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00:30<praveen>Hi, I am not able to connect to linode server using ssh, It was working fine until recently, after some upgrade from linode it stopped working, I wanted to shh from my local, lish works fine.
00:34<dwfreed>is sshd running, is it listening on the port you expect, are there any firewall rules blocking incoming connections to that port?
00:37<Peng>What error message do you get?
00:45<dwfreed>that would be useful information too
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01:17<@rgerke>praveen: Have you opened a ticket with us yet? If so, I'm happy to look into this.
01:18<@rgerke>You can always run ssh -vvv <user>@<you.ip.address> to get more information on the errors you're receiving when trying to ssh
01:19<praveen>I solved it, it was ufw, it wasn't enabled, Thanks everyone
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01:19<@rgerke>Awesome! If you run into any other issues, let us know. Drop a line in here, or open a ticket. We're always around
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03:26<Ratan>Is it possible to change my current linode IP address?
03:28<Peng>Yes and no. Why do you ask?
03:29<Ratan>Yes and no?
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04:41<linbot>New news from community: I tried a lot to install mailinabox on linode ununtu 14.0 server but can't <>
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06:23<spiffy>Hi there, sorry to bother with this,however, for some reason I can't seem to install any php modules like fpm or imagick for php7.3 - it says not available for ubuntu trusty?
06:23<spiffy>I couldnt find anything online, so thought it might be some linode specific problem
06:24<@rgerke>Which version of Ubuntu are you using?
06:25<rsdehart>that's not EOL for a while, but is it feasible to update to one that still is in stanard support
06:26<@rgerke>I'm going to look into this for you. I've found a few resources online, I'm gonna look through them to see if they're relevant.
06:26<spiffy>thanks so much for your help
06:26<spiffy>Perhaps I do need to upgrade the server
06:27<@rgerke>Ifound an article on Stack Exchage that says you might need to install and enable the correct PHP module.
06:27<spiffy>Im wondering is it good practice that I rebuild the server from scratch or upgrade ?
06:28<@rgerke>I recommend rebuilding from scratch. Build your stack, get the newest version and then transfer your data over. That way if anything goes wrong during the upgrde you won't have broken anything.
06:28<@rgerke>Doit on a new Linode. Then you can swap the IPs once it's done.
06:30<@rgerke> - this is for upgrading to 16.04, but it gives good info.
06:30<spiffy>Thanks so much, I wonder is there any quick way of transferring the websites files and dbs from linode to linode?
06:31<@rgerke>I,personally, like rsync.
06:31<spiffy>I see yes makes sense
06:32<spiffy>I see yes makes sense
06:32<spiffy>just wondering to switch ips, is that done inside the linode interface?
06:33<@rgerke>Yes. You do it right in the Cloud Manager. It's under the 'Networking' tab. There's an IP Transfer panel.
06:33<@rgerke>We have directions for that, too:
06:35<@rgerke>Basically, to upgrade you can build a new Linode with the infrastructure you want, transfer the data, and then swap IPs. That's the way I recommend doing it. That way if you make a mistake building the new Linode you can scrap it and start over with nothing lost.
06:41<linbot>New news from community: How do I configure apache for a new domain? <>
06:42<spiffy>the askubuntu solution doesnt seem to work
06:42<spiffy>I think it willjust upgrade the server
06:43<@rgerke>Okay. If you need help or run into issues while doing it, feel free to drop us a line in here or opena ticket. There's always someone around to help out.
06:43<spiffy>I wonder if I create a new linode do I have to pay extra for one month? not sure how the resources work for 2 linodes?
06:44<@rgerke>You're billed hourly for the Linodes. So if you create new one and move everything to it, you can delete the old one. You're only charged for the amount of time it's on our system.
06:45<spiffy>Thats wonderful thanks so much @rgerke
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06:45<@rgerke>No problem. I'm glad I could help out.
06:45<rsdehart>!lick rgerke
06:45<linbot>rsdehart: Point given to rgerke. (1)
06:53<spiffy>Sorry im a little confused about the costs again
06:54<spiffy>The cost of a linode 2gb is $20 however I got charged $30 last month I wonder how I can find out what the extra charge was for? Also it says that I get a free upgrade, does that mean if I switch server I do not get the free upgrade?
06:56<Peng>Your invoice should say what you were paying for.
06:56<Peng>When Linode offers a free upgrade, all new Linodes have the upgrade already applied. You wouldn't lose out.
07:04<@rgerke>Peng is correct. if you look at your most recent invoice, it will itemize the charges and the dates the services you were charged for were active on your account.
07:05<@rgerke>If you want us to lookover the charges with you, I recommend opening a Support ticket. That way we can discuss the specifics of your nvoice with you.
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07:39<spiffy>oh no inn order to switch ips in the cloud manager do my linodes need to be in the same datacenbter?
07:40<nate>You mean switch IP's between linodes you control? I believe they generally have to be the same location yes
07:41<spiffy>ahh is there any way to move a linode from datacenter to datacenter - i remember doing that somewhere before
07:42<Peng>You can file a support ticket and ask Linode to do it, or you can do it yourself by creating a new Linode and cloning the old one
07:42<nate>That I -think- you have to request in a ticket...?
07:42<Peng>Your IP addresses will change
07:42<Peng>You can't move an IP between data centers
07:43<@jcardillo>spiffy: what Peng and nate said. to kick off a migration to a different data center you'd need to open a ticket.
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08:34<dubidub>Is it possible to see how much object storage transfer I have used?
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09:12<linbot>New news from community: How can I see how much Network transfer my Object Storage buckets have used? <>
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11:22<linbot>New news from community: How can I see how much Network transfer my Object Storage buckets have used? <> || How do I configure apache for a new domain? <> || I tried a lot to install mailinabox on linode ununtu 14.0 server but can't <> || Sendmail configuration issues after upgrading Debian 2 <https:/
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11:42<spiffy>Hi,sorry if this not the right place,however I have some weird error getting mysql to start on ubuntu - firstly it said apparmor problem with mysql, so fixed that, and now its saying apparmor problem with dbus daemon and dbus_call_method?
11:43<@jcardillo>dubidub: the short answer to your question is no, since during the Object Storage beta we're not tracking transfer.
11:44<dubidub>OK, but it would be nice to be prepared...
11:44<@jcardillo>After the beta you will be able to see your transfer as part of your totla "Monthly Network Transfer Pool"
11:44<@jcardillo>great point
11:44<dubidub>But not specifically the Object Storage transfer?
11:45<@jcardillo>it's being discussed though
11:45<dubidub>---> feature suggestion
11:45<@jcardillo>yes! agreed.
11:45<@jcardillo>i'll pass it along.
11:45<dubidub>Per bucket
11:46<@jcardillo>any additional feedback can also be sent to
11:46<@jcardillo>Thanks for taking the time to let us know dubidub
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11:48<dubidub>As hobbyist I am not willing to pay any overages so I'm looking into automating shutdown of my Linodes.
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11:53<LouWestin>Allegedly there’s some rare Linux malware out there now. Evil Gnome!
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11:55<LouWestin>I like the article mentions that vulnerable Linux systems are target for crypto miners.
11:55<LouWestin>Sounded very dramatic when I read it
12:02<linbot>New news from community: How do I host my website with Linode? <> || Grub2 and Linode security <>
12:04<spiffy>is realyl quite amazing that on a fresh install of ubuntu and mysql doesnt even install?
12:05<spiffy>well is installed howver, not working - and i cannot for the life of me figure out why
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12:50<dubidub>Anyone know how to get used transfer for a spesific Linode with linode_api4-python
12:51<@TaraNT>You can use this to view network transfer for a specific Linode
12:53<dubidub>In Python?
12:53<dubidub>Im looking at
13:00<@pwoods>dubidub: I don't know python, but I think the endpoint you're looking for is this:
13:00<dubidub>pwoods, yes, that's the one.
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13:31<dubidub>But how is it done with the python module?
13:35<@TaraNT>We are gathering the best information available for you and will update you shortly.
13:35<AlexMax>Does Linode block any outgoing mail sent directly from a server?
13:42<@bbigger>AlexMax: We don't. We may apply network restrictions in reaction to ToS violations like spam or phishing, but only after providing notice.
14:03<@TaraNT>dubidub That endpoint is not currently available in our Python module. We're submitting an issue to the github and will start working on making that method available as soon as we are able to. Feel free to submit a PR if you have a solution written faster than we do!
14:04<dubidub>Thanks for this :)
14:04<@TaraNT>dubidub You're very welcome
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14:19<@bbigger>hi bipinrony
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14:21<bipinrony>I have linod vps server. simple mail is not working. please me
14:21<bipinrony>give me some hint what's wrong going on.
14:23<bipinrony>hello @bbigger
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14:24<bipinrony>any body help me
14:25<@jcardillo>bipinrony: could you be more specific about what's not working with simple mail?
14:27<bipinrony>i have install sendmail library for sending mail. I time its work but after few day it is not send any mail.
14:29<bipinrony>when i check though putty connection then i got this " message does not meet IPv6 sending guidelines regarding PTR records "
14:29<bipinrony>i am using mail() function to send email.
14:32<@jcardillo>and your IPv6 address has a PTR record already? 'dig -x <IPv6> | grep PTR'
14:41<@jcardillo>this serverfault post has some good info on troubleshooting this:
14:48<bipinrony>thanks @jcardillo i will try
14:49<@jcardillo>good luck! mailservers are no joke
14:51<AlexMax>sendmail, exim and postfix walk into a bar
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14:55<@jcardillo>...and everyone in the bar leaves.
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15:12<@TaraNT>dubidub Our Team has just shipped it - it’s in version 2.2.0. Please use `pip[3] install --upgrade linode-api4` to get it
15:14<Zr40>jcardillo: postfix takes a long look at sendmail, sighs, and says: 554 5.7.1 You are not allowed to connect.
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15:57<@jcardillo>!point Zr40
15:57<linbot>jcardillo: Point given to zr40. (3)
16:02<warewolf>``The great thing about mod_rewrite is it gives you all the configurability and flexibility of Sendmail. The downside to mod_rewrite is that it gives you all the configurability and flexibility of Sendmail.'' - Brian Behlendorf, Apache Group
16:03*warewolf runs sendmail, apache and apache mod_rewrite
16:04<atrus>is there not a simpler tool to run a basic web server these days? something that'll take care of the defaults of annoying stuff that has to be done to work with the modern email ecosystem, and flashes red lights when things when all the checkboxes aren't checked?
16:04<atrus>err, s/web server/email server/
16:05<waltman>probably exim or postfix
16:05<waltman>There are even simpler solution if all you want to do is send mail but not receive any.
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16:05<atrus>it's been years since i stopped running exim in favor of just letting google handle everything. but even sending is reasonably tricky when it comes to all the things needed to not be marked as spam.
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17:03<linbot>New news from community: Using Nginx auth_basic directive with NodeBalancer <>
17:13<linbot>New news from community: How do I clear up ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error on my new linode-hosted domain? <>
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17:41<Ksaturn>When I connect via LISH my output is corrupted, breaking various interactions via iTerm2 and Terminal. I was able to live with this for quite a while, but the output for long lines from psql is garbled by this, preventing some useful operations. What is breaking output over LISH/SSH?
17:42<Peng>Does normal SSH work?
17:43<Peng>Lish might work better if you use stty to set the colums and rows of the terminal
17:44<Ksaturn>Looking into stty. The standard SSH connections had the issue as well, IIRC, but I will check
17:44<Ksaturn>Examples include output of less garbling on page up / page down, and typing long lines causing the input to wrap in a bizarre way that hides most of the buffered line
17:46<Ksaturn>Correction, the standard SSH connection does NOT have this issue.
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17:53<linbot>New news from community: What is simplest way to set up a git server on my Linode? <>
17:55<Ksaturn>@Peng: Yes, setting the rows and cols to match the SSH connections ones via `stty cols 297 rows 30` appears to fix the problem. Thank you Peng!
17:56<Ksaturn>linbot's link 404s for me.
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18:25<nuevu>So, bug/issue report on the new Manager. Apparently it doesn't like you opening a several tabs at once. I tried to open about 5 linode detail pages at the same time, and the later ones generated an error saying it couldn't retrieve information about my linodes. Guessing that's API throttling?
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18:43<LouWestin>Are you able to recreate the issue?
18:48<nuevu>I stumbled into it about 3 times over the course of 10 - 15 minutes. Haven't tried since.
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22:44<linbot>New news from community: SSL & email <>
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