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00:18<linbot>New news from community: Connecting a website <> || Domain Name Not Working On Debian 9 Linode <>
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00:38<Deepu>hello i am trying to add domain to my linode wordpress debian..
00:38<Deepu>my domain is not available in root
00:38<Deepu>how can i add domain name to root
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01:03<Vijender_Singh>Hi Team
01:03<Vijender_Singh>I need your help to choose correct linode hosting plan for my wordpress website
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05:04<littera>Hi, anyone else experiencing server outages today?
05:04<littera>Had problems occuring on two different servers within 2 hours now ...
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05:29<linbot>New news from community: Having trouble with my Sendmail service <>
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05:49<grawity>littera: depends; which region?
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05:58<chesty>region x
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06:23<R3N13R>Anyone else experiencing connectivity Loss at Linode
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06:41<@pwoods>R3N13R: We're not seeing any additional reports coming into Support. Are still seeing issues?
06:43<R3N13R>Found the problem - was not connictivity at all - instead we had a huge DOSS attack taking down our three front-end servers
06:44<@pwoods>R3N13R: ouch. I'm sorry to hear.
06:44<R3N13R>Restart PHP and Nginx - all back to normal - but how do one avoid such an attack - seems cloudlflare is slow too react
06:44<@pwoods>R3N13R: you're already using Cloudflare's DoS prevention services?
06:46<R3N13R>But it did not help us survive the attack - traffic spiked from 100 connections per second to over 2000
06:47<R3N13R>thanfull just for about 5 minutes - but enough to have Nginx fall over
06:47<@pwoods>R3N13R: That's concerning, and something I'd bring up with Cloudflare. I'm looking at their status page and not seeing much beyond a re-routing for their San Jose location:
06:48<@pwoods>R3N13R: Since it's their service, there's not much Linode would be able to do here. Do you have any monitoring as a backup to their service?
06:49<rnowak>were the connections via cloudflare? perhaps the baddies figured out what your origin servers are
06:49<@pwoods>^^ great point, rnowak
06:51<R3N13R>There is another scenario also - what if the attack was from inside the Linode network - cloudflare would not see that traffic
06:51<rnowak>external or internal, the baddies would have had to figure out your origin servers' addresses
06:51<grawity>sure it would, unless it was what rnowak suggested
06:52<R3N13R>I will have to go and look at the logs and trace the IP's
06:52<@pwoods>We'd like to get on top of that ASAP
06:53<R3N13R>Will do thanks
06:57<R3N13R>The other point here: Isnt the Client Connection Throttle on our NodeBalancer suppose to mitigate DOSS attacks?
06:59<rnowak>I'd start by investigating where the connections came from, and if they took the intended path -- and looking at the docs, that only limits subsequent connections per source
07:00<@pwoods>R3N13R: yes, if the requests are coming from the same IP address, and if the traffic is going to the NodeBalancer. If it was directed to the backends instead, or if it was coming from multiple IP addresse, that's different
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07:59<linbot>New news from community: Unable to start mysql - no such process <>
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11:08<millisa>One of you mind taking a look at ticket# 12284699 (wanted to get this on my schedule for tonight if possible)
11:18<primitiv>hola amigos
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11:35<@pwoods>millisa: got it, looking into it now
11:47<@pwoods>millisa: updated
11:47<millisa>!point pwoods
11:47<linbot>millisa: Point given to pwoods. (5)
11:47<millisa>Thanks. Perfect.
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12:10<linbot>New news from community: Receiving MySQL error when importing data. <>
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12:40<linbot>New news from community: What is iorate? Should I be worried if I get a disk io rate notification? <> || MySQL error message SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused <>
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12:41<justin_>hi all
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12:54<justin_>can i Optimize Apache for a Linode 8GB Permalink?
12:55<justin_>yes or no?
12:55<grawity>...what is a "Linode Permalink" exactly?
12:57<justin_>can i Optimize Apache for a Linode 8GB? yes or no
12:57<rnowak>we don't know if you can
12:58<rnowak>I am sure people have made apache fly on any size of linode, depending on their requirements
13:10<linbot>New news from community: What is IO rate? Should I be worried if I get a disk io rate notification? <>
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13:59<LouWestin>justin_ There’s an optimize guide, but as far as if it makes a difference for permlinks, I don’t know.
14:00<LouWestin>And as far as being dynamic, there’s a mini and max number handlers that can be set
14:01<nuevu>My monitoring just went nuts. Anyone else just have a network blip (maybe confined to Dallas DC)?
14:01<dwfreed>nuevu: yes
14:01<millisa>i'm seeing a bit of loss
14:01<dwfreed>my irc linode is in dallas
14:01<LouWestin>Oh oh
14:01<millisa>only seeing it to some of them.
14:02<dwfreed>linbot: mtr-atlanta
14:02<dwfreed>linbot: mtr-dallas
14:02<linbot>dwfreed: [mtr-atlanta] 4.|-- 2600:3c00:2222:16::2 0.0% 3 20.9 21.0 20.9 21.0 0.0 -- 5.|-- 0.0% 3 20.7 20.9 20.7 21.1 0.0 -- see for full mtr
14:02<nuevu>Mine seems to have settled already, but that was scary for a moment
14:02<dwfreed>linbot: mtr-dallas
14:02<linbot>dwfreed: [mtr-dallas] HOST: clover Loss% Snt Last Avg Best Wrst StDev -- 1.|-- 0.0% 3 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.0 -- see for full mtr
14:02<LouWestin>I’m currently on my Dallas irc linode
14:02<linbot>dwfreed: [mtr-dallas] 4.|-- 2600:3c02:4444:7::2 0.0% 3 21.8 21.5 21.1 21.8 0.0 -- 5.|-- 0.0% 3 20.5 20.6 20.5 20.7 0.0 -- see for full mtr
14:02<nuevu>LouWestin: Likewise (although separate from my work nodes)
14:02<dwfreed>seems to be a lot better now, yeah
14:03<LouWestin>nuevu: ok
14:04<LouWestin>Traffic rush? DDOS somewhere?
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14:16<kharlan11>:P the memories
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14:50<Peng>mtr-dallas started showing some packt loss around 17:55 UTC
14:50<Peng>better at 18:00
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14:57<@jcardillo>Peng, nuevu, LouWestin, millisa, dwfreed: there was a brief DoS in Dallas at that time, which we nulled. Just wanted to let you know :)
14:58<cruxeternus>!point jcardillo
14:58<millisa>!point linode
14:58<linbot>cruxeternus: Point given to jcardillo. (3)
14:58<linbot>millisa: Point given to linode. (7)
14:58<cruxeternus>Ok, next question.. anyone know why my Dallas Linode is no longer reachable?
14:58<cruxeternus>jk :P
14:58<@jcardillo>you made my heart skip a beat
14:59<cruxeternus>My only Dallas Linode is.. uh, this one, so I think it's reachable!
15:06<Peng>That happened to me once :(
15:09<dwfreed>I think I could be nulled on IPv4 and not notice
15:09<dwfreed>linbot: mtr-atlanta -4
15:09<linbot>dwfreed: ('The read operation timed out',)
15:09<dwfreed>linbot: mtr-atlanta -4
15:09<linbot>dwfreed: [mtr-atlanta] 4.|-- 0.0% 3 24.8 24.7 24.5 24.8 0.0 -- 5.|-- 0.0% 3 24.5 24.6 24.5 24.6 0.0 -- see for full mtr
15:09<dwfreed>hurray, I'm not
15:10<cruxeternus>Hrmm, you may have given me a reason to actually look into ipv6 :P
15:10<dwfreed>also I probably would have gotten the email by now, since my account email is not hosted on my Linode
15:10<dwfreed>(even so, the Linode mailservers have IPv6 too!)
15:11<dwfreed>fun fact: the only networks in the US with 100% IPv6 deployment and usage are mobile phone networks
15:12<dwfreed>(as far as end user networks go)
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15:31<linbot>New news from community: NGINX Cache Poisoning Vulnerability - OK to Use Linode's DNS Resolvers? <>
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17:16<rsdehart>hi Raza
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17:24<Raza>you have anny partner program
17:26<rsdehart>there's a referral program
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17:27<Raza>we can install self own custom iso
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21:40<Ikaros>Ok so that's TWO days in a row now that I come home from work and find I've had a network dropout on my Dallas Linode. First during the 7 PM hour yesterday, and today during the latter half of the lunch hour, and both long enough to make my IRC client give up connecting to it, so at a minimum 10 min each time and likely quite a bit longer going by its uplink timer. Three in a row is going to make me quite unhappy, just saying :x
21:44<Peng>For me there was some(?) packet loss for about 3.5 minutes today. They said it was a DDoS.
21:55<Ikaros>Yeah long enough to cause a complete and continuous loss of connectivity for at least 10 min.
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22:12<linbot>New news from community: Postfix+dovecot domain configuration <>
22:47<chesty>Ikaros, if you have some spare memory install netdata, at a minimum it'll confirm the problem is upstream. It highlighted an issue with my linodes dropping packets it received and pointed out how to fix it.
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22:49<chesty>here's me thinking if a linux box receives a valid packet it'll get processed basically 100% of the time but it wasn't the case. it was receiving valid packets and dropping them quite frequently, it would have been enough to kill the throughput of any tcp sessions.
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22:52<Peng>Why was it happening?
22:56<chesty>netdev budget was being exhausted, this is an awesome paper about tuning the network stack
22:58<Peng>haha, it uses disabling SACK as an example
22:59<Peng>Thanks for the link, I'll read it :)
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23:06<chesty>it explains about sacks deeper in, in a nut shell on high bandwidth links (I'm guessing saturated 10G) it can use a lot of cpu and throughput can be increased by disabling sacks. that's not a relevant setting for 99.99% of people.
23:13<Peng>My experience in the aftermath of SACK Panic is that disabling SACKs makes downloads freeze for a few seconds around 1.5 Mb. :D
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23:44<chesty>there was a sack panic? I have a vague memory of a recent vulnerability with sack. I wouldn't be surprised if you could tune out that freeze
23:56<Peng>they called the recent vulnerability SACK Panic
23:56<Peng>I don't think there was a logo
23:57<Peng>the simple thing to do is just patch your kernel and turn it back on
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