<LouWestin>not directly, but I believe they're partner with a cdn
14:04<primitiv>apache started giving me 403 errors on a specific file
14:04<primitiv>even with 777 and proper ownership
14:05<primitiv> [access_compat:error] AH01797: client denied by server configuration: /var/www/html/app/vendor/braintree/gateway.php
14:08<jones>are you using a framework?
14:13<jones>check your .htaccess
14:14<jones>make sure you don't have Deny from all
14:15<primitiv>it doesnti checked
14:16<jones>also check apache settings in sites-available
14:19<primitiv>default or specific .conf\
14:20<jones>likely it will be default unless you changed it you can paste bin it here
14:29<primitiv>my client gave up lol
14:29<primitiv>well decided to go to bed
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14:38<nate>primitiv: Eve... nevermind
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15:31<Eugene>!lick zifnab
15:31<linbot>Eugene: Point given to zifnab. (35)
15:33<Eugene><3 bbigger
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16:10<vaalbara>what are some good IRC channels these days? (On linux, etc.)
16:11<millisa>when did IRC start getting used for the forces of good!?
16:26<zifnab>!lick Eugene
16:26<linbot>zifnab: Point given to eugene. (88)
16:46<dwfreed>vaalbara: irssi
16:46<dwfreed>oh, channels
16:46<dwfreed>read clients
16:50<kharlan11>vaalbara: small ones
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16:58<LouWestin>how do you swap IP addresses with two linodes in the same data center?
16:59<dwfreed>LouWestin: click IP swap in the manager
17:00<millisa>old manager:
17:00<LouWestin>Thanks I was trying to transfer...oops
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17:17<LouWestin>Ok, looks like it takes some time for the swaped ip addresses to resolve
17:21<dwfreed>LouWestin: ping the gateways
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17:28<LouWestin>dwfreed pinging gateway times out
17:29<LouWestin>and same with
17:29<LouWestin>78.1 is for the old linode
17:30<rsdehart>how about LARPing
17:30<rsdehart>stab the server with a prop sword
17:32<millisa>if those dont work, reboot both nodes
17:33<millisa>the ping/arping commands they suggest are there in step8 on the newer guide
17:33<millisa>step10 on the old guide
17:35<LouWestin>I'll try that
17:41<LouWestin>it comes back with
17:41<millisa>what's the linode ips?
17:42<LouWestin>Address to be swapped to is
17:43<millisa>i can ping that
17:44<millisa>can ping that too
17:44<millisa>both have something about mechghost on the web server
17:44<LouWestin>right right
17:45<LouWestin>for some reason, maybe dns? it's still pulling up the old server
17:46<LouWestin>I haven't setup ssl on the new server, so I know it's pulling up the old server
17:52<LouWestin>Ok, the servers have swapped ip's so that's comfirmed
17:54<LouWestin>it's just the browser is still pulling from the old server
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18:11<LouWestin>for stake of arguement, I swapped the addresses back and updated the dns
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19:06<linbot>New news from community: Upgrading to Debian 10 <>
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19:31<dwfreed>LouWestin: if you've swapped IPs and not changed DNS, then it wouldn't be DNS
19:32<dwfreed>unless you have IPv6 locally and your DNS name has AAAA record of the Linode's SLAAC address
19:40<dwfreed>LouWestin: I like that you basically copied my instructions
19:40<dwfreed>re buster upgrade
19:43<LouWestin>I'll credit you right now
19:43<dwfreed>linbot points are sufficient
19:46<dwfreed>linbot: shut up
19:46<linbot>No, you shut up!
19:46<LouWestin>Ok, well I edited my post to credit you
19:47<LouWestin>and about the ip swap, eh... it did update the ip address on the DNS A/AAA record, but I don't know
19:47<LouWestin>I ended up switching it back to the way it was before and then updated DNS with the new IP's.
19:47<dwfreed>IP swap wouldn't touch DNS
19:48<dwfreed>not on its own anyway
19:48<dwfreed>and if you're doing an IP swap, you don't have to touch DNS for A records anyway
19:48<dwfreed>unless you have a service that needs to stay on the system the IP was originally pointing to
19:49<LouWestin>wait durr... right it would be the same IP address under the DNS records
19:50<LouWestin>which wouldn't change the DNS records.. slaps forehead
19:50<LouWestin>ok, but for some reason it wasn't pulling from the new system
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19:50<LouWestin>rebooted them both, etc.
19:51<LouWestin>Cleared cache from firefox, checked on chrome
19:52<LouWestin>I know the site wasn't coming on the new system since I hadn't secured yet
19:54<LouWestin>so I couldn't figure out if would eventually resolve or not, so I swapped them back and then updated the DNS records with the new IP. which is fine since I ran certbot a little while ago. It'll seemlessly transfer over and I can shutdown the old system
19:55<dwfreed>again what I said earlier, if you have IPv6 locally (ask google what your IP address is), and the AAAA record was to the SLAAC address of the original Linode, you would need to change that
19:55<LouWestin>maybe that was it
19:55<dwfreed>but there's no way the IPv4 address was going to the old Linode, because the host's firewall rules would prevent it
19:56<LouWestin>would that be the forwarding rule?
19:57<dwfreed>it's a bridge filter rule (ebtables for fun and profit)
19:57<LouWestin>also when you say IPv6 locally do you mean, my physical computer or Linode?
19:57<dwfreed>the device whose keyboard you're using
19:57<LouWestin>yeah that's ipv6 I'm sure
19:57<LouWestin>let me check
19:57<dwfreed>literally google "what is my IP address"
19:58<LouWestin>Both come up
19:59<dwfreed>your browser or OS probably does happy eyeballs
19:59<LouWestin>goodgle brings up the IPv6 address. Duck Duck brings up other links that pull up the IPv4
19:59<dwfreed>most 'what is my ip' sites are not v6 enabled
20:00<dwfreed> is one that is
20:00<dwfreed>but if google gives you an IPv6 address at the top before the search results, then you definitely have IPv6
20:00<LouWestin> brings up the v4
20:01<dwfreed>linbot: dns6
20:01<linbot>dwfreed: [AD=0]
20:01<LouWestin>.com brings up both, plus the local address of
20:01<dwfreed>linbot: dns6
20:01<linbot>dwfreed: 2606:4700:30::681f:5334, 2606:4700:30::681f:5234,, [AD=0]
20:01<Toba>what does the AD part mean
20:02<dwfreed>linbot: dns6
20:02<linbot>dwfreed: 2a02:a440:b085:2::f, [AD=1]
20:02<LouWestin>2601:244:4800:447:213d:53e4:2a57:46b3 is my IPv6
20:02<LouWestin>Your IPv4 is:
20:02<LouWestin>and Your Local IP is:
20:02*dwfreed spins up the LOIC
20:03<LouWestin>I set the router to a 10 address
20:10<LouWestin>dwfreed I'm looking back at the DNS records for the SLACC address on cloud manager, but I'm not seeing it
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20:11<LouWestin>No big deal, just mentioning it
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20:22<Peng>Wow, if Cloudflare has an outage, how many IPv6-enabled "what is my IP" sites will survive?
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