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02:27<Dany>Hello there
02:27<Dany>I am preparing a quote for a client and i need to know if i can have backups for the block storage
02:27<Dany>any ideas?
02:27<Dany>i can see on the site that backups are available for the servers only
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03:52<Claudio>is this abuse chat?
03:52<Claudio>or can I write somebody related an Abuse?
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07:25<Victor_>Hi! I'm running a server on linnode with nothing listening on port 80. Still "nc localhost 80" gives me a 400 bad request. Any one know how this is possible? I'm trying to run a web server but it's routed somewhere else
07:25<grawity>how did you check that there's nothing listening
07:25<Victor_>sudo netstat -l | grep 80
07:26<grawity>and that returned no output whatsoever?
07:26<Victor_>just some streams with 80 in the numbers
07:27<Victor_>but nothing listening
07:27<Peng>Hypothetically, you could use something like iptables to redirect port 80 to a different port
07:27<grawity>check your iptables or nft rules then
07:27<Victor_>I've done iptables -F and disabled uwf
07:28<Victor_>still same issue
07:28<grawity>check your *all* iptables rules, not only the filter stuff
07:28<Peng>and ip6tables?
07:28<grawity>run `iptables-save` and `ip6tables-save` and report what output you get
07:29<Victor_>ups that might have been it :)
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07:31<Victor_>did ip6tables -F and now nc localhost 80 gives me nothing, but still same thing connecting from the outside
07:32<grawity>did you -F all tables
07:32<grawity>like -t nat, or -t mangle
07:32<Victor_>nop i tought -F cleaned everything
07:32<Peng>iptables-save and ip6tables-save show what rules actually exist, so you don't have to guess and flush them
07:33<Peng>-F just flushes the filter table by default
07:33<Peng>there are other tables, like nat and raw
07:33<Peng>wait, grawity said that already
07:33<grawity>Victor_: in iptables there can be four tables – filter, nat, mangle, raw – each has its own chains (INPUT, OUTPUT, etc. etc.)
07:34<grawity>Victor_: save/restore work with all of them, but regular iptables commands (like -L or -F) only work with filter, unless you specify otherwise
07:35<Victor_>thanks, did not know that :)
07:36<grawity>and a lot of this "packets going where they shouldn't" mess is caused by forgotten rules in nat or mangle, e.g. added by docker or similar
07:36<Victor_>Aha I see. I've been playing with kubernetes and I'm guessing thats to blame
07:39<Victor_>I think I will be able to solve it now. Thanks for your help
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09:58<velesh>I have a problem with linode after rebooting. Says Error establishing a database connection
09:58<velesh>I broke my mind how to solve it...
09:58<millisa>is your database service running?
09:58<velesh>I don't know how to check. Last time i rebooted linode it didn;t require it to run separatly
09:58<millisa>which database service are you running?
09:59<millisa>which OS?
09:59<velesh>Linode Details Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
10:00<millisa>systemctl start mysql
10:01<velesh>Explain, should i open a console and run this command?
10:01<millisa>that would be how you would start mysql if it's not running
10:01<millisa>systemctl status mysql <-- might give you details on its status
10:01<millisa>your logs would probably tell you the most
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13:35<Alastor_McKee>Hi all.. I am having an issue with my crontab *Seemingly* not working??? I am using webmin to make the cron tab... *NEVER* had an issue in the 10 years I have been using it.. till I switched to Linode? anyone offer any insight?
13:35<millisa>is cron running? have you looked in your cron logs?
13:36<Alastor_McKee>lemme have a look... I'm still rather new to Linux
13:37<grawity>if webmin has a "services" section, look through that services section
13:38<LouWestin>Happy Monday by the way!
13:38<grawity>otherwise try to do at least some of your linuxing through direct commands via SSH
13:39<LouWestin>It could be that the system he came from had additional packages installed which aren’t installed on his Linode.
13:40<Alastor_McKee>I appreciate your sentiment Grawity, But being disabled.. I do *Whatever* is necessary to both ease and speed my workflow...
13:40<Alastor_McKee>according to webmin
13:40<Alastor_McKee>the cron tab is there
13:40<Alastor_McKee>how can I check to see if cron is running?
13:40<Alastor_McKee>I didn't know it was possible for it to *Not* run
13:41<LouWestin>Alastor_McKee: where did you host before?
13:41<millisa>depends on the underlying os. systemctl status crond on recent centos would give some hit
13:41<millisa>or look in your process list for a crond-ish process.
13:41<Alastor_McKee>always been on my own machines @ home.. But recently had to downgrade my internet connection
13:42<LouWestin>Ah ok
13:44<millisa>grep CRON /var/log/syslog - should show you what cron is firing
13:44<LouWestin>I’d get off the root account.
13:44<grawity>is that how webmin looks nowadays
13:44<Alastor_McKee>with the 'DarkTheme"
13:50<gparent>looks a little less clicky than many years ago
13:53<Alastor_McKee>for the past 10 years
13:53<Alastor_McKee>it's been solid
13:53<Alastor_McKee>never had an issue till now
13:54<Alastor_McKee>[ OK ] Update LinuxGSM wurmserver: Updating functions wurmserver@localhost:~$ ./wurmserver-restart -su: ./wurmserver-restart: No such file or directory wurmserver@localhost:~$ ./wurmserver restart [ WARN ] _default.cfg has been altered. reloading config.
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18:44<zifnab>!lick Eugene
18:44<linbot>zifnab: Point given to eugene. (92)
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20:52<Rvby1>Not sure if this is the place for this question, but can anyone vouch for Linode not overselling their nodes? Been hearing that's a big probem with OVH.
20:54<nuevu>Never had a problem here with that.
20:55<nuevu>I have had some noisy neighbors in the past, but Linode is pretty good about either dealing with them, or allowing you to migrate toa new node if it's bad enough.
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20:58<Rvby1>Okay, awesome! Are there any data caps or throttling issues?
20:58<nate>There's a maximum allotment of traffic included a month, anything over that you get charged for, not cap'd on.
20:58<nuevu>"data caps" are listed with the plans:
20:58<nate>However your data allotment is also 'shared' across all linodes
21:00<Rvby1>Wait, as in other VPSs on your node will also eat in your data cap? And ooph, didn't realize Transfer referred to the data allotment. Sorry about that!
21:01<dwfreed>as in all your Linodes pull their transfer together
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21:01<nate>As in like if you get two 2GB linode instances, that's 2TB from each linode usable across all linodes. ie; one linode would be able to use up to the 4TB limit, it's not explicitly just 2TB to each individual linode. Also worth noting -inbound- traffic does not count against your allotment
21:01<nuevu>Each Linode comes with its own transfer allotment, but they're all combined and available as a single pool.
21:01<synfinatic>no. if you have 5 linodes, then the allotment is shared across all 5 in a single pool. other customer nodes has nothing to do with it
21:03<dwfreed>note that inbound/outbound is from the perspective of the Linode
21:03<dwfreed>so inbound is to the Linode, and outbound is from the Linode
21:04<Rvby1>Ohhh, okay, that makes much more sense. Thanks for the clarification! Sorry to bother y'all with one last question, but have any of you used a Linnode for running a small Minecraft server? If so, how'd it tend to hold up? I'm thinking about the Linode 2GB plan.
21:04<Toba>I'm sure it would work fine
21:04<dwfreed>many people do
21:04<dwfreed>if it's only a couple players, not a lot of resource intensive mods, it should be fine
21:05<nate>define 'small'? I ran one off a 1GB Linode for a good while but it only had like 5 people tops (though I was also using openjdk which was a bit more efficient, though I think openjdk is also more or less the default JRE on most distros now)
21:06<dwfreed>nate: openjdk is the reference jdk since at least 8
21:06<dwfreed>they're up to 11 now, iirc
21:07<Rvby1>Thanks for the feedback! By small, I'm talking 10 players or so at one time max, probably running Spigot with a few resource-light plugins.
21:07<dwfreed>probably fine then
21:08<nate>dwfreed: It has been a fair while :P
21:10<Rvby1>Yeah, haha, probably far more intensive than it used to be. :P Pretty sure 1GB wouldn't really cut it anymore. Hopefully the 2GB with the single core is enough, haha. Thanks for all the help!
21:13<Rvby1>nate or dw, either of you have a referral code you want me to use?
21:15<nate>I have literally no idea what mine is, never used it lol
21:17<Rvby1>Haha, fair enough. dw?
21:17<Rvby1>Or nuevu?
21:18<Rvby1>(Not sure if it actually does anything good for you. If not, just lemme know, haha)
21:18<nate>I think we just get a small credit on our bill or something, I honestly never looked into it. Probably should have ages ago, I've brought many a client to linode even lol
21:20<Rvby1>Well, if you wanna look into it now real quick, I'd love to throw you a little credit. :P
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21:34<Rvby1>Want me to just go ahead with it, nate? :P
22:01<dwfreed>Rvby1: mine is b66b4c90d7429bbacd66eab3bce19daf73f6bcec if it's not too late
22:12<Rvby1>Dwfreed: nope! I added you as my referral! :) Thank you all for the help!
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22:55<Dragon>+10 points dwfreed
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23:51<Petersonz>can anyone point me to a link that shows how to upload an existing Linux server to Linode using the rescue disk?
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