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00:43<crashcrashbunny>It might be a bug or it might be how it was designed. I think they call that a single page app
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00:47<Davidd>Guys I need help
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00:49<Davidd>I set up my sites like I usually do but this time it's redirectiring to the base site. I am lost
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00:53<chesty>redirecting as in the url changes, or just displaying with the original url
00:53<@mtjones>Davidd: HTTP or HTTPS? If you have multiple HTTPS sites but only one IP address, and aren't using SSI, then it'll redirect to one of the sites.
00:56<Davidd>I am not sure what I am doing wrong!
00:56<Davidd>I've done this plenty of times
00:56<Davidd>adding new sites
00:57<@mtjones>Are you using a CMS such as WordPress or Joomla?
00:59<Davidd>I am trying to add a new site to my VPS
01:00<Davidd>But it redirects
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01:14<LouWestin>I would check your vhost file again
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01:20<Davidd>did that
01:20<Davidd>not sure what's up
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01:21<@mtjones>The last time I had a problem like this personally the sites were both pointing to the same document root due to an oversight on my part.
01:26<zifnab> RIP 44/8
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08:08<Gagoo>Hello, i need help on how to deploy servers with whm and cpanel on linode servers
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08:47<dvtkrlbs>Hello i am trying to delete my account but i cannot access the page since i didnt add any billing info ?
08:48<dvtkrlbs>nvm i found a link
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09:21<spiffy>Hi, when i switch ip addresses between 2 linodes I seem to lose ssh access to one of them through putty. Im wondering if there's any reason why this might happen?
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09:23<gparent>erm, the first part? are you using ipv6 to reach any of them?
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09:24<Shentino>spiffy: if you mean having a live ssh session terminated that's normal after an IP address change. If not, could you elaborate?
09:25<spiffy>No I cant log back in
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09:25<spiffy>Its not ipv6 I think
09:26<spiffy>it just freezes -could it be something to do with certificate in putty?
09:28<Peng>does SSH fail or does all networking fail? IPv4? IPv6? Both?
09:28<Peng>Is it temporary or permanent?
09:29<spiffy>I only use ipv4 I think
09:29<spiffy>And it works over lish
09:29<spiffy>but not over the ip
09:30<spiffy>I wonder why when the ip is switched it doesnt work, both work before
09:30<chesty>please elucidate "doesn't work"
09:31<spiffy>get timed out error
09:31<spiffy>in putty
09:31<chesty>can you ping it?
09:32<spiffy>No I cant ping it
09:33<spiffy>im wondering when I switch the ip and then log in through lish it lists the old ip?
09:33<spiffy>Do I have to swtich on both linodes?
09:35<Peng>When you say you switched the IPs, and that the old IP is "listed", what do you mean?
09:35<Peng>Did you adjust the configuration in both Linodes to use the new IPs?
09:43<spiffy>I just went into the linode and switched it with the other linode - using the switch in the networking tab
09:43<khaberz>"static ip_adress" and/or "static routers" set in /etc/dhcpcd.conf maybe?
09:45<spiffy>its a brand new ubunti server so I thought this would be working dynamically?
09:48<spiffy>im wondering what the process is for switching ips? Do I just use the switch on one of the linodes and the other one updates automatically - or do i have to switch on both? Why would the linode not be accessible after, basedon the fact its a new linode?
09:48<khaberz>Just have a look if the old IPs are in this file. It's one of the things I have to when cloning a linode.
09:51<spiffy>I surely shouldnt need to do this though
09:52<spiffy>Why would the server keep the old ip?>
09:53<spiffy>Im struggling to understand why this switching feature wouldnt just work - its being used on a copmletely new server, wouldnt it just work out of the box? - what are the comming problems with switching?
09:55<khaberz>Did you reboot the linodes?
09:57<khaberz>We're just trying to give hints as to where the issue might be. The non-admins are not working for linode, so can't necessarily tell you why things are working the way they do.
09:58<Peng>spiffy: The Linode manager can't modify your Linode's kernel in memory
09:58<Peng>kernel memory*
09:59<Peng>spiffy: You have to do some stuff, or reboot, for changes like that to take effect.
10:00<Peng> says a few things about this.
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10:06<spiffy>Yes I think it was the rebooting - many thanks
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10:16<spiffy>Thanks so much everyone :)
10:27<LouWestin>Spiffy: All fixed?
10:29*dzho hopes spiffy wasn't eaten by a grue
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11:17<linbot>New news from community: Viewing Login Attempts <>
11:37<linbot>New news from community: Failed root login attempts on my Linode <>
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12:23<tharkun>Good $DAY, I set up a new dns record and according to my memory every quarter of the hour the dns records are updated. Has that recently changed since it has been at least 20 minutes and the record still shows up NXDOMAIN ?
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12:26<tharkun>Forget it. I tried and it showed up correctly some TTL seems to be fine yet the resolvers seem to not have fetched it yet.
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12:59<Rvby1>Hey, y'all. I'm looking to upgrade my Linode, but I don't really need the extra SSD space or higher data cap. Have y'all ever heard of Linode just offering the extra CPU power and RAM for a lower price than the full upgrade? Or are custom configs like that not something they typically do?
13:00<nuevu>They stick to the published plans.
13:01<nuevu>I think we've all wished at one point or another to adjust the RAM/storage/CPU balance, but they don't do that (and I can't really blame them considering the complexity that adds)
13:03<Peng>They do have the Dedicated CPU and High Memory plans
13:03<Rvby1>Yeah, that's totally fair, haha. It'd be a huge pain. Thanks for the info! Another quick question: do we know how much power one of the vCores has? I'm sorry if that's plainly stated somewhere; I just haven't been able to find it.
13:04<Peng>What do you mean by power?
13:06<Rvby1>Like what is a vCore's typical clock rate and what processors do the vCores typically run on?
13:07<Rvby1>On the standard plans* I'd assume things are different on the dedicated CPU and GPU plans.
13:07<millisa>not that I could tell
13:08<millisa>seemed to be the same cpus available to non-dedicated
13:09<millisa>epyc 75xx/76xx's e5-2680 v3/4's, e5-2697 v4's are all pretty common
13:10<millisa>recently there's been a few gold 6148's popping up
13:14<Rvby1>Alright, awesome. Thank you for the information! There isn't any risk to my data if I do a size upgrade, yeah? Linode will just resize the image and add the new features?
13:15<@pwoods>Rvby1: yup!
13:18<Rvby1>@pwoods! Sick! Thanks!
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13:25<Noah_>Is it possible to create coupon codes to refer people, or is that just for special campaigns
13:26<@pwoods>Noah_: Are you looking for something other than the referral credits customers receive?
13:53<Noah_>@pwoods, yeah like a $5 off code that I could give someone and get referrel credits if they stay a customer
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14:12<@pwoods>Noah_: You can use your referral code for the referral credits, and then they can use a promo code like `LINODE10` at signup.
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14:27<Noah_>@pwoods thanks
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14:39<LouWestin>Rvby1 already left... I would’ve mentioned do backup first anyway.
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