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00:29<rgerke1>@petersonz I'd be happy to point you in the right direction with this - is the rescue disk attached to one of your Linodes or is it on a different system?
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01:43<Kamranahsan>I have a query about vps and dedicated server
01:43<Kamranahsan>can i ask to you
01:43<linbot>Kamranahsan: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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01:47<rgerke1>You can ask me. I'm a member of the Linode support team and I'm happy to help.
01:47<rgerke1>/ mouse enable
01:48<rgerke1>Oops. Extra space in there.
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02:01<gaurav_>i need some to install ssl certificate in lenode server
02:02<gaurav_>anyone there??
02:03<grawity>gaurav_: what software – apache2? nginx? something else?
02:04<gaurav_>something else, its being manage with haproxy
02:04<rgerke1>Hi there. I'm with the Linode support team. I'mhappy to assist.
02:04<Zr40>no, you're not.
02:04<grawity>gaurav_: do you already have the certificate itself?
02:04<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
02:05<grawity>rgerke1: I'm generally used to Linode staff having the op hat on all the time
02:05<gaurav_>@rgerke1, i am unable to install ssl certificate in my lenode intance
02:05<rgerke1>Have you tried using Let's Encryt?
02:07<gaurav_>@grawity, yes i already created certificate and configure it, now as i m going to encript certbot command its not being install and its saying certbot is not installed, and as i m going to install certbot then i m getting no package is located (i have ubuntu 14.10 on this lenode intance)
02:07<grawity>gaurav_: certbot is only available as a package in 16.04 or later
02:07<grawity>gaurav_: for older Ubuntu you'll need to download certbot-auto from its website
02:08<gaurav_>@rgerke1 , yes i have tried lets encript
02:09<gaurav_>@grawity, thanks i m trying to install certbot-auto for my lenode instance (ubuntu 14.10)
02:11<rgerke1>grawity is correct. You can download certbot-auto from the site.
02:12<rgerke1>I'm looking for a link to send you now.
02:12<gaurav_>@grawity & @rgerke1, do you have any link to download certbot-auto i m unable to find it on certbot website
02:12<Peng>14.10 has been EOL for years.
02:12<grawity>I searched for "certbot-auto", got
02:12<Peng>The most recent version of certbot-auto might not be compatible.
02:13<gaurav_>@peng, but there is a old server still using
02:13<grawity>Peng: what version of Python does it have?
02:13<Peng>Heck if I know.
02:13<Peng>Certbot just dropped support for 14.04 in the most recent version. I assume they haven't tested on 14.10 in years, but I have no idea if it would work.
02:14<Peng>rgerke1: Is your Linode really using 14.10? Not 14.04 or 18.10 or something?
02:15<gaurav_>Thanks @grawity for giving me link
02:15<rgerke1>Peng: That's gaurav's Linode.
02:16<rgerke1>gaurav: Is it 14.04?
02:16<Peng>Darn it.
02:17<Peng>I fixed it every time I typed grawity instead of gaurav_, but then I said rgerke1 instead. Sorry.
02:18<rgerke1>That's okay. I have a 14.04 Linode I use for testing. I'm in it right now.
02:18<gaurav_>@rgerke1 its ubuntu 14.10
02:21<rgerke1>14.04 and 14.10 should work the same when it comes to SSL.
02:22<rgerke1>You can always do it manually, too.
02:22<Unit193>Since 14.10 lost support in 2015, it'd be very good to update as well.
02:25<rgerke1>Unit193: Agreed. My opinion is that if you want to upgrade, do it with a new Linode. Rebuild the stack, transfer the data and then swap IPs. That way if something goes wrong during the upgrade, no real damage is caused.
02:25<gaurav_>@Unit193, i would like to update, but i have older software which compatible with this version, if i update i need to get update that web application also\
02:28<rgerke1>gaurav_: Also,
02:28<Peng>14.10 has to go 15.04 - 15.10 - 16.04 - 18.04, doesn't it?
02:28<gaurav_>thanks @rgerke1
02:29<rgerke1>You can go from 14 to 16, and then 16.04 and from there to 18.04
02:29<Unit193>There's also
02:29<rgerke1>Let me rephrase that - 14.10 - 16.04 and then 16.04 to 18.04
02:30<Unit193>Peng: Ideally, yes.
02:33<rgerke1>If you run into any trouble, opena support ticket. There's always a bunch of us on.
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11:33<LouWestin>I missed that person who wanted to run a Minecraft server. Yeah 2GB minimum, might need the 2c 4GB plan though.
11:34<LouWestin>They’re fixing the lag issues, so should be better soon.
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12:52<Sanjay>Can I run spring boot application on the server
12:52<@pwoods>Sanjay: yup!
12:53<@pwoods>That's our guide for deploying with a Nginx reverse proxy on Ubuntu 16.04
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13:53<RockRidgeHomes>How can i log into my webpage to make changes?
13:54<dzho>RockRidgeHomes: there's a lot to unpack in that question.
13:55<dzho>generally speaking "we don't know" is the best answer, because you could be running any from a vast array of web server software
13:56<dzho>do you know what it's running?
13:56<dzho>who set it up?
13:56<RockRidgeHomes>i don't
13:56<dzho>what kind of changes do you need to make?
13:56<RockRidgeHomes>add things to my webpage
13:57<dzho>ok, that's two answers to three questions.
13:57<dzho>you could also just post the URL, that might give some hints as to what it's running.
13:57<dzho>you should have credentials that allow you to log onto
13:57<dzho>although that is not the best interface for making the kind of changes you want
13:58<dzho>that's more for "wholesale" changes than for "retail" changes
13:59<RockRidgeHomes>Normally i can just put that into the web address and log in, on another computer it is not allowing me a log in option
13:59<dzho>ah, wordpress
13:59<dzho>I wonder if the machne that lets you log in has a username and password for the site stored.
14:00<dzho>do you still have access to that machine?
14:00<dzho>does that machine still let you log in?
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14:00<RockRidgeHomes>but that machine is in another office now
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14:01<dzho>yes, well.
14:01<dzho>do you have the username and password, but don't know the URL?>
14:01<dzho>or do you not know the URL?
14:01<dzho>or do you need both?
14:01<RockRidgeHomes>i know both
14:01<dzho>oh, hmm.
14:02*dzho wonders if the admin features have been restricted to a specific IP
14:03<RockRidgeHomes>thats what i was thinking
14:03<RockRidgeHomes>so how can i change that
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15:32<Tarif>One of my websites is not reachable without www
15:32<Tarif>What can I do?
15:33<linbot>New news from community: How do I update a 1&1 SSL certificate on Ubuntu 16.04? <>
15:35<Guest7731>add www
15:36<Tarif>@Guest7731: How?
15:36<Guest7731>that was a joke : check your apache / nginx config
15:37<Tarif>I have checked it, it looks similar to another server that works without www.
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16:07<nuevu>Tarif: What's the domain? Do you have proper DNS entries?
16:08<Tarif>@nuevu: Yes, I do.
16:08<Tarif>@nuevu: It's
16:09<nuevu>That doesn't resolve for me here.
16:09<linbot>nuevu: Host not found.
16:09<Tarif>I tried to configure nginx yesterday, now it redirects from my browser, but doesn't ping from terminal.
16:09<Tarif>I see, but works.
16:10<nuevu>Yep, so you need to add appropriate records (A and AAAA) for the apex/bare domain that matches what you have for www.
16:11<Tarif>How can I do that?
16:11<nuevu>And since it looks like you're using the DNS manager with Linode, there will be a ~15 minute delay between entering the record(s) and having them show up.
16:12<Tarif>Thanks. I'll try from your link.
16:14<@bbigger>Tarif: when adding the A record, just leave the "Hostname" field blank
16:15<Tarif>bbigger: Thanks :D I was doing just that :D Thanks
16:15<Tarif>@bbigger: I think this will work. Let me wait for 15 minutes.
16:22<nuevu>Tarif: Looks like it's resolving here now.
16:22<linbot>nuevu: Host not found.
16:22<nuevu>Heh, not quite everywhere yet.
16:23<Tarif>@nuevu: Is this a progress?
16:23<Tarif>nuevu: Where did it resolve?
16:24<Tarif>ping is working now.
16:24<nuevu>Hitting the Linode nameservers directly (with dig) shows they're advertising the correct value, so it's just a matter of time before downstream servers start resolving it correctly.
16:25<Tarif>nuevu: Do I need to do anything else?
16:26<linbot>Tarif: Host not found.
16:26<Tarif>Thanks a lot nuevu and bbigger for your help. :D
16:26<nuevu>Glad to help get that sorted out.
16:26<@bbigger>!point nuevu
16:26<linbot>bbigger: Point given to nuevu. (1)
16:28<Tarif>!point bbigger
16:28<linbot>Tarif: Point given to bbigger. (10)
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18:39<erhv>Hi, someone could tell me how can i mirror a linode automatically ?
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18:54<LouWestin>I'm trying to get postfix to send a password reset email from wordpress. I can receive echo test emails to my email account, but nothing when resetting
19:06<LouWestin>It could simply be gmail blocking
19:09<nate>if you're not using SMTP it's almost certainly gmail blocking
19:09<nate>I'm used to normal mail() out stuff almost always being blocked by filters or such simply because it's commonly spam anyways
19:10<LouWestin>I don't think smtp is built into wordpress anyway, so might need a plugin
19:10<LouWestin>which I might pass since it's not that important
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19:45<millisa>does your postfix log show it handing off to gmail ok?
19:48<millisa>(with gmail, if you have the forward/reverse/helo triumvirate, a good spf record that includes the sender, and a good from/envelope from that isn't 'apache@' or some variation of 'www@' it usually will get through)
20:14<nate>LouWestin: Yeah it's plugin required unfortunately (never understood why wordpress doesn't just make it native)
20:19<KevinM1>Hey, I was wondering if someone could answer a question for me re:upgrading Debian...?
20:19<millisa>We'll find out when you ask
20:19<KevinM1>Heh, fair enough
20:19<KevinM1>Okay, so I was following along with the tutorial
20:20<KevinM1>I had set the boot to GRUB2 from the dashboard dropdown
20:20<KevinM1>I thought that would either stick without a reboot, or that the system would automatically reboot because of the setting change
20:21<KevinM1>Unfortunately, neither are the case
20:21<KevinM1>So, when I ran sudo apt upgrade, I never got prompted to keep/change the existing config or otherwise set things up
20:21<KevinM1>I'm a bit concerned about going forward with the dist-upgrade
20:22<KevinM1>Is there a way to fix this?
20:22<KevinM1>Should I even be concerned
20:22<KevinM1>It's an upgrade from Jessie to Stable if that makes a difference
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20:25<millisa>You are talking about switching the boot settings from the linode kernel to grub2? Like they talk about here?
20:25<KevinM1>I can still access my instance via LISH if I set the boot option to a kernel. If I set it to GRUB2, I just get a grub> prompt
20:26<millisa>(there's steps on that link for switching to the upstream kernel)
20:26<millisa>(this bit -
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20:28<KevinM1>Ah, okay... I'll try it out, thanks!
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20:48<LouWestin>@ nate and millisa, I'm not going to bother with it too much since it's not really a big issue
20:59<KevinM1>Seems like the Debian upgrade worked, so thanks again!
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21:57<LouWestin>gotta love this error message when trying to bring up the Joomla installtion page. Drum roll...
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22:23<kharlan11>Hello friends. I'm going to be using linode backup for a client for the first time. Any tips?
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22:27<gparent>don't fuck up
22:28<gparent>more seriously: until you've tested your restores, you may as well say you don't have your data backed up.
22:28<AlexMax>also I would recommend - for any data you truly care about - an additional backup step in addition to Linode's backups.
22:28<kharlan11>the only way to test them is to spin up a clone of my current server, and restore the non-cloned one?
22:29<AlexMax>something like backblaze b2 and rclone
22:29<kharlan11>lol, then I might as well just revert to my ghetto way of backing up
22:29<gparent>I mean, you'd want to make sure to test that too.
22:29<gparent>What's the point of having backups you don't test?
22:29<gparent>Of course you'd want to do a test recovery.
22:29<AlexMax>There's nothing wrong with Linode backups per se, but it's the same company hosting your server and your backups.
22:30<kharlan11>so the only way to gain access to old files is to spin up the restore somewhere? If I delete a 2 day old file for example..
22:30<AlexMax>If a meteor fell and took out a datacenter, you'd probably wish you had an offsite backup
22:31<AlexMax>also I think that if you delete the server you delete its backups too, am I right?
22:31<kharlan11>they store the backups on the same site as your server?
22:31<gparent>this is how you would do it
22:31<rgerke>Yes, if you delete your Linode the backups are deleted with it.
22:31<AlexMax>Backups are stored on a separate system in the same datacenter
22:32<AlexMax>so if the system goes down, you're okay, but if you're careless and delete your server you're toast, and if something catastrophic happens to the datacenter, you're toast
22:32<AlexMax>the former is much more likely than the latter, of course
22:32<kharlan11>does spinning up a backup cost money?
22:32<kharlan11>Like if I only need 1 hour to recover some files or sumthin'
22:32<kharlan11>I'm charged for the 1 hour?
22:33<rgerke>Yes. Linodes are now charged hourly. So, if you spin up a Linode to test a backup on you'll only be charged for the amount of time you keep that new Linode on the system.
22:34<kharlan11>So the backup is more like a 'if your server fails and you need something to fall back to' type backup?
22:34<gparent>What other kind of backups are there?
22:35<kharlan11>hmm I once worked with a client who had an azure server, and they let you restore the filesystem to a seperate drive on the production server.
22:35<kharlan11>and it only lasted 12 hrs ~
22:35<gparent>That still falls into 'if your server fails and you need something to fall back to' type backup
22:35<rgerke>Linode's backups give you four slots. A daily backup, one from the current week, one from the prior week and a manual snapshot you can take whenever you want.
22:35<gparent>Yeah, you use them how you want.
22:36<kharlan11>err maybe 24 hrs? same difference, but it also allowed you to restore that backup rather than mount it on the production server.
22:36<kharlan11>hmm it's just weird that I'd be charged to access a backup I'm already paying for.
22:36<kharlan11>but I understand.
22:36<gparent>You're not charged for accessing it
22:36<gparent>You're charged for creating a whole new Linode
22:36<gparent>If you restored on your current Linode, there wouldn't be any issues or any charge.
22:37<rgerke>Correct. No additional charges for restoring it to your current Linode.
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22:37<kharlan11>sorry, I guess I meant access it on a individual file level basis.
22:37<gparent>Sure, you can do that on your existing linode.
22:37<gparent>No charge.
22:39<kharlan11>OH. This is exactly what I want. Sorry I misunderstood.
22:39<kharlan11>So I can mount the backup to a folder and access it as long as my exisiting linode has the appropriate unallocated space?
22:39<gparent>looks like it yes.
22:40<gparent>i size my Vms under their full size to amke these things happen
22:40<gparent>gives me extra room if I need a new volume, etc.
22:43<kharlan11>So you'd recommend sizing my new linode to be max_size -( base os size + possible future usage ) ?
22:44<gparent>I go with 8 GB and increase if I need.
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22:47<kharlan11>I already know that I'm going to be moving over 7GB worth of files, so I guess I'll just allocate 12.5GB for now.
22:47<kharlan11>!point gparent
22:47<linbot>kharlan11: Point given to gparent. (10)
22:47<kharlan11>and thanks others :)
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